2011 Catalunya 125cc Race Result: Duel Settled In Controversial Final Corner Pass

Results and summary of the 125cc race at Barcelona:

Nico Terol has taken victory in the 125cc race at Barcelona, after Johann Zarco, who he had battled all race long, was given a 20 second penalty for a dangerous pass on the exit of the final corner of the race.

The race started with a drying track, with Terol taking the lead from the line, but the Bankia Aspar rider soon saw the man who beat him at Le Mans, Maverick Viñales, come past again and pull out a small lead. That lead would last only for the first 8 laps, before Terol came back past, soon to be joined by Frenchman Johann Zarco. Viñales put up a stiff resistance for a few laps, but soon had to let the other two go.

Terol seemed to have the situation comfortably in hand, but with three laps to go, Zarco got by the Spaniard. Terol waited until the final lap, taking Zarco back at the start of the lap, and leading the Frenchman all the way home. But Zarco was in a determined mood, hanging onto Terol's tail through the final corner, and using the Spaniard's draft to get by as they came onto the front straight. But the move left Zarco right on the limit, and the Frenchman pushed Terol to the edge of the track, and then a little bit beyond, diverging from his line to push Terol even wider. Race Direction immediately judged the move to have been illegal, and awarded Zarco a 20-second penalty, demoting the Frenchman to 6th.

The penalty awarded Terol the victory, and promoted both Viñales and Jonas Folger, who had ridden a strong race to come through the field and finish in 3rd.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 18 Nicolas TEROL APRILIA 42'29.647  
2 25 Maverick VIÑALES APRILIA 42'40.003 10.356
3 94 Jonas FOLGER APRILIA 42'44.907 15.260
4 11 Sandro CORTESE APRILIA 42'45.317 15.670
5 7 Efren VAZQUEZ DERBI 42'45.589 15.942
6 5 Johann ZARCO DERBI 42'49.405 19.758
7 55 Hector FAUBEL APRILIA 42'56.137 26.490
8 33 Sergio GADEA APRILIA 42'56.328 26.681
9 26 Adrian MARTIN APRILIA 43'05.781 36.134
10 84 Jakub KORNFEIL APRILIA 43'06.423 36.776
11 52 Danny KENT APRILIA 43'07.583 37.936
12 96 Louis ROSSI APRILIA 43'40.487 1'10.840
13 31 Niklas APRILIA 43'41.351 1'11.704
14 10 Alexis MASBOU KTM 43'41.445 1'11.798
15 23 Alberto MONCAYO APRILIA 43'45.356 1'15.709
16 77 Marcel SCHROTTER MAHINDRA 43'51.652 1'22.005
17 53 Jasper IWEMA APRILIA 43'55.104 1'25.457
18 3 Luigi MORCIANO APRILIA 43'55.275 1'25.628
19 50 Sturla FAGERHAUG APRILIA 44'24.943 1'55.296
20 43 Francesco MAURIELLO APRILIA 44'25.029 1'55.382
21 30 Giulian PEDONE APRILIA 44'25.135 1'55.488
22 56 Peter SEBESTYEN KTM 42'33.113 1 lap
23 28 Josep RODRIGUEZ APRILIA 43'53.121 1 lap
24 86 Kevin HANUS HONDA 43'55.815 1 lap
25 15 Simone GROTZKYJ APRILIA 44'24.811 1 lap
26 71 John McPHEE APRILIA 43'42.078 2 laps
27 36 Joan PERELLO APRILIA 43'47.681 2 laps
28 17 Taylor MACKENZIE APRILIA 43'47.798 2 laps
29 19 Alessandro TONUCCI APRILIA 44'05.548 2 laps
Not Classified
  39 Luis SALOM APRILIA 31'35.469 6 laps
  99 Danny WEBB MAHINDRA    
  44 Miguel OLIVEIRA APRILIA    
  63 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN DERBI    


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Just shows that race direction have put themselves in a corner... Wether the 20" penalty was deserved or not... Not to flog a dead horse but I still consider simo's ride through scandalous...

I thought it was fair enough to penalize Zarco. He clearly forced him off track in circumstances when it was unecessary to do so and where it has been raining heavily overnight. Very dangerous in my view. A real shame as it was a great ride by Zarco till then and I suspect he would have won the race to the flag in any event.

And the issue now is that from a time where it was almost impossible to get a penalty, we now have two serious penalties that have dramatically altered races two races in a row. Race direction have placed themselves in a situation where they will have to explain each and every decision they do or do not make from now on.

Zarco's move was reckless and certainly not safe, but whether it warranted a 20s penalty is debatable.

With this logic, Kenan should be a non starter next weekend for a move that could have severely injured Simon. See, it's a can of worms when you open it.

Kenan stuffed up. He gained no benefit from his error. Zarco's move was a deliberate and dangerous one which left Terol with no chance to compete for the win. Seems pretty easy to justify. I agree though that they should have to explain any and every penalty. Anything else would be improper.

