AMA: Daytona American Superbike Race 1 Results

Results of American Superbike Race 1

1. Jake Zemke

2. Tommy Hayden

3. Larry Pegram

4. Aaron Yates

5. Blake young

6. Chris Ulrich

7. Taylor Knapp

8. Shawn Higbee

9. Shane Narbonne

10. Barrett Long

11. Chris Clark

12. Eric Haugo

13. Josh Hayes

14. Johnny Rock Page

15. Eric Pinson

16. Trent Gibson

17. Skip Salenius

18. Ben Bostrom

19. Jeffrey Tigert

20. Brett McCormick


David Anthony

Scott Jenson

John Hopkins

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I'm in the US and I haven't heard of such a thing. The supersport race seemed equally thrilling by looking at the finishing times. They should sell the TV rights to such exciting events to...someone...anyone...

At least the 200 is on the same day it's run, tape delayed an hour, so they can do an hour of post qualifying redneck replay after sprint cup qualifying. And this is the flagship event of the domestic series run by the people who run NASCAR. What a joke.

Nothing good can come from watching the television.

I don't think I've ever sat through an entire AMA Superbike race. But it's amusing to read about.

They've fired some of the right people. So I think it's time to cut them a little slack and be positive.

Both races today were very good. The Supersport race was decided by .001 second with 3rd just .065 behind and the Superbike race was in doubt 'til the last turn through NASCAR 3 and 4.

"I think it's time to cut them a little slack and be positive."

Thank you. One of the biggest road blocks in the AMA Pro recovery (besides the economy) is negative talk from some fans, media, and even some participants. Some positive news and attitudes can go a long way in getting things back to what has often been the top national series in the past.

What is with all the pro NASBIKE sentiment? The only thing they did was change the purse and now every official mouth piece must be talking up the league out of fear for their professional livelihood. (I'm not talking about here). I'm a fan. I want to see (or at least read about) some good racing. DMG now has the choice to promote their investment or let it whither. They've tossed some much needed coin at competitors to keep the series from folding and that's great. But it's still run like an afterthought. The riders that stick their neck out and the fans that support them deserve better. You'd think the series was a secret.

Get ready for a full course yellow to red 200 with a drive to the line!

DMG homologated all parts so that anyone can have access to them. It sounds cheesy to the people who lust after exclusive factory race bikes, but it is vital to remove the obstacles that stop new teams/riders from joining. Parts homologation also requires the factories to build a flattened racing network, not a pyramid scheme with a two-bike factory SBK team as the cap stone.

Yeah, DMG dug the AMA into an even deeper hole last year as the economy continued to deteriorate. Prior to DMG, the manufacturers managed to create some of the worst racing on the planet and they embarrassed and destabilized the league with the traction control debacle of 2004-2006.

Are you going to hold a grudge against the AMA forever?

For the first time in recent history, the racing may actually be self sustaining instead of living on manufacturer charity and AMA-membership dues.

I will reserve final judgment for longer than 24 hours into the new season.

This year, I think the 200 crept up as a bit more of a surprise for many more-than-passing followers of road racing. It demonstrates that the event and the series has been put on the back burner in the minds of a lot of folks. I'd like to see it become something interesting again. I don't think running 1000cc bikes instead of 600 cc bikes will change a thing. I can't see how that matters. But if it were run as part of the World Endurance schedule or something of a one off formula (XR1200 cup or lack of any formula?) with the right marketing it could be a must see event.

I understand that motorcycle racing isn't NASCAR by a long shot, but how can the promoters even imagine increasing interest when the event is delayed. This is not 1960 when the news travels as fast as the monthly magazine subscription. If they have any interest in promoting the sport they need to show it live. If not on Speed, then on another network or even better live on-line. Live video feeds are so common and inexpensive the only conclusion a person can draw is that DMG has no interest in the league.

What am I missing?
A "premiere" race held live DURING THE WEEK? You can't get a healthy crowd at an event DURING THE WEEK. ,, not during this economy.

,,way to go SPEEDNASCARDMG group. no slack granted,, it has to be earned. Lets check back after the broadcast. That cycle is 10 minutes of racing followed by 10 minutes of Geico or Progressive insurance Commercials. Insurance Companies? Sorry for the rant, but I'm still looking for the silver lining.

As always, tons of props to the teams for putting their all into the race while enduring the comedy, that is their racing governing body.

Can't wait 'til Saturday to see the races on TV. Hopefully the 200 will be a good race as well.

Evan Williams reported that DMG are trying to find a way to run superbikes in the 200. Hopefully, they mean 1000cc this time. I don't care if they have to turn the power down a bit, it will be nice to see the big bikes out there again.

...Hopper's good start to rebuilding his career...