2010 Sepang MotoGP Race Result - Tight Three-Way Fight Settled In Final Laps

Results and summary of the MotoGP race at Sepang:

Valentino Rossi ended the longest winless streak of his career in the MotoGP race at Sepang, taking his 46th victory on a Yamaha, and his 79th in the premier class. Rossi also secured a secondary goal, taking away some of the attention from his Fiat Yamaha teammate Jorge Lorenzo, who also comfortably wrapped up the 2010 MotoGP championship.

Victory for Rossi looked unlikely after the start, as the nine-time World Champion had trouble getting off the line, then got beat up in the first section, crossing the line at the end of the first lap down in 8th. By contrast, his bitterest rival and Fiat Yamaha teammate had got a fantastic start, firing into the first corner in the lead, ahead of Andrea Dovizioso and Ben Spies. Spies' 3rd spot would not last until the end of the first section, though, the Marlboro Ducati's of Casey Stoner and Nicky Hayden soon through on the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha rider. Casey Stoner's success would not last, however, as the Australian - and winner of the last two races - ran into an old and unwelcome problem, losing the front going into turn 15 and crashing out of the race.

At the front, Andrea Dovizioso was using the superior acceleration of his Repsol Honda to pull out of Lorenzo's draft and pass him, but Lorenzo dived back underneath on the brakes into the final corner, and took back the lead before they crossed the line. Dovi tried again on the front straight, but once again Lorenzo held him off on the brakes for Turn 1. Dovi continued to snap away at Lorenzo's tail, but could not get close enough to attack, the pair starting to build a lead over the chasing group.

After Stoner crashed, the composition of the chasing group started to change. San Carlo Gresini's Marco Simoncelli had barged his way forward, and had soon elbowed both Ben Spies and Nicky Hayden aside. But hot on Simoncelli's tail came his friend and countryman Valentino Rossi. Rossi was clearly on a mission in Malaysia, and was not prepared such trifles as a miserable start stand in his way. Lapping close to Casey Stoner's lap record from 2007, Rossi pushed hard to get past Simoncelli, diving underneath at Turn 9, his trademark pass at Sepang,  then closed down the 2 second gap to Lorenzo and Dovizioso.

Before Rossi could arrive, Dovizioso got past Lorenzo, taking over the lead into Turn 1, again capitalizing on the speed of the Honda out of Turn 15 and along the front straight. A lap later, as the halfway mark approached, Rossi was on Lorenzo, and muscled his way through at Turn 9 again. A lap later, Rossi was past Dovizioso in exactly the same place and in exactly the same way, taking over the lead at Turn 9 on lap 11.

With memories of the brutal scrap at Motegi freshly in his mind, the red mist threatened to descend over Jorge Lorenzo, almost falling into Rossi's trap. But after a couple of laps of pushing Dovizioso and Rossi, cooler judgement prevailed, and Lorenzo settled back into his own rhythm and crossing the line in one piece. With nothing threatening from behind, Lorenzo could concentrate on riding smoothly, and celebrate his first ever MotoGP championship with a podium. That was more than good enough for today.

Jorge Lorenzo may have taken himself out of the equation, but Andrea Dovizioso had a lot less to lose and was much less inclined just to roll over for Valentino Rossi. Doviosozo closed the gap on Rossi's initial but small lead, and started to harass the nine-time world champion. At the start of lap 16, Dovizioso used the Honda Lane to full effect, motoring past Rossi on power and into the lead at Turn 1. His lead would last just half a lap, though, as Rossi was once again past at Turn 9, pulling the same block pass into the tight left hander that he had been using all day. 

From here, it was a race to the line, and try as Dovizioso might, he could not prevent Rossi from taking victory. The Italian closed off Dovizioso's final avenue of attack into the last corner, crossing the line to take the win, Rossi's first since Qatar earlier this year. Dovizioso was forced to settle for 2nd, while Jorge Lorenzo crossed the line in 3rd, ecstatic at clinching the championship.

