2011 Silverstone MotoGP Race Result: Key Crashes In Wet Shake Up Championship

Results and summary of the MotoGP race from Silverstone:

Casey Stoner has taken his third victory in a row and his fourth victory of the season with a comfortable win on a rain-soaked track at Silverstone. More importantly, his main rival for the championship, Jorge Lorenzo, crashed out of 3rd place, giving Stoner an 18 point lead in the title race.

Lorenzo led off the line at Silverstone, heading up the two Repsol Hondas, Andrea Dovizioso having forged his way forward from the second row of the grid to head Stoner into the first turn, with Marco Simoncelli following close behind. Dovizioso and Stoner soon barged past Lorenzo, Dovizioso pushing hard to try to drop his teammate, but Stoner was having none of it. At the start of the second lap, Stoner was past, but getting past was not the same as getting away. Dovizioso continued to push Stoner hard, holding on to the Australian until lap 7. Once he let Stoner go, the race was done, Stoner building up a huge lead to take an easy victory.

Behind Stoner, a tough battle was developing for 2nd. Dovizioso was starting to hold Lorenzo up, and Simoncelli was catching the pair of them. So good a job was Dovizioso doing at holding the pair behind him that their frustration was starting to show. Lorenzo was the first victim, pushing to get past Dovizioso and paying the price for trying too hard, crashing out at Turn 1 entering the corner too hard. Simoncelli followed soon afterwards, crashing out on a deep patch of water a couple of laps later after dicing with Dovizioso.

With Lorenzo and Simoncelli out, Dovizioso could cruise comfortably home to take 2nd, but the crashes behind him opened an opportunity for Colin Edwards. After getting by Nicky Hayden when the Marlboro Ducati rider suffered a near highside, the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha rider then disposed of Ben Spies with relative ease, despite some rather curious arm-waving from the factory Yamaha man. Edwards held on to his first podium since Donington in 2009, despite breaking his collarbone during practice in Barcelona just last week. The collarbone was not a problem, Edwards said, his issue had been the muscle in his ribs he had strained.

Hayden went on to finish 4th, closing in on Edwards but never able to catch him, while Alvaro Bautista rode an outstanding race to come home in 5th. Valentino Rossi's weekend improved only a little, his 6th position belying the Italian's pace, Rossi finishing over a minute behind the winner. Karel Abraham had a successful if lonely race in 7th, while Toni Elias had his best performance since switching back to MotoGP, ending up 8th jsut ahead of Hiroshi Aoyama. Loris Capirossi was the first of the Pramac Ducatis, and the last of the riders to finish on the same lap as Stoner.

Stoner's victory gives him a major advantage in the championship, aided in large part by the failing of his main rivals. Lorenzo's crash proved extremely costly, gifting Stoner a lead of 18 points, rather than just the 2 if he had settled for 3rd. Andrea Dovizioso closes in on Lorenzo from behind, and Valentino Rossi moves up to 4th, a little surprisingly given the Italian's problems with the Ducati. Though Rossi may be struggling, he keeps posting points, and that is working to his advantage.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 27 Casey STONER HONDA 47'53.459  
2 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO HONDA 48'08.618 15.159
3 5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 48'14.939 21.480
4 69 Nicky HAYDEN DUCATI 48'20.443 26.984
5 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA SUZUKI 48'29.028 35.569
6 46 Valentino ROSSI DUCATI 48'57.985 1'04.526
7 17 Karel ABRAHAM DUCATI 49'26.109 1'32.650
8 24 Toni ELIAS HONDA 49'45.397 1'51.938
9 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA HONDA 49'45.809 1'52.350
10 65 Loris CAPIROSSI DUCATI 49'56.771 2'03.312
11 8 Hector BARBERA DUCATI 48'10.582 1 lap
12 14 Randy DE PUNIET DUCATI 48'13.094 1 lap
Not Classified
  58 Marco SIMONCELLI HONDA 24'04.277 10 laps
  1 Jorge LORENZO YAMAHA 19'18.287 12 laps
  11 Ben SPIES YAMAHA 17'14.283 13 laps


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Ya, he was awesome. Carrying that much lean with standard knee sliders, coasting to a 15 second win.
Ride of the day goes to C.Edwards though, breaking his collar bone 8 days ago and now on the podium in monsoon conditions. What a tough nut and a "Mans man" as he put it himself

Ben is still my favorite racer but there is no doubt that Casey has shown the most ability and success today - and so far this season.

