2011 Sepang Moto2 Race Result: Red Flag Ends Tight Duel Early

Results and summary of the Moto2 race at Sepang:

Thomas Luthi has taken his first victory since leaving the 125cc class in a close duel with Stefan Bradl which ended when the race was red-flagged. With Marquez ruled out of the race by the doctors, Bradl has taken a lead of 23 points in the championship, and goes into Valencia needing just 3 points to become champion.

Bradl looked like winning the race for much of it. The Viessmann Kiefer rider led into the first corner and immediately pulled a gap. Behind him, Luthi led the chase with the brothers Espargaro, Mika Kallio and Michele Pirro, and after being briefly led by Pol Espargaro, Luthi retook 2nd and started to chase down Bradl. It was a long and slow process, but by lap 10, Luthi was on Bradl's tail. 

Sitting behind Bradl, Luthi seemed happy to let the German lead, sizing him up for a pass on every lap into the final corner. His patience held until lap 17, when Luthi decided it was time to make a break. He pulled out of Bradl's draft down the back straight, and slid past into the lead into the final corner, holding his line to lead as they started lap 18. His pass would prove to be prescient: that lap, Axel Pons, battling with Kenny Noyes for 16th, crashed heavily, causing the race to be red flagged. The result went back to the last full lap that had been completed by all riders on the same lap, which turned out to be the lap that Luthi edged in front of Bradl. Luthi took the win, demoting Bradl into 2nd, and delaying the championship for at least another race.

Bradl now goes into Valencia with a lead of 23 points, and needing just 3 more to wrap up the title. Marquez should be fully fit by then, and will need to win the race to take the championship from Bradl. Given Marquez' form, a win is a real possibility, but Bradl should be able to finish inside the top 13.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 12 Thomas LUTHI SUTER 36'35.114  
2 65 Stefan BRADL KALEX 36'35.301 0.187
3 44 Pol ESPARGARO FTR 36'42.579 7.465
4 15 Alex DE ANGELIS MOTOBI 36'44.241 9.127
5 77 Dominique AEGERTER SUTER 36'46.608 11.494
6 36 Mika KALLIO SUTER 36'47.017 11.903
7 51 Michele PIRRO MORIWAKI 36'47.682 12.568
8 40 Aleix ESPARGARO PONS KALEX 36'48.077 12.963
9 29 Andrea IANNONE SUTER 36'49.212 14.098
10 45 Scott REDDING SUTER 36'51.811 16.697
11 34 Esteve RABAT FTR 36'54.682 19.568
12 54 Kenan SOFUOGLU SUTER 36'59.999 24.885
13 16 Jules CLUZEL SUTER 37'00.459 25.345
14 63 Mike DI MEGLIO TECH 3 37'01.810 26.696
15 19 Xavier SIMEON TECH 3 37'07.920 32.806
16 80 Axel PONS PONS KALEX 37'08.093 32.979
17 9 Kenny NOYES FTR 37'08.293 33.179
18 6 Joan OLIVE FTR 37'11.611 36.497
19 18 Jordi TORRES SUTER 37'15.683 40.569
20 87 Mohamad ZAMRI BABA MORIWAKI 37'31.870 56.756
21 20 Ivan MORENO SUTER 37'41.080 1'05.966
22 86 Hafizh SYAHRIN MORIWAKI 37'41.224 1'06.110
23 4 Randy KRUMMENACHE KALEX 37'52.197 1'17.083
24 39 Robertino PIETRI SUTER 37'54.529 1'19.415
25 95 Mashel AL NAIMI MORIWAKI 37'29.730 1 lap
Not Classified
  35 Raffaele DE ROSA SUTER 27'25.350 5 laps
  75 Mattia PASINI FTR 17'32.045 9 laps
  64 Santiago HERNANDEZ FTR 15'24.576 10 laps
  23 Apiwat WONGTHANANO FTR 16'27.029 10 laps
  53 Valentin DEBISE FTR 14'37.965 11 laps
  72 Yuki TAKAHASHI MORIWAKI 12'45.706 12 laps
  71 Claudio CORTI SUTER 6'33.691 14 laps
  3 Simone CORSI FTR 6'34.028 14 laps
  13 Anthony WEST MZ-RE HONDA 2'18.373 16 laps
  76 Max NEUKIRCHNER MZ-RE HONDA 2'18.435 16 laps
  68 Yonny HERNANDEZ FTR    


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Pons is OK. He was taken to hospital with a concussion, had a CAT scan and they found minor cerebral bleeding. He will be in the hospital for a couple of days for observation, but he should be fine.

I'm absolutely delighted for Tom getting his first intermediate class win. As expected, a mechanical focused performance by Stefan. He may have felt a little 'robbed', but he won't begrudge Tom the win. A fascinating high speed game of chess it was. As was 125.
125 and Moto 2 were the Light side of what turned into a very Dark Sepang 2011 overall.

I'm sorry Pitbull and no offence meant but I really dislike that cliched term which often gets trolled out to describe any German sporting performance. Bradl has been quite brilliant this year and will thoroughly deserve a world title in Valencia. He's mixed wins with podiums and consistency under immense pressure.

That aside, well done and well overdue from Mr Luthi.

I couldn't agree more, and will add that Bradl was wonderfully gracious in the post race interview, and congratulated Luthi on his win despite the impact it had on his title chase. He has been a brilliant champion-elect this year and I hope he takes the title at Valencia, it is already well earned.