2010 Aragon MotoGP Race Result - Hard-Fought Victory And Last Lap Dive Settle Podium

Results and summary of the MotoGP race at Motorland Aragon:

After nearly a year off the top step of the podium, Casey Stoner finally added another victory to his tally, winning the MotoGP race at Motorland Aragon with relative ease.

The Marlboro Ducatis had been strong all weekend, Nicky Hayden's fastest time in the morning warm up underlining just how good the Ducatis were at the brand new Spanish circuit, following as it did Casey Stoner's pole position and fastest times in two of the three free practice sessions. Off the line, Stoner had only Jorge Lorenzo to contend with, the Fiat Yamaha rider diving up the inside and into the lead in the first section, but before the riders dropped down what the locals are referring to as the "Sacacorchos" - Spanish for Corkscrew - Stoner was back and into the lead.

From there, it looked like Stoner had it in the bag, as Lorenzo could not match Stoner's pace. But Lorenzo was not the only Spanish rider the Marlboro Ducati man had to fear, as Dani Pedrosa was on a charge forward. The Repsol Honda rider had nearly highsided in the first corner, applying the throttle just a fraction too aggressively, a rear-wheel slide throwing Pedrosa out of the saddle, and dropping the Spaniard to 5th. But there was no denying his pace, and Pedrosa picked riders off one at a time, all at the same place: Down the back straight, just before the final turn. A combination of Honda power and Pedrosa's exceptional ability to get drive out of corners made the Spaniard an irresistible force, taking Ben Spies, Nicky Hayden and Jorge Lorenzo one lap at a time.

But there was one rider to go, and by the time Pedrosa had picked off everyone between himself and Casey Stoner, the Marlboro Ducati rider had just too much margin over the Repsol man for Pedrosa to be able to close down. Every time Pedrosa closed, Stoner responded, their natural pace almost perfectly in balance. Stoner ended the day victorious, while Pedrosa took comfort in the points haul he had recovered from Lorenzo.

Pedrosa was helped along by Stoner's teammate, Nicky Hayden. The American had been tracking Lorenzo over almost the entire race, always close, but seemingly never close enough to pass. But as the laps ticked off, a fierce determination grew in Hayden not to finish 4th again, something he had already done 4 times this season. Whenever Hayden tried to pass Lorenzo down the back straight, the Spaniard had held the inside line, and kept the American behind him. In the end, Hayden resorted to what he later described as a "hokey, backyard kind of move" to get past. "That's the kind of move you'd use to get past your brothers!" He quipped. Coming on the final lap, it left Lorenzo with no chance to respond, and secured Hayden his first podium of the year for Ducati.

Lorenzo ended the day in 4th, upset at not being competitive but satisfied to have defended his title lead, giving up exactly what he could safely afford to lose in the championship, and still have a comfortable lead as the title race winds down. He had finished, and at a track where the Yamahas had a blindingly obvious power deficit, he had managed to score 13 points.

Behind Lorenzo, Ben Spies and Andrea Dovizioso had fought out a similar tussle to the one taking place between Lorenzo and Hayden. Here, too, an American triumphed, Spies crossing the line in 5th. Dovizioso, however, did not end the day in 6th, as the Repsol Honda rider crashed out on the last lap. Dovizioso's crash bumped Valentino Rossi up to 6th, though the Fiat Yamaha rider - and reigning World Champion - finished over 27 seconds behind Casey Stoner. Rossi continues to struggle with his shoulder, and with setup, and will need to find a solution if he is to win again before he leaves Yamaha at the end of the season.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 27 Casey STONER DUCATI 42'16.530  
2 26 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 42'21.678 5.148
3 69 Nicky HAYDEN DUCATI 42'26.026 9.496
4 99 Jorge LORENZO YAMAHA 42'26.110 9.580
5 11 Ben SPIES YAMAHA 42'30.301 13.771
6 46 Valentino ROSSI YAMAHA 42'43.860 27.330
7 58 Marco SIMONCELLI HONDA 42'45.041 28.511
8 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA SUZUKI 42'51.784 35.254
9 33 Marco MELANDRI HONDA 42'51.923 35.393
10 41 Aleix ESPARGARO DUCATI 42'51.997 35.467
11 40 Hector BARBERA DUCATI 42'52.052 35.522
12 5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 43'01.890 45.360
13 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA HONDA 43'04.849 48.319
14 36 Mika KALLIO DUCATI 43'14.577 58.047
Not Classified
  4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO HONDA 40'38.333 1 lap
  14 Randy DE PUNIET HONDA 27'59.238 8 laps
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Nicky...way to go! Long time coming this year and he has worked very hard to get that Duc up there all year. Excellent job.