I still believe in Spies and think that when Yamaha gets their machine sorted he will be fighting for the podium at every race. And next year with a better machine (acceleration) for a man his size, he will be fighting for the win (along with Vale, Simo, Jorge and Casey of course)!

Also, if Simo doesn't cool it a bit he will soon be getting called "Ruben". And speaking of someone in WSBK - good job today by Haga!

Go Spies!

While Sic doing a Simoncelli on him probably didn't surprise anyone, Lorenzo's crash did surprise me. I thought JLo was over that.

While the races were boring, at least JLo kept the championship close, he had a good chance to get away from Silverstone with a marginal lead. Now that's gone out the roof too ...

Hayden had the fastest lap in the race but finished 27 seconds behind Stoner.

Incredible result for Edwards.

No motorcycle rider will ever be over crashing.
It can and will happen to the best of them, unless they are just cruising.
Don't forget these guys constantly ride on the absolute limit of what's possible, and one day they will just step a little over the line and crash. Especially in the wet.
So Lorenzo may be over from crashing every other race because he is pushing way too hard, but he isn't over crashing, and isn't ever going to be.

Dovi frustrated Jorge and Marco into making mistakes. This would've made HRC very happy with him.
Marco is not impressing HRC even if he is quick.

Repsol 1-2's could be very common for the rest of the year. Pedrosa who?

and a very good start of the season, with 2 podiums and 5 top4 in 6 races, he's up to 3rd in the championship.
He's a very regular rider, rarely crashing, and consistency is his force.
However he's still no match for Pedrosa, and has a long way to go before equaling his Spanish teammate. In races it is very unusual for him to finish in front of Pedrosa, and I doubt it will be any different this year.

Lorenzo never faced any pressure from a credible championship rival last year, so he made no mistakes. This year Casey is applying the blowtorch and Jorge has finaly cracked.

Well Lorenzo has done no mistakes so far and was even leading the WC with a motorbike not astonishing (for an euphemism). He went down in a dump race and that easily could happen to anyone. So I think that despite he may be not the most likeable guy it would be a bit early, and unfair for that matter, to say that he cracked.
He has shown so far an incredible maturity that goes to his credit.

Casey looks strong enough to top every free practice, claim every pole and win every race this year.

A boring race it was. Not.

Stoner toped 20 of the 30 sessions (FP1, FP2, FP3, QP, WU) this year.
Along with 4 wins, 4 poles and 5 podiums in 6 races.

The crashes and Edwards make the race interesting.....outside of that, another boring race. From like the 14th lap, I'm not sure if any positions had change....maybe for 11th and 12th etc.

As someone posted yesterday on this site, over the past ten years, it's always been Rossi vs. some one else.....anyone else. When he's not involved, it's interesting how it doesn't have the same appeal and certainly doesn't have the same magnitude. It's like David Emmett said yesterday, "Rossi is bigger than the sport" and when he's not in the thick of it.....there's almost a "who cares" feeling.

Now I'm sure Ducati will get this thing turn around eventually, but MotoGP and Dorna are really hoping Rossi/Ducati get up to speed soon. Because when he hangs it up, I'm sure MotoGP will become a snooze series, and they're aware of that. They remember the four races last year that didn't include Rossi and just how attendance and appeal suffered.

As fast as the current crop of young talent is, they don't draw attention, crowds nor popularity.....only Simoncelli is the wild card and has the potential as noticed by his popularity in the UK. But It's more satisfying when the new crop race with or beat 46!

