2012 Brno MotoGP Race Result: Thrilling Last Lap Settles Close Race

Result and summary of the MotoGP race at Brno:

Dani Pedrosa has taken his third victory of the season in a breathtaking final-lap battle with Jorge Lorenzo. Pedrosa's victory closes the championship gap to just 13 points, blowing the title chase open once again.

Lorenzo got away from the line first, with Pedrosa quickly on his tail. Cal Crutchlow made good use of his front-row start to slot in behind Pedrosa, while Andrea Dovizoso slipped through into 4th. Valentino Rossi also benefited from his strong qualifying, slipping into 5th as he chased Pedrosa and the Yamahas round the track. A big puff of smoke from Rossi's engine at the start of lap 2 raised worries about his engine, but Rossi pushed on, appearing not to notice.

At first, Crutchlow and Dovizioso could follow Lorenzo and Pedrosa, but the factory men soon started to gap the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha pairing. Lorenzo pushed on, cranking up the pace lap by lap, but he could not shake off Pedrosa. The Repsol Honda man stalked the factory Yamaha, until he was shown a large "OK" on his pit board by his team. 

It was a sign to attack, and a couple of laps later, Pedrosa was past Lorenzo going into Turn 13, the first part of the final chicane at Brno. It was the turn of Lorenzo to stalk Pedrosa, and the Factory Yamaha man set about probing for a weakness in Pedrosa's defense. The bottom of the hill into Turn 10 seemed like a good place, Lorenzo carrying much more corner speed than Pedrosa's point-and-shoot style, but there was no way through for the Yamaha man.

As the laps ticked down, the two men cranked up the pressure on each other, until on the final lap, everything came to a boil. Having to defend so hard made Pedrosa run fractionally wide going into T3, and Lorenzo smelled blood for the first time. A couple of corners later and Lorenzo was past, elbowing Pedrosa aside through the stadium section. But Pedrosa was not done yet. He had a sniff of Lorenzo on the way down the hill but it was only on the way up that he finally got a shot. Pedrosa outbraked Lorenzo in the penultimate corner, Lorenzo desperately trying to hang on around the outside. It would not be enough, the Yamaha man running wide and allowing Pedrosa to hold his line. Pedrosa took a thrilling victory, and closed the gap in the championship by 5 points.

Behind the leaders, Cal Crutchlow rode a lonely race to a historic first podium for a British rider for 12 years, since Jeremy McWilliams took 3rd at Donington Park in 2000. Crutchlow could not quite manage the pace of the front runners, but his strong and consistent pace was too much for his teammate Andrea Dovizioso, the Italian forced to settle for 4th. Stefan Bradl came home a strong 5th, the LCR Honda man having worked his way past both Alvaro Bautista and Valentino Rossi. After a good start, Valentino Rossi looked like being on for a strong result, running in 5th for the first part of the race. But a blowout of oil via a breather into the airbox saw oil sprayed all over his boot and footpeg, which caused him to lose time, then a sliding rear tire saw his pace drop off severely, finishing back in 7th. Randy de Puniet won the battle of the CRT bikes to come home in 8th, ahead of Karel Abraham on the Cardion AB Ducati and Aleix Espargaro on the other Power Electronics Aspar ART machine.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 26 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 42'51.570  
2 99 Jorge LORENZO YAMAHA 42'51.748 0.178
3 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW YAMAHA 43'03.913 12.343
4 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO YAMAHA 43'10.161 18.591
5 6 Stefan BRADL HONDA 43'17.152 25.582
6 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA HONDA 43'21.021 29.451
7 46 Valentino ROSSI DUCATI 43'26.084 34.514
8 14 Randy DE PUNIET ART 43'55.855 1'04.285
9 17 Karel ABRAHAM DUCATI 43'59.848 1'08.278
10 41 Aleix ESPARGARO ART 44'01.542 1'09.972
11 24 Toni ELIAS DUCATI 44'01.573 1'10.003
12 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ BQR 44'15.610 1'24.040
13 5 Colin EDWARDS SUTER 44'19.468 1'27.898
14 51 Michele PIRRO FTR 44'27.735 1'36.165
15 77 James ELLISON ART 44'32.135 1'40.565
16 54 Mattia PASINI ART 44'32.796 1'41.226
17 9 Danilo PETRUCCI IODA 42'59.186 1
Not Classified
  22 Ivan SILVA BQR 18'19.728 13 laps
  11 Ben SPIES YAMAHA 15'53.910 14 laps


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... Really??


Dani shows his teeth!

For everybody that thought this championship is over coz Jorge is to strong...


Thank you Dani for this race. I was shaking and screaming!


hated to see myself rooting outloud against lorenzo, but I guess I haven't really liked him all along!

well done, Dani! Way to fight. Happy to see you mixing it up.

