2010 Estoril 125cc Race Result - Mad Forward Charge Decides Two-Part Thriller

Results and summary of the 125cc race at Estoril:

Marc Marquez has taken a remarkable victory in a confusing and action-packed two-part race, starting from the rear of the grid in the second part of the race and passing the 15 riders ahead of him to take an important step towards securing the championship.

Marquez had already worked his way forward during the first running of the race from 11th on the grid to 2nd, and battling with his main title rival Nico Terol for the lead. But spots of rain started falling on the track after a few laps, and the chaos that ensued caused the race to be red-flagged after just 6 laps.

The real drama unfolded before the second race. Marquez made a mistake and crashed on the sighting lap, wrecking the bodywork on his Red Bull Ajo Derbi. The Spaniard rushed back to the pits, and a desperate rush ensued to get the bike ready to go back out on the grid. Marquez just made it, but was forced to start from the back of the grid, exiting pit lane too late to take his position for the warm up lap.

Starting from 17th position on the now depleted grid hardly appeared to hamper Marquez, as the Red Bull Ajo rider launched off the grid as if fired from a gun, entering the first corner in 4th, behind Bradley Smith, Nico Terol and Pol Espargaro. Espargaro's choice or rain tires soon ruled him out of contention, leaving Marquez, Terol and Smith to battle over the podium. Terol and Marquez slugged it out for the win, with Smith attempting to interpose himself to help his Bancaja Aspar teammate. 

Smith even succeeded a couple of times, but each time, Marquez returned to hunt down Terol. Marquez took first at the start of the final lap, and holding off a series of challenges by Terol, went on to take a historic victory, and extend his lead in the championship to 17 points. Terol settled for 2nd, ahead of his teammate Bradley Smith. Pol Espargaro's last hopes of the championship evaporated at Estoril, his decision to run wet tires leaving him too far behind to be in with a chance of the title.

Marquez now needs only to finish 8th at Valencia to wrap up the 2010 championship, and if he succeeds, he'll be off to Moto2 for 2011. The competition there should probably start getting worried.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 93 Marc MARQUEZ DERBI 16'27.878  
2 40 Nicolas TEROL APRILIA 16'28.028 0.150
3 38 Bradley SMITH APRILIA 16'28.090 0.212
4 94 Jonas FOLGER APRILIA 16'46.256 18.378
5 39 Luis SALOM APRILIA 16'47.265 19.387
6 23 Alberto MONCAYO APRILIA 16'50.383 22.505
7 35 Randy KRUMMENACHE APRILIA 16'54.577 26.699
8 7 Efren VAZQUEZ DERBI 16'54.581 26.703
9 99 Danny WEBB APRILIA 16'59.381 31.503
10 44 Pol ESPARGARO DERBI 17'08.701 40.823
11 84 Jakub KORNFEIL APRILIA 17'14.884 47.006
12 15 Simone GROTZKYJ APRILIA 17'16.651 48.773
13 95 Alessandro TONUCCI APRILIA 17'22.296 54.418
14 92 Luigi MORCIANO APRILIA 17'30.112 1'02.234
15 63 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN APRILIA 17'43.311 1'15.433
Not Classified
  37 Robin BARBOSA APRILIA 2'06.855 8 laps
Out of standing 1st part
  11 Sandro CORTESE DERBI    
  12 Esteve RABAT APRILIA    
  14 Johann ZARCO APRILIA    
  26 Adrian MARTIN APRILIA    
  52 Danny KENT LAMBRETTA    
  69 Louis ROSSI APRILIA    
  71 Tomoyoshi KOYAMA APRILIA    
  78 Marcel SCHROTTER HONDA    
Not started 1st part
  32 Lorenzo SAVADORI APRILIA    
Not finished first lap 1st part
  53 Jasper IWEMA APRILIA    
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Marquez' efforts have been the highlight of this day. I can't believe he kept it together to win that race. What an achievement.

We saw three sides to him today. The impetuousness of youth crashing on the sighting lap. The clear headed racing genius, and an exuberant celebration indicating he felt he had one hand on the trophy.

.... racing from both the 125 class & the Moto2 class.

Marquez was riding like a trooper. Very enjoyable to watch.

Same the big boys got split up ..... as seems to happen to much these days. Roll on 2012.

I still can't believe Marquez pulled that off. If he tightens that act up, he will be one to watch over the next few years.

That race had more drama than I can remember in any race ever. Great race too, but the drama, it was almost like it was scripted.