2011 Valencia Post-Race Test Times At 2pm - Stoner Leads Pedrosa, Ducati "An Improvement"

The sun is out at Valencia and the bikes are circulating, though the times are not yet anywhere near the lap record. The two Hondas lead, Casey Stoner faster than Dani Pedrosa by two tenths of a second, while Yamaha's Ben Spies is in 3rd, half a second off Stoner's pace. Spies is the only factory Yamaha rider at the test, Jorge Lorenzo already having pulled out due to the finger injury he is still carrying.

Valentino Rossi is 4th fastest, now finally out on the Ducati with the aluminium twin spar frame. Ducati are constantly refusing to call this bike the GP12, as this test will form the basis for the bike to be raced next year, but Hector Barbera, speaking at lunchtime, was very positive about the machine. "It feels more like my Aprilia 250," he said, saying that he could now feel the front end on corner entry, something he could not do the 800 bike with the carbon fiber chassis using the engine as a stressed member. The power and gearbox were incredible, he said, but he was most pleased with the feel of the bike.

Of the newcomers or brand switchers, Andrea Dovizioso leads the field, having first gone out on the 800 Yamaha to get a direct comparison with the Honda. Dovizioso also has a new crew chief, Tom O'Kane having left Suzuki to join the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha effort. Stefan Bradl also posted a good time on the Honda 800 in a ride that is widely regarded as an audition for LCR Honda. If Bradl is close enough, and his sponsor is willing to cough up the shortfall that LCR still has in its budget, Bradl could well switch to MotoGP for 2012. 

LCR's former rider Randy de Puniet is also out on track, but this time on the Suzuki 800. No decision has yet been made on the factory's future involvement, but Paul Denning and the team are soldiering on in the hope of persuading Suzuki top management to fund the program for next year.

There are also a handful of CRT bikes out on track, but their times are still a long way off the pace. It is the first time out on track for nearly everyone, both in terms of bikes and riders, and so there is plenty of room for improvement. By the end of Wednesday, a slightly better picture should have emerged.

Times from 2pm local time:

Pos No Rider Bike Time Diff Diff previous
1 27 Casey Stoner Honda 1:32.729    
2 26 Dani Pedrosa Honda 1:32.939 0.210 0.210
3 11 Ben Spies Yamaha 1:33.492 0.763 0.553
4 46 Valentino Rossi Ducati 1:33.857 1.128 0.365
5 35 Cal Crutchlow Yamaha 1:34.363 1.634 0.506
6 4 Andrea Dovizioso Yamaha 1:34.482 1.753 0.119
7 8 Hector Barbera Ducati 1:34.817 2.088 0.335
8 17 Karel Abraham Ducati 1:34.840 2.111 0.023
9 0 Stefan Bradl Honda 800 1:35.592 2.863 0.752
10 0 Kousuke Akiyoshi Honda 1:36.031 3.302 0.439
11 14 Randy de Puniet Suzuki 1:36.100 3.371 0.069
12 22 Ivan Silva BQR Inmotec 1:38.074 5.345 1.974
13 31 Carmelo Morales Suter BMW 1:38.989 6.260 0.915
14 0 Gianluca Nannelli Gapam BMW 1:42.970 10.241 3.981
15 69 Franco Battaini Ducati 1:51.702 18.973 8.732


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He is still in pain from the crash on Sunday. His hand apparently.

Wrist is broken in two places from turn one crash.

..... and even though they are 5 + seconds slower, I'm happy to see the CRT doing the times they are.

New bikes, with new riders using new tyres.

5+ (ish) is not THAT bad to be honest.

The #CRT's will only get faster & faster in big leaps, where as I feel the 1000's ( or whatever their true CC is ) will only get faster in little steps at a time. I feel by Race 1 the fast #CRT's with be closer to 3 seconds rather then 5+.

I also feel that the fastest #CRT rider is sadly not riding today.
At least Colin #5 knows the tyres well and the type of power delivery better then the other riders.

For my 2 pennies worth, I feel the #CRT's are a welcome part of the future of GP racing.
Look at the fantastic ( & exciting ) racing that #Moto2 has given us.

Roll on 2012 I say.

Good luck to them all.

but a glimmer of hope for Ducati. Encouraging words from Hector, Rossi a second off first time out..

The Dovi/Crutclow battle for Tech3 supremacy should be interesting. A tall order for Cal, beating the world No.3 on the same bike just out of your rookie year..but a challenge I think he can rise to.

I think there was a glitch, and the timing screen actually showed this for a while. :)

Perhaps Mr Ezpeleta was at the timing control panel until Nakamoto-San sumo'ed him aside.

Such a silly word 'troll' in its modern context. I much preferred it's previous intepretation.

To me, troll relates to a type of fishing.. as in trolling for a bite, rather than a mythical creature of Norse legend. Quite appropriate in the online context imho. However, I could be completely wrong. Wouldn't be the first time and certainly won't be the last.

Hayden just posted on his twitter account that his wrist is broken in 2 places. Probably puts him out for the test.

His brother Roger tweeted the other day that Nicky must hold the record for getting punted in the first corner of a race.

Also Stoner, Pedrosa and Spies were slower on the 1000s on Monday than on Saturday with the 800s. That lap would have put de Puniet on the second row. Pretty impressive stuff.

God I get sick of this CRT hacking. Of course they are seriously off the pace. They are being ridden by ...who. Sorry if I hurt anybodies feelings, but really! Just llok at how far off the pace Elias was any number of times this year. He was on a fast bike.

The factory bikes will always be way ahead of the reat they are ridden by MUCH faster riders, that is why they are paid as well as they are. This is as it should be. As soon as one of those riders shows some speed on a CRT he will be snapped up and lo and behold the CRT bikes are still the slowest on the track!

I really hope this two stage system can be made to work with both gear head junky factory bikes and inovative CRT bikes with some connection to the world the rest of us live in. Wouldn't it be cool to buy a used CRT bike to race locally!!!!