I just don't understand your type. You are a fan of a personality, but not of the sport itself? How did you ever even hear about Rossi if you didn't like motorcycle racing. I loved motorcycle racing when Doohan won every race and I was a fan when Rossi was winning every race and I am a fan now. When Rossi wins 10 races in a season nobody complains of boring races. But when anyone else does it, many fans say it is boring. Do you expect Stoner and the others to ride slower so Rossi can keep up? Also I don't think crashing is interesting.

"Don't understand my type?" I'm stating facts, not my personal preference.

This is the reality dude! So don't try to understand it.

Even the riders themselves understand the importance of Rossi being in the series. When he was out last season, many commented how it suddenly felt lacking the same buzz and they hoped for a speedy recovery.

And referring to the crashing, those have been the highlights of the season thus far and the crashes are what's sculpting the season. Important riders missing races, riders being taken out be others riders getting no points, controversy every way you look and the riders are more verbally outspoken towards one another. It's saving the season! All this rider bickering is making it fun, because the racing surely is not...

How can bike racing only be interesting if one of the bikes has a yellow 46 on the front? Personally the last 10 years has rarely come close to the excitement of the Rainey/Schwantz/Doohan battles and the next few seasons - if Yamaha can get close to parity with Honda - look far more interesting with Stoner, Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Simo and Spies.

Being realistic, how many races in the last 4 years were 'made' by Rossi - 4, maybe 5? Laguna '08, Sachsenring & Catalunya '09, Motegi '10, one or two more. The sport will find other riders to fill the void.

Yes, the best racing by far was the Gardner/Lawson/Schwantz/Rainey/Doohan era in the late 80's/early 90's. Nothing in the Rossi era has remotely compared with the show those guys put on.

It wasn't necessarily all down to the riders. The technology (engine particularly) by the late 80s was quite mature, well-understood and relatively cheap. Making for a levelish playing field technology wise. With MotoGP certain manufacturers have played with the rules make the competition be geared to suit their engineering development agenda, rather than one of good racing.

That engineering battle may be exciting to some, but it happens away from the track. The racing has become largely a data-gathering exercise for that..

Wouldn't be of the same opinion as you at all. To claim that Moto Gp will become a "snooze series" when Rossi retires is ridiculous. It'll still be fast, dangerous and beautiful, as it always has been.
It'll be snooze series for a (hopefully) minority of Rossi fans who will then turn their attention to WRC, or F1, or watching Rossi partying with his friends or whatever else he decides to do with his time.
I used to watch F1 about 12 years ago but soon stopped when I started to fall asleep after 20 laps of every race. So I stopped watching it. If Moto Gp is boring for you, stop watching it.
I personally find WSS, WSB, BSB, Moto2 and 125 all to be more entertaining, race-wise. But the Moto Gp race is the one I would never miss, and I'll be watching it long after Rossi, Stoner and Lorenzo have been relegated to giving out trophies on the podium, like Surtees and Mansel did earlier today.

Thought it was building up to be a good race until Lorenzo and Simoncelli went out, then it turned out to be a procession as so often it does.
Good to see Edwards get a podium despite his injuries, and Stoner was flawless
in his performance as we come to expect.
With Rossi 64secs behind Stoner and 37secs behind his team mate, to say he had a bad weekend would be a understatement.
The best race of the day was the Moto2. And if Bradl keeps his form up, i can see him in the premier class next year. And didn`t Bradley Smith do well.

I was wondering what happened to Spies as I never did see a replay of his crash but before Edwards got by him he was motioning to him as if he was having a problem with the bike and had dropped way back a few spots. I read elsewhere that he hit the wall at the end of turn 1 very hard and was taken to have his neck and back scanned. Thankfully he's ok and just sore.

dont hate the player, hate the game!
stoner is just that damn good!!!
now we are past seeking for reasons why he's winning races, can we seek therefore reasons why the other riders cant keep up with him? its looking already like a romp this season and i hope other riders can fix their issues in 80secs. we sure would enjoy some closer competition!!!