2010 Indianapolis MotoGP Race Result - Dominant Display Secures Comfortable Win

Results and summary of the MotoGP race at Indianapolis:

Dani Pedrosa finally broke through his own personal glass ceiling in MotoGP, finally winning a third MotoGP race in a single season. The Spaniard fought his way forward from 5th on the grid and did his usual disappearing act once he got past Ben Spies on lap 7.

The Repsol Honda rider had gotten a good start, but had been unable to rocket into the lead off the line. It was polesitter Spies who hit the first corner in the lead, the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha rider quickly becoming a formidable starter himself. Spies was followed into the first corner by Marlboro Ducati's Nicky Hayden and Repsol's Andrea Dovizioso, the Italian quickly working his way past the American to take over 2nd. Pedrosa hit the first corner in 4th, ahead of the Fiat Yamahas of Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi, Rossi gaining a place and Lorenzo losing three places off the line.

To the great joy of the home crowd, Ben Spies led the race comfortably for the first six and a half laps, but it was soon clear that Pedrosa was in the zone, the Spaniard dispatching Hayden and Dovizioso with little difficulty. Pedrosa hunted down Spies on lap 7, cruising past the Texan as the bikes crossed the line to start lap 8, and the race was effectively over. Nobody was capable of catching Pedrosa, and nobody except Pedrosa was capable of catching Spies.

Further back, there was a little more excitement. A loose kneeslider had hampered Nicky Hayden, the second Ducati rider to suffer that problem, after Casey Stoner had caught his slider and knocked it loose during practice yesterday. Unable to control the bike on his left knee - a major problem at Indy, the track running counter clockwise - Hayden slid back through the field, allow Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi to pass.

Dovizioso seemed to have the final spot on the podium wrapped up, but Jorge Lorenzo quickly caught the Italian, then found Dovizioso an almost insurmountable obstacle to get past. Persistence paid off, however, as Lorenzo stuffed his Yamaha decisively into Turn 1 ahead of Dovizioso's Honda at the start of lap 12. Dovizioso put up stiff resistance, but the laps spent pushing Lorenzo left the Italian struggling for grip towards the end. Dovi fell back into the clutches of Valentino Rossi, who had used the contretemps between Dovizioso and Lorenzo to catch the squabbling pair. A couple of mistakes by the Repsol Honda rider allowed Rossi past relatively easily, and the final positions were settled by lap 20.

Pedrosa's victory means he closes the gap to his chief rival Lorenzo from 77 to 68 points, still a formidable advantage for Lorenzo with seven races to go. Spies' second podium of the year - one step up from his 3rd spot at Silverstone - confirms the Texan as a serious threat for Yamaha for the future.

The biggest problem of the race, though, was that it turned into yet another procession. With the tires and the electronics rewarding the utmost precision, it is becoming almost impossible to recover from even the smallest mistake. Winning a MotoGP race is becoming increasingly about chasing perfection, and less and less about improvising your way around problems. Dorna will be hoping that the regulation changes from 2012 will help solve this problem, and that the hype over Valentino Rossi will help to paper of the cracks until the return of the 1000cc bikes in two years' time.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 26 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 47'31.615  
2 11 Ben SPIES YAMAHA 47'35.190 3.575
3 99 Jorge LORENZO YAMAHA 47'38.427 6.812
4 46 Valentino ROSSI YAMAHA 47'44.248 12.633
5 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO HONDA 47'53.500 21.885
6 69 Nicky HAYDEN DUCATI 48'06.753 35.138
7 58 Marco SIMONCELLI HONDA 48'08.355 36.740
8 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA SUZUKI 48'08.440 36.825
9 41 Aleix ESPARGARO DUCATI 48'16.520 44.905
10 40 Hector BARBERA DUCATI 48'22.983 51.368
11 65 Loris CAPIROSSI SUZUKI 48'27.001 55.386
12 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA HONDA 48'29.518 57.903
13 14 Randy DE PUNIET HONDA 48'35.754 1'04.139
Not Classified
  36 Mika KALLIO DUCATI 30'57.694 10 laps
  5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 30'09.466 12 laps
  27 Casey STONER DUCATI 12'01.423 21 laps
  33 Marco MELANDRI HONDA 3'31.585 26 laps
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To anyone wanting exciting racing, today was yet another boring snooze fest. However, the politics were very interesting!

Ben Spies... Well done young man! This guy is fantastic! Jorge Lorenzo? Disappeared into the background without giving an interview after the race. Very interesting! The commentators admitted Spies has a lot more factory support now Rossi has said he is leaving. Quote of the weekend was from a gleeful Rossi who ironically said "Now Lorenzo has his own "Jorge" to deal with!"

Well done Dani! 3 wins in a year. A recored for him. Rack up some more mate! I like this guy more and more since Puig is less vocal and Dani smiles a lot more these days!