While the racing at the front was close, the battle behind was scintillating. Marco Simoncelli's progress had been halted once he'd been passed by Valentino Rossi, and the San Carlo Gresini rider fell back into the clutches of a group consisting of Ben Spies, Hiroshi Aoyama and Alvaro Bautista, with Nicky Hayden languishing not far behind. Spies was the first man through, the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha rider making short work of the hirsute Italian, and went on to secure a comfortable 4th. Aoyama and Bautista had a much tougher time with Simoncelli, and the three riders beating each other up allowed Nicky Hayden to catch the trio.

Bautista eventually came out on top, but only after a hare-brained move by Simoncelli - making an impossible pass up the inside of Aoyama in Turn 2, after Aoyama had finessed the Italian into Turn 1 - ran both Simoncelli and Aoyama wide, allowing Bautista to escape and Hayden to follow. Bautista went on to secure an impressive 5th place, while Hayden took 6th. Justice was served for Aoyama, as the Interwetten Honda rider got past Simoncelli to secure 7th. Simoncelli, in turn, just hung on to beat his San Carlo Gresini Honda teammate Marco Melandri to 8th, while LCR Honda's Randy de Puniet rounded out the top 10.

After the race was over, the battle between Rossi and Lorenzo continued, each vying for the attention of the camera. Lorenzo produced a celebration revolving around the Super Mario Brothers computer game, while down in Parc Ferme, Rossi grabbed a pit board with his 46 wins and waved it at the camera. In retaliation - or to avoid the conflict - Lorenzo took his podium champagne downstairs, and sprayed it around his team in Parc Ferme. The two then grudgingly acknowledged each other's achievements in the TV press conferences.

With the championship out of the way, Lorenzo can once again relax and start focusing on racing. The Spaniard still has a score to settle with his teammate, and Rossi will welcome the confrontation. With Phillip Island and Estoril coming up, two tracks which are well-suited to on-track battles, we could be in for a treat. Neither man has anything to lose anymore, and both have points they want to make to each other on track, and with force.

On a side note, the racing threw up one other interesting storyline. The race had been reduced from 21 to 20 laps at the request of the riders, as 21 laps can prove to be too grueling in Sepang's tropical heat. That gave the bikes a little extra fuel to play with, and it immediately showed in the racing. None of the bikes had to run lean to make it to the line, giving back a little bit more control to the riders. With the 1000cc CRT bikes due to have three whole liters extra in 2012, this suggests the racing could get considerably better the season after next.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 46 Valentino ROSSI YAMAHA 41'03.448  
2 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO HONDA 41'03.672 0.224
3 99 Jorge LORENZO YAMAHA 41'09.483 6.035
4 11 Ben SPIES YAMAHA 41'17.124 13.676
5 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA SUZUKI 41'18.850 15.402
6 69 Nicky HAYDEN DUCATI 41'22.274 18.826
7 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA HONDA 41'23.666 20.218
8 58 Marco SIMONCELLI HONDA 41'27.022 23.574
9 33 Marco MELANDRI HONDA 41'27.412 23.964
10 14 Randy DE PUNIET HONDA 41'35.298 31.850
11 40 Hector BARBERA DUCATI 41'42.027 38.579
12 36 Mika KALLIO DUCATI 41'42.297 38.849
Not Classified
  41 Aleix ESPARGARO DUCATI 12'37.164 14 laps
  65 Loris CAPIROSSI SUZUKI 8'25.612 16 laps
Not enough laps completed
  5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 41'58.835 6 laps
Not finished first lap
  27 Casey STONER DUCATI    
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Great race.

That was like Valentino circa 2001-2006. Didn't matter what his place was on the track; eventually, he would just blow past everyone for the victory.

Sorry it had to be Dovi, but great victory for Vale. Great, tough, tough job from Dovi.

would really liked to have heard the following question to Valentino, from any of the journos:

Do you have a personal deadline as to when would be the latest that you would find acceptable for Yamaha to inform you of their decision regarding your eligibility for the Valencia test?

Rossi's personal deadline was probably Brno, but what Rossi wants is irrelevant. He has little or no leverage over Yamaha, it's entirely up to Yamaha. My personal feeling is that Rossi will be allowed to test the Ducati, but that he'll only be told at Valencia.

What a classic race.........There was fighting from top to bottom. Hope we will be seeing more such races next year.

another amazingly fun race to watch - with dovi's stellar results, one has to wonder what could have been had dani not gotten hurt at motegi...

so glad aoyama came out on top of simoncelli <- still the bully :)

lorenzo: congrats - although man there was a strange vibe in the air and some very weird dynamics - bitter sweet for jorge, i think. he definitely is a most worthy champion tho and i hope that now that the WC is done and dusted we'll see some more superb racing in the final 3 rounds

finally: rossi... sick...

Great fights all over. Rossi does it old school. Great for Dovi to keep clinging on. Well done by Lorenzo, a well earned crown with a podium to top it off. The next races are going to be epic.

Good racing. Excellent rides from Rossi and Dovi, and nice to see Jorge win the title by riding hard. He deserves it.
I reckon Simoncelli needs to be pulled up... dodgy stuff.

great race all the way and down the field.Must say Stoner's crash probably robbed the viewers of an even greater spectacle.Thats racing.
Have to agree with Browndog,Simonchelli needs a rap over the knucles.
Another amazing performance by Ben Spies and congrats to Lorenzo on a thoroughly well deserved title.

What a great result for Alvaro Bautista and Suzuki. They must be over the moon to have such a result after months and months of struggling at the back of the grid.

It is a pity though that they will be going from one of their best tracks to their worst track in consecutive weekends. PI will be a true test for the new chassis.

Nice win by Rossi as well. His success makes next season more interesting.

As everyone has commented, it was an excellent race. I don't think it could have been scripted better, even the podiums. Lorenzo got his well deserved World Champions crown, Rossi was rewarded with the race win for his incredible ride through the field, Dovi did brilliantly and there were hard-fought battles all down the field - that we actually got to see some of! So maybe Dorna are upping the standard of their coverage. And also, great write up.

Once again, I might add. After the warm-up, where they were 1-2, I was really looking forward to seeing Rossi v Stoner.

Hats off to Rossi -- absolutely no one is better at charging back thru the field after a bad start/first lap.

Lorenzo for winning his first motogp championship. He was brilliant and consistent the whole season. Best of luck for coming races and future

Rossi for great race He was in top form today.

Dovi for second. He seems to getting consistently at the front of the field. Hope he keeps on getting full support of the Honda.

...we had a very enjoyable race. And the TV coverage was good as well. Let's hope the future will be more like that and not as it was before in the season.
Maybe 1 lap less means more fuel and thus less electronic control of the engine? May that had something to do?

Simoncelli needs a slap, or at the very least some lessons in over taking from Mr Rossi. All his career he's been using other riders as a berm. Aoyama was riding very well at the time. Getting duffed up like that must have really ruined his rhythm.

So good to see great battles throughout the field for once, almost made you forget that only 12 riders saw the chequered flag in the end.

Well chuffed for Vale taking such a brilliant win after charging through the field, so much fun to watch.

Very happy for Bautista and Suzuki too, his double pass on Simoncelli and Aoyama was amazing to watch. Would have loved to see him battle with Spies for 4th as well, their laptimes were the same at the end, but Simoncelli slowing the group down made that impossible unfortunately.
Speaking of, hairy boy pushing another rider wide which in turn gives a third rider the advantage to pass both? Gee, that's a move we've never seen before from him...

Anyone know what happened to Colin? If they said anything during the race I missed it; and I haven't seen any mention of it in any of the reports.

Thanks David; I just found it on Soup. Ultimately he crashed:

"A minor braking issue hampered Edwards in the early laps and once he'd adapted his riding style to compensate, he then battl ed a front-end grip issue. He was embroiled in an exciting four-rider tussle when he crashed at turn four on lap ten."

I believe that is from the press release.

David, ONE less lap couldn't have made that big a difference, could it? IF THAT IS THE CASE, GIVE 'EM ALL THE FUEL THEY WANT!!! MSMA wants fuel limits? WHY? Next week should be EPIC w/the GLOVES COMING OFF! It's almost a preview of next year!

So happy for the great Lorenzo. What a stellar season he deserved it all the way.

And, that POS Suzuki beat every Ducati and all but one Honda.

And, you have to give it to Rossi he's won a couple of races this year and...well, not much else. Even so, today was still all about him. Maybe he'll get the "Teammate from Hell" award.

...was number __?

With all due respect to his [edited] Top 5 finish, it's an inevitable question.  Suzuki are now within a window where it doesn't matter how long their engines last, and so they may as well start testing for next year.

Frankly, I think this is the reason they were granted the waiver in the first place.

I think this is within the limits agreed to pre-season considering the budget difference the Suzuki team is limited to. Personally, I really don't care how many engines anyone uses. If Honda used 15 per rider I couldn't care less.

He's been 5th at Catalunya as well, no additional engines there. And considering his progress once he recovered from injury, this result doesn't look like a fluke.

Aside from that, I don't think his final position had much to do with the engine, whatever number it was, but more with the heat and the Sepang circuit itself suiting the bike better than other tracks. And the engine certainly wasn't responsible for that awesome double pass which gave him the place in the end.

If the question is supposed to show that he had an advantage by using a new engine, I think it aims in the wrong direction as IIRC several other riders were using a new engine the last two races as well. It might have been their number 6 and his number 8, but the fact remains the same that they had new ones too (partly even developed further, see Yamaha) which apparently run better than the old ones. Would that in turn take anything away from the results Lorenzo & Rossi got?

I don't think I quite understand where you're getting at. Is this about Suzuki's exception from the rule in general or Bautista's achievement itself?

Where would he have finished running "his" 6th engine?

With his team mate parked on the side of the track two weeks in a row, it's a logical question.

with happy sponsors I'd say. Believe me I don't like it that Suzuki hasn't ponied up the race funds. Suzuki would be gone if not for contractual obligations. They want out now.

One race weekend not so long ago, Suzuki blew up 13 engines (you'll remember Hopper kicking his bike as it lay against the Armco). This would be over 2 years engine allotment now and for what reason? They were introducing a pneumatic valve train on the 990 two years before Honda and Yamaha, both with ties to F1. Never happen now.

No breaks for anyone and only 3 kinds of bikes is best for the series I guess.

I don't think this engine-limits path has been "best for the series".  But, when it was announced, I was fairly supportive of the additional handicap granted to Suzuki.  I would get no enjoyment seeing those blue beasts starting from the pits long before anyone else.

As I pointed out, way up there in my first post, I suspect that the other factories granted Suzuki the waiver tied to a plea to begin making an honest attempt at being ready for next year.

Awesome race. Classic Valentino. Great video coverage. When are we going to get to see the podium statements from the riders again on SpeedTV? Great to see (Bautista) a Suzuki in fifth. Glad to see Aoyama get back past Simconcelli. Looking forward to the Spies Lorenzo duel next year.

What a truly EXCELLENT race.

If ANYONE had any lingering doubts about who still has "it", I hope that today did away with most--if not all--of them.

I found myself thinking of Sachsenring '06, as well as Assen '07.

When I went to Assen, seeing the braking and turns SO very close (Caroline and I sat at Ruskenhoek), I was absolutely blown away that the tires last FIVE laps, let alone a whole race distance. The abuse they take is just incomprehensible to me, and my appreciation of the immense levels of grip and longevity they provide...went through the stratosphere. Assen '07 especially, where Rossi made up SEVEN seconds on Casey's bullet train, culminating in the last two laps of the race being the two fastest laps of the entire weekend...well...that left a lasting impression on me. (And yes, I DO remember that those were Michelins that weekend, but you take my point.) The Bridgestones were tough enough today to let Rossi's poetry in motion continue unabated to the end. That was BEAUTIFUL.

I don't want to go TOO far out on a limb, but I think I speak for many (if not most) of us in saying that shortening the races by one lap is an infinitesimal price to pay for (effectively) more fuel and the resulting better races.

Oh, and by the way, David, "hirsute" is juuuuuust about Caroline's favorite word (one of mine, too), and aside from you, she's the only person I know who regularly uses it (and to great effect, I might add). Dang, but I love the standards set by this community... :)

The man is back...That was the Rossi i remember...What a fantastic ride...Back to eleventh place and just flew through the pack...He really wanted to spoil the party for Lorenzo..Wasn't happy that Stoner fell but to see Vale ride like that makes it all worth while...To all the people who said the Doctor's day's were over...WOOPS..Congrats to Lorenzo on his title..Well deserved..I am not a big fan of his but the man can ride a motorcycle and thouroughly deserved to win it this year..Don't know about anyone else on here but has Dovi stepped up his game or what ? Amazing what contract negotiations can do..He is getting closer to the Aliens..Just not quite there yet...Can't wait for next year...

In reply to gsvrfan 'so happy for the great Lorenzo', he had an outstanding season for sure but if it was up to him, Dani or Casey every race will b about disappearing at the front and winning by 5 or 10 sec, BORING.

Almost all the exciting races in 800cc era involved Rossi from Qatar 2007 to Sepang 2010 including Rossi/ Lorenzo battles of 2009. the last two races have been exciting because of one person-Rossi. So when u say 'he's won couple races and not much else' i think the commentators and the persons on this site think different.

Has any rider in the modern era besides Rossi been able to come from 10th or 15th back and win? What makes Lorenzo so great? he's found a bike in 2008 that he was immediately fast on and been enjoying its development every since. Lets see what he does for development 2011/2012 when he is on his own. GREAT i think not, the jury is still out.

There are the other battles going on in the middle and bad positions too. For this year, JL and DP had great battle at Jerez at front and RV was only watching it from behind. In last year at Malaysia GP, JL started from the end of the grid and finished 4th. I am sure there were other riders who were dropped to 11th and came back to win in the past races. Rossi dropped to 11th in the opening lap and came back to win, but there were only 12 riders finishing the race. Rossi was great at the race, and JL was also great for winning the championship.

I think both Lin Jarvis and especially Furusawa congratulated him behind doors for his great ride and win. We do not necessarily see the bosses congratulating their riders on TV or media all the time. As for Lorenzo, he was too overwhelmed to say congratulation to him just winning the title, but he would have done so behind doors when he had a chance.

I'm sure that Jorge was a bit overloaded after the race. That said, two things happened during the on-track post-race celebrations absolutely leapt out at me. They were rude and unsportsmanlike at best, dangerous to Jorge's future at worst.

1) If you have a subscription to MotoGP.com, got back and watch the race, and jump to 58:15. I've watched this about 20 times, and I'm certain that I'm not just conjuring this up with my imagination. What happens at 58:15 is REAL. Ben Spies is first to congratulate Jorge. He gets to Jorge's bike, and tugs at his arm to get his attention. Ben gets no response. Lorenzo's "Super Mario Bros." character even gets Lorenzo's attention at VERY plainly out the fact that Ben is there. Ben even has his hand held out for quite a few seconds, waiting for a handshake. JLo glances over to Ben and then shakes his head "NO". Ben then withdraws his hand, shakes his own head in disgust and rides off. The mind games for 2011 begin. What a great way to get the bad blood going early. Ben will NOT forget that moment. I sure wouldn't.

2) Jump to 58:50, and JLo does the same thing to Rossi, although Rossi gets a handshake (only) by grabbing JLo's hand. It couldn't be LESS sincere on JLo's part, and he makes no attempt to hide it.

As I said, I've watched these two occurrences MANY times over, and I am NOT imagining this. Jorge showed exactly NO class, and I will bet any amount of money that this'll come back to haunt him in 2011 via a snubbed Ben Spies, as well as a snubbed Rossi, both of whom will be out for blood.

Bad move, Jorge. We all hate sore losers, but sore winners aren't any better. Not at all.

