2010 Brno MotoGP Race Result - Inexorable Pace Ensures Big Margin Of Victory

Results and summary of the MotoGP race at Brno:

Jorge Lorenzo has kept his near-perfect record intact, taking his 7th victory of the season just 10 races in. It didn't look like it was going to be easy for the Fiat Yamaha rider, however, as he came under great pressure in the early part of the race. Dani Pedrosa had gotten his usual holeshot, launching his Repsol Honda into the lead into the first corner, but the Spaniard ran a little wide and both Lorenzo and Monster Tech 3 Yamaha's Ben Spies got past him, while Marlboro Ducati's Casey Stoner and Pedrosa's teammate Andrea Dovizioso followed close behind.

The front five stuck together for the first few laps, though Pedrosa got back past Spies on lap 2. Dovizioso followed suit on Casey Stoner a lap later, but the Italian was the first of the group to drop out, losing the front on lap 5 and crashing out of the race. The crash left both Dovizioso and his bike sitting on the track, and the following group - consisting of Valentino Rossi, Nicky Hayden and Colin Edwards - had to take serious evasive action not to hit either the prone Honda or the now standing Dovizioso.

The group began to splinter further as the leading pair began to ratchet up the pace. Lorenzo pushed and Pedrosa responded, each rider's increase in speed merely spurring on the other to respond. In the end, it was Lorenzo who had more in the bag, the Fiat Yamaha man pushing so hard that Pedrosa cried off and began to drop off the back. The top two steps of the podium were settled, and from the halfway mark onwards, each lap was just a confirmation of Lorenzo's domination, and the Mallorcan went on to take an utterly convincing victory, leaving Pedrosa the consolation prize of 2nd, but conceding another 5 points in the championship.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 99 Jorge LORENZO YAMAHA 43'22.638  
2 26 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 43'28.132 5.494
3 27 Casey STONER DUCATI 43'34.064 11.426
4 11 Ben SPIES YAMAHA 43'36.361 13.723
5 46 Valentino ROSSI YAMAHA 43'40.568 17.930
6 69 Nicky HAYDEN DUCATI 43'49.453 26.815
7 5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 43'56.034 33.396
8 33 Marco MELANDRI HONDA 44'02.044 39.406
9 40 Hector BARBERA DUCATI 44'02.277 39.639
10 14 Randy DE PUNIET HONDA 44'03.531 40.893
11 58 Marco SIMONCELLI HONDA 44'04.670 42.032
12 41 Aleix ESPARGARO DUCATI 44'09.729 47.091
13 15 Alex DE ANGELIS HONDA 44'14.006 51.368
Not Classified
  19 Alvaro BAUTISTA SUZUKI 42'04.519 1 lap
  36 Mika KALLIO DUCATI 14'06.189 15 laps
  4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO HONDA 12'59.533 16 laps
  65 Loris CAPIROSSI SUZUKI 2'08.360 21 laps
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Too bad Spies didn't get him another podium. Also I know it's early to speculate but it looks like Agostini's win record is safe from Rossi. Being safe from Lorenzo i don't know. Lorenzo is still young and has many years left and at the moment he looks like he only has one pace he likes to ride at which is out in front of everyone else.

Lorenzo has 33 wins so far in his GP career, after 8 and a half years.
after 8 and a half seasons Rossi had 64 wins. I dont know if you remember but Rossi had the same type of seasons in 2002 and 2003, getting on the podium in every race in 03 and only missing out on a podium in 02 when he DNF'd at Brno.
Agostini had 104 wins after 8 and a half seasons, but it helped that he was in doing both the 350 and 500 classes in the same season every season.

Rossi's wins per season have declined since Pedrosa, Stoner, and Lorenzo have moved up to the MotoGP, and he did have a weak field to go against between 2002 and 2005. I just think that Lorenzo will find it hard to match Ago's wins at the pace he has been going at, and with Pedrosa and Stoner there to take wins, and Rossi will be taking a few wins for at least the next 2 years. so i find it hard that he will beat Ago's 122 or 123 wins (depending on who you ask)

Obviously, this is going to be Lorenzo's season. Just the same, any talk about Lorenzo in the same breath as Agostini is incredibly premature. Once he has about five seasons like this one, ok, but not until then. He can always go stone cold next season. Just ask Rossi or Stoner about that phenomena.

Rossi still has that chance at Agostini's record, but any thoughts about it being the slam-dunk it was two years ago are gone. Pity. I'm still hoping he passes the record, if only to put a stop to incessant "Ago/Vale, who was greater?" argument.

- my wife's words. I thought it was damn hard to watch too. Thin fields, lack of action, everything processional...


