MotoGP Valencia Overall Test Times From Both Days

Combined times from both days of the Valencia MotoGP test: 

Pos No. Rider Bike Time Diff Diff Previous
1 99 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 1:32.012    
2 27 Casey Stoner Honda 1:32.066 0.054 0.054
3 11 Ben Spies Yamaha 1:32.322 0.310 0.256
4 58 Marco Simoncelli Honda 1:32.450 0.438 0.128
5 26 Dani Pedrosa Honda 1:32.497 0.485 0.047
6 69 Nicky Hayden Ducati 1:32.583 0.571 0.086
7 19 Alvaro Bautista Suzuki 1:32.738 0.726 0.155
8 14 Randy de Puniet Ducati 1:32.836 0.824 0.098
9 4 Andrea Dovizioso Honda 1:32.942 0.930 0.106
10 7 Hiroshi Aoyama Honda 1:33.105 1.093 0.163
11 40 Hector Barbera Ducati 1:33.168 1.156 0.063
12 5 Colin Edwards Yamaha 1:33.325 1.313 0.157
13 35 Cal Crutchlow Yamaha 1:33.483 1.471 0.158
14 65 Loris Capirossi Ducati 1:33.740 1.728 0.257
15 46 Valentino Rossi Ducati 1:33.761 1.749 0.021
16 17 Karel Abraham Ducati 1:33.793 1.781 0.032
17 24 Toni Elias Honda 1:34.800 2.788 1.007
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Anyone else surprised that Abraham is a full second faster then Elias who has 800cc experience? I expected Karel to be a good 1-2sec behind everyone else, but props to the kid for being right there with Rossi on basically the same bike. A bit early to tell much, but I'm guessing once again Toni's unique riding style doesn't mesh well with the Bridgestone's. Personally I'm hoping Randy makes LCR regret their decision to go with Elias.

I'm a bit surprised how close Edwards is to Crutchlow... I expected Edwards to finish higher up in the order.

But who would have thought Karel Abraham would be as quick as Vale first time out(even with bad leg/shoulder). fantastic start for Cal Crutchlow almost as fast as Edwards, but it seems the factory big boys have moved the goalposts again with Stoner and Lorenzo looking omniously quick(were best times on this years bikes?) suzuki fast again for 1lap doubts about full race pace. Good to see Super Sic still very quick and great debuts for Spies and De Puniet but whats happening with the tiger he wasnt too much slower on the moto2 bike.
Already dreaming of next season roll on march 20th cant wait whos with me!

don't read to much into lap times,JLo and company didn't have much to do so could concentrate on setup. I'm confident that Rossi will be trying to get balance and flexibility into GP11 at full lean which was a problem and giving strong points and weak points of bike especially engine.

A lot of persons were harping on lap times for a first test but that doesn't show all there is. Next year when new parts roll out and riders are fit this will give a better indication of what is what.

Developing a bike isn't about all out lap times after a first ride so people don't get too carried away as yet, lets see how it pans out.

In race Stoner was fast in practice and slow in race so don't get carried away and this has happened before. Jlo is suppose to be quick on a bike a whole year and not much has changed for '11, good for Spies.

Dreaming about a competitive '11 season with some thrilling races. Go Doc.

So we all understand Lap times during testing are completely subjective. However, there are some things that do stand out.

Of the Top 7, only 1 rider is riding for a different manufacturer. Stoner. The other six riders are on evolutionary machinery (with the exception possibly of Spies - riding the '10 M1). In more or less the same team (again Spies being the odd one out).

The next rider on a new machine is Randy in 8th going from Honda to Ducati. After Randy, from Cal Crutchlow down in 13th (coming from SBK) all the way to the last placed Elias, these guys are all on new machinery, with new manufacturers relationships to build and process to understand so it is clearly difficult.

I would think that if Stoner was lapping in 7th place ahead of Randy things would look fairly unsurprising, but given he has clearly taken so well to the new Honda (don't forget he rode the RC211V brilliantly when he could stay on it in 2006), it is most definitely an ominous warning to the other teams.

Then there is Spies. Who has consistently gotten faster over the last year, and now is up there lapping consistently in testing. He has basically a new team (crew-chief and 1 or 2 others excepted), a vastly different atmosphere in the factory garage. He will be a threat there is no doubt.

Of Valentino on the Ducati. From the footage I have seen he just does not look comfortable at all. Evaluating engines or not, Vale has always looked fast on a bike even if it's been a dog (the 2003/04 M1 he tested way back when). Clearly there is much work to do, and if any team can do it it's Rossi, Burgess and the crew.

The ability to adapt has never been so crucial as in these lean testing times.

