AMA Pro Racing: Daytona -- American Superbike Race One Result


Yoshimura Suzuki's Blake Young started out his quest to be crowned 2011 AMA Superbike champion in style today with a last-lap .026 second win over team mate Tommy Hayden. The race was red-flagged on the first lap when Chris Peris,  Eric Bostrom,  Larry Pegram and Chris Trounson tangled and went down. Pegram was the ony rider out of that quartet to make the restart. Reigning champion Josh Hayes got off to an early lead, followed by Yoshimura Suzuki's Blake Young and Tommy Hayden.  Hayes held the lead until lap 9 when the racing got very interesting indeed. Tommy Hayden caught Hayes and Young and the lead changed between the three multiple times during the last 6 laps with the podium finishers separated at the stripe by a mere .051 seconds.  Ben Bostrom finished 4th about a half-second behind Young and Roger Hayden came fifth.

Top 10:

1. Blake Young

2. Tommy Hayden

3. Josh Hayes 

4. Ben Bostrom

5. Roger Hayden  

6. Martin Cardenas 

7. Larry Pegram

8. Jeremy Toye

9. Chris Ulrich

10.  David Anthony

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Supposedly an epic barnstormer. Won't be showed in the US until tomorrow, I think. Maybe it's technically Sunday in the wee hours of the morning.

I'm looking forward to it even if it is delayed and showed after the 200.

Oh, it's race season in the US? I hadn't noticed. I guess I'll start DVR-ing AMA races to watch when I get bored.
You would think DMG and the Speed Channel would have a clue by now, but - nope - not happening this season.
One week till Losail; thank God.