2012 Aragon MotoGP Test Final Times: Yamahas Take Clean Sweep At Dusty Aragon Test

Jorge Lorenzo has topped the timesheets at the MotoGP test at Aragon circuit, ending the day just a tenth short of Casey Stoner's race lap record at the track set here last year. Lorenzo led a Yamaha clean sweep: Factory Yamaha teammate Ben Spies was 2nd fastest, with the Monster Tech 3 riders Cal Crutchlow and Andrea Dovizioso in 3rd and 4th, all four riders spaced fairly evenly a quarter a second or so apart. Hector Barbera was once again the fastest Ducati, finishing just ahead of factory man Nicky Hayden, while Alvaro Bautista ended the session as 7th fastest, ahead of Valentino Rossi. The Repsol Honda team had decided against going to Aragon after it became apparent that Bridgestone did not have the new spec front tire available to test at the circuit.


Pos Rider Bike Time Diff Prev.
1 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 1:49.187    
2 Ben Spies Yamaha 1:49.442 0.255 0.255
3 Cal Crutchlow Yamaha 1:49.687 0.500 0.245
4 Andrea Dovizioso Yamaha 1:49.887 0.700 0.200
5 Hector Barbera Ducati 1:50.196 1.009 0.309
6 Nicky Hayden Ducati 1:50.204 1.017 0.008
7 Alvaro Bautista Honda 1:50.294 1.107 0.090
8 Valentino Rossi Ducati 1:50.369 1.182 0.075
9 Stefan Bradl Honda 1:51.146 1.959 0.777
10 Karel Abraham Ducati 1:51.977 2.790 0.831
11 Michele Pirro FTR Honda 1:52.452 3.265 0.475
12 Yonny Hernandez FTR Kawasaki 1:52.502 3.315 0.050
13 Colin Edwards Suter BMW 1:52.589 3.402 0.087
14 Ivan Silva FTR Kawasaki 1:53.929 4.742 1.340

Race lap record: 2011 - Casey Stoner, Honda, 1:49.046
Pole lap record: 2011 - Casey Stoner, Honda, 1:48.451

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Ben can be fast and up at sharp end when it's not a race environment.

Unrelated, obviously, but i know i can serve great and bring the heat when only in practice, but i sometimes choke during the game because i become too aware of each separate movement - paralysis by analysis.

Ben must be lost in his own kitchen or Mr. Jarvis has him worried. Or the latter brought on the former.

Not sure if you have seen any of Ben's battles in AMA but there can be no doubt he can race well in a race environment. I know this will spark comparisons between AMA, WSBK and MotoGp but that is not what it is meant to do, all have fierce competitors whether the machinery is similar or not, Mladin being one of the fiercest.

Of course i watched Ben; been reading about him for a long time too. I agree he can race.

You must admit, however, that there is obviously something going on in his grill right now.

I would argue that there is nothing wrong with Ben currently, other then some bad luck in the last couple of races. The crazy chatter race, the broken visor race (get a real helmet ben!) the crash last race.

It did take him a few races to look comfortable, and if I might diagnose this out of my ass then I would suggest it's because he spent the off season retraining his muscles for push bikes. By his own admission he did not touch a motorbike.

Considering the satellite bikes wouldn't be all that Far removed from their factory counterparts this early into a new formula it has to be a concern to Honda that their satellite bikes are being beaten by not only the satellite Yamahas but also two Ducatis, one of them being the Pramac bike. Looks like Honda have fallen behind the competition with the new formula, just as they did when the 800cc rules we're brought in.

It seems pretty obvious that the spec tyre rule does not result in equal chances, but even worse, it prevents you from choosing a tyre that does work for you. Instead you are forced to use a tyre that someone else likes.
But of course there are some powerful people out there that benefit from this whole tyre deal, so common sense won't make it go away.
What's next? A spec ECU? A spec engine? O wait, we already have that in moto2. Still some people are winning more than others, so obviously it is still not fair. What about a spec chassis? And to be absolutely sure, a spec rider? Only then it will be really fair to the teams.
Come on, this is supposed to be Grand Prix, the pinnacle of motorcycle technology. Can we please have our thoroughbred racing back?

I think people who prefer spec rules in Motogp are surely in the minority, but at this point s#%t got out of hand cost wise. So I believe the choice is more accurately : Motogp with some spec rules OR no motogp.......

All these rules are not saving anyone any money, well, except the CRTs which are a joke and probably wouldn't even be competitive in superbike.

The only problem with motoGP is the people who run it.

Anyone stating that Ben Spies has little or no racecraft, must have started watching bike racing in 2012.

You dont become AMA 3 time champ, WSBK champ(in one try) and GP's only other dry race winner(other than the aliens) by not having racecraft.

Big Ol Ben is having a slump, or a bad luck streak or whatever, but I'm pretty sure he will put himself together before the season is over. The damage is done, no doubt, but Ben Spies is GP material for sure.

Just my opinion!

but if you're insinuating I stated he has no race craft, you either misinterpreted my statement or are deliberately drawing inaccurate conclusions.

Are we to now share how long we've been watching motorsports prior to a post?

I think I and others may have taken this quote to be a bit more then it was:
"Ben can be fast and up at sharp end when it's not a race environment."
I took it as you meant he was a good practice rider but couldn't race with others originally. Now I am thinking you didn't mean it like that :)

The spec tire was supposed to reduce costs by reducing choices. Before the spec rule ducatis had a tire that functioned well enough that a confirmed front end rider like caparossi could win.
Then Bridgestone eliminated that carcass and designed for the majority of the bikes on the course. At that point Kawasaki Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, and Ducati were all members of the group which decides what tires to use. Ducati was the only trellis framed 90 degree engine of the bunch. It was out voted.
Now, there are only three manufacturers. On perfect tires for them, the Honda is unapproachable by any but Lorenzo on form. On other tires, the Yamaha excells, the Honda has chatter (which beats pedrosa to death and causes arm pump for their best rider. So what tires do they vote on? The ducks run closer to the yamahas, so they choose tires that are difficult for Honda to ride.
As to Spies, it seems he just lost a little focus this year. The pressure being placed on him for his seat this year is extremel. Crutchlow and Divioso are incredibly fast, and I believe that the satellite Yamaha's are a lot closer to the factory Yamaha's than the satellite Hondas are to the factory.
Whatever is going on, if it keeps the racing is tight for as many laps as it was last week I'm all for it.

My take on the spec tire situation is that in the old days if you got bad tires from the tire supplier you chose... well you chose them. this happened at the end with the last tire supplied by Michelin. Engineering error oh well. But now you have to use the tires someone else chose. If the tires do not work for you it is really easy to feel crapped on.

I'm all for BS changing the spec tyre, it's been the same for a while now and nearly everyone has struggled or complained at one time or another... Single spec should not mean zero progress. The old spec tyre has made motogp competitiveness unavailable for all but those who spend the very most money a situation no longer acceptable and an excuse for many to not even consider it..Very possibly the single biggest stumbling block between a good spectacle and a bad one. So BS build a tyre that works more like a normal tyre and therefore opens the sport up to more than one team.. Can only be seen as a good thing, in the past teams just got on with it when the rules changed and not so long a go, you had no choice to work on the tyres as the competition would leave you behind. Honda haven't got half the problems they make out, the last race was a complete cock up because they chose to the run the wrong tyres and their marketing has tried to use it as leverage for BS not to change things.. Things have to change all the teams know it and should just get on with it as they have in the past.