2011 MotoGP Qatar Day 2 Test Times 10:15pm - Top 12 Under 1'57

Latest times from Day 2 of Qatar MotoGP test at 10:15pm:

Pos No. Rider Bike Time Diff Diff Previous
1 26 Dani Pedrosa Honda 1:55.745    
2 27 Casey Stoner Honda 1:55.787 0.042 0.042
3 11 Ben Spies Yamaha 1:56.249 0.504 0.462
4 4 Andrea Dovizioso Honda 1:56.439 0.694 0.190
5 58 Marco Simoncelli Honda 1:56.536 0.791 0.097
6 1 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 1:56.707 0.962 0.171
7 5 Colin Edwards Yamaha 1:56.716 0.971 0.009
8 69 Nicky Hayden Ducati 1:56.732 0.987 0.016
9 8 Hector Barbera Ducati 1:56.798 1.053 0.066
10 14 Randy de Puniet Ducati 1:56.871 1.126 0.073
11 19 Alvaro Bautista Suzuki 1:56.931 1.186 0.060
12 46 Valentino Rossi Ducati 1:56.988 1.243 0.057
13 7 Hiroshi Aoyama Honda 1:56.990 1.245 0.002
14 65 Loris Capirossi Ducati 1:57.345 1.600 0.355
15 35 Cal Crutchlow Yamaha 1:57.730 1.985 0.385
16 17 Karel Abraham Ducati 1:57.846 2.101 0.116
17 24 Toni Elias Honda 1:58.536 2.791 0.690
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Times on avg very close to last year. Yeah Pedro and Stoner drop to 155s but I think Stoner did a 153 last year on the Duc and Dovi was in the 155s as well. So, all in all not a big change, just a few different guys in the top 8. Ducati got slower. Nick hopefully switched back to last years setting before the test was up. He was there. Also, great job Aoyoma and Randy!

or would his position on the team dictate that he continue to run test data on what Val wants?

Since the fork diameter is reportedly much smaller on this year's bike, it would be more than just settings, but parts as well. Parts that the team agreed to move away from at the end of last season.

It's going to be a tough year for the all the Italians except for Dovi & Simoncelli it would seem.

Even if Ducati can't win with Rossi, they still have to try and win. Hayden has much more power/influence than say Edwards, who appeared to be Rossi's on site testing companion. I know Hayden only has the three wins over the career but, he is a world champion and no one else other than Stoner has been able to ride that thing except Hayden, last year. So, if you were Ducati and threw all the factory gold at the Rossi team and still get little, wouldn't they want at least a shot at getting the duc on the podium? To do that Hayden would need adequate resources and his settings/parts available to him. Anyway, if they get results with last years gear, Rossi will switch. The 800s are done this year! No time to wait, he's gotta be fast sooner rather than later. I think every option is still on the table. If Nicks settings/forks/dinner routine will work for Rossi, they will use it. They have already admitted to trying Stoners settings!! So, at this point anything goes. I think they will get it to come around, but I don't think Ducati would wholly sacrafice another capable guy a chance at podiums. Last, Hayden is too important to Ducati sales here in America. If he wins, they move bikes. Trust that Ducati want him to succeed as well.

Ducati wants Hayden to succeed, but the risk of changing direction and failing would be crushing to the Rossi relationship, esp. if Rossi said, even hinted, that he was not listened to in the direction. If it worked and Hayden won a second championship, then everything would be fine. Anything less might seem a poor cost/benefit for the stockholders of the bright red bike.

Interesting point except for one thing, Ducati is privately held. But I agree with your sentiment in that Ducati certainly don't want any bad press in regards to their relationship with VR. Funny thing is though, Ducati never had a good relationship with him. He has publicy criticized them plenty in the past. So, even if this fails I believe the Italians would come to the defense of Ducati before VR.

I think Rossi and Ducati will give it a bit longer than some folk on here and other sites have. Ducati gave Casey another 3 years to try and win again, considering his trend through 08/09/10 on any other factory ride as No1 rider he'd have been ripe for a downgrade.
Rossi needs to get fit first then push. This season may be too soon all things considered, but he has history of putting out a bike that improves consistantly. Good luck Vale!!!

So in 4 years with Ducati Stoner has been successively: world champion, 2nd with the highest score ever for the position, 4th and 4th. Racking up the highest number of wins during the period, while everybody else was looking rubbish on the same bike (except Hayden in 2010).
Stoner chose to leave Ducati very early in 2010 but Ducati repeatedly stated that they would have been very happy to keep him...and my guess is that 2011 season won't change their mind about that neither.

Stoner 1-2-4-4
Pedrosa 2-3-3-2
Rossi 3-1-1-3
Lorenzo --4-2-1

In the end he's "worse" than Rossi, don't know if it ever called for a downgrade.