2010 Silverstone MotoGP Race Result: Easy Victory Ahead Of A Thriller For The Podium

Results and summary of the MotoGP race at Silverstone:

Jorge Lorenzo has resumed the mantle of favorite for the 2010 MotoGP championship by taking a thoroughly convincing victory at the series' return to Silverstone. Lorenzo led away from the line, and, after responding swiftly to a brief attack by Dani Pedrosa on the first lap, was never troubled, laying down a pace in the early laps which nearly matched his pole time. The victory was effectively settled after less than the first third had passed.

That did not mean the race was processional, however. Behind the Fiat Yamaha rider, the action was fairly frantic. Pedrosa's early pace was deceptive, the Repsol Honda rider dropping back through the field through the rest of the race, but his teammate was not to be denied. Andrea Dovizioso disposed of Pedrosa in short order, but LCR Honda's Randy de Puniet was a tough nut to crack. Dovizioso and De Puniet swapped 2nd for several laps, until the Frenchman decided that staying ahead of Dovizioso would be too difficult to achieve.

With De Puniet slotted into 3rd behind Dovizioso, the chasing group started to close. Led by Nicky Hayden, a gaggle consisting of the Marlboro Ducati rider, San Carlo Gresini's Marco Simoncelli, Monster Tech 3 Yamaha's Ben Spies, the struggling Dani Pedrosa and a rapidly closing Casey Stoner gathered pace. Pedrosa's problems were passed on to Stoner, as the Spaniard made his Repsol Honda as wide as a bus, forcing Stoner to expend plenty of time and energy to get past him.

Once past, Stoner soon caught the group fighting for 2nd, and latched on to the back of Ben Spies. Dovizioso seemed firmly in control: De Puniet was starting to fade, and Hayden was pushing the Frenchman into a mistake. On lap 17, Hayden finally barged past, and Spies followed him through into 4th a lap later, with Stoner not far behind.

Hayden set about pushing Dovizioso, but the Repsol Honda rider was made of sterner stuff, parrying Hayden's attacks. Meanwhile, Hayden was coming under fire from Ben Spies behind him, the Texan probing the defenses of the Kentuckian. Hayden looked to have his first podium of the year safe, but Spies had other ideas. On the final lap, with Spies pushing hard behind him, Hayden ran wide into Abbey, and the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha rider was past, for his first ever MotoGP podium, behind a comfortable Andrea Dovizioso.

The two Marlboro Ducatis finished behind, Hayden claiming another 4th place, ahead of his teammate Casey Stoner. Stoner's 5th place was impressive, having entered the first corner dead last after bogging his bike off the line. Randy de Puniet, meanwhile, crossed the line in 6th, after another strong race.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 99 Jorge LORENZO YAMAHA 41'34.083  
2 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO HONDA 41'40.826 6.743
3 11 Ben SPIES YAMAHA 41'41.180 7.097
4 69 Nicky HAYDEN DUCATI 41'41.397 7.314
5 27 Casey STONER DUCATI 41'41.577 7.494
6 14 Randy DE PUNIET HONDA 41'43.138 9.055
7 58 Marco SIMONCELLI HONDA 41'48.508 14.425
8 26 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 41'49.396 15.313
9 5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 42'02.037 27.954
10 41 Aleix ESPARGARO DUCATI 42'16.477 42.394
11 40 Hector BARBERA DUCATI 42'17.448 43.365
12 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA SUZUKI 42'17.491 43.408
13 36 Mika KALLIO DUCATI 42'17.663 43.580
Not Classified
  65 Loris CAPIROSSI SUZUKI 27'33.079 7 laps
Not finished first lap
  33 Marco MELANDRI HONDA    
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…was one hell of an exciting race. Obviously there was no challenge to Lorenzo after the first few minutes, but the action between 2nd and 12th was fantastic. As an admitted worshipper of our Lord Spiesus Christ, his battles were where I found my excitement. I didn't give him enough credit and thought he was going to settle for 4th, but hot damn that pass got me off my chair. It was nice to see some action out there!

Stoner's awful start made me think he had a problem with the bike, but he battled back very convincingly from 12th… and if he hadn't been hung up behind Simoncelli I wonder how it might have turned out. Then again, if we're going to get into that sort of speculation there are a lot of "what ifs" from various parts of the field.

Just goes to show how patient Ben is. He ran a modest pace early, then stepped it up just past the half. Too bad about Stoner's start. I think he might've had something for Lorenzo. He ran mid 33's late to catch the battle for 2nd. Nobody else did that except Lorenzo in the early going. Hayden clearly rode as hard as he could. That Duc was buckin' some. Spies pass was almost undefendable. You could see him trying different lines looking for something. Awesome race. Great camera work too. Woop!