So, if the move is dangerous and causes injury, but the person causing the crash gains no advantage, it goes unpunished. But if the move is hard, possibly dangerous and the rider gains advantage then it is punished. But isn't the penalty supposed to be about punishing dangerous riding? And then we have all sorts of arguments about whether a rider gained or not.

I really think the penalty was unfair beacause Terol clearly left the door open and what was Zarco supposed to to? Break at maximum lean angle when he was looking to get maximum drive for the straight?
And second some of the guys here have clearly not even ridden a bicycle because you would know that when you get really close to someone or someone gets really close to your handle bars or controls you put your body betwin the bikes so that the bikes don't touch. In my opinion Zarco didn't mean to push Terol of the track or bother him in anyway, he was just protecting himself and Terol (remember the incident on the straight beetwin Simoncelli and Barbera in Mugello I think?!)
I really think Zarco has no fault. And yes he could have probably backed off. But then again so could have Terol.
In my view the penalty was unfair and it takes a lot from the spectacle (because riders are going to have this haunt them in the back of their heads, and may back off a last corner atack)
I'm really disapointed...


Yep, penalty no question was vdangerous, but 20secs?? Deserved second. Only a matter of time before a non event becomes the opportunity to fight for the win in race direction..

The move by Zarco was a bit harsh, but not worth a 20 second penalty, or any penalty at all, in my opinion. Terol let the door open for a tiny bit and Zarco sticked his front wheel in it. Zarco then just held his line, not letting Terol pass him on the outside. Terol had to close the throttle or go through the grass, nothing too dangerous in that.

Overtaking your opponent and making sure he is unable to take his preferred line and thus overtaking you back is just overtaking 101. Great pass by Zarco!

Zarco won it fair and square.Given race directions' questionable morals...
Hell !!! Valentino's move on Gibernau in Jerez makes Zarco's attack to win look like child's play.

Are people intentionally missing the reason why Zarco was penalised? He tried to win by crowding Terol out off the track. We could've had a close drag race to the finish line if Zarco used his head.

Punishment was inevitable.

Incident is being looked into. "Race control have decided to talk to Sofuoglu and Simon after their incident, as they are both in Hospital it'll happen Thursday 9th at 1600"

I dont think he forced Terol off track, as someone said he gave him two options by placing his bike where he did. Back off or go through the grass. To me thats what a last corner pass is. Terol gave him a gap and Zarco went for it.

A fantastic race ruined as far as I'm concerned.

Folger pushed Faubel off the track at the end of the straight and gained a position couple of laps before the end. So, shouldn't the "Race Direction" punish him also? I don't see the difference between that incident and Zarco's and Terol's. Folger has to be punished.

Still, it was nice to hear Nico thanks the "Race Direction" (although I think they misunderstood the directing...direction part). True future champion...

How very sad another weekends racing spoiled by over officious do gooders
as a road rider i know sometimes you have to lean all over the bike to get it to go where you want it, thats how i see the pass iam sure iam not alone, we have seen this type of pass time and time again in the past and nobody ever complained before, Terol missed apex and left the door open, i would also have gone for it! Race Direction need to stop interfering and handing out ludicrous penalties! we need some justice for Simoncelli and Zarco!

If it was unavoidable for Zarco to ride where he did then it wasn't intentional and there shouldn't have been a penalty.

But if he did it intentionally, a disqualification, suspension and fine would be in order.

Watching it, it's hard to say. He rode off track himself so it would seem that he may have been carried by his momentum and didn't change course for fear of making a rapid correction and the usual negative results. If he felt that out of control he should have rolled off. But if you take away that he rode off track, it looked like he wanted to run him into the wall if he could have gotten away with it. I'm tempted to think the latter.

At first it seemed like a harsh decision, but watching the replays Zarco seems to be purposely pushing Terol off the track. They were both on the kerb and Zarco could have easily steered back on the track but he didn't. He kept pushing until the kerb ended and the turf started. Not saying he deserved a penalty like that, but it was a dirty trick IMO!

The distinction between an aggressive racing incident and a punishable offense in often difficult to judge...but Zarco's move was an easy case. Take a look at "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UAmtq2RnSc" around the 50sec. point. To me, Zarco's move up the inside on the last corner is perfectly legitimate. Once on the straight, however, Zarco does not drag to the line like a clean racer would do; he clearly (at least to me) tries to win by crowding out Terol and pushing him off track. Racers are all desperate to win so I can certainly understand Zarco's move in the heat of the moment...but it's precisely Race Direction's role to punish this type of behavior.

These are not GP bikes that go into that last corner so fast that they run out to the edge of the track. Zarco took the proper line and Terol took a poor line. He did not need to run Terol off the edge of the track. Dangerous pass, and you don't want that sort of thing to continue, especially with teenagers.