2012 Philip Island WSBK Race 2 - Easy Win, But Epic Fightback Rewarded With Podium

Carlos Checa took the honors for Althea Ducati in Sunday's second World Superbike race from Philip Island from Aprilia's Max Biaggi and Tom Sykes. Checa won comfortably after Biaggi ran off track when he nearly collided with Sykes' Kawasaki at the opening corner, leaving the Roman to fight his way through the field from dead last.

Sykes stole the final step on the podium from the Honda of Jonathan Rea in a drag race from the final corner of the last lap in a battle filled with tire smoke and black lines trailing from both bikes at every corner exit.

Leon Haslam held on to fifth place after a long duel with BMW teammate Marco Melandri, despite a tibia fracture that put his involvement in this race weekend in doubt earlier in the week.


Pos No. Rider Country Bike Diff
1 7 C. CHECA ESP Ducati 1098R  
2 3 M. BIAGGI ITA Aprilia RSV4 Factory 5.707
3 66 T. SYKES GBR Kawasaki ZX-10R 12.521
4 65 J. REA GBR Honda CBR1000RR 12.655
5 91 L. HASLAM GBR BMW S1000 RR 18.179
6 33 M. MELANDRI ITA BMW S1000 RR 18.831
7 121 M. BERGER FRA Ducati 1098R 18.939
8 58 E. LAVERTY IRL Aprilia RSV4 Factory 19.478
9 4 H. AOYAMA JPN Honda CBR1000RR 19.554
10 59 N. CANEPA ITA Ducati 1098R 26.289
11 96 J. SMRZ CZE Ducati 1098R 26.479
12 2 L. CAMIER GBR Suzuki GSX-R1000 29.145
13 34 D. GIUGLIANO ITA Ducati 1098R 36.482
14 87 L. ZANETTI ITA Ducati 1098R 38.113
15 25 J. BROOKES AUS Suzuki GSX-R1000 43.234
16 67 B. STARING AUS Kawasaki ZX-10R 43.526
17 35 R. DE ROSA ITA Honda CBR1000RR 53.929
RET 17 J. LASCORZ ESP Kawasaki ZX-10R 12 Laps
RET 50 S. GUINTOLI FRA Ducati 1098R 13 Laps
RET 44 D. SALOM ESP Kawasaki ZX-10R 14 Laps
RET 20 D. JOHNSON AUS BMW S1000 RR 18 Laps


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PLEASE PLEASE do not put spoilers in the titles. The race is not televised for another 12 hours here in the U.S.

I checked the site to look for updates on another article, and now know the results of the races.

Sorry, but if I don't want to know how the races turned out, I just avoid places where there may be potential spoilers. A major point of this site is to give current and commentary on races.

Current yes!! Just not in the titles.

They don't even air the WSS races until Tuesday here, I don't want to avoid the site for three days a week.

Yes I live here in the US also, But I don't come to this site untill after Tuesday when Speed TV gets around to showing World Supersport.

As I wrote in the other story, this is my mistake. I did not instruct Austin clearly enough about spoilers in titles. It is our policy not to have spoilers of race results on the front page, and we'll try to avoid it in the future. Sorry about that.

I'm sorry to those whose races I ruined with the spoilers in the headlines. Like I commented in the other story, thanks for your patience while I find my feet (and remove them from my mouth) here at MotoMatters.

Crap happens sometimes... Not THAT big a deal

Thanks for your efforts to help bring more WSBK to the site!

Got to be the heroics from Leon Haslam..not only riding with a broken leg that was pinned 2 days before the race..but making wholesale and total changes to his bike between races to finish an incredible 5th..as good as Biaggi's ride was..and it was classic and superb..that's my opinion...

Incidentally..should the other teams be worried about how easy he breezed past them on the straights???


If you look at the top speed charts, you'll see that the BMW was just 1 mph off the speed of the Aprilia. That little Italian rocketship is fast because of the way it makes power, because of its handling and because of the way it puts the power to the pavement. The Yamaha and BMW make (made) their speed more through brute force; the Yamaha actually was faster at several tracks than the Aprilia last year. I would be willing to bet that the Aprilia is probably the third most-powerful bike in the bunch.

I think either Biaggi's or Checa's heroics would qualify them as rider of the day before Haslam. Honestly, I think the guy's overrated and often rides beyond the level of his talent. I mean, his new teammate shows up at the first event, and riding conservatively, scores the best BMW finish ever. That probably hurt Haslam more than the broken bones.

I see your point.

But I dissaggree..Haslam worked wonders on the Stiggy Honda and The Batta Suzuki with no factory support at Stiggy and next to none from Suzuki...He was very unlucky to not win the title that year when overcompensating for the Suzuki's lack of progress.

I think you will find Melandri's 2nd place is more to do with that BMW have FINALLY junked their own electronics and got in outside help and it has transformed the bikes than any lack of talent on Haslams front. I think he's one of the hardest racers out there and pre-season testing has shown some excellent speed..If he can get fully fit and stay there expect him to be challenging for podiums and race wins regularly and I think him and his teammate will be some of the best battles we see this year.


It would not hurt to see the BMW mixing it up at the front! But I still think they've got a ways to go.

If you look at the gap to the front from Aussie races, they're still at least a half-second a lap off the pace. The gap to the leader - one stat I look at - came down only about a second, maybe two, from Phillip Island 2011 to Phillip Island 2012.

It is also interesting to me that Haslam and Melandri were running together for much of Race Two. Makes me wonder if they've already found the limit of the bike in its current configuration.

I am wondering if an inline-Four with a traditional firing order is no longer a WSBK-winning configuration - it is certainly not a WSBK title-winning configuration.

Of course, it's way too early to reach any firm conclusions. I am still gathering data, and will make my predictions for 2012 right after the Magny Cours round ...;)

Well all i will say..regardless..i was so overjoyed that racing was back I really enjoyed both races..

I may be no fan of Biaggi but his comeback was superb to see...and as much as I like Checa it's nice to know there is the odd chink in the armour..also good to see the big green meanie up there...Philip Island is a bit of a peculiarity as a track and also suffers from high winds which will probably effect the bigger bikes far more...

It really starts when we get to Europe then we'll see how they are...on paper though I'd think a V4 would be an ideal configuration for Superbike racing...well it seems that way to me..lets hope the season and the race for the title is more interesting than it seemed at Philip Island..alll the best racing was going on further down the field..and kudos to the director for showing alot of it :-)