2012 IRTA MotoGP Jerez Test Day 1 Times, Final: Stoner Posts a Late Flyer

Final times at the end of the first day of testing at Jerez:

Pos Rider Team Bike Time Diff Prev.
1 Casey Stoner Repsol Honda Honda 1:39.146    
2 Jorge Lorenzo Factory Yamaha Yamaha 1:39.419 0.273 0.273
3 Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda Honda 1:39.579 0.433 0.160
4 Ben Spies Factory Yamaha Yamaha 1:39.984 0.838 0.405
5 Cal Crutchlow Monster Tech 3 Yamaha 1:40.130 0.984 0.146
6 Nicky Hayden Ducati Factory Ducati 1:40.512 1.366 0.382
7 Alvaro Bautista San Carlo Gresini Honda 1:40.545 1.399 0.033
8 Andrea Dovizioso Monster Tech 3 Yamaha 1:40.665 1.519 0.120
9 Valentino Rossi Ducati Factory Ducati 1:40.920 1.774 0.255
10 Stefan Bradl LCR Honda Honda 1:40.983 1.837 0.063
11 Randy de Puniet Power Electronics Aspar Aprilia ART 1:41.015 1.869 0.032
12 Hector Barbera Pramac Ducati 1:41.388 2.242 0.373
13 Karel Abraham Cardion AB Ducati 1:41.603 2.457 0.215
14 Aleix Espargaro Power Electronics Aspar Aprilia ART 1:42.293 3.147 0.690
15 Franco Battaini Ducati Test Team Ducati 1:42.403 3.257 0.110
16 Colin Edwards NGM Mobile Forward Suter BMW 1:42.462 3.316 0.059
17 Michele Pirro San Carlo Gresini FTR Honda 1:42.655 3.509 0.193
18 Danilo Petrucci IODA Racing IODA Aprilia 1:42.750 3.604 0.095
19 Mattia Pasini Speed Master Aprilia ART 1:43.006 3.860 0.256
20 Yonny Hernandez Avintia Racing FTR Kawasaki 1:43.437 4.291 0.431
21 James Ellison PBM UK Aprilia ART 1:43.477 4.331 0.040
22 Ivan Silva Avintia Racing FTR Kawasaki 1:44.293 5.147 0.816
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So, does this mean Rossi can forget about podiums? I mean, he's 1.7 adrift of Stoner, newbie Stefan Bradl is right behind him and the first CRT bike is less then 0,1 behind him. And what about the rest of the CRT's? Silva more then 5 seconds off the pace? I think a 600 could be faster there...

But, it's nice to see so many names on the list.

I think everyone is putting far too much stock in to testing times. Go back and take a look at the '07 testing times...the last pre-season for a new platform. It wasn't Stoner who was dominating, and he ran away with the Championship that year from the get go.

Testing is just that, a Test. We won't know what everyone's really got until they roll out of the crates in Qatar.

Of course Stoner is the pre-season favorite, but that bike is certainly farther along than any of the others...let's wait until race day;)

I thought they were all going to be chasing times this weekend...

I disagree. If Rossi was .4-.5 seconds off Stoner I might grant that the gap wasn't a big deal. But almost 1.8 seconds back!? That's an eternity, especially when you consider he's considered the GOAT by many and on a full factory ride. If this season is a bust too, where does Rossi go? Honda? Suzuki if they come back? WSBK? Or are we seeing something major.... Interesting times!

I get the feeling if this year proves the same as last, he may well sign for an Aprillia ART. He has history with the factory from his 125cc and 250cc days, and Dorna would certainly assist/payroll the move.
Other than a move to WSBK with Ducati (would he want to ride the panigale?), Aprillia is the bike to have there to...

From the very first time he jumped aboard the Ducati (Valencia test 2006), Stoner was only a few tenths behind Rossi then pretty much at the top of the next tests.
And if you want to see if Stoner dominating test on a RCV is anything to predict the championship, just take a look at 2011...

I don't see how this year could be anything but a duel between Casey and Jorge. Except maybe for a season-long healthy Dani, which is yet to be seen.

Moto2 - 1st fastest - Claudio CORTI Italtrans Racing Team 1:41.983

MotoGP - 14th fastest - Aleix ESPARGARO Power Electronics Aspar 1:42.293

9 MotoGP bikes slower than Moto2 and Colin Edwards couldn't win a Moto2 race on his machine

Am I reading this right?


It looks like the weather will remain at the same level into Monday. Huge relief for the teams. The times today indicate a trend. Should the weather remain stet as predicted,the data is invaluable as of today. For Bridgestone too. Clearly,Yamaha have done a great job from the factory, team and through to the riders.
I won't get too involved with the final placings,other than to say that at a circuit like Jerez it was expected that CRT would close the gap. By that much from RdP and a few others was welcomely unexpected.

Did anyone run full softs and was the track (temp) in good enough condition to make use of them? ISTR that this test at this time of year is often cold and damp first thing in the morning, even some times with fog[1]. And then it's day one. At least in theory, teams should be testing stuff that means a quick time may not be possible.

[1] 1st year of the 800s, Jerez final test. Camping illegally above turn 9 on Fri morning. Horrible sherry hangover. Circuit shrouded in fog at daybreak. Kylie Minogue "I should be so lucky" fires up over the circuit tannoy. Shortly after it clears, Vermeulen is out on the Suzuki on his own. Magic!

re compounds, David just tweeted this;

"Tire controversy: Bridgestone have 2 tires, codes 21 and 24. Stoner doesn't like the 21, loves the 24, everyone else loves the 21, not 24"

[edit] and at this stage Bridgestone only know what those codes mean, ie hard/soft

Oh yeah, that's right...

"Engine controversy: Honda have 2 engines, codes bigbang and screamer. Doohan doesn't like the bigbang, loves the screamer, everyone else loves the bigbang, not screamer"

Playin' those mind games...

Surely all of you that this test is in preparation for Qatar as all manufacturers have stated within their news reporting. The final settings will be their start for new ash fault because it will have to be tweaked for colder ground of the night.

As for the times, yeah its possible that Stoner could be sandbagging it but he does not seem like the type to slow down.

As for Rossi's time, yeah that is concerning but it's the first day so he may just need more time since he has better sense of feel for the front then Nicky who is more to bully the bike into a corner but not like Stoner.

Is just that, a test. Bikes will only really start moving forward once they are put through the real rigours and pressures of racing. Only in races do we find that extra percent.

Let's give the CRT's some more time. They are still newborn infants at this stage...

Most of the CRT bikes have had hundreds of miles put behind them as this stage, so how can you describe them as such? This isn't Valencia 2011, this is the final test before the first round, and at this point it seems that most of the CRT riders (outside of de Puniet, maybe even Edwards and Espargaro) would do well to even qualify within 3 seconds of the fastest qualifying times..

As they haven't even turned a wheel in anger in a real race yet. Compare the moto 2 times from their first tests to now. As has been said, give the CRTs some time.

Loving seeing those Aprilia CRTs nudging the top 10 already!

Apart from the BMW-Suter which has been around for a while and worryingly isn't much faster than the newborns!
Pirro's FTR-Honda has only done 20 laps before this test!
Petrucci, Pasini and Ellison may have had a hundred laps under their belt before this test.
Then the Aspar Aprilias and FTR-Kawasakis have had something like 4 tests before this weekend.

So yes, they are newborns, are 4 seconds off the pace for the slowest but still pretty far from exploiting their potential, obviously they will be closer by the end of the season after proper development.

And Randy is already beating 2 Ducatis so CRT has a point, why lease 3 millions € bikes when you can buy 1 million € bike?