MotoGP Valencia Day 2 Test Times, Final - Stoner Fastest, Lorenzo Close Behind

Final times from testing at Valencia: 

Pos No. Rider Bike Time Diff Diff Previous
1 27 Casey Stoner Honda 1:32.066    
2 99 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 1:32.179 0.113 0.113
3 11 Ben Spies Yamaha 1:32.322 0.256 0.143
4 58 Marco Simoncelli Honda 1:32.450 0.384 0.128
5 26 Dani Pedrosa Honda 1:32.497 0.431 0.047
6 69 Nicky Hayden Ducati 1:32.583 0.517 0.086
7 19 Alvaro Bautista Suzuki 1:32.738 0.672 0.155
8 14 Randy de Puniet Ducati 1:32.836 0.770 0.098
9 4 Andrea Dovizioso Honda 1:32.942 0.876 0.106
10 7 Hiroshi Aoyama Honda 1:33.105 1.039 0.163
11 40 Hector Barbera Ducati 1:33.168 1.102 0.063
12 5 Colin Edwards Yamaha 1:33.325 1.259 0.157
13 35 Cal Crutchlow Yamaha 1:33.483 1.417 0.158
14 65 Loris Capirossi Ducati 1:33.740 1.674 0.257
15 46 Valentino Rossi Ducati 1:33.761 1.695 0.021
16 17 Karel Abraham Ducati 1:33.793 1.727 0.032
17 24 Toni Elias Honda 1:34.800 2.734 1.007
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Whoa Nellie!!! Stoner being fastest, 2nd day on a new bike, has to send some shock waves through the paddock! Especially the other side of the HRC pits!

Sure, just accumulating data, getting information, comparing engines. Still, I can't imagine Rossi counted on being 15th. Brains will be melting over this winter. JB & VR got their work cut out for them.

Well done by Abraham by the way. After all the criticism, he is only 1.7 sec behind the fastest man. I really hope he will do well in the races.

Very impressed by Karl Abraham. It is hard to imagine that he can run this quick this soon. Rossi fans should not be too concerned. It will all come together by race day next March. How about Bautista; 0.7 sec from Stoner and quite a bit quicker then his best during Sunday's race. So where was the new Inmotec machine? I was to understand that it would be running laps with everyone else.

A lack of funds means that they couldn't come to test. They look unlikely to make the grid, unless they find a financially wealthy partner. 

You have to take into account that Pedrosa is still badly injured. Besides that, it is only a test. It definitely shows that Stoner is freakishly fast from the start which might have some people starting to worry, but a comparison to Pedrosa at this point in time is simply not possible. Or fair.

But to get within 6 hundreds of a second of Rossi's 06 lap record. On only his second day.
I think its worth talking about at least.

I absolutely agree, Stoner was definitely mightily impressive in this test, no doubt about that. I was referring to the comparison between Stoner and Pedrosa as at this moment it is unknown how much Pedrosa could (or would) push with his injury and I think he had some electronic troubles in between as well.

I wasn't trying to take anything away from Stoner's testing time which is pretty stunning and definitely makes me look forward to the next season. :)

Not such a surprise, the Honda has shown
Continued improvement, and Casey is still
the fastest most aggressive bloke right
from the start of any session. If the front sticks,
Nobody's going to see where he went.

Youth is wasted on the under fifties

Casey Stoner....already under his pole lap for the Valencia GP. As Ben's Pies said a couple of weeks ago....

...."Casey Stoner on a Honda is a frightening prospect for 2011"

This is the first test for most teams for the 2011 model bikes. Let's wait and see after New Years after all the pointy heads dial in all the modifications requested by VR. Stoner is the man to catch at this point and I am sure he is recommendations on how to make that Honda even faster.

I cannot wait for the 2011 season already!!

Hey, 'barryg' . . . nicely put: "If the front forks stick, nobody gonna see where he went!" Like I posted . . . there are heads shaking in the paddock!