I believe Lorenzo just joined Ago and Mick by placing 1st or second for 10 races consecutively in one season. Well done to him. Changing of the guard for sure.
I for one feel that the only threat to Lorenzo next year will be from his presumed future team mate,Spies and Stoner at HRC.
Pedrosa is realy good and solid,but,but,but....
Rossi riding into the sunset.He was fortunate today that Hayden was riding injured.
Non question - will Rossi win and podium for Ducati as much as Stoner has ?
Hah !!! Breaking news later and probably old news.

Will Casey ever win again??? If nothing else Rossi moving to Ducati will spice up the championship. To many people forget what it was like in 2003. Honda totally dominant with no competition, bit like Yam now, him going to yam was the best thing that happened to motogp this decade. You have to remember pitbull Rossi is taking over a bike that is no longer the only front runner on the only tyres that worked or has 20hp on the rest, he's taking on a bike that Stoner who you rate incredibly highly cannot get within 20 second of a win on if he stays on... Judge his performances on that.... unless ofcourse the Honda top dogs are there to welcome VR back to into the fold... I sure wish, not a big duke fan but VR is the best there's been and being on a duke isn't enough to put me off... Roll on the brickyard..

It's a little giddy round here. Last time I looked Rossi beat Jlo in a fair fight to the championship. Rossi won the first race this year and has been well injured since. The fact that JLo can put one over on riders with much better records than him in the lower classes is down in no small part to what Rossi and his team have done to the yam. Touting Jlo as the new Ago when he hasn't a championship and his 'only competitor' is injured is well 'fanboyish'(sorry David').
You have to feel for Rossi I can't remember the last time he was given a chance of winning anything, 2006 maybe? and all of them out there would give their right arm for just his most recent back to back... Long live Valentino and respect to everyone else...

ps VR and Nicky were very lucky not to hit an unlucky Dovi...

And last time I checked Rossi beat Lorenzo thanks to Lorenzo's mistakes, it's the same this year but the other way around. Rossi has no one to blame for his injury other than himself, just as people blamed Lorenzo for his own crashes last year.

Not about what Yamaha did to Yamaha? Give Furasawa-san some credit, for goodness sakes. And did Rossi have a team mate as good as himself during the Gauloises-Yamaha days? Certainly not. Lorenzo has only been in the team for three years, Rossi has much more experience on the M1 yet still we see Lorenzo win.

The problem with some people is that they thought Rossi was an infallible God, certainly in recent times that has proven to not be the case and some just aren't handling it well. Even I admit to that.

I don't feel sorry for Rossi at all, it's not as if anything bad has happened to him. He could've stayed at Yamaha if he wanted and he still would've earned more money than Jorge.

It's one thing to get overly excited about Lorenzo when his achievements are actually historically significant. It is another thing entirely to claim victory for your favorite rider when he is floundering.

Lorenzo could amass the most wins ever for a Spaniard in the premier class before season's end (he needs 4 more wins in 2010 to pass Criville). His achievements are legitimately exciting for the fans b/c a new rider could be joining the elite ranks of MotoGP champions, and the excitement is justified.

Rossi is the GOAT, but his performance this season has been quite poor whether it's b/c he fell off his MX, broke is tib/fib at Mugello, or spent all of his energy negotiating his salary. A historically rose-tinted view of his achievements is out of place, imo. Focus is on Lorenzo right now. This is his time in the spotlight. When Rossi starts winning again or he decides to retire, we can reflect upon his greatness. Right now, his fans would do well not to draw attention to his results.

Dorna has to take control of the Sunday parades before the series looses its credibility as the best in the world.

This business of the manufacturers programming in the ECU that the factory teams always beat the satillite teams is ruining the show.

Either bring back big carbureted motors (with no controling electronics) or start using the moto2 formula.

Formula 1 type racing is killing the thrill of motorcycle road racing.

PS: Congrats to Jorge for an unbelivable performance. And kudos to Spies for wringing out the best possible on an underpowered machine.

...because that's where they do have spec parts and electronics.  It actually appears that the more MotoGP tries to become like F1, the more they succeed at raising costs and lowering the value of the racing.

The thing that made this race weird, and difficult to endure, was that there was no obvious dominance in the practice sessions.  On paper, it looked like it was going to be an interesting race, with a few riders seeming to have similar pace. 

Alas, it was not to be, and the camera angles used manage to make a stunningly scenic venue appear totally banal.  Showing the whole race from the fixed-horizon camera (where was that thing, anyway?) from Rossi's point of view would have been more interesting.

It is interesting to me to see the comments above. Some commentators are impressed by the skill of Jorge and the superiority of his machine...even to the point of comparing his accomplishments with Ago. Some of the others seem overly concerned that the races are boring. I've been going to automobile (sports car) races and motorcycle races for over fifty years....get a clue....races usually are boring because some people and some machines are faster than others...that's the point of racing. Just ask Gilera and MV and Ago and Hailwood.