Casey Stoner? His BBC interview was a bit cringesome. He blamed riders for going too fast in the early laps (yes he did!). Good luck at Honda next year Casey. The Puig vs Casey top-dog will be interesting to see!

Rossi? Nice to see the guy not being the main focus for a change. Lorenzo and Spies are the main focus now.

Roll on 2011. Let's be honest here. We all are salivating at the prospect of Stoner on Honda, Rossi on Ducati and Spies on a factory Yamaha (is he on one now?), but it will probably be a snorefest with the politics being far more interesting than the racing!

“Jorge Lorenzo? Disappeared into the background without giving an interview after the race.”

This is false. Jorge did the TV interview with Gavin Emmett on MotoGP.com, did an individual interview on the MotoGP.com here: (http://www.motogp.com/en/videos/2010/Lorenzo+maintains+100+podium+record...) and participated in the post race press conference here: http://motomatters.com/news/2010/08/29/indianapolis_motogp_press_confere... . Perhaps he did skip some interviews but to say he skipped them all is false.

“The commentators admitted Spies has a lot more factory support now Rossi has said he is leaving.”

The MotoGP announcers did mention the rumor but said, in fact, the opposite. That other than a few upgrades (they mentioned an electronic upgrade) Spies’ bike is the same as it has been all year.

Please pay more attention before posting conspiracy theories as fact.

"Please pay more attention before posting conspiracy theories as fact."

It's okay saying that several hours (and much research) after the race. Some of us were posting our thoughts shortly after the race and what we experienced, so get off your high horse mate!

Jeez... I seem to have infringed upon the higher ranks of the "Gentleman's Club" of MotoGP sites. Point noted. Cheers M' Dear, I shall withdraw herewith from posting, but will still enjoy reading. Cheerio xxx

The Gentlemen's Club of which you speak simply does not exist. Certainly, we try to keep the standard of debate high here, but your original post was entirely reasonable, given how soon you posted it after the race. The disadvantage of the BBC coverage (in comparison to the MotoGP.com coverage) is that it finishes very shortly after the riders cross the line, and so details such as Lorenzo's state of exhaustion are not always immediately clear. As the MotoGP.com coverage goes on for another 20 minutes or so, a fuller picture tends to emerge, hence the - rather snippy - comments by other posters.

If we could all just calm down a bit and stop trying to trip each other up, it would be a lot better.

He stripped half his leather off, they sat him in the shade and 3 people tended to him with water and wet towles. Looked a little pale - heat exhasution? It could be he just couldn't do the interviews.

They all looked, except Spies who is used to racing in that kind of heat, done in.

"They all looked, except Spies who is used to racing in that kind of heat, done in"

Fair comment RedJet, just re-watched the race on Eurosport and you are right, they all looked knackered after the race.

By the way, have to say for the Eurosport/UK viewers this weekend, the highlight has to be stand-in commentator Jack Burnicle (who usually couples Jamie Whitham commentating on WSB/BSB) replacing Toby Moody (why was he not there?), innocently referreing to Nicky Hayden as "The Kentucky Fried Chicken Kid!"...

How we howled! He didn't mean it! Was still funny though! Bless you Jack! You tried your best under the as always condecending Julian Ryder (who made a complete tit of himself trying to commentate on WSB with Whitham a couple of years ago).

Kentucy Fried Chicken Kid...Gives a whole different mental picture!

Poor Dani, speaking of hot and knackered, had a water hose malfunction. Couldn't get a drink. Last few laps he had a hard time concentrating, wonder if he was starting to see pink elephants on pocket bikes.

Ryder was not terribly accommodating of the guest play by play man this weekend. He has been very difficult with Spalding as well, imo, when they started bringing Spalding to the booth more often. Shame.

You do know that Jules is no stranger to the WSBK paddock, right? He and Keith Huewen announced WSBK on Eurosport for 10 years? or was it longer? I don't recall exactly.

Great weekend all around with Nicky riding at the dirt mile, Spies and Hayden on the front row and Ben looking like Yamaha has switched bikes for him with Rossi. The festivities were far more fun than the race. Poor Colin just looks dejected. One shot in the garage looked like he was crying as he is just so fed up with the politics and having no chance to win. With Ducati pulling out of WSBK, the first thing I thought was what about Colin? I want to see him go out on top like Bayliss. Maybe he can ride the Aprilia or the R1. I just want to see the guy happy and winning again.

Unfortunately 13yo Peter Lenz was fatally injured during one of the races and died later in the day. Lenz was one of the US up and coming riders. Very tragic ending to an otherwise great weekend. I had the unfortunate luck of logging onto facebook and seeing the press release from RoadRacerX about it. I was in disbelief. To be honest, I said out loud WTF?!?!?!?! Too often we see spectacular crashes where the rider walks away and we quickly forget that they are indeed human.