Rossi: Hmmm . . . I'm slightly surprised that he's that far off. David, do you have any clue as to 'exactly' what he's testing? Or is he just 'getting a feel' for the bike?

Also that de Puniet did so well on the Ducati.

Top six separated by about one half second.

Not sure how much to read into these times. But I expect Rossi to be competitive when the season rolls around. After all, Hayden's there to help him (again) with his 'racecraft'.

Rossi will be there come race 1 next year, of that I have no concern. Reading Stoner's interview after Day 1 tells us even MORE about his 'feel' on the bike. He went out, w/out really playing with position/set up, feeling the bike out and was FAST! Hmmmm . . . . .

Honda unquestionably provides the most resources to its MotoGP effort than any other factory. Over time, this typically translates into a superior machine. Yes, they got it wrong in '07 but they've been constantly improving the RCV and it now looks to be very close if not equal to the M1. Now here comes Stoner who, no matter what you think of him, is just plain fast...possibly the most talented of the current field. Stoner had great results on the Ducati and, with the exception of Nicky this past season, no other Ducati rider came anywhere close. That's very telling about Stoner's ability as a rider and I think he "makes the difference" as we've all been saying about Rossi for years. Jorge will be there but I'd be worried if I were anyone else.

very frightening prospect stoner. if dani and his cohorts dont get it all together next season, it'l be embarrassingly straight forward for stoner next season as he's gonna trump his older teammates who are supposed to be title contenders for HRC...though lorenzo has been fastest over the two days and stopped early at lunchtime today. i bet he would have dipped into the 1.31s.
its even more frightening to think that stoner says the honda is smooth and "like glass". dani and dovi have been complaining of the aggressive power delivery. on only his second ride on the bike, you must wonder what more is to come from this lad when he puts all the components together. its looking awesome already...
which has me wondering what Rossi is going thru. if stoner goes from the ducati to calling the aggressive honda "smooth," then Rossi from the smoothest bike to that ducati wont be a fun tale. remember when nicky said after his first tase of the ducati that "whatever they pay casey, it's not enough.."
well, there's still a whole lot more to come from rossi for sure but he's gonna also need to adapt his riding to match that ducati's aggressive nature, especially coming from the yamaha...

First of all - it is all about perspective. Perhaps the Honda is much smoother than the Duc from Stoner's perspective (seems more than plausible to me...) while it is not as smooth as Pedrosa and Dovi would like....
Then for Rossi - I can not imagine that he is the second slowest Ducati on the grid (out of 6 and only 2 are returning Duc riders right?). I suspect that he is not aiming to be fastest, and that he is aiming to work out the bike and what he needs from it.


I am impressed by RdP. Day two, and he has picked up the machine like an old glove; comfortably. I get the impression that we will finally see a Pramac bike, at the very least, starting from the front row a few times.

RdP is a quality rider, and it certainly looks like his aggressive style suits the Duc.

Maybe it's the other way round: Randy is fast because he doesn't needs to have a sterile-clean-super-smooth bike to be fast, his riding style isn't smooth either.

He seems to share this "take what you get and make it fast" attitude with Casey.

One could say the antithesis to Melandri.

Not to detract at all from Stoner's fast and consistently fast times, Dani Pedrosa has a worrying problem with his left hand. After several laps he loses feeling in hand and wrist. This seems to be a result of the recent operation to his collarbone. The times are significant because the riders came off a Grand Prix at the same track just before. Preziosi did say that he had asked Rossi to concentrate completely on evaluating the different versions of the "Big Bang" and "Screamer" engines and "not to lose time in pits trying to set the bike up for fast lap times." Rossi will have a fairly basic operation to mend a broken tendon and to anchor it to shoulder bone. This is an operation with very, very high success rate, but it does require at least a month of very light use before he can get down to rehabilitation. I would not conclude too much from Rossi's times given the circumstances, but the quickness of Stoner and Lorenzo, plus Spies fast laps on a Yamaha that does not have as much power, yet, as Lorenzo's is significant. By the way, I think the tone on reader's comments in Motomaters is refreshing.