I have to say I was honestly surprised at the Hondas pace on the softer compounds & with VERY low track temps.

Makes me go hmmmmm...

The Hondas still did not look as stable as the Yamahas

No matter how much I want to see Dani finally win the premier championship...I still see it as JL+Yamaha's to lose

Honda still has a lot of chatter. And I think they will get faster and faster. If Dani was able to pull this one against Jorge... He have all the chances this year. And every time he wins .... his moral boost is going up.

Lorenzo still have advantage. But Dani is stronger then ever.

It is far from over.


I'm a Spies fan through and through, but if he can't be the winner, I'm happy to support Pedrosa. It's about his time, I think.

and it went great for Crutchlow and also in a decent way for Dovi. Best to watch 1st and 2nd bike. I just wasn't surprised by what catched Spies at his 'momentum' - it's still on the way. Maybe in his head this time? It's nothing great just to steal another warm-up. I'm not sure whether Gresini offer is good move at this stage. They offer factory backed bike but it won't crack to future move to Repsol. Now it's spanish oriented environment with possibility to be another 3rd leg like Dovi. Maybe one year contract, a 'wait and see' solution just like Crutchlow did, will be ok and then eventual talk with Suzuki? Hamamatsu come back seems to be the most interesting point for many riders as each somehow involved will be able to build whole environment, team, bike, development around him. From scratch. If Spies says he's looking just for diffrent mood than the one from Yamaha garage then it's more logical and open. If Spies will join Honda then it's rather clear that natural move for Suzuki will be to rehire Bautista. But for me Spies equals Suzuki as he recently has said to move 'where we are meant to be' - he initially was linked with Suzuki MotoGP. It would be a good reset for the head and he would prove there more than just 100%. The opportunity is there - a big decision time!
The big issue about Suzuki is the team manager - will it be again Denning or e.g.Schwantz or a Japanese?
Just my five cents.

gets more cloudy by the moment. While a 2014 Suzuki/Schwantz teaming makes sense, it won't with a Gresini contract. One thing for sure is he needs to field a new support team. You don't show up on race day doing what it takes to win. You show up on race day doing EVERYTHING it takes to win. Still unclear on what happened at the start that sent him backwards and put him in the position to have to let it all hang out.

Kudos once again to Dani. He can taste it now.

That was great to see some great battling. It would be really great to see Dani winning a WC with all the bad luck he had in the past. If he will win (it won't be easy with a competitor as strong as Jorge) this last lap could be one of the key points in the season, not only for "the points" scored.

It looks we are in for a great finale. But since I was watching it on BBC .... who cares? It's a super british podium after so many years. Very happy for Cal ... a wonderful way of celebrating the contract :)

It's good to hear the Moto GP commentators get excited again. That last lap was how it used to be during the entire race. Moto GP was supposed to be a proto-type series. Too bad they started imposing so many rules: fuel amount, piston diameter, number of pistons, and soon to be rev limiters. Now the races are more of a parade with the riders just getting farther apart from each other. It is hard to justify paying the $100 or so to watch MotoGP on the computer. It better be better next year or I'm gone.

very expensive, is too expensive. Too much smoking doesn't bring results or brings - the bad results.

Amazing racing!!! I thought J Lo had stolen it from Dani, but what an awesome brave move at the penultimate corner to take it back!!!!

When's the last time we saw a finish like that?

Why do you think that so many 125cc, 250cc and Moto2 level riders fail in MotoGP?

It is not Top Level Racing for nothing. Playing on razor edge in MotoGP is not as easy as in 125cc and Moto2 or SBK.

That is what makes MotoGP so special. And what makes winning so hard.

It is mixure of bike manufacturers and top riders. All fighting each other.

I like Moto2... but there is missing something. Load of bikes with some team names that are half a mile long (sort of smaller CRT bikes) .... Only thing that you see is .... uuuuu he is really good. Maybe he will get in MotoGP...

MotoGP: Honda (great acceleration) vs Yamaha (faast in to and through the corner) vs Ducati (fast but not really friendly) ... and then Dani, Jorge, Vale, Casey (for this year) .... and so on... Different bikes with different attributes .... Not the same bike with little changes.

For me this instant racing thing from Moto2 and 125cc is missing something. I do like to watch, but dont really miss it. It is just a step to the big boys.

SBK does have similar stuff as MotoGP, but it is sort of ... one level down.

It certainly looked to me like Spies got showered by a puff of Italian oil in the first lap and he either lost his vision momentarily or his front got greasy, but I'm hearing now it was another bike problem.

At this point I don't know what to think about that saga.

Spies lost his Clutch at the start,Data shows he did nothing different..I have to say Why does this stuff Always happen to Ben and Not Jorge...Bens Crew Stinks!!!

I really wasn't sure Dani would fight tooth and nail with Jorge, but he really took it to him... absolutely fantastic!!