I'm really interested to see the sheet if someone posts it, because you're 100% right, Stoner was hauling serious ass. I'd agree on Spies' pass, there were a few times I thought he was going for it, but as you said, he was testing the waters. Then he seemed to completely back off, and I thought he decided it couldn't be done, but wow. The camera work WAS above par, definitely… though when Spies was getting ready to pass Pedrosa I was freaking out because they'd start panning with the front group just before Pedrosa & Spies would come into view in the background so I couldn't see if he'd made the pass yet :o

Also checked out the chronological assessment of performance… Stoner was the only person besides Lorenzo to get into '03:xxx mark… only did it once, but damned interesting.

the camera work was poor.
why do we want to look at the pitts and the crews sitting down watching the race when we want to watch it...!!! come they need to pick up the game,

what ever happened to the camera in the ripple strip of a chicane where bikes used to roll right over them? in the days of the 500's at the start you would have 30 bikes in 5 seconds.. the sound was fantastic

I thought there was a lot less pit/crew footage than usual, but maybe I'm delusional. I thought most of it was fairly appropriate, like cutting to the crew after Capirossi decided to go play in the kitty litter, with the crew member doing the "Eh, who knows" look.

Seems unless Pedrosa gets out ahead he cannot win a race. He is a very poor racer when it comes to battling for positions, I wonder what his and Puig excuse will b this time. Poor Alberto Puig, wouldn't want him whooping it up for world championship of Pedrosa. Such a poor racer, out front or middle of pack. Well done #99 and #4 and well done SPIES, u did well. Get well soon DOC, i miss u, we all miss u. Title not the same.

This criticism of Pedrosa is not accurate; especially in light of today's race.  One would not level the same charge against Randy de Puniet, would they?

Dani Pedrosa, like nearly all of the riders, is outstanding when the conditions are right for him (bike setup, weather, and knowledge of the track).  It is the very rare racer who can always be counted on to be at the front every week.  Dani Pedrosa is just not quite that kind of racer (...yet?).

Clearly he did not have the confidence in his bike or the tires today.  And like RdP, he battled as well as he could.

Seriously? It was painfully obvious how far down on top end Ben was on the Tech3 bike. How can they not put him on Rossi's bike????

As badly as I felt for Nicky, it was amazing to watch Ben get his first podium. You can tell he is still getting used to how the cold tires work at the start of the race, but once he puts his head down, his is simply brilliant.

If he was on Rossi's bike, if Rossi wasn't out, if Stoner hadn't muffed the start and if Depuniet was on a factory bike, that pass would have been to go ahead of Hayden to finish 6th. Spiesus had a great end of the race. I think he's got to get a lot more confidence early on or he'll stay back just ahead of Edwards. The question is, if he wins at Laguna and jumps into the pond, will he sink like Lorenzo or walk on water?

Pedrosa's decline was a sign of problem of some sort. Excuses or not, it's either a major head issue of being demoralized when passed or a bum rear tire.

For Spies to step onto Rossi's machine? I thought it was 9 races, but I may be wrong. This was his 9th (3 Suzuki, 1 last season at Valencia and 5 this year) today. Not a bad try out if you were to ask me. Finishing 7 seconds from Jorge Lorenzo on a really fast track and an underpowered satellite bike. To say nothing of the fractured ankle!

Lorenzo has no competition at the moment. Hope he can maintain focus for the duration.

What a barn burner of a race overall though! I will be protecting that recording on my DVR for sure!

Nobody knows exactly what the rookie rule is. So many people have been asked, and nobody has come up with a decent explanation. 

I thought it was just me. They have made the rules package so nonsensical and protracted that they can seemingly make it say whatever they want.

This was bugging me so I went and dug this up. This was a “Clarification” issued by the FIM last July.

To help clear up the situation, the Commission has given the following definitions of new ‘rookie’ rider and a ‘contracted’ rider:

“A contracted rider is a rider who has participated in nine or more events during one season.

“A “Rookie” is a rider nominated by a participating team for participation in the entire season, who has not been a contracted rider as defined above in the same class in any previous season.”
In other words, a ‘rookie’ only becomes a ‘contracted’ rider after nine races in the same season… but does that mean that a ‘rookie’ rider at the start of next season can then swap to a factory team after nine rounds?

So Spies would technically have to run 9 races "this season" to be eligible to ride Rossi's bike. Talk about half-assed regulation.

Good quote. My interpretation of those rules is that a rookie is prevented from becoming a contracted rider. But you're only a contracted rider if you race in 9 events or more. So there is nothing to prevent a rookie taking over Rossi's seat, as long as he does not take it over for 9 races or more.

However, this is not 100% self-evident from the wording. And that is a huge, huge problem. 

