2012 Jerez MotoGP Race Result: Race-Long Duel Keeps Tension To The End

Results and summary of the MotoGP race at Jerez:

Casey Stoner has broken his Jerez jinx at last, holding off a race-long challenge from Jorge Lorenzo to take his first ever victory at the track in all of the many years and classes he has raced here. 

The opening few laps were hectic, with Dani Pedrosa getting off the line and into Turn 1 first ahead of Jorge Lorenzo, while Cal Crutchlow sneaked through on Nicky Hayden to get through to 3rd. A group of six quickly broke away, the Repsol Honda of Dani Pedrosa leading, while behind him, Andrea Dovizioso, Jorge Lorenzo, Nicky Hayden, Casey Stoner and Cal Crutchlow jostled for positions. Lorenzo pushed the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha of Dovizioso wide, shuffling the Italian back through the field, and putting Casey Stoner in position to attack.

That came on lap 3, when five men headed down the back straight and into the Dry Sack corner all abreast. Leading into the corner did Pedrosa no good, pushing wide and allowing Stoner and Lorenzo through, while Nicky Hayden also snuck through to take 3rd. Stoner proceeded to pile on the pressure, pulling away fast, with only Jorge Lorenzo capable of following.

The race turned into a battle of nerves, with Stoner leading but Lorenzo never far behind. In the final five laps, Lorenzo started to close the gap, getting right onto the Repsol Honda's tail, but that caused Stoner to up the pace for the penultimate lap. The gap he pulled was enough to see him win comfortably, coming after a difficult weekend.

The final spot of the podium would be decided after a tense race-long fight as well. Nicky Hayden's early pace soon faded, and Andrea Dovizioso lost out too later on, leaving just Dani Pedrosa and a impressive Cal Crutchlow chasing the Repsol Honda. Hayden had held Pedrosa and Crutchlow up long enough for them to be out of reach, but Crutchlow had a genuine shot at his first podium all the way to the line. In the end, Pedrosa was just a fraction too fast, maintaining the gap just large enough to prevent the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha rider from having a go, and securing the final spot on the podium for himself. But with Crutchlow having matched the pace of the front runners all race long, he can only be happy with himself.

Andrea Dovizioso was forced to settle 5th, unable to match the pace of his teammate, while Alvaro Bautista won the battle of the satellite Hondas to take 6th spot well ahead of Stefan Bradl. Nicky Hayden dropped back to Bradl, but could match the German's pace, finishing as first Ducati well ahead of his teammate Valentino Rossi, who had his hands full all race long fending off Hector Barbera.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 1 Casey STONER HONDA 45'33.897  
2 99 Jorge LORENZO YAMAHA 45'34.844 0.947
3 26 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 45'35.960 2.063
4 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW YAMAHA 45'36.362 2.465
5 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO YAMAHA 45'51.997 18.100
6 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA HONDA 45'55.292 21.395
7 6 Stefan BRADL HONDA 46'02.534 28.637
8 69 Nicky HAYDEN DUCATI 46'02.766 28.869
9 46 Valentino ROSSI DUCATI 46'08.749 34.852
10 8 Hector BARBERA DUCATI 46'09.000 35.103
11 11 Ben SPIES YAMAHA 46'11.938 38.041
12 41 Aleix ESPARGARO ART 46'46.625 1'12.728
13 9 Danilo PETRUCCI IODA 46'52.566 1'18.669
14 54 Mattia PASINI ART 47'03.039 1'29.142
15 22 Ivan SILVA BQR 47'06.375 1'32.478
16 5 Colin EDWARDS SUTER 47'14.474 1'40.577
17 17 Karel ABRAHAM DUCATI 45'49.303 1 lap
Not Classified
  14 Randy DE PUNIET ART 43'10.607 2 laps
  77 James ELLISON ART 41'42.441 3 laps
  51 Michele PIRRO FTR 31'18.008 9 laps
Not finished first lap
  68 Yonny HERNANDEZ BQR    


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I was expecting Lorenzo to pass Stoner on the last corner with a few laps to go, but somehow Casey managed to stay ahead! I'm impressed.

