2012 Brno Post-Race MotoGP Test Final Times: Crutchlow Leads Yamaha Trio At Test

Cal Crutchlow has topped the timesheets at the post-race test at Brno, getting well inside his fastest lap from yesterday's race on an old tire. Crutchlow's Monster Tech 3 Yamaha teammate Andrea Dovizioso took 2nd spot, having worked on the corner speed that had been lacking during the race weekend. Jorge Lorenzo set the 3rd fastest time on his current machine, the Factory Yamaha rider also having tested a first prototype of the 2013 M1, comprised of a new chassis and a modified tank. Lorenzo had spent some of the time focusing on braking, an area he was losing out on during the race.

Dani Pedrosa was the first of the Hondas, ending the test in 4th spot, though less than a quarter of a second off the time of Crutchlow. The Repsol Honda man had mainly been working on setup, though he had also had a new silencer to test, fitted as a way of adding weight to the bike needed to hit the 160kg minimum bike weight for 2013. Stefan Bradl was first of the satellite Hondas, just edging Alvaro Bautista by a few thousandths of a second, ending ahead of the second Factory Yamaha of Ben Spies. Spies had left the test early in the afternoon, having little testing work on his plate due to the fact he is leaving the factory at the end of the season.

Jonathan Rea made his debut on the Repsol Honda, the first time he has ridden a MotoGP machine since he had a spin on an 800cc bike in Malaysia two years ago. Rea made steady progress throughout the day, eventually cracking the 2 minute barrier to end the test with a time of 1'59.595. He had had a steep learning curve, citing the rock solid Bridgestones as the toughest thing he had to learn at the test.

The Honda and Yamaha teams now head to Aragon for two days of private testing on September 4th and 5th, while Misano hosts a private two-day test for Ducati and Aprilia on August 28th and 29th. Though the paddock will be hermetically sealed, the Misano circuit is selling tickets for a couple of seating areas for 5 euros, according to GPOne.com.


Pos Rider Bike Time Diff Prev.
1 Cal Crutchlow Yamaha 1:56.461    
2 Andrea Dovizioso Yamaha 1:56.578 0.117 0.117
3 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 1:56.699 0.238 0.121
4 Dani Pedrosa Honda 1:56.703 0.242 0.004
5 Stefan Bradl Honda 1:57.156 0.695 0.453
6 Alvaro Bautista Honda 1:57.161 0.700 0.005
7 Ben Spies Yamaha 1:57.474 1.013 0.313
8 Jonathan Rea Honda 1:59.595 3.134 2.121
9 Yonny Hernandez FTR Kawasaki 1:59.743 3.282 0.148
10 Ivan Silva FTR Kawasaki 2:00.667 4.206 0.924
11 Michele Pirro FTR Honda 2:00.863 4.402 0.196
12 Loris Capirossi Various 2:02.049 5.588 1.186
13 Colin Edwards Aprilia ART 2:03.143 6.682 1.094


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Was watching the times today and have to say, go Rea! For his first proper ride on a Repsol Honda (having been racing a Fireblade only yesterday in WSB) I think he did great. He just got quicker and quicker as the day went on. Bridgestone tyres, carbon brakes and micro-sensitive chasis adjustments must take some getting used to.

No doubt some will blast him for being over 3 seconds from Crutchlow (who is on fire at the moment, N1 Cal!), but great job Johnny!

He wanted to have a spin on several of the bikes, as he is the safety officer and he needs to know how the bikes respond to the Bridgestones. But in the truth I think he just wanted to have a spin on a 1000 Honda :)

At the end of last season Loris asked if he could ride all the bikes at the Valencia test because he was retiring, he has ridden all the major makes before and it would be a fun thing to do. For some reason it wasn't possible at Valencia but the idea resurfaced recently and he got the chance to try some of the bikes today.

...... with JR's performance.

Only the 2nd time on a MotoGP bike & his first on a 1000 and only 2 seconds slower then a 5X AMA & 1X WSB champ. Thats great.

I'll be very happy to see JR in GP's full time, I think the Gresini Team would suit JR very well. He can adapt to the Showa's & the Nissins very quickly after just a few races on CS's full fat milk HRC.

Nice one Johnny, it goes to show you how important winning the 8hr is to HRC.

How did Edwards like the Aprilia, Twitter was hard to interpret?

i wonder if Pasini's ART is the same Aspar's, has looked like a handful for the whole season?

Capirossi said Suter's throttle response is "strange", is the problem in the hardware, software or both? If IODA takes the bike are they still going to continue with the current system that seems to be the biggest problem are the moment?

After the spectacle Rea has shown this year you really think he deserves a GP ride? When he stops taking dangerous passes and stops wrecking the crap out of other riders maybe he will deserve a shot. Until then, his ass needs to be fined or penalized by FIM.

He's pulled one or 2 bonehead moves but nowhere near as many as people blame him for. Yesterday, he was taken out by a falling Laverty, and the Donington move? Many would say that was Melandri's fault (including me). He's an agressive, hungry racer. MotoGP needs him!

Laverty had nothing to do with Rea wrecking Checa yesterday. In my opinion there is a difference between and agressive rider and a dangerous rider. Rea is more than an aggressive rider.

I wholeheartedly disagree with you on Rea being dangerous. He has made a small few bonehead moves, far fewer than Melandri or Marquez this year.

They were bolt upright when Checa fell. It looked like he didnt realise how close Rea was, leaned on him and down he went.

You can disagree but fact is fact. Go back and watch the Checa wreck again. He shoved himself on the inside of Checa and hit his left clip on. Rea was far too close and was trying to push Checa outside. This isn't NASCAR, you don't get to push bikes like that. No excuse for this happening in a straight line. In a turn, I can see minor bumping but not in a straight.

Using the excuse of a slow bike has to be agressive is absurd. The Ducati is the slowest bike on the grid and yet you dont see Checa wrecking people. He makes block passes in the turn but it's never dangerous.

What "bonehead" moves did Marco Melandri make lately? ...what just win some races?

Crutchlow and Dovi taking some of the fire out of the factory vs satellite bike controversy today. Seems they are pretty close on spec this year, at least in the Yamaha camp. Maybe the Tech3 boys received some electronics upgrades today, with Ben not doing well and Dani on fire, Jorge will need all the help he can get.

When you are riding a slower bike than most of the WSB field... aggressive moves are mandatory to stay up front. Rea uses the CBR1000's handling abilities the best he can to give himself/Honda a chance of winning! He is blamed for more carnage than he deserves credit for... Biaggi and Melandri have done worse this season. Laverty and Haslam aren't boyscouts either. But that's racing especially in the talent pool of WSB. Rea does deserve this opportunity in MotoGP for all the years he's been on the CBR... and his 8-hour win was just the icing on the cake for HRC. HRC knew/knows all of this and this is the best reward they can give him at the moment! Rea has major talent/skills. He said the new 1000cc bike isn't a problem... it's the tires! How many riders can step-up to a factory Honda Repsol MotoGP bike (Casey's bike) and make a comment like that??? Not many!

Melandri makes passes like that on a regular basis. Forcing them on the brake. And Russia SBK was full of crazy passes. Not to mention Biaggi out of control move.

But that is racing. Rea took the best line and Checa lost out. Rea did well.

As Michael Scott said in an interview "It's motorcycle racing, it's supposed to be dangerous".
I don't think riders should T bone one another but I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to push a bit past the edge to win and that's going to mean crashes. Rossi, Simoncelli, Lorenzo, Rea, Schwantz, Doohan, Biaggi, Checa, etc. if you want to win you ride hard.