Aggressive, clean, exciting, and Cal's first podium.... can't ask for much more than that!

The circuit turns to the right (clockwise) and when combined with cooler weather, it should've been a win to Lorenzo, however with Dani winning we can see that Honda has some technical improvements (less chatter - not resolved but much improved). It will prove interesting to see if Yamaha can answer the superior power and improved handling of the Honda.

It was as good as any last lap I can remember, great stuff, from two amazing riders.

great great performance by dani...finally a winner-like performance from him... he totally deserved this.

equally great ride by jorge as well, of course...being a diehard JL99 fan, i am so so gutted and sad that he ran wide in the penultimate corner, but well, dani really was damn good today...but that narrow-inside line pass by jorge on the last lap to take the lead with a few turns left was unbelievable, so bold and i-have-got-to-win-any-how was that pass and so perfect was his execution of that full cornering with so little space to himself nearby (dani was so close)...the whole race between the two was intense, at least when you are a strong fan of one of them.

but really, this could be a game changer for dani, psychologically, as well as for the championship...but damn i am so gutted for jorge...one could see in his face how upset he himself was although he was of course trying to hide it..

Jorge was very strong. His crazy braking in the final S corner was brave move. I thought he would be able to pull alongside Dani and be in better position out of final corner. But he was too fast.

Dani really needed this win. Not just for championship, but to finally prove he can strike back.

I really thought for years now that Jorge had Dani spooked, the way Rossi had with Biaggi and Gibernau. It is to my knowledge the first time in MotoGP class that Dani stood up to Jorge and had also a superior strategy. I really thought that Dani would yield yet again and ignominiously, sometimes he looked like being bullied by his lollipop-licking countryman.
I think Dani is zurzeit at his ripest and wisest, his is clearly more accomplished as a person as much as a rider. Combine that with the (traditionally) improved performance of both Honda and him during the latter part of the season, and I really think he has a chance this year --all the more with Stoner out. Honda is certainly on to some kind of solution for the chatter. If Dani repeats in 3 weeks, he could indeed reach that which has eluded him 8 years now, since he joined the Big League.
As for the last lap, it is for me close to equal with that of Rossi with Lorenzo in Barcelona 2009.
Danke boys!

Casey comes back with 2 or 3 races to go - with only a handful of points between Jorge and Dani? Casey will want to go out on a high and prove he's the fastest guy out there, even if the championship is lost. He'll be taking points off Dani...

There's no such thing as team orders in bike racing eh? (just ask Haga) So what will Casey do?

Those last few races could get verrrry interesting.

I see what you're saying, but not necessarily...

Let's say Dani needs 5 points to win the championship, but in the last race Casey wins, Dani 2nd, Jorge 3rd. Dani only gains 4 points over Jorge...

Quite a few races to go before we get to that point and anything could happen, but if I were Dani I'd want to be taking full advantage of Casey's absence. Just another bit of pressure that means Dani has to be out to win every race from here on.

Vale has to be in great form next year, as does Nicky and Dovi, hopefully Spies will get a bike that loves him as well, why? I think we will get sic of the Spanish Anthem by the end of the season. What was the gap to third? 12 seconds! Yuk! More competitive bikes and riders that can use them. These two Gorge and Dani were fabulous, hard to see anyone getting near them.

Was a great race and long overdue... Although a last lap with Vale and Marquez there too... Drool!

It's strange how rarely I read mention here of Lorenzo's engine situation. Seems pretty certain he'll need to take a 7th before season's end. If not, Yamaha will certainly have to turn the wick down on one or two of his remaining allotment to make them last. Neither of these scenarios is going to help Lorenzo down the stretch.

After every race there's always talk of the points gap from Lorenzo down. I always mentally subtract about a dozen points to account for the 5th/6th place finish he'll surely get from starting at the back of the grid. As far as I'm concerned, Dani Pedrosa is tied for the championship lead right now. There's going to be some drama down the stretch!

Lorenzo will manage just fine with his engines. He took a 5th engine exactly on schedule at Brno, and they can juggle the rest during practice to keep the newer engines fresh for the racing. The engine situation in MotoGP is now more or less completely under control, with only massive crash damage causing a problem. Even losing one engine isn't a problem any more, the riders now only have to worry if they lose two engines before their time. And that is very unlikely indeed.

These guys race so close to the limit that the championship will inevitably be decided by a mistake. Both have to push to the limit on each and every race. Jorge has a little more margin for error but 13 points over 6 races (150 points at play) is a small margin. We all work under the assumption that they will both be finishing 1st & 2nd at least until Casey is back, but these guys are not infalible (who would have expected a highside catching Stoner out) and as the stakes get higher, mistakes happen.

Truth is that a 5th place awards you 11 points which, considering your opponent wins, would place Dani ahead of Jorge or Jorge with a comfortable full race lead. Thts how quickly things can swing.