2012 IRTA Moto3 Jerez Test Day 3 Times - Viñales On Record Pace

Maverick Viñales has confirmed his status as preseason favorite for the inaugural Moto3 crown by ending the three-day Moto3 test at Jerez with a comfortable lead and right on record pace. The Avintia rider fell just nine thousandths of Marc Marquez' 125cc record, putting the Moto3 bikes roughly in line with the pace of the two-stroke 125s that they replace.

Danny Kent led the chasing pack, ending four tenths behind Viñales on the Red Bull KTM. The impressive Italian Romano Fenati took 3rd spot on the FTR Honda, holding off Sandro Cortese and Zulfahmi Khairuddin, while Gresini's Niccolo Antonelli was the last rider to get within a second of Viñales' time. 

With the test now ended, the Moto3 riders pack up their things and head to Qatar, ready for the first race on April 8th.


Pos Rider Team Bike Time Diff Previous
1 Maverick VIÑALES Avintia Racing Moto3 FTR Honda 1:46.838    
2 Danny KENT Red Bull KTM Ajo KTM 1:47.262 0.424 0.424
3 Romano FENATI Team Italia FMI FTR Honda 1:47.408 0.570 0.146
4 Sandro CORTESE Red Bull KTM Ajo KTM 1:47.437 0.599 0.029
5 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN AirAsia-SIC-Ajo KTM 1:47.491 0.653 0.054
6 Niccolo ANTONELLI San Carlo Gresini Moto3 Honda 1:47.759 0.921 0.268
7 Alberto MONCAYO Bankia Aspar Team Kalex KTM 1:48.045 1.207 0.286
8 Miguel OLIVEIRA Estrella Galicia 0'0 Suter Honda 1:48.245 1.407 0.200
9 Alex RINS Estrella Galicia 0'0 Honda 1:48.350 1.512 0.105
10 Louis ROSSI Racing Team Germany FTR Honda 1:48.369 1.531 0.019
11 Hector FAUBEL Bankia Aspar Team Kalex KTM 1:48.483 1.645 0.114
12 Luis SALOM RW Racing GP Kalex KTM 1:48.488 1.650 0.005
13 Alexis MASBOU Caretta Technology Honda 1:48.556 1.718 0.068
14 Arthur SISSIS Red Bull KTM Ajo KTM 1:48.675 1.837 0.119
15 Jakub KORNFEIL Redox-Ongetta-Centro Seta Honda 1:48.937 2.099 0.262
16 Efren VAZQUEZ JHK Laglisse Honda 1:49.139 2.301 0.202
17 Alan TECHER Technomag-CIP-TSR Honda 1:49.155 2.317 0.016
18 Brad BINDER RW Racing GP Kalex KTM 1:49.317 2.479 0.162
19 Adrian MARTIN JHK Laglisse Honda 1:49.397 2.559 0.080
20 Jack MILLER Caretta Technology Honda 1:49.546 2.708 0.149
21 Alessandro TONUCCI Team Italia FMI FTR Honda 1:49.553 2.715 0.007
22 Danny WEBB Mahindra Racing Mahindra 1:49.739 2.901 0.186
23 Marcel SCHROTTER Mahindra Racing Mahindra 1:49.751 2.913 0.012
24 Toni FINSTERBUSCH Cresto Guide MZ Racing MZ-RE Honda 1:50.119 3.281 0.368
25 Kenta FUJII Technomag-CIP-TSR Honda 1:50.268 3.430 0.149
26 Ivan MORENO Andalucia JHK Laglisse FTR Honda 1:50.285 3.447 0.017
27 Isaac VIÑALES Ongetta-Centro Seta Honda 1:50.425 3.587 0.140
28 Jasper IWEMA Moto FGR FGR Honda 1:50.878 4.040 0.453
29 Jonas FOLGER IodaRacing Project IODA 1:51.401 4.563 0.523
30 Simone GROTZKYJ Ambrogio Next Racing ORAL 1:52.320 5.482 0.919
31 Luigi MORCIANO Ioda Team Italia IODA 1:52.344 5.506 0.024


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I'm surprised they are nearly already at 125 record pace. Impressive work and shows what happens when purpose designed race engines are used in race bikes.

Also interested in what the Geo Engineering kit for the Honda involves and what the pricing structure is.


I apologize and cringe at the probable reactions of die hard racing purists:

Is Paris Hilton still sponsoring any of the teams?

As a 2 stroke fan its sad to realize that 2 strokes have been wiped off the GP circuit.4 strokes with double the capacity are being used to get anywhere near the '2T's.Anywhere back to the topic yeah vinales is looking in great shape.Also Webb is lying too low, mahindra need to improve their bikes.

Offtopic, but I find it hard to comprehend why someone would be a fan of the concept of 2 strokes... It's an engine configuration and not a team or rider.

Besides that, 4 stroke technology is more interesting, from a technological as well as a spectator point of view, more varied and just all around better. For motorcycles anyway.

On Moto3, good to see they're already at the 125 pace. It's a bit of a shame only KTM and Honda seem to be anywhere close near the front. I had hoped the new regulations would have given the independants more of a chance. Oh well, at least there's 2 brands fighting for the win now in stead of only Aprilia.

Some would say an engine that has 75% less moving parts and 50% less weight is something to be a fan of.

There are many areas that people have interests and preferences in. For me it is innovation more than any factory or rider that I like. And yes, I find the current situation extremely painful.

I found it amusing when the spec tire debacle was being introduced and Rossi was saying that nobody is a fan of a tire brand. I find that a lot of people have preferred tire brands that they stick to, both cars and bikes. It was one of the areas where race development quickly made its way to street riders. Now it's largely an innovation-free industry. Oh, well.


A two stroke fires on every rotation of the piston a four stroke does not. This makes the capacity figures fairly immaterial as the two types of engines do not use the combustion chamber at the same rate.

It is sad to see them go.

Nice to see a few guys going as fast as the 2-strokes, and Vignales even half a second clear from the rest. Still some work to do for the others. However, there are also some names on the bottom of the list I didn't expect there. Danny Webb, Jonas Folger, even Jasper Iwema did better in the (recent) past. How come?