2010 Aragon 125cc Race Result - Last-Corner Pass Decides Race-Long Battle

Results and summary of the 125cc race at Motorland Aragon:

The 125cc championship took another dramatic turn at the Motorland Aragon circuit today, with events in the first and last corners of the race throwing the title race up into the air. Prime victim in Turn 1 was (at that point) championship leader Marc Marquez, the Red Bull Ajo rider getting a difficult start and losing a couple of places. As Marquez turned in for the first corner, though, STIPA Molenaar's Randy Krummenacher came barreling wildly up the inside, cutting the kerb, then crashing and wiping out Marquez' back wheel, taking the Spaniard out of the race. Marquez' day was over before it began. Krummenacher's was over shortly afterward, the Swiss rider being given the black flag for the incident.

Marquez' exit gave his chief challengers for the title free reign: Bancaja Aspar's Nico Terol and Tuenti Derbi's Pol Espargaro soon dispensing with the opposition put up by Bradley Smith, and making a break to dice for the win. A now typical race-long duel spun out over the course of 15 laps, which saw Terol and Espargaro size each other up, though rarely did they pass each other. Terol made the early running, before making a mistake and running wide, allowing Espargaro past into the lead.

Terol soon rejoined Espargaro, but took 5 laps to get back past. The Bancaja Aspar rider looked to have the measure of Espargaro, but the Tuenti Derbi rider was just keeping his powder dry. Espargaro attacked as the first lap started, but his early efforts went unrewarded. It was only down the long, downhill back straight that his attempts were rewarded, pulling out of Terol's slipstream and into the lead. Espargaro held Terol off around the endless final corner at Aragon, and went on to take victory, just ahead of Terol. Bradley Smith crossed the line nearly nine-and-a-half seconds later, to grab the final podium spot.

Espargaro's victory and Marquez' misfortune has tightened the championship right up. Marquez' lead is gone, and the Red Bull Ajo rider now trails the new championship leader by 11 points, 208 to 197. But Espargaro's victory took 5 valuable points from Terol, put him on 202 points, 6 behind Terol and 5 ahead of Marquez. The title fight looks like going down to the very last race.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 44 Pol ESPARGARO DERBI 38'14.248  
2 40 Nicolas TEROL APRILIA 38'14.298 0.050
3 38 Bradley SMITH APRILIA 38'23.708 9.460
4 7 Efren VAZQUEZ DERBI 38'30.247 15.999
5 11 Sandro CORTESE DERBI 38'32.644 18.396
6 71 Tomoyoshi KOYAMA APRILIA 38'33.215 18.967
7 12 Esteve RABAT APRILIA 38'40.219 25.971
8 94 Jonas FOLGER APRILIA 38'40.377 26.129
9 99 Danny WEBB APRILIA 38'53.965 39.717
10 39 Luis SALOM APRILIA 38'56.967 42.719
11 26 Adrian MARTIN APRILIA 39'02.883 48.635
12 14 Johann ZARCO APRILIA 39'10.313 56.065
13 78 Marcel SCHROTTER HONDA 39'16.174 1'01.926
14 84 Jakub KORNFEIL APRILIA 39'16.268 1'02.020
15 50 Sturla FAGERHAUG APRILIA 39'29.278 1'15.030
16 63 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN APRILIA 39'32.937 1'18.689
17 23 Alberto MONCAYO APRILIA 39'33.100 1'18.852
18 72 Marco RAVAIOLI LAMBRETTA 39'50.433 1'36.185
19 58 Joan PERELLO HONDA 40'08.526 1'54.278
20 37 Robin BARBOSA APRILIA 40'08.812 1'54.564
21 27 Alejandro PARDO APRILIA 38'53.728 1
22 28 Josep RODRIGUEZ APRILIA 38'54.720 1
Not Classified
  15 Simone GROTZKYJ APRILIA 31'06.578 4 laps
  69 Louis ROSSI APRILIA 27'21.429 6 laps
  16 Pedro RODRIGUEZ APRILIA 23'52.873 8 laps
  56 Peter SEBESTYEN APRILIA 21'08.678 9 laps
  53 Jasper IWEMA APRILIA 17'26.088 11 laps
  86 Kevin HANUS HONDA    
  93 Marc MARQUEZ DERBI    
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