Appreciate it and welcome if I may be so bold. This site gives me the feeling I'm getting closer to the paddock all the time.

Nobody that knows this game - especially those in the paddock - would be in the least bit surprised by Stoner.

Rossi is obviously working to a different agenda. Does anybody really think that riding the Duke at the same pace as newbie Abraham is anywhere near his potential? Sure the Ducati's power delivery is not in the M1 league, but Rossi has a wrist and sensitivity comparable to Stoners. I recall the CE11 saying a few years ago that what Rossi could do on the M1 in the wet just beggared belief. Rossi is a wise old dog with an even older wiser shepherd - they'll be just fine come the start of the season.

Yes interesting comments about the Honda power delivery. HRC have very obviously come a long way since the start of 2010 with the work done by the ex-Yamaha engineers. I think Casey and crew's input will be very beneficial to Dani. I really wouldn't like to pick one Alien over another right now. 2011 is wide open.

I can't wait to see these guys racing already. Spies doesn't surprise me, Stoner will be hard to beat if he can keep from tossing the Honda and I'm sure Rossi will come to terms with the Ducati before race 1.

Crutchlow did decent finishing only a tick behind Colin, and I'm really surprised to see Elias at the bottom of the charts on both days, a second off the closest bike.

Nostrodamus - Very well said, sums it up perfectly in my opinion. Testing should be all about setting the bike up to be rideable, finding ways to improve performance for the next season - not a race to see who gets the fastest time. As for Rossi - it has been said many times "write him off at your peril' or words to that effect. I too am very pleased with the overall tone of this forum, most posters seem knowledgable and offer interesting perspectives without the name-calling/language that is on some other sites.
Thanks David!

You are right when you say testing is about setting up the bike and finding more performance, but what use is it if you can't test the limits? Looking at Stoner's times especially, you can't really say that he isn't testing the limit. If you can't test the limit then what good will the feedback be?

Its obvious that Rossi is 'testing' and 'feeling' the bike. He OBVIOUSLY isn't ridding it at the the level he's capable of . . . come on, does ANYONE HONESTLY THINK he's 1.6 sec's off the pace? He's ROSSI!!!

You're right of course, everything else then VR being the fastest Ducati rider next year would be a shock.

But then again, WTF are these laps of him good for? In terms of feel, feedback and telemetry data these laps were useless. All of them.

*And*: As Casey stated in the interview, there is damn little time for getting up to speed for next year, so just "getting comfortable" alone won't cut it if you want to run for champion next year.

the main issue of Ducati's bike is just the control, power is not what we talked about.
dont they think VR46 can make it better in control??
2003 slowest bike on earth (M1) switched to most competitive bike in 2004, a long 7 years till now. without last test (coz Honda egoism)!!!
and JB didnt touch it yet.
truly Amnesia in their head...
I think they watch Motogp just in 2 or 3 years past...
where have you been???

The problem is that we are not talking about the slowest bike on earth but rather about the quickest indeed, the one on which Stoner set the record for most wins on a 800.
Rossi was outpaced by all Ducati riders, except rookie Abraham for a tiny margin, but including Ducati newcomers RdP and Capirex on 2010 specs. Plus Hayden found great improvement in the 2011 version.
So being on a bike with such a good record, the question is more likely to be: should the Ducati adapt to Rossi (risking to loose the qualities that led Stoner to 1 world title and 23 victories) or should Rossi adapt to the big red monster?
We are dealing with a proven winner and a proven winning bike (3 wins and 3 poles out of the 6 last races this year), no obvious answer to that.

Casey's Stoner's current record of most wins on an 800cc machine is not an accurate indication of Ducati's performance. It would be much better to use wins by a constructor, imo.

