Mike's Motegi Mini Race Report

Crazy, crazy stuff.

Rain and a drying track scramble everything in the land of the rising sun.

Capirossi rolls the dice and comes in early for dry tires. The gamble pays off and Capirex wins his 3rd Motegi race in three years. DePuniet comes in second, his best result ever, then Elias. All the Bridgestone riders went back out on slicks.

Guintoli nearly gets Dunlop on the podium.

Rossi gambles and loses by staying out a bit too long on his wet tires..

First Michelin finisher Nicky Hayden, who said after the race that the intermediate "cut" slick the Repsol team sent him out on felt like it was "flat", ends up in 9th. Next, in 13th, is Rossi, who experienced the same symptoms as Hayden and came back into the pits to see what the heck was the matter. By time 'tino re-enters the race he is well back and when he runs off the track soon after rejoining the race for the second time his hopes for the championship have evaporated.

Pedrosa, who was one of the last riders out on rains, has a nasty highside and was lucky to walk away. After-race reports indicate that he may have a broken bone in his foot.

With Rossi far behind, Stoner trundles about the track and finishes sixth.

Casey Stoner -- 2007 MotoGP World Champion


Good on ya, Casey!

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