And btw,

Speed (Nascar) TV is bad for Motorcyle Racing IMO

In complete agreement with you. Nicky's last lap pass had me up out of my seat for the first time since ... I don't know, a while.

And SpeedTV does suck. I wish they would get rid of the Royal Purple pre-race report and show the interviews at the end, like they used to. I've thought about emailing SpeedTV and telling them that, but I'm sure it won't do much good - I'm sure they are more interested in the money from Royal Purple than my opinion.

The way that SpeedTV guy pronounces "Lorenzo" is particularly annoying too.

"The way that SpeedTV guy pronounces "Lorenzo" is particularly annoying too."

You mean the way he CORRECTLY pronounces it? Yes, Greg White pronounces Lorenzo's name CORRECTLY with Castialian dialect. In Spain they speak Castilian Spanish. The letter "Z" is pronounced with a "th" sound as in "thing."

I figured he was actually pronouncing it "correctly" - and probably should have mentioned it in my post.

But, it makes me think of the old joke about about a mother being so proud of her son in marching band, except everyone else in the band was marching out of step. ;-)

So if you know he is pronouncing it correctly, and you find it annoying... All I can gather is that you find Castilian Spanish "particularly annoying." :P

Interesting side track ;-) Mallorca uses both languages, but I hardly ever hear people pronounce his name the Castillian way. And since he considers the Catalunyan GP his home GP, I am pretty sure Lorenzo feels more related to the Catalan language.

How can I seperate Casey,Nicky and Ben ? Cannot. Great days racing at a great venue. 125 was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed Toni's charge in Moto 2.

Finally Jorge out of podium for the first time in this season. Is this a change in fortunes or a peek view to next season?

I think it's much more likely a scenario you seem to have not considered. Lorenzo maturing and knowing that he only has 5 races left to keep the bike upright and getting points and the title is his. He may have been off the podium finally in this race but the difference between 3rd and 4th place is only 3 points. Those 3 points right now certainly aren't worth him doing anything foolish or overly risky. I expect him to ride like this the rest of the season.

I think no Yamahas on the podium will occur more often next season. JLo is great, I have nothing but respect for Spies, esp after fighting off Dovi (think Dovi wanted payback for last year- remember Spies cost him 5th place overall!). But Yamaha are losing Rossi, Burgess, Furusawa and Brivio. How well can Spies and his team develop a bike? We'll find out.

Furusawa stays as an advisor. What did Brivio did to improve M1? Is he mechanic?

Just got back from vacation to see an entertaining race. Great for Hayden, good for Stoner, good for the championship. I hope the remaining five races will turn things up side down even more.

Speed wise Casey, Nicky and Jorge all had similiar top speeds. Dovi down in 6th before he crashed despite a speed advantage. Pedrosa went past a few people like they were standing still, but he was always going to get second today. Top speed not an issue so I hope Jorge doesn't cry about it.

You're absolutely correct, missing top speed was not the reason why Jorge didn't win and hence missing engine power wasn't the reason too. From the MotoGP.com site the Average Speed table:

01 Hector Barbera 325.9 km/h
02Hiroshi AOYAMA325.7 km/h
03Dani PEDROSA325.3 km/h
04Marco MELANDRI325.3 km/h
05Mika KALLIO322.6 km/h
06Andrea DOVIZIOSO322.4 km/h
07Alvaro BAUTISTA322.3 km/h
08Colin EDWARDS321.3 km/h
09Randy DE PUNIET321.1 km/h
10Aleix ESPARGARO321.0 km/h
11Valentino ROSSI320.1 km/h
12Casey STONER319.8 km/h
13Nicky HAYDEN319.6 km/h
14Jorge LORENZO319.5 km/h
15Ben SPIES318.8 km/h
16Marco SIMONCELLI318.1 km/h

Valentino had better top speed than Casey and the top speed difference between Jorge and Casey is 0.3 km/h, which is irrelevant.

And a quote from Jorge at autosport.com ( http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/86841)

From the beginning of the weekend we had problems with traction. We had a lot of wheelspin from the middle to the exit of the corners.

So the reason why Jorge was overtaken so easily was lack of traction out of the corner, not a lack of power. Dani overtook him before the middle of the straight, another proof that it wasn't about top speed and hence horse power.

(David, why is there so much spacing above the table?)

I dunno, I thought it was mainly a borefest. They kept saying it was a "classic battle up front" w/ a second between Stoner and Pedrosa, but to me a battle is wheel to wheel racing with actual passing.

Good to see Nicky on the podium of course. I was hoping he'd make it past Lorenzo a lot earlier though.

