2012 Motegi Moto3 Race Result: Dramatic Last Lap Produces Thrilling Win


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 52 Danny KENT KTM 40'02.775  
2 25 Maverick VIÑALES FTR HONDA 40'03.035 0.260
3 19 Alessandro TONUCCI FTR HONDA 40'05.127 2.352
4 42 Alex RINS SUTER HONDA 40'06.179 3.404
5 63 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN KTM 40'06.420 3.645
6 11 Sandro CORTESE KTM 40'16.169 13.394
7 44 Miguel OLIVEIRA SUTER HONDA 40'18.298 15.523
8 96 Louis ROSSI FTR HONDA 40'18.514 15.739
9 7 Efren VAZQUEZ FTR HONDA 40'18.721 15.946
10 5 Romano FENATI FTR HONDA 40'18.904 16.129
11 61 Arthur SISSIS KTM 40'18.998 16.223
12 27 Niccolò ANTONELLI FTR HONDA 40'19.146 16.371
13 31 Niklas KTM 40'31.143 28.368
14 12 Alex MARQUEZ SUTER HONDA 40'31.150 28.375
15 84 Jakub KORNFEIL FTR HONDA 40'31.284 28.509
16 81 Hyuga WATANABE HONDA 40'33.846 31.071
17 26 Adrian MARTIN FTR HONDA 40'43.067 40.292
18 51 Kenta FUJII TSR HONDA 40'45.597 42.822
19 8 Jack MILLER HONDA 40'45.671 42.896
20 89 Alan TECHER TSR HONDA 40'50.226 47.451
21 17 John McPHEE HONDA 40'51.020 48.245
22 29 Luca AMATO KALEX KTM 40'51.134 48.359
23 32 Isaac VIÑALES FTR HONDA 40'51.214 48.439
24 28 Josep RODRIGUEZ FGR HONDA 41'06.537 1'03.762
25 30 Giulian PEDONE SUTER HONDA 41'13.065 1'10.290
26 99 Danny WEBB MAHINDRA 41'13.259 1'10.484
27 82 Yuudai KAMEI HONDA 40'35.455 1 lap
Not Classified
  94 Jonas FOLGER KALEX KTM 38'02.202 1 lap
  39 Luis SALOM KALEX KTM 38'02.442 1 lap
  23 Alberto MONCAYO FTR HONDA 38'48.125 1 lap
  41 Brad BINDER KALEX KTM 28'17.326 6 laps
  9 Toni FINSTERBUSCH HONDA 9'06.878 16 laps
  Not started        
  80 Armando PONTONE IODA    
  20 Riccardo MORETTI MAHINDRA    


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Moto3 is spectacular! That last lap was just amazing.

Cortese's behaviour was absolutely appalling and quite sickening to watch. He causes the crash, then proceeds to go mad on team-mate Kent for winning, and his team manager, once back in the pit. Cortese has some major growing up to do, lets hope he can improve his attitude towards racing and other racers - he obviously is a clear talent, unfortunately with the tantrums of a toddler denied his pacifier.

I was baffled by Cotese's reaction, was he really angry just because Kent won? