2010 Phillip Island MotoGP Race Result - Peerless Display Takes Huge Victory

Results and summary of the MotoGP race at Phillip Island:

Casey Stoner has won his fourth Australian Grand Prix in a row, taking victory in embarrassingly dominant style. Stoner got the holeshot from the start, and had pulled out a lead of over 1.5 seconds by the time they crossed the line at the end of the first lap. Stoner pushed the pace early, lapping over half a second faster than most of the rest of the grid for the entire race, coming home completely unchallenged to win by a huge margin. Stoner has now won three of the last four races, his Marlboro Ducati team obviously having found a solution to the front-end problems that plagued him earlier in the season, and saw him crash out so often.

The race for 2nd spot was settled almost as early. Ben Spies beat Jorge Lorenzo into Turn 1, but Lorenzo came straight back at the Southern Loop, closing the door on the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha rider and taking on the chase for Stoner. Lorenzo was the only man capable of approaching Stoner's times, but not near enough to even follow Stoner, let alone catch him. Slower than Stoner, faster than the rest, Lorenzo cruised home to 2nd, the Fiat Yamaha rider's 14th podium of the year.

The race only really got interesting behind Lorenzo. After being blocked by Lorenzo, Ben Spies dropped back all the way to 6, Nicky Hayden, Marco Simoncelli and Andrea Dovizioso getting past. Dovizioso would be the first to leave the group, the Repsol Honda rider encountering a technical problem with his RC212V and pulling in, but taking Dovizoso's place was Valentino Rossi. After a mediocre start from just 8th on the grid, Rossi quickly slashed his way forward to join the group battling for 3rd.

Marco Simoncelli made the early running for the final podium spot, but the San Carlo Gresini rider was soon passed first by Hayden, and then by Spies and Rossi. Simoncelli mounted a stout defence, barging his way forward to 4th on lap 8, after Hayden was run wide by Rossi, as the Fiat Yamaha rider took over 3rd spot, but Hayden soon worked his way back past Spies and Simoncelli, and sat on the tail of Rossi pushing to get past.

The group of four split into two pairs, with Rossi leading Hayden, and Simoncelli leading Spies, until Simoncelli missed a gear coming out of Turn 12 allowing Spies to get ahead of him. The gap between the two groups widened, and the fight for 3rd came down to two future teammates, Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden, both of whom will be with Marlboro Ducati next year. Rossi had the upper hand in the fight for most of the race, but try as he might, he could not shake off Hayden. Hayden poked and pried a few times into Turn 1, with two laps to go, Hayden finally forced his way past Rossi at the Honda Hairpin to take over 3rd. Rossi tried to counter at MG, but was not close enough. 

It came down to the last lap: Rossi got as much drive as he could out of the final corner, and tried to squeeze past Hayden into Doohan Corner, but Hayden had banked on him trying there. Another attempt at the Southern loop was also countered handily, but Rossi had used that corner to line himself up for the Honda Hairpin, diving up the inside of Hayden and into 3rd. Hayden tried to hang on, but Rossi was just far enough ahead to hold the advantage on the exit, taking over 3rd spot. Hayden looked at MG, and tried lining Rossi up for a pass over the line through the final corner, but it was all to no avail. Valentino Rossi took 3rd place, and his 13th podium in 14 races at Phillip Island, while Nicky Hayden was left to settle for 4th, a frustratingly common occurrence for the Kentucky Kid so far this season.

The fight for 5th was settled in Ben Spies' favor, despite some resistance from Marco Simoncelli, Spies clinching the Rookie of the Year award in the process. Spies Monster Tech 3 Yamaha teammate Colin Edwards came home a lonely 7th place, while Aleix Espargaro on the Pramac Ducati held off Marco Melandri on the San Carlo Honda to take 8th. After a mistake-ridden race, Randy de Puniet worked his way back to take a hard-fought 10th place.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 27 Casey STONER DUCATI 41'09.128  
2 99 Jorge LORENZO YAMAHA 41'17.726 8.598
3 46 Valentino ROSSI YAMAHA 41'27.125 17.997
4 69 Nicky HAYDEN DUCATI 41'27.163 18.035
5 11 Ben SPIES YAMAHA 41'31.339 22.211
6 58 Marco SIMONCELLI HONDA 41'34.145 25.017
7 5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 41'44.296 35.168
8 41 Aleix ESPARGARO DUCATI 41'55.322 46.194
9 33 Marco MELANDRI HONDA 41'55.422 46.294
10 14 Randy DE PUNIET HONDA 42'08.763 59.635
11 36 Mika KALLIO DUCATI 42'08.792 59.664
12 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA SUZUKI 42'08.860 59.732
13 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA HONDA 42'14.157 1'05.029
14 40 Hector BARBERA DUCATI 42'14.181 1'05.053
Not Classified
  4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO HONDA 4'49.675 24 laps
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Would like to see a comparison of fast laps toward the end, Nick still seems to give a little too much on right hand turns, but at least this race looked close.

What a ride from stoner, watching him slide through turn 3 is magic!
great battle between rossi and hayden, feel sorry for hayden because he rode a great race, vintage rossi passes tho

i noticed the ducati's weren't running the winglets on either bike

fast casey got out of bed this morning! the other one that can't feel the front end stayed in bed. some good racing today from most of them and if the bikes don't change too much over the winter then rossi will be at the sharp end with the others. hopefully bigger grids as well.

Futility of prediction and 'magic_carpets'...Stoner will crash out on lap 1 OR 3.
Need for a bit of polish there...HA HA!!
Anyway,I'm glad the weather played ball.
Thoroughly enjoyed all the races today. The battle for 7th in Moto 2 was the highlight for me on track. Marc and Casey were as expected,immense.
Ben,once again shows why Yamaha are over the moon about their rider selection for 2011.Also,a great performance by World Champion Jorge Lorenzo.

If, for a moment, you ignore Casey's "from another galaxy" show, you *do* have to admit that I got the JLo part correct! ;-)
*And*: I got that "Sic" is best Honda rider thingy right.
Ok, Ok, the VR vs RdP battle never materialized ..., too bad. *ggg*

Anyway, I'm absolutely glad Casey got that home today, because it'll bend his confidence straight towards next year and 2011 will be nothing but fireworks between the 4 (or 5?) aliens.
Those fracking 800cc's *owes* us this, damn it!!

that battle over third was nerve wrecking! Great stuff, well done by Rossi and Hayden can be really proud of himself. Maybe all this talk of being a non-threatening development team mate for Valentino got Nicky on his toes.

I won't say it was a great race, but it was better than a lot of the races this year. It was interesting to see Rossi and Hayden turn up the pace at the end. It just shows that each was holding something in reserve and the slower lap times were more a product of their "poker match" than anything else. When Rossi dropped well into the 1.31s I thought he was going to walk away from Hayden but to see Hayden pass him on the next lap was great, especially knowing they were running at least half a second quicker. I think Hayden showed his hand too early though, if he'd have made that pass on the last lap he may have been able to hold of Rossi. Oh well, ifs and buts.
On a side note, Spies doesn't seem at all interested in Rookie of the Year.

What a treat to watch another great battle for the podium. So bummed for Nicky to get pipped at the end. You knew Rossi was going to come back hard with 3 laps to go, I kind of agree he may have shown his hand too early. He did a great job of holding tight lines and blocking the way for a lap and a half. But you cant hold off Vale for long, he always finds a way to barge through. Nicky showed a crack on the inside and Vale wedged it open. This is the kind of excitement we've come to expect from Rossi, this is why he is so valuable to the series.

You have to say as well, lost between Stoners crushing victory and the battle for the podium, Lorenzo was an impressive 10 seconds up on Rossi. Different class today.

It doesnt look like it on TV but 150mph into Doohan curve is freaking scary. And Rossi had the edge over Nicky there lap after lap. Impressive. They should have named it Huge Balls curve, but in a roundabout way I guess they did :)

I agree . . . Doohan curve vs Huge Balls curve . . . says the SAME thing! Stoner was STUNNING today! The way he was sliding his Duc was simply astounding!!! To bad VR took so long to get to the front, as it would have been interesting to see what he/JL could have done together (anyone got their lap times?). The battle between VR/Nicky was GREAT! I was a little disappointed in Spies not being up there w/VR-Nicky battle, but . . .

The is nothing quite as heart-in-the-mouth inducing than Doohan Corner. It drops away so quickly from Gardener straight and there is only about 1m of track on the inside with a positive camber. When you are in the 'slot' the G forces push you into your seat trying to dislocate your hip, the suspension loads up and bottoms out, and you can feel your head being pushed towards the tarmac.............it is like nothing in this world.

If you are not in the 'slot' it is so very, very easy to lose your front end, and it is something you do not want to experience.

It a hell of a lot of fun on a street bike, insane fun on a Superstock, and even more loony on the BACK of a full blown ASBK Race machine.

But then, this is only 1 corner that makes PI so special.

STONER...So brilliant, So fast...It is so good to see Stoner back in great form..I am kind of sad that he is leaving Ducati and i believe that Ducati will be sad to see him go also..It wasn't the fastest bike out there either..Only sixth fastest on the time sheets down the straight but he was just brilliant in the early laps..Four home races straight is a huge achievment for any rider..I just hope he gets that Honda firing because it is going to be an awesome year next season....

to see Stoner depart Ducati. We'll probably never know the real reason, I hope he wasn't "elbowed" by the scumbags at Phillip Morris who complained of his enforced absence last year.

I believe he deserves much credit also for being the first rider to win ( and win consistently ) GP's on a full carbon composite "chassis" bike ? ( I stand to be corrected on this. ) And this in an era of very restricted testing.

Did Daryl Beattie elaborate why the electronics were mostly off for this particular race? It sure seems an extremely effective strategy.

No reason was given by Beattie why the electronics were turned off but i would be very interested to know why...Whatever the reason was it sure worked well..

Congratulation to Ben Spies on the Rookie of the Year. Thoroughly deserved.......

David, I would love to see a comparison between Lorenzo's rookie year and Spies' rookie year. Things like qualifying time, fastest laps etc at each circuit. Given that Lorenzo was on a factory bike for his first year, I 'm sure if the comparison was done then it would show just how good Ben Spies is and has the potential to be.

That would be interesting to see but it's unfair to compare times even from one year to the next because of the development of tires, suspensions, etc. The best comparison will be next year when Spies and JLo are on the same bikes. Now that Spies knows the tracks and bike at least some I think he's gonna raise his goals from just podiums to wins.

I think comparisons are meaningless between different years (different bike, different weather) but most of all in this case, different tires (and no qualifying tire neither).
But you can find all these statistics on the official and exhaustive website motogp.com.

That there would be a difference in tyres, development etc, and I've gone through the Moto GP Rider statistics as well. Guess I would like to see the numbers given with the insight of someone who has an educated opinion on how those figures stack up against the variables between the two years.

Lorenzo was on made-to measure rubber, a factory bike and knew the tracks already.

Spies was on a Satellite bike, one-tyre-fits-all tyres, and learning tracks.

I agree the numbers are meaningless in terms of direct "numbers-only" comparison, but I would also think the variables would give some interesting insight into just how well Ben Spies has done this year.

I could have said to compare against James Toseland ;-)

Just a thought, but Lorenzo finished forth in points his rookie year. If Spies can beat Dovi the next two times out (and maybe Hayden as well) he may be able to secure fifth. Considering Lorenzo was on a factory bike and new all the tracks I think that would be pretty close. Of course Lorenzo was battling at the front right from the start, but Spies is getting there.

Good to see a couple of up and coming Brits coming through the ranks too..Scott Redding looks the goods..He is not there yet but he looks like one to watch in the future...Also young Bradley Smith is having a real crack too..Been a long time since a Pom has had a real champion in the upper class but i think you have a got a couple on the way up..

I have a lot of respect for Jorge after this race, he showed Casey nothing but respect after the race and wasn't backwards in coming forwards to congratulate him - emptying an entire magnum of champagne on his head at the podium was hilarious

Great actions from a good sport.

George and Casey from my viewpoint hang Rossi out to dry on the podium. Good genuine respect at one end,not too much on the otherside.Schumacher days for Valentino looming ? Dunno,have to ask magic_carpet.All in jest.Roll on Estoril.