As much as I'd love for it to not happen, I just get that sinking feeling with Rossi and the Ducati.
Lots of new stuff to test, injuries etc notwithstanding, watching him on it gives you the feeling that he has wondered what he got himself into! Contrast the reaction of Stoner getting on the Honda - ear to ear grin. Could be a tough year for Vale.

In my view, times are meaningless in a test. Sure, it's great to see your favorite rider or bike at the top of the list but until the first qualifying session of the 2011 season it doesn't mean much.

Elias hasn't ridden a MotoGP bike in a year. Remember how former MotoGP riders went this year in wild card rides? De Angelis and Checa were both much slower than when they were riding MotoGP bikes regularly. I seriously doubt we'll see Elias riding around in last next year. As much as I'd like to see him fighting for race wins, I doubt we'll see that either. I don't think anyone believes Rossi will be battling for 15th in 2011.

We'll see the same faces getting race wins and podiums as in the last few years. I would expect to see Spies challenging for race wins and Simoncelli fighting for podiums but that opinion doesn't come from the post-season tests but the respective performances of each in the second half of the season.


I don't think the results tell us whom will be the favorite for the championship. I do however think it says something about the level of comfort at this very moment, esp. for those switching bikes. Stoner feels very comfortable right away, no doubt. I get the feeling Rossi doesn't, especially when Preziosi says things like "We would obviously have liked to give him the opportunity to go faster today." All together I think they have a lot of work to do.
But he is Valentino Rossi. He could still win the first race.

not for the fact that yamaha let him ride the duc at the test but for the prohibition on him speaking to the press about it until jan! has he ever finished 15th in any 2 day test in his career? i'm sure the italian press are dying to directly query him about this lackluster showing. i know its testing and all that but this is rossi on a bike that won 3 out of the last 6 races. hayden's been on the podium once and near it a lot. the bike is not a dog.

the testing parts and not looking for a good time thing is a good sounding line but rossi will be the first to tell you that feedback from 2 sec off the pace is nearly useless. especially with bridgestones that seem to be heavily dependent on being loaded as much as possible to keep them hot. could he be sandbagging? anything is possible, but after this year's beating by jorge i don't think he would waste any of the precious few testing days doing anything other than going as fast as possible.

admittedly i am a hayden fan but know rossi is rossi and expected a top 5 showing at least, if not the first day then definitely by the end of the second. maybe this time he really will need a bit of advice from nicky.

all in all the test means nothing yet except that the previous failed ducati riders can hold their heads a little bit higher. if at the next test he can't step it up significantly then i think it will be time for him to start worrying.


... it's a Duke, that's worse. Don't believe me? Then hear it from Mr. "GP04 - GP11" Preziosi himself:

Based on information we have from Nicky it wasn’t really necessary to test it (screamer version) with Valentino.

Power delivery smooth as glass, ah? Stoner will really miss it.

And talking about what VR wants to have fixed:

More turning and more confidence with the front, so we have to work in that direction. I would also like to change the (chassis) stiffness, weight distribution, and geometry.

For me this is as good as VR said:
"Put that heap of carbon in the junk press"

With a chassis, other than "I would also like to change the (chassis) stiffness, weight distribution, and geometry" what else is there to change? A simple gas-cap fix : lift the gas cap, slide a new motorcycle underneath and tighten the gas cap.

I still can't believe LCR gave a ride to Elias. He's a known element glued to a style that doesn't work on the big bikes and bridgestones. I hope he came with a lot of money to make it worth while. At least we wont see him looking behind his shoulder 'like a mercat' and patting his seat. It's going to be a long year for LCR.

Karel Abraham is earning more respect each time I hear his name. I would have liked to see him get Loris' seat next to Randy. Let's see how he grows.

Loris... why? He looks so tired every time I see him that I feel sorry for him. I really should not feel sorry for a damn GP rider. What is the point of him being there? Does he bring money? Does he ride for free? There are 3 or 4 others in WSBK or Moto2 who would at least bring youth and hope with them.

Honda. Rise and shine big guy. Class has begun and Casey Stoner is your instructor. Honda have not been able to pick a real contender for years now with the exception of Nicky's golden year and even then they backed the wrong guy (pedrosa). Dovi will finish middle of the top 10 no matter what bike you give him so there is no need to 'waste' a repsol on him. Pedrosa tends to race half of each season from a wheelchair and so it goes year after year. They should have nabbed Spies. As it stands I think Casey could be the man to do it for them.