I was very surprised that while Pedro's bike could rail past the factory Yamaha on the straight, Dovi's bike couldn't make it past Ben's bike the same way.

Dovi motored Spies just like Pedrosa motored Lorenzo earlier, but Ben was fiercer on the brakes and took it back. Ben Spies is apparently pretty fearless. He doesn't roll over even when he doesn't quite have the pace left in his tires. In fact, all the Yamahas slowed quite a bit in the dying laps. They must've been harder on the 'Stones. I'd say Spies made his mark today. I think his best ride to date.

I was very surprised that while Pedro's bike could rail past the factory Yamaha on the straight, Dovi's bike couldn't make it past Ben's bike the same way.

Pedrosa is exceptionally good out of the corners and that of course gives him a speed advantage right from the start of the straight.

Pedrosa and Lorenzo can both get 10/10ths out of their bikes. We've seen it during the last 6-7 rounds.

We've also seen that Ben can get 10/10ths out of his satellite Yamaha at times (today that was clearly the case), but Dovi struggles to get more than 9/10ths out of his Honda.

The Pedrosa Lorenzo pass reflects the true difference in performance between the bikes. The Dovi Spies battle shows what happens when 1 guy is making a slow bike work while the other guy is just a fraction off with a factory machine.

Good point.

The interesting thing about Dovi is - he can match the pace of Dani or Jorge for a couple of laps, but then he either drops back or he hits the deck.

That makes me wonder whether what makes the Fab-Fours/Fives so special is their "sharper/narrower view" of where and what "the limit" is as well as the focus to stay there for a whole race distance.

Interesting you should mention the timing of the passes b/c fuel might have been a big part of the reason Dovi couldn't get pat either. Pedrosa's barn storming of Nicky Hayden and Jorge Lorenzo was very early in the race, and considering how his lap times fell off late in the race, the early performance of Pedrosa's bike may have been down to using extra fuel.

Dovi tried to pass late in the race when the fuel computer would have been a lot more hesitant to use fuel.

Funny how the Honda has the best fuel economy of all the bikes yet Stoner still managed to reel off good lap times..What an excuse..Maybe just maybe Stoner rode a better race and won fair and square ?

Just got home from Motorland Aragon, the only bads parts were the traffic and the sunburn. The front of the MotoGP race wasn't great, but there were some good fights in the middle. Loved seeing TE24 fight back from bad qualifying and a bad start! But I hate seeing these guys go so fast! Even the 125s are 10 seconds faster than me at Motorland! ;)

Stoner back on top, Lorenzo's first non-podium finish, Hayden finally scoring a podium... Aragon certainly through the status quo away for one weekend.

It was great to see some close, intense battling going on, even if it didn't last the whole race. Sure, it's no Catalunya '09, but so far, Aragon has won my vote for most interesting race of the season.

Just checked the motgp website , the average of top 5 speed of each rider is

Pedrosa 325.3, Dovi 322.4, Stoner 319.8, Hayden 319.6, Lorenzo 319.5, Spies 318.8.

I do not see any major speed advantage Dovi had over Spies Any day I will take a better handling and braking bike over a bike with 3.4 kmph speed advantage.

Stoner's speed shows that there is more to bike than "top speed".

I really liked the post race comments of Spies and Dovi, it showed how passionate they are about racing.

It would have been fitting if Dovi had also finished the race even if in 6th position.

avg top speed is not very interesting if the rider is stuck behind a smart guy blocking the racing line lap after lap. would rather see top absolute speed down the hill specifically.

we don't really need the numbers tho. watch the race again and see where dani/dovi consistently closed up...

Anyone else want to see Aragon on the track full time? I mean i know that would give Spain 4 or 5 races a year, but certainly they can do away with one of the others to make room for a track that it seemed all the riders loved. Besides the riders, they did the big Master Bike "test" at Aragon this year and all the journos said it was a great place as well.

amazing look place. best race of the season. i say drop Valencia and replace with Aragon... will never happen but would love to see Aragon stay

Unique track with a very very good layout, imo. The bottle opener (as Julian Ryder calls it) provides some great slow mo shots. The back straight and the final turn are a thrilling end to the lap. It appeared as though the track was tolerant of different lines and setups as well.

The only problem is the first turn which is quite unpleasant. Even with the first turn pile ups and traffic jams, the track is still worthwhile. Far better than Valencia, imo.

Now that Casey's proven the GP10 with the '09 forks to be a winner, I wonder if the other Ducatis will have the same fork.

Especially the Pramac guys have gone down as much as Stoner, and it might do them good.

The race and circuit itself beat my expectations. Here's another vote for losing Valencia and giving Aragon a permanent slot on the calendar.