For those who thought Stoner was done after a hard first race and weekend so far, think again!

Pedrosa better get ready to muscle himself more, that was where he lost the race in the first few laps and then when he was unable to dispatch Cal, Hayden and Dovi quickly.

is getting more and more repectable. Seems like the bigger bikes fit him like a glove!

Hayden was never going to keep 3rd, but he must have given it everything and more to hold on for so long. He still put the same 6 seconds at the flag over Rossi again, by the way.

Good season ahead.
Looks like the three we always thought would be competing for the front are indeed going to be doing just that. But it will be close and you can see each of them winning races this year. Dani looks promising, Jorge just wont give up and Casey just has to be a fraction off his best to lose the top spot on the podium anywhere.
Interesting to hear the talk from Dani and Jorge rueing not having taken the hard front tyre... Dani conceded that it was a hard choice influenced by what Jorge and Casey were wearing. Great race from Cal... fantastic to see another face up there. Whats the problem with Ben Spies?
Hopefully Ducati can take sonmething from the race that they can build on. we need Ducati and Rossi back there and competing more strongly...like Nicki did for a while.

Rossi fastest lap 1.41.062
Nicky fastest lap 1.41.363

It's the end of the line for Presiozis ducati, it really is a turd and no amount of anti Rossi bullshit can change that fact.. no one in their right mind chooses a losing formula over a winning one except ducati..
Someone over on mcn was asking why the gp12.? didn't handle like the wsbk effort. I reckon it does, but it doesn't benefit from having the extra 200ccs and massive low down torque(power characteristics) that comes with it. I suspect if you put a 1000cc Honda /Suzuki/Yam engine in the wsbk duke it would be nowhere. He hinted at it himself when expressed his wish that he could run the wsbk design in motogp.. They need a new designer.
Writing already on the wall for yamaha, Casey comfortably beating Jorge whilst in damage limitation mode(armpump) . Jorge seeing caseys front tyre at the end and his exasperation at it's condition( I suspect more from caseys riding style than anything else) said it all...
No overtaking at the front for the last 15 laps?? despite him being an old man motogp has never needed Rossi on a competitive bike more than it does today.. Dornas main priority will be to make sure it isn't on at the same time as anything else remotely interesting unless you have anytime+ of course... One for 'purists'.

I was thinking the opposite. The whole race was a corker with some beautiful riding going on, even a Ducati in the mix! ...and Valentino Rossi was nowhere to be seen. It's evidence that motogp is alive and well and doesn't need a dash of yellow in the recipe.
I guess I'm a purist.

I reckon it does, but it doesn't benefit from having the extra 200ccs and massive low down torque(power characteristics) that comes with it.

Rossi's main problems are (and were) with corner entry, torque and engine characteristics wont change this. This is a pure chassis problem. David thinks it's the 90° engine configuration and the weight distribution that goes with this design, but maybe Preziosi made some other errors with the geometry of the frame.

Casey Stoner surely knows how to shock people! Against all odds, I'm impressed! Bravo!

Yep. When Lorenzo closed to within 0.4 seconds, I was thinking hard pass near the end & job done. But Casey found something. He's going to make me work for that money I bet on Lorenzo. Great racing in all 3 classes. Again!

Casey Stoner surely knows how to shock people! Against all odds, I'm impressed! Bravo!

= 2 wins for Stoner, 2 seconds for Jorge and 2 thirds for Dani. Thats the trend for the season.

Great ride by Cal but there's a few Cal fans getting well ahead of themselves. He had the hard front which would have been worth half a second a lap by the end of the race.

Spies will shine again at the next properly dry round, and he needs to.

There was arm pump. Lorenzo won Qatar. That makes 1 win, 1 third for Stoner, 1 win 1 second for Lorenzo and 2 thirds for Dani. No woulda, coulda, ifs in history. Might as well say a win for Rossi if he got along with the Ducati. Didn't happen. History is what happened. Now future if's are another story. Stoner arm pump could get chronic and throw his championship as the races pile on or.. arm pump is managed and it makes for a hard fight or... arm pump is solved & the man blazes into decisive victory again this year.