Jorge was on it the whole weekend and did the business with ease. A remarkable achievement for Ben.I just had that gut feeling he would outgun Nicky in the end and he did.What if ?? If don't count. Casey at his very best. He has seemed to struggle with his starts this year.
I'm looking as forward to Assen as I am to seeing who is actually where next year.
I hope things are settled soon. The riders would also benefit from knowing where they stand.

after today, I would have to figure that Yamaha would be thinking pretty carefully in regards to Spies. I can not imagine that they wouldn't be quite impressed. And though we have no way of knowing how much better VR's bike is, even a bit of an advantage can not be a bad thing for BS.

But... Who's engine allocation would it count against? Is the allocation for a bike or a rider? And how many have already been "consumed" by VR, BS (as riders) and also their respective bikes... Would a "worn out" VR engine be at lest as good as a BS engine? Hummm...

May you ride in interesting times, eh?

Burgess said they don't want to put a rookie on Rossi's bike as they could get a bit too excited and damage (blow/crash) the engine - so it must count toward Rossi's allocation for the whole season.

He also said that he thinks it's better to not put Spies on VR's bike as it would better serve Ben to continue with his known team and mechanics for his rookie season.

And his choice for the empty seat would be Colin Edwards.
He is a good development rider, has experience and can fit right in with the team.
JB also said if they had him on that bike at Laguna Seca they could stir him up a bit and maybe get a win out of him.
Personally I'd love to see Colin win a race.

I was wanting for more laps today, the race was fantastic! JLo was outstanding and showed that the championship is his to loose at this point. Maybe it was just me but Nicky was riding more like his 'old' superbike technique instead of keeping the bike inline. I am wondering if that is his fix for the front probs with the Ducati. Rossi/Burgess will have lots of input next year and will find a way to put the Duc back on top....Spies did the USA proud today and look forward to him riding the factory Yam, whenever that is..

I'm sure there will be no walking on water - but what he can do is ride a motorcycle like few (very few) in the world can.

Ben Spies is a special talent. I have been a huge fan of his for years and I can't tell you how worried my dogs got this morning as I yelled and hoo-rayed and clapped in front of my TV!!!

I can't wait until he gets on a factory machine next year. Or - if Yahama has the nads to put him on the FIAT bike this year.

It was a great race today. What a fathers day present!

...I thought the name Spiesus Christ is very funny and somewhat fitting after the race today. Sorry for Nicky but Spies rode well for third. I believe like everyone else that Jorge more a less now has the title in his court but lets not forget that there is still a long long way yet to go especially since these guys ride with their hearts on their sleeves. Injury is a possibility and many great champions have lost titles because of it. As a Rossi fan i can start with him, Doohan, and Rainey have lost championships due to injury. Now lets hope Jorge can stay injury free and claim his first championship. Great motorcycle races today for us fans!!!!


As a Ben Spies fan,i'm really happy of this race,he was patient and opportunist,he pushed Hayden to make a mistake,great ride from him.

But there is a rider impressed me more,it's Casey Stoner,what a ride,last after the first corner,he's little in trouble for the moment but this kind of race can give him his confidence back,and good experience,i just see lap time analysis and to be honest he had the pace for the 2nd place.

Pedrosa is a little disapointing,up and down season,dovisiozo looks more consistent.

There was a lot of passion and will to win this weekend. Truly great stuff.

RDP has my undying love. Watching him in quals and the race with my eyes wide and mouth open and a stunned look on my face, his bike sideways, the front wheel pointing in seemingly random directions as the bike bucks and pumps and Randy full on the gas...the guy is absolutely nuts, in all the best ways!

Much respect to all the riders and a special salute to Hayden. He has a fire burning to get on that box and has given nothing less then 100% all season. It'll come!

Bring on Assen!

came to be reality today. I knew the day would come when Spies got on the podium ( I actually picked two weeks ago) and today was that day. Unfortunately it came at the expense of Nicky. You see, every year I head down to Road Atlanta and have since 99 and I have witnessed such feats as Nicky winning on the RC51 and Spies taking down the almighty Mat Mladin. So today was quite possibly the hardest thing I have had to do. Pull for Spies to get his first podium and watch Nicky relegated to another fourth or see Nicky get that hard deserved 3rd monkey off his back and have Spies settle for a fantastic 4th. I still at this moment am having a hard time with how it turned out as on one hand I am super happy for Ben and the other gutted for Nicky. I'm afraid this may become a regular occurrence and I guess I will have to just accept things and how they turn out. I'm truly just happy to see Americans up front fighting for serious points.

Super good race and kudos to JLo and Dovi.

he is still a firm fifth in the championship (with Rossi tumbling down, soon his favorite number four). His podium day will come, he should only worry if Spies ends the year in front of him. And that will not happen.

Yeah, I felt bad for Hayden, I was really hopeing he could get on the podium.
He should go well at Assen, bring it on!