Yamaha is the most successful 800cc bike to date, and unlike the situation at Ducati, Yamaha have amassed many wins with both Lorenzo (14) and Rossi (21). Yamaha has 34 wins to Ducati's 24, and Yamaha have 3 titles to Ducati's 1 title. Furthemore, the last three years have been dominated by Yamaha as they have won both the constructor's and rider's titles.

Ducati do not have the momentum, and Stoner has not been the rider to beat in any of the last 2 seasons. "Rider to beat" has always been held by someone at Yamaha. Ducati's performance advantage has been gone for a long time and they'd be smart to make serious changes to the bike in order to make it more rider friendly. No one except Stoner has been able to ride it for the last 4 years.

Phoenix - that means that you are making a fair comparison on the number of wins, that is not nearly as interesting!
Seriously - thanks for setting the numbers straight. Your 'apples to apples' comparison makes much more sense.


I think what is more telling is not Casey's lap times but how effusive (for Casey that is) he has been in praising the Honda.

There are two things we know about Casey; he has unsurpassed ability to get up to speed and find a good base setting as is evident by his lack of laps on Friday and Saturday compared to the rest of the field. So yes, he has hopped on a new bike but did we expect anything different than him figuring near the top?

Secondly, Stoner also more than any other rider wears his heart on his sleeve and his beaming smile should be causing his rivals some palpatations. Often you will see him in the garage on a race weekend shaking his head vigorously, wearing a scowl and even grabbing his engineers in anger if he isn't happy.

The fact he has hooked up with a new ride and seems happy and relaxed speaks volumes. He now knows he made the right decision, he has the same core of people around him and no doubt he will go into the winter break well pleased.

Bring on 2011!!!!

Say what you want but the results are very telling. Rossi and Stoner switched bikes and Stoner is in love and at the top of the charts. Rossi can't say but it is obvious he is struggling because after two days he is very near the bottom of the charts. Believe me, he isn't there because he was too busy to try and put in some fast laps.

I know Vale will improve by next spring but will it be enough to stay with the rest of the so called aliens? I hope so.

My prediction (and hope) is that Spies will be the 2011 (and beyond) champion but he will get some real competition from Jorge and Casey. The others will show flashes of success but the brilliance and bravery of Mr Spies will shine forth.

Only time will tell.

Casey must be going to bed with a damn big smile on his dial after today ... and no just because he has Adriana in there with him ;)

I have been waiting so long to see him on the Honda, and was in no way disappointed

I`m looking forward to 2011 like crazy...never thought that it will be that way.
My experience from the track is, that everybody is allways giving his best -telling it different is close to lying-and that you have to fight 2 things: the more talented and the one with the better equipment.
For me neither Jorge nor Casey are more talented than Rossi which is shown in their career beginnings with bikes lacking electronical aids.
The Duc seems to have a LOT of deseases in urgent need for treatment by the doctor.Keep in mind that the Duc is mostly developed by Casey and this small Company from Italy, whereas Vale has learned his stuff aside from his mega-talent from the best engineers in the World ...the HRC guys from the late 90`s and JB who learned his lessons from Mick Doohan probably.
Who teached Casey? He couldnt even get a 125 right-no disrespect for Casey, who seems to me like a superb natural talent...but also appears to autodidact to design something from ground up. Just my opinion.

>>The Duc seems to have a LOT of deseases in urgent need for
>>treatment by the doctor.

You mean the bike that won the last 3 out of 6 races? Maybe the doctor needs a fix or 2.


Are you talking about the bike whom rider won the most races in the 800 era?
And by the way, just before they graduated from the 250 to MotoGP, Lorenzo won 2 world championships, Stoner was runner-up, you know, on "bikes lacking electronic aids".
Sure they have never won on 500cc, because they were extinct by that time.

So being born later automatically means lacking talent? Is Schumacher not a great talent since he never won a harness race?
It's a different era and true talent means making the best of a given situation. Some of the young 'uns seem to do that pretty neatly. And don't get me wrong: so does Rossi.

This is a quote from an interview on from today where Casey talks about electronics:

We still have to move some parameters with the electronics that seem to be restricting me a bit ...