Perhaps you should've compared slowest or average lap times!!
I think you would've found Hayden the faster rider.

The Ducati may be a turd but the so called worlds best rider (and highest paid) should be first turd home to be taken seriously.

As Mick Doohan said in the Australian commentary for this race, Development follows the lead rider, and that rider at the moment for Ducati is Hayden.

"...As Mick Doohan said in the Australian commentary for this race, Development follows the lead rider, and that rider at the moment for Ducati is Hayden."

Julian Ryder even made a joke about Vito Guareschi being captured by the TV cameras standing in Nicky Hayden's side of the Ducati garage. Apparently he was doing a bit of slumming.

Thoroughly entertaining and surprising. I was thrilled a few weeks back to see Lorenzo finally get the Qatar monkey off his back in the premier class. Likewise,Stoner finally at Jerez. Great racing and performances all round.
Tech 3 Cal must be getting into Ben's head more than a little by now and everyone expected it would be Dovi.
I enjoyed the battle between Barbera and Rossi too. Looked like they enjoyed it and IODA get points on the board. Nice. Nicky went for broke and again top Ducati. Nice. Stefan Bradl is certainly making LCR proud.

Neither Jarvis nor Preziosi held a gun to his head and forced him to leave the former and join the latter. Anyway it looked as though he had some fun today.
Beating Spies must have given him some satisfaction.

Anyone else spot Rossi and Barbera's post-flag spat? Rossi cruises past Hector and offers the traditional handshake which H refuses pointedly by looking in the opposite direction! Rossi then offers another Italian gesture in Hector's direction...could be some season-long entertainment there?!

Can't believe Barbera did that. What the hell ? When he ran Rossi off track in the previous race ?! When Rossi finally acknowledges he has to give his all to beat him, and just raises his hand to salute him ?

Shame on you Hector.

Completely agree. Enjoyed David's Saturday Round Up too. He has gone back to talking about the racing in all three classes, which is epic this year. The trials & tribulations of the guy finishing 10th & 9th get a little section at the end. Pity we couldn't do that with the comments!

Fenati is unbelievable!

From an Italian translation, it seems like they did shake at the second attempt by Rossi. Something was also said about accepting the Ducati handling characteristics being different to the Japenese, and trying to work with it, rather than against it. I'm sure all be be made clearer soon.

A mention too, of Lorenzo having said Yamaha would welcome Rossi back...

All in all, a more upbeat Rossi attitude after this race.

Did anyone else hear Cal after the race? He seemed very angry about Nick & Gavin's apparent claims that he needs to race for his contract. I think Nick denied it straight away. Seems like Cal has a rather large bee in his bonnet, but if it makes him ride like this, don't let it out!

In fairness, Crutchlow had a very patchy year last year, and incurred Poncharal's ire on a couple of occasions. And everyone is racing for a contract, it's a competitive business. Good job by Crutchlow so far this year, but it's still early days.

I don't believe he is racing for his contract ... Cal is racing for Ben Spies' contract.
With Dovi on his tail.

I agree he's on form to take the factory seat, but to me he seemed to have a rather large chip on his shoulder, and as as far as I know, there's been nothing but praise for him this year. His attitude just seemed strange to me.

I'm not a Spies believer, but I like the guy. I sure don't envy him right now though, he's not defending his seat very well...

Least favorite part of Cal's race was where he just threw it into the corner in the pack and hoped for the best, almost taking out Hayden (whom he physically pushed all the way to the outside).

That was stupid on cal's part and lucky that no one crashed.

David, a correction, Stoner has won on this track before, in his junior 125cc Spanish championship years, before he joined the GP circus.

I found that out later. I wasn't sure whether he won in the CEV or not, so I played it safe. He never won in any Grand Prix class though.