Of course my predictions were almost 100% completely wrong last year, but it's why we watch racing :)

rossi said:

>>More turning and more confidence with the front
>>so we have to work in that direction.

yes, the yamahas are usually the best handling chassis and least powerful engine so rossi wants to make the duke handle more like his m1. not a surprise.

then _Preziosi_ said:

>>I would also like to change the (chassis) stiffness, weight
>>distribution, and geometry.

items every manufacturer change every year. remember the yamaha presentations showing changing stiffness, wb and geometry changes, etc year by year? the race team that stands still is the one that does not win the next year.

here was a test where one person on the same spec bike went 1.2sec faster and 4 people on a lesser spec bike also went faster. the only slower ducati was a rookie whose dad bought him the ride. another .033 of a sec and rossi would have been the last ducati rider.

i am astounded at his lack of speed. can his feedback be so valuable if he is relatively slow on the bike? well he's rossi, so we can't say he is slow and his feedback at that speed is not relevant......... yet it is not. preziosi even says they are making the engine decision based on nicky's data! that's a pretty huge development decision to make on the B rider's word. rossi didn't ride the screamer because he couldn't ride the big bang fast enough to matter. even compared to hayden and especially compared to stoner. yamahas are traditionally excellent handling bikes with weak engines. ducatis are the opposite, huge power and rodeo handling. i think vale will have a hard row to hoe trying to remake the ducati into a yamaha. but to say it is crap? stoner on that bike won more 800cc races than rossi on his m1 so does the bike need to be changed or does rossi have to learn how to ride it like it needs to be ridden? he's learned new techniques before but this time there is not a lot of time and testing available for him to learn and even less to try to completely revise the character of the bike.


items every manufacturer change every year.

Yes, they *fine tune* this parameters, but they don't throw it away and make something new. If you remember Rossis and Furusawas comments on the evolution of the M1 you can hear them say "chassis remained basically the same for the XXXX season we just tuned YYYY a little bit."

What I read out of Preziosi's comments is they want to massively revise the chassis. That's something that can work but it can go wrong terribly.

rossi didn't ride the screamer because he couldn't ride the big bang fast enough to matter.

Rossi did ride the screamer but only for a few laps. And based on Preziosi's comments Rossi seems to not even waste 1 thought about choosing the screamer over the big bang.
Which also puts the whining of Rossi about the lack of power of the M1 compared to the Ducati screamer in perspective.

but to say it is crap? stoner on that bike won more 800cc races than rossi on his m1...

Yes, *Stoner* won those races, not the Duke. I think that there is one capability where Stoner is the unchallenged king, and that is to press the last bit of speed out of any bike you give him. Even if it's a nail like the Duke.

Rossi on the other hand has the talent to gather around him and motivate a team that fixes a slow bike so he can be fast with it.

Where I'm curious is whether Rossi and his team can fix the Duke until Qatar 2011 or not.

I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe JB and Rossi were not watching and studying the Ducati very closely all season. I have full confidence that Rossi is not at all shocked or astonished by the slower times. I can't say he was sandbagging it, but then again this is the greatest mind game player this sport has ever seen, so I would be just as unsurprised to see him flying on it come the next tests...

Rossi is too smart, and too wise to make such a drastic career change if him or his crew chief genius figured the Ducati would be this hard for the GOAT to ride.

I truly believe both test days were meant as a complete bike shake down. We all know Burgess knows how to make an amazing handling bike, and Rossi knows how to ride it. I'm expecting the Ducati to change in damn near every fashion into a replica M1 with a Ducati engine. Burgess knows how to make it happen, Rossi knows how to make it happen.

As indisputable as Rossi's talent is, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It's not entirely implausible that Rossi and Burgess just might have met a tougher assignment than what was the M1. Vale is an amazingly talented rider, but for every rider a day will come where all the pieces just don't fit into place. So much of MotoGP is having all the right pieces coming together at the right time.

Remember, the M1 is a Japanese manufacturer bike. The Duke, well we all know where that was made. The process and resources are vastly different within the two manufacturers.

Ducati is not a big factory with hundreds of engineers waiting for any snippet of information to create the next wonder-go-fast-part to appease Valentino. It has a VERY different way of working, and Ducati has it's own very firm thoughts about how the bike should be. What seems clear to me is that Ducati are keen on making the bike a more rider friendly machine that ALL of its riders can go fast on (Lets call it the GP11M1), not just one. It would seem the marketing of Rossi on the Duke comes before their desire to have an Italian win the championship on it.

Maybe Vale first needs to get his head around how to ride Duke quick (as it stands - just like Nicky has had too) so he can really decide where it can be improved.

Being nearly 2 seconds of the pace (even 1 sec) isn't going to tell him what he needs to know. It is entirely possible that even Valentino Rossi can struggle. After all, him breaking his leg this year demonstrated that he is indeed, a human!

If indeed he does struggle, it can only put more emphasis on just how talented Casey Stoner is, and how doggedly determined Nicky Hayden is...... and deservedly so.