RIP Peter. Throw a knee down with Darijo and the other greats.

You're completely right. I was saddened to hear about Peter Lenz as that name sounded familiar. It turns out I had heard a interview with him and his father last year on the MotoGPod podcast. It seemed so refreshing to hear of a up and comer who had such great support behind him. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Herve said he was surprised Colin even raced today. Ben said Colin was crushed. I think that was more of the reason he struggled today, tire notwithstanding.

I have said a prayer for Peter and his family.

Superbikeplanet.com has some comments from Edwards on his reaction to Peter Lenz' death. You can read them here. I knew Peter's father a little, and met Peter at Indy last year. He was a great kid with a big future and a big heart. I'll be posting a story about his death tomorrow. He deserves to be remembered.

I think that is a wonderful idea.
I am sorry for everyones loss. Horrible tragedy.

Without getting into any argument about Alpinestars gear, does this show just how much those two have to hold the damn Ducs up on the knee to ride them fast? Surely not just coincidence that it was the two quick Duc riders who had that particular problem?

These ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight kangaroo suits have got me scared out of my wits. I know they don't sell the GP prototypes to the general public, but still, it's scary to think how quickly the pavement would chew through that suit if the average 175lb rider were in it.

there's nothing wrong with kangaroo leather, i was actually very surprised that nicky was able to keep putting his left knee down after the slider came off. too me that says heaps abot how good alpinestars knee protection is, it was always going to wear a hole in the leather. i've known guys that have worn holes through cow suits in one slide.
having said that it is a bit disconcerting when you first put a roo suit on.. it feels like you're wearing nothing

Rusty, the suits are fine. Look at the angle of caseys leg and the odd kerbs at indy...thats what did it.

Watch Nickys "HIT" that pulled his slider off. He slammed the kerb so hard it ripped his leg backwards and almost pulled him off the bike. The knee armor must be good in there because without it, Nicky would be out for the season...or longer. It was scary.

Out here in Hong Kong, the race started at 3am. I don't know why I bothered. Pretty much every rider has complained about the track in the interviews - and I could see why. It may be a great venue with truckloads of history, but the track seemed really ho-hum to me. After Spa earlier in the evening - and even F1 looked interesting compared to this - this was so boring. It was good to see JPM handing the trophy to Dani - probably one of the few F1 racers with the heart of a biker!

It was brutally hot by race time. I think I spent 25.00 on lemonades just for the ice. I can't imagine being in a leather suit on top of a very hot machine for an hour. Cheers to all the racers for enduring. They had a shot of Lorenzo laying on the ground while waiting for the podium ceremony. He looked to be in a dire state.

I had a last minute opportunity to go to the races as a guest of the LCR Honda Team through GIVI USA. Full paddock passes with the chance to watch qualifying from the pit garage and even some time on the pit wall was an experience of a lifetime. DePuniet looks to be suffering quite a bit with the leg. I was surprised he wasn't on crutches or getting extra help. MotoGP bikes are loud on a completely different level!

edit: Toby Moody was doing the track announcing for the speedway. He did a great job. Much better than the people that I've heard do it at Laguna Seca in the past. He was very entertaining.

Very sad to hear of the tragedy. RIP, young Mr. Lenz.

I watched the races on Sunday from the Turn 1 "Penthouse B". What I got was a folding chair with a roof (I was glad for the roof). My first GP, and I had a fantastic time. My special ticket got me a lap of the track on my street bike. The Pit Walk was sweet (Randy DePuniet's GiVi model/girlfriend was hot). The bikes were so fast, that during qualifying, when the 800s entered the infield straight and blasted by, I described it as "the hand of god yanking them forward". Shot out of a rocket they were. I do have a few issues with the experience.

1) From the stands, you had the big screens, the scoring pole and two buildings with rows of numbers. From all these sources, one was to determine the running order. They never agreed! The video feed, which I assume was annotated by DORNA was abysmal (as far as gap numbers go), as was the tall tower with the vertical row of riders numbers (woefully inaccurate and laggy). At best the two buildings with the row of numbers around them were accurate and timely, but only went as high as 10 (8 for the pagoda).

2) How many laps are left? It would be nice with all the information being presented, that they somehow got the number of laps remaining info to the fans.

3) And finally, just my observed experience. I was in the stands above the accident that killed Peter Lenz. I had an excellent view of turns 1, 2, 3, and 4. Peter crashed exiting 4. I has shocked to learn after the race that Peter had died, not because I am naive (when racing I was part of a 5 bike crash which took a life). I was shocked because at the time of the pile up, it seemed like an eternity before an ambulance arrived at the scene. Seriously, I have not heard this mentioned, but it seemed like 5 minutes! Perhaps there were EMTs as part of the cornerworker crew on hand, but the delay in getting the ambulance to Peter was inexcusable, perhaps criminal.

Just my $0.02...