Once you take the position that you want to be entertained then the rules have to be adjusted endlessly until the faster machines are slowed down...then it's not racing anymore...then you are looking at ECU's which make everyone the same...and if you make the bikes slow enough and easy enough to ride, then there's no advantage to being a great rider...What do you guys want??? Racing or entertainment...very rarely do you get both.

Racing must compete for our precious leisure time and money the same as every other form of entertainment. Motorsports fans are involved in the sport for quite a few reasons, but all of us are interested b/c we believe it is a good use of our leisure time. When the sport ceases to capture the imagination and it ceases to entertain, people leave. It's hardly a winning strategy to blame the fans. We have so many options these days, that boring processions with 17 bike grids simply do not capture our fancy.

And consider the danger if MotoGP doesn't improve the racing drastically in 2012. They will have less technical variety that WSBK while maintaining the obnoxious fuel limits, unpopular electronic rider aids, and a control tire that has not improved the closeness of the racing. They will be relying completely on the riders, the minute performance advantage over WSBK, and the marketing connotations associated with the word "prototype".

The fans lack of faith is completely justified.

Anywho, I didn't find this race any worse than the other races this season. It is very disappointing but 2012 may bring some relief.

mmmexico, the popularity of this class worldwide is not about which manufacturer has the most superior development. It is the excitement of the spectacle! Yes it's about the fastest riders on the fastest bikes, but if Yamaha (or Honda or even Ducati) won every race by 30 seconds all the time should the world be applauding their technical superiority or rolling their eyes and quickly losing interest?

The sport needs money, which means sponsors. If people are not entertained they will tune out, the sponsors will leave and the sport will collapse. The spectacle is everything!

So where's the happy medium? Isn't that what DORNA are trying to do? (badly)

Is the race boring? The race itself has not changed much for at least past 800cc era. Even when it was 990cc, when one rider (VR) dominated, the race looked to be boring sometimes. In this season, the riders except JL, BS, and LDP, and probably NH are underperforming. Especially, VR, DP, and CS are big disappointment. If they were bit more consistent, the race would have been different. The Jerez was quite entertaining race. I do not understand some people started complaining and acted like it is the Motogp crisis. I bet they are the fans of the underperforming riders. Anyway, you know it goes back to 1,000cc from 2012. Don’t worry too much.

What is exciting? Of course the last lap passes are exciting. How common are those? Have those gotten more or less common in the different formulas of the last 10 years? The frequency of last, 2nd to last lap and 3rd to last lap passes would be interesting. Just a quick glance at the time that covers the top ten racers over the last 10 years suggests that not much has changed with about 35 seconds covering them on rough average. Maybe more statistical analysis of close finishes, last lap passes and points gap in championships at different stages of the season could give us an index of what makes exciting racing. And maybe a power index and rider rating could give us a measure of how good a championship is?

That doesn't sound like much fun. But at least people would require evidence to suggest someone is under/over performing deserving or undeserving of being a champion or a factory ride.

I agree that I don't think that the past seasons are all that worthy of complaining no matter how many times I nod off while watching. Though I am excited to see the results of the CRTs. It will be an interesting result if it could balance the power of spending. If the experiment works it may just be the answer to all the hand wringing over grown men playing about on motorbikes.

MGP is a billion dollar parade. Most TV shows have an "Evil twin" episode when it gets to this point. For 2011 Rossi gets an eye patch and go-tee. Qualifying was more exciting than the race. Extend qual and reduce the race to 5 laps! Now there a show.

Seriously, when Rossi domiated on the 500 & 990s, he didn't show his hand. Was he racing at max or just toying? Every now and then he would destroy the field like Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Stoner have to. But more often than not Rossi would make a real show of it which made it...interesting.

I'm waiting with bated breath for the implications of the engine rule to really kick in. Somewhere around 3/4 of the season, 12 races in, I still think we're going to see one or more of the aliens come seriously unstuck. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see Lorenzo start from pit lane before the end of the year.

I only just finished watching the race, and everyone's probably forgotten about it with the Rossi in Red story finally coming out. But did Lorenzo get away with a jump start? The side-view replay of the start definitely shows his bike creeping forward slightly before they all take off. There's no inset of the lights, but it sure looks like he moved while the lights were red. IIRC, you're not allowed to move AT ALL when under starter's orders. On Eurosport, Jules saw it and said "Ooh ...", then Toby said, "It's fine, it's fine". I think Toby was hoping Lorenzo's race wouldn't be spoiled by a marginal jump start, rather than giving a clear interpretation of the rule. I agree it would have been a shame for Lorenzo (as opposed to shameful) if he'd gotten a ride through, but a rule's a rule, no? (... unless you're Suzuki :-P )

He popped the clutch a bit off the line and I he'd get nabbed for a jump start. Looking at the replay, no one on the front row moved at all from my point of view. When you watch it over and over a half dozen times, they all seem a bit slow on the draw!