I am no Lorenzo 'fan' by any means, but he had just accomplished the highest attainable in the world, in stinking hot conditions, nerves, adrenaline, everything at an absolute high. Most of us would have been on oxygen, I'm sure Lorenzo was mentally and physically exhausted and couldn't register it all too clearly.

Give Jorge some slack, you can plainly see at that time he was a bit overwhelmed with emotion from winning the title.

...that, but he returned the gestures of ALL the other riders, except his two teammates. It's just a fact. Draw whatever conclusions you want, but I saw it happen twice, and only with present and future teammates.

I'm not one to go for sensationalism, but it is what it is. All others were acknowledged; Rossi and Ben were not.

I noticed how he refused Elbowz too. As much as i don ´t like Lorenzo, i still want to believe he was maybe too excited and didn t realize ... If he really refused Ben's handshake, he will regret it at some point.

To become a world chamop u need to be either totally dominant (Rossi 2001-2005) or eb one ogf the top guys and have better luck than them. I don´t think Lorenzo is stronger than the other 3. We have to see Ben on equal machinery , and, after a year of experience.

Halfway through the season he was dominant, but he is not now and he won t be come season end methinks. And that's what counts for 2011. And, i still think Yamaha will miss Rossi when changes in the bike become necessary.

Can't wait for the next races.

The championship decided. The shuffle amongst the riders and teams settled. And no more pressure on anyone whatsoever... just racing.

It wil be about setting the tone going into next year. I am expecting everyone to be aggressive as they can be.

I am not happy to say Congrats WC Jlo. I really don't like the guy.

His attitude is not one of class, it reminds me of an arrogant child with a point to prove. I saw the Spies snub on Speed. I doubt he didn't realize it, he acknowledged Bautista and Ayoama. Jlo is not a fan of Spies partly due to VR's comment of "Jlo may have his own Jlo next season" at least that is my first impression.
This action is also similar to last weeks whining, when he had no reason to engage, and last season when he would overshoot to pass rossi and crash, and China 2 yrs ago. Jlo still gets too emotional and thinks poorly in situations that do require some clear thinking.

In regards to development, Ben has an ability to find speed, grudges are not a big deal either. For those that do not realize this he did take a new off the line R1 with a new style motor to a WSBK championship in yr 1. He had zero development assistance from his teammate and somewhat dominated, (remember he ran out of gas in 1st place, was crashed out at PI and by fabrizio all with points on the table the season would have been a bigger win if those had not happened).
Also Ben was former teammate to Mat Mladin, for those that are unaware the 2 of them got along like oil and water, Mat is a nice jerk in the best of situation. Watch a few interviews and listen to his actions there was a wall, a hatred and a strong frustration to lose to Ben a younger teammate for 5 yrs if I recall.

Next season if Jlo had half a brain he will be cordial to ben he has made a few enemies as of recent and if it becomes 4 to 1 (VR, CS, BS, DP) and the rest of the paddock he will lose, and have no way of picking himself up if he is alone. Think Max Biaggi 99-03. Once you are down it is real tough to gain confidence and on top of that not lose your cool and put yourself further behind.

Next season, Ben has a chance to prove himself on top machinery, Honda and Stoner want to prove they still have a chance at winning, Pedrosa and Jlo have never been buddy buddy, and Ducati and Rossi enough said.

Good luck Jlo just don't cry when life is tough.

It is pretty pathetic that a thing like this requires further analysis, but here we go:
I rewound the moment a few times where Spies wants to celebrate Lorenzo. This is when Lorenzo just stopped, slams his head against the tank, and is hugged and congratulated by his freakin' Super Mario fanbase. He has arms and hands tapping him all over and doesn't even know Spies is there. Spies shakes his head and is probably laughing in his helmet: Wow, is this guy off the planet.


I saw what you saw. A man out-of-his-mind from winning the championship, oblivious in joy and Ben, having been there himself, recognizing and shaking his head (and I imagined laughing in his helmet). I wasn't the only one in the room who laughed along with Ben as a matter of fact.

From what I've read JLo and Ben have been getting on well. Ben said in an interview that JLo has often come to him to give him congratulations or a pat on the back/hang in there support if needed. As Ben said "He didn't have to do that, it was really nice".

