2010 Mugello 125cc Race Result - Last Lap Pass Settles Four-Way Thriller

Race and summary of the 125cc race at Mugello:

Marc Marquez took his first ever victory in 125s, winning the first race of the day at Mugello after a fierce four-way battle. The Red Bull Ajo rider capitalized on a good start, gaining a couple of places off the line, to enter the first corner in 4th. But Bancaja Aspar's Nico Terol had been strongest, streaking away from the start and into the first corner in the lead, ahead of Tuenti Derbi's Efren Vazquez and Avant Ajo's Sandro Cortese. Vazquez' teammate Espargaro elbowed his way forward over the first lap and a half, and by the end of the second lap - after Cortese had gone down in Poggio Secco - Terol and Espargaro had taken a serious lead.

Over the next few laps the race looked like settling into the usual pattern of the past couple of contests, with Terol leading Espargaro, with a big gap back to Aspar's Bradley Smith and Marc Marquez, who were scrapping over 3rd. But once Marquez settled that fight in his favor, the pair chased down the leaders with 6 laps. The group, consisting of Terol, Espargaro, Marquez and Smith coalesced, and the battle was on.

The tussle was to last for the rest of the race, with the lead swapping continuously, and no clear contender emerging. Smith, Marquez and Espargaro took their turns early on, until Bradley Smith took charge on lap 14. Smith looked to have the situation well under control, holding Marquez off on the brakes for lap after lap, as the Spaniard shot past along the front straight. But as the race neared its climax, the Briton came under more pressure, with Terol and Espargaro starting to close as well.

As the pack entered San Donato on lap 19, Smith got the worst of it, with all three of his rivals coming past along the straight, leaving Smith no room to hold the rest of them off on the brakes, as he had done so imperiously all race long. Marquez had snatched the lead into turn 1, but Espargaro was past by the time they were ready to start the final lap.

Crossing the line, Marquez took control, dispatching Espargaro comfortably, helped by Terol sliding past the Tuenti Derbi rider as well. Marquez controlled the race for that final lap, never allowing anyone to get close enough to challenge, taking victory at the line, ahead of Terol and Espargaro, leaving Bradley Smith with empty hands in 4th. 

Behind Smith, Efren Vazquez took 5th from Randy Krummenacher on the last lap, with Esteve Rabat not far behind.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 93 Marc MARQUEZ DERBI 39'53.153  
2 40 Nicolas TEROL APRILIA 39'53.192 0.039
3 44 Pol ESPARGARO DERBI 39'53.269 0.116
4 38 Bradley SMITH APRILIA 39'53.314 0.161
5 7 Efren VAZQUEZ DERBI 40'03.434 10.281
6 35 Randy KRUMMENACHE APRILIA 40'03.517 10.364
7 12 Esteve RABAT APRILIA 40'03.715 10.562
8 71 Tomoyoshi KOYAMA APRILIA 40'29.494 36.341
9 14 Johann ZARCO APRILIA 40'29.564 36.411
10 99 Danny WEBB APRILIA 40'29.883 36.730
11 94 Jonas FOLGER APRILIA 40'29.928 36.775
12 5 Alexis MASBOU APRILIA 40'39.024 45.871
13 78 Marcel SCHROTTER HONDA 40'39.032 45.879
14 53 Jasper IWEMA APRILIA 40'39.048 45.895
15 15 Simone GROTZKYJ APRILIA 40'39.213 46.060
16 51 Riccardo MORETTI APRILIA 40'43.458 50.305
17 84 Jakub KORNFEIL APRILIA 40'43.942 50.789
18 95 Alessandro TONUCCI APRILIA 40'46.298 53.145
19 98 Mattia TAROZZI APRILIA 41'12.600 1'19.447
20 97 Armando PONTONE APRILIA 41'12.694 1'19.541
21 63 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN APRILIA 41'12.698 1'19.545
22 60 Michael LAMBRETTA 41'14.917 1'21.764
Not Classified
  23 Alberto MONCAYO APRILIA 32'31.521 4 laps
  92 Luigi MORCIANO APRILIA 32'32.296 4 laps
  69 Louis ROSSI APRILIA 28'28.913 6 laps
  50 Sturla FAGERHAUG APRILIA 24'35.279 8 laps
  11 Sandro CORTESE DERBI 14'29.030 13 laps
  32 Lorenzo SAVADORI APRILIA 8'25.319 16 laps
  96 Tommaso GABRIELLI APRILIA 6'19.587 17 laps
  72 Marco RAVAIOLI LAMBRETTA 6'27.882 17 laps
  87 Luca MARCONI APRILIA 2'13.096 19 laps
Not starting
  39 Luis SALOM APRILIA    
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What a awesome race that was. I had to wait until Tuesay to watch, but it was worth waiting for.