2010 Le Mans 125cc Race Result - Hard-Fought Duel Settles Opening Race

Results and summary of the 125cc race at Le Mans:

Pol Espargaro finished up a strong weekend in France by taking victory in the first race of the day at Le Mans. Espargaro did not have the race all his own way, though, Nico Terol getting the jump from the start, but Espargaro catching the Bancaja Aspar rider by the end of the first lap. For most of the race, Espargaro was happy to follow Terol as the Spanish pair pulled out a solid lead over the rest of the field, the Tuenti Derbi rider merely sizing up where Terol was strongest.

At two thirds' distance, Espargaro made the move that had been coming for so long, scything ahead of Terol into the Dunlop Chicane. Terol did not take this well, the Aspar rider diving back to 1st at Garage Vert, but half a lap later, Espargaro was back into the lead at the same place. The pair settled down again, but with two laps to go, the battle kicked off again, with Terol bumping Espargaro wide through the fast Dunlop Curve, Espargaro responding in kind into the Chicane. Terol tried again at the Chemin aux Boeufs, but the pass was so desperate he could not hold it, and Espargaro was in front again through the second of the two corners composing the Esses. That desperate attempt lost Terol too much ground to make up again, and Espargaro ran home to victory, Terol not far behind.

The battle for third followed a similar pattern. Terol's teammate Bradley Smith held on to 3rd for nearly all the race, holding off challenges while the group - consisting at various times of Marc Marquez, Efren Vazquez, Sandro Cortese, Esteve Rabat and Tomoyoshi Koyama - sorted out among themselves who would take Smith on. In the end, Marc Marquez and Efren Vazquez took it to Smith, Marquez first bumping past Vazquez, then taking advantage of a moment from Smith to take 3rd. Smith tried to get back at the Chemin aux Boeufs, pushing extra hard at Garages Bleus, but running wide, allowing Vazquez too as well. Marquez took the final podium spot, ahead of Vazquez, leaving Smith down in 5th.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 44 Pol ESPARGARO DERBI 41'52.280  
2 40 Nicolas TEROL APRILIA 41'53.237 0.957
3 93 Marc MARQUEZ DERBI 41'56.708 4.428
4 7 Efren VAZQUEZ DERBI 41'57.016 4.736
5 38 Bradley SMITH APRILIA 41'57.423 5.143
6 11 Sandro CORTESE DERBI 41'58.127 5.847
7 12 Esteve RABAT APRILIA 42'03.327 11.047
8 71 Tomoyoshi KOYAMA APRILIA 42'03.445 11.165
9 99 Danny WEBB APRILIA 42'30.088 37.808
10 39 Luis SALOM APRILIA 42'31.865 39.585
11 14 Johann ZARCO APRILIA 42'32.799 40.519
12 53 Jasper IWEMA APRILIA 42'33.097 40.817
13 94 Jonas FOLGER APRILIA 42'34.429 42.149
14 35 Randy KRUMMENACHE APRILIA 42'37.021 44.741
15 26 Adrian MARTIN APRILIA 42'38.600 46.320
16 5 Alexis MASBOU APRILIA 42'38.783 46.503
17 23 Alberto MONCAYO APRILIA 42'39.259 46.979
18 78 Marcel SCHROTTER HONDA 42'51.906 59.626
19 84 Jakub KORNFEIL APRILIA 42'52.050 59.770
20 50 Sturla FAGERHAUG APRILIA 42'56.685 1'04.405
21 69 Louis ROSSI APRILIA 42'58.011 1'05.731
22 60 Michael LAMBRETTA 43'21.208 1'28.928
23 82 Kevin SZALAI HONDA 43'39.423 1'47.143
24 81 Gregory DI CARLO HONDA 41'53.349 1
25 63 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN APRILIA 42'19.286 1
26 83 Morgan BERCHET HONDA 42'53.487 1
Not Classified
  72 Marco RAVAIOLI LAMBRETTA 32'38.975 6 laps
  51 Riccardo MORETTI APRILIA 29'14.366 8 laps
  32 Lorenzo SAVADORI APRILIA 10'54.765 18 laps
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