I think the two of them are setting the stage for a, if not friendly, congenial teammateship. I wish them both the best of luck next year, although, sorry JLo, I gotta hope that Ben beats you in points next year. :)

A guy just wins the MotoGP title and you are judging him on a mere speculation as to whether he intened to ignore his future teammate's handshake??...

Honestly, thowever great your devotion to Spies may be, that surely cannot be the most important thing to comment on from all that happened on sunday.

And what is with all the writing in caps. Come on guys.

Between moans of pain that accompany reading my (apparent) drivel, you'll notice that I only use caps on certain words. If you read my comments aloud, you'll realize that I use caps because we do NOT have a means of easily using italics, underlining or boldface print. If we had any or all of them, I'd be using them. Read one of my posts aloud, giving extra emphasis on the capitalized words, and you'll realize that I'm not shouting. I'm merely adding emphasis.

As far as JLo and his actions, you may find it idiotic to point them out, but there they were. I am ALL for good sportsmanship, so when I see something out of place, I notice it. I'm not slamming him, nor am I saying that my Mama could beat up his Mama. I'm saying that having your own personal Super Mario to point out the lineup of guys waiting to congratulate you, and you ignore one of them, it stands out. I suppose I'm spoiled by the fact that EVERY last thing Rossi says and does has meaning and purpose attached to it. If Rossi had done the same thing to Casey and JLo, there'd be all sorts of buzz about it. So maybe JLo just randomly does thoughtless things, but I give him more credit than that. Racers love the praise and adulation of their peers. Yesterday it was all his peers...except two...who also just so happen to be his future and present most bitter rivals/teammates. If it meant nothing, then fair enough. Again, I'm used to gamesmanship, and I love every last bit of it. In all cases, I prefer gentlemanly good sportsmanship, but if need be, bring on the mind games, because we're all eyes for a good show.

Now do you understand? I'm not picking a fight. I'm pointing out something that I saw. No more, no less. Again, I attach meaning to one's actions, and JLo has won world championships TWO other times, so I don't buy that he's just totally overloaded and unable to function. That's all.

It was a fantastic race, with Rossi pulling one of his amazing performances, and some great battles back in the pack too (which we actually get to see more and more of on TV these days it seems). I too noticed the JLo snub to a few riders who came up to him to congratulate him (I thought it was more than Spies and Rossi he snubbed). JLo seems so preoccupied with his pathetic 1-act plays that he can't even acknowledge the guys who were gracious enough to finish behind him all year. Without them, there'd be no championship to celebrate! At least he was bright enough to play it "safe-ish" today and finish 3rd. Let's see how he does for the last few races.

Did anyone else find it odd that he held up the "Game Over" sign? Does that mean he's a one-game wonder? I would have thought that "Proceed to the Next Level" would have been a better signal of his intentions for the rest of the year and next year.

And if reducing races 1 lap means they can pump up the power for the whole race, then either shorten the races or give them bigger gas tanks again!!! Can't wait for the 1000s!!!

You think it's just possible that he was slightly in shock at having realised a childhood dream, something he's worked hard and sacrificed for to achieve, and having to beat his hero to boot? And the guy is just 23 too, still not at full maturity. Give him a break, he may not have been quite all there at that particular point in time! Certainly, in the paddock afterwards, he seemed to still be a bit overwhelmed by it all.

As for game over. It means he won the game that day - don't read so much into things. ;)

Would it hurt so much to just be happy for him? :)

This is probably in the dead-horse category but I just saw on Twitter that Jorge has responded to questions about his lack of acknowledgment towards Spies' congratulations.

I have no idea how to link to the specific tweet so if it is ok, David, I'll just post the comment.

I had some messages asking me why I didn't pay attention to Spies when he wanted to congratulate me. I have to say that I didn't see...
...And feel he was there at that the moment of our celebration. I just told this to him. He is a good guy and we have a good relationship.


Glad to know I wasn't the only one who noticed.

I'm glad they have a good relationship. For now. :)