2011 MotoGP Sepang 1 Day 1 Times - Stoner Takes Late Lead

Times at the end of day 1: 

Pos No. Rider Bike Time Diff Diff Previous
1 27 Casey Stoner Honda 2:01.574    
2 1 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 2:01.977 0.403 0.403
3 26 Dani Pedrosa Honda 2:02.024 0.450 0.047
4 58 Marco Simoncelli Honda 2:02.295 0.721 0.271
5 11 Ben Spies Yamaha 2:02.332 0.758 0.037
6 19 Alvaro Bautista Suzuki 2:02.422 0.848 0.090
7 7 Hiroshi Aoyama Honda 2:02.483 0.909 0.061
8 4 Andrea Dovizioso Honda 2:02.507 0.933 0.024
9 5 Colin Edwards Yamaha 2:02.514 0.940 0.007
10 14 Randy de Puniet Ducati 2:03.152 1.578 0.638
11 300 Kousuki Akiyoshi Honda 2:03.224 1.650 0.072
12 46 Valentino Rossi Ducati 2:03.365 1.791 0.141
13 69 Nicky Hayden Ducati 2:03.508 1.934 0.143
14 65 Loris Capirossi Ducati 2:03.695 2.121 0.187
15 40 Hector Barbera Ducati 2:03.767 2.193 0.072
16 35 Cal Crutchlow Yamaha 2:04.009 2.435 0.242
17 24 Toni Elias Honda 2:04.238 2.664 0.229
18 17 Karel Abraham Ducati 2:04.470 2.896 0.232
19 100 T1 Yamaha 2:04.717 3.143 0.247
20 200 T2 Yamaha 2:05.235 3.661 0.518
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interesting, Rossi Hayden side by side?

No surprise Stoner is flying, with Jorge in tow. Spies shows good speed out of gates. Lets hope Ducati can find a little something in all the parts and put in some consistency.

Can anyone post the number of laps Rossi did compared to any of the front 5?

Rossi 30
Stoner 52
Lorenzo 44
Pedrosa 61
Simoncelli 52
Spies 29
Bautista 65
Hayden 65

Rossi did more than a race distance, but it seems he never put a considerable string of laps.
At least it looks better for Mini P. It was really a tragedy that he crashed and got injured last year.

Holy hell batman!! Stoner half a second faster than everyone else, 1.7 faster than Rossi !!!!

Did anyone see the smile on caseys face in those press photos this morning??

Go you good thing!

Yeah I saw the photos and I couldn't help but smile myself! He was BEAMING! I don't think I've seen him that happy on the top step of the podium! Its almost a fiendish smile, like he knows something we all don't. Go Casey!

Elias should have stayed back at moto2 instead of thinking he's good enough 2 be back at motogp. He'l be there for the rest of the season.

who didn't have the ambition to race in the top series.

So why would he stay if he had the chance to move up?

Elias will get it together, he obviously has the talent and in my opinion should never have been relegated to moto2 in the first place! He finished well inside the top ten his final MGP year and there were plenty of riders that should have lost their ride to him (I'm looking at you Mika Kallio).

various other injuries, tonnes of heart and a change of bike, he's at least the fastest of the Ducatis.

On you Randy! Sorry, who were you other guys thinking of?

We've had One HD broadcasting old GP's from mid and late 90's over the summer, with Mick leading the pack and looking awesome. I can't wait for Casey to start doing the same on this machine!
26 or 27 motorcycles in a GP race wasn't a bad concept back then also. I'm sure it could work again...

Really excited to see him this year! Hopefully he can get acclimated quickly, he was so good last year, shame he has to re-learn a new bike, he's gonna do well this season though, best of luck RDP!

It's only testing but.............

JB says Stoner is the fastest racer in GP (albeit inconsistent). I'd love to be a fly on the wall when JB and Rossi discuss this point !
With all due respect to the riders from 95 to 2002, they were not of the same calibre as Rossi, Lorenzo and Pedrosa. Doohan had it 'relatively' easy for the 5 years he dominated. Countless times I watched as he just killed off his weak HRC rivals.
If Stoner can win a few more championships (and I think he will) he can claim to be the best Aussie rider of all time. Not a small feat given Aussies have won 7 500/MOTOGP championships in the last 25 years !

Early days but get ready for GP domination by an Aussie again !
Can you tell where I'm from? :)

France??!! J/K! Stoner looks like he's out for blood. But there's a few other guys out there to make a point too. The guy I'm most worried about is Crutchlow. He made a quick move from WSS to WSBK to Motogp. He hardly had the year Spies had durning his rookie WSBK season.

He's not up there yet but in Valencia he was running similar times than Edwards for what was his very first official test (only a small stinit in Japan before).
Now he had surgery similar to Vale during the break so he needs a little more time to show his true value. He's also discovering tracks and rookies need a little time to accomodate themselves, remember Simoncelli horrible tests and start of the season?
We'll see about that after a few races...

AUSIfumi I think we know where yer from.

I might be wrong, and only time will tell, but Stoner can't hold a candle to Doohan yet, and will probably never have the same number of championships. Fast he is, but Doohan was a warrior.

Difference is that Doohan wasn't against riders like Rossi and Lorenzo when he won his championships and he wasn't riding a bike that only two riders so far have won on. How many riders won on an NSR500 compared to an 800cc Ducati?

Please, let's stop the nonsense about comparing Stoner to Doohan. All that Mick Doohan has accomplished cannot be reduced to, "Doohan wasn't riding against riders like Rossi and Lorenzo." Argue all day long that Casey is, "the best" if you will, but please do so in comparison to his contemporaries, or don't do it at all.

I'll just have to say than stoner must make his OWN history rather than comparing, all these comparisons dont have nothing of benefits, because first doohan was in one moment of motoGP and stoner is from other moment, not have case comparing riders of different times in motogp history, talking in other matter, Looks like than Honda is tired of looking how the trophies get away from their hands by their archrival yamaha.

seems than stoner is the most fastest at this moment. he will be the spearhead attack for the brand of wings to recover their crowns. now yamaha will bite the dust but will not be a easy battle, yamaha will not cease their crowns too easily, Spies can be a surprise. lorenzo as always good but with stoner in honda and looking than what he does in valencia continues in sepang too will put some people to think two times.

Also now stoner in honda will put an end with that non sense internal battle between puig and suppo, dont matter what honda rider get first place, the objective is to put Honda again in the glory like the old times than the marvelous RC211V was dominating the series of the 990cc

Gambatte Honda!!!

Wow. Akiyoshi did well today. He may consider a career change.

A change from motorcycle racer to motorcycle racer. A step in the right direction!

Don't forget there are no fuel limitations or engine limitations during testing. Turning up the wick to 10/10ths has no negative side effects during testing.

I was confident that Casey would be the man to beat when they announced he had moved to Honda; however, it's hard to discern is race pace b/c Casey is known for running a few hot laps at 10/10 and then bringing it in.

Ducati have a completely knew bike. Let's hope for the sake of competition that Ducati are testing the bike with race-length stints, 21L fuel maps, and engine durability settings.

BTW, nice to see that the Suzuki still runs properly in hot weather.

I think from day one timesheets we can certainly say the Desmosedici is the slowest bike of them all. Let´s see if JB and Filipo can work their magic, but it looks they start one or two squares behind. I´m aware is only the first day and the GP11 has a completely new concept, but the Hondas and the Yamahas won´t stand still either.