I don't see Stoner depending on electronics.

These test results appear consistent with conventional wisdom to me. Convention touted Stoner to be fast right out of the box. I've always thought that Casey would storm the field on a Honda so it will be interesting to see if he can keep this up.

Rossi's results were also relatively predictable b/c he's struggling with nagging injury, and everyone who jumps on the Duc for the first time is completely confused (excluding Casey Stoner). I did think he'd be in the top 10, but surprises kept him from a top 10 performance.

Spies proximity to Lorenzo is surprising, imo, even though Ben does have experience on the bike. Other positive surprises were Simoncelli with .4 of Stoner (that could be down to weight), Bautista in 7th, DePuniet in 8th (first ride on a Duc!).

Bad surprises were Dovi in a lowly 9th and Toni Elias bringing up the rear by a country mile. What is going on? Did I miss him get injured in the Moto2 race?

many issue about this test.
1. Valencia is technical circuit that needs fit body, VR46 'd have his surgery right away.
2. VR46 is not a kind of selfish person, he will considered perfect bike for all Ducati's riders, as matter of fact "the red" wants to be constructor and team winner next year.
3. VR46 tested different engine, so his first (in two days) test just to let Ducati' engineers know what his feeling and the feedback.
4. he likes surprising thing, so he will surprise us next year.
(in 2004, VR46 didn't test M1 in last session test)
5. we talk about VR46, he never gave up and wont give up.
(if u compare from Italian racer, Italian rider Marco Melandri)
6. slowest bike ( Yamaha M1 ) in 2003 switched to most competitive bike in 2010, do you thing he cant make greatest things in GP11? GP03 to GP10 the problem is just control, power is not the main issue.
7. did they forget JB? he just not touched GP11 yet.

greatest rider, powerful engine, unlimited financial, spirits to be a champion, different 6 riders, and revenge.
anything less???

the GP 10 was alot about making the ducati more rider friendly, even moreso the GP11 - what with the coming of Rossi. i bet rossi will be running much faster times come sepang with the big setup changes planned. else ducati should be thinking of buying over the engineers from yamaha too

As an Aussie this looks very promising !
Some observations / predictions:
1. Vale and Pedrosa aren't 100%, so their performances can't be used a guide. But it ain't encouraging!
2. Stoners awesome performance CAN be used as a guide - the kid is another Doohan.
3. Lorenzo deserves his crown but he has been on the best bike.
4. Honda has been steadily improving (maybe now the equal to the Yam) but Dovi is not an Alien and Pedrosa is fragile.
5. JB is good but he is not a miracle worker. Sure he gives the engineers feedback and direction but they then design the bike. He tunes the package on the race weekend and if he is given a complete dog he won't be able to create a golden goose.
6. Honda will love Stoner (the son of Doohan). He is a basic person, no bs and will just be fast. Sure dominance can be boring, but do you want him to go slower?
You have been told.

"3. Lorenzo deserves his crown but he has been on the best bike."

Has he? I'm wondering about that now. Casey's form on the Honda shows that it has the potentil to be equal to the Yamaha. Maybe Yamaha just bought the best riders in Lorenzo, Rossi and Spies. No doubting the Yamaha is excellent, but it looks like the Honda is capable with the right pilot.

Hasn't Rossi been 5 times world champion with the best bike, with the best crew?
Does it mean his first 5 world titles do not count?
Yes, the Aprilia 125, Aprilia 250 and Honda 500 were the best bikes of the bunch, so what, earning the rides with the best teams isn't part of the rider's job? Or is it just when your number is 46?
Of course he contributed to the development of the Honda but he arrived on a bike that won the world championship for the last 6 seasons in a row!
Plus he left Honda because they did not listen to him enough concerning the development, which was obviously not relying too much on his feedback.
So please enough of this "best bike" argument to reduce the merit of a world champion, just like it has been done in the past to Casey
or whoever "disturbs the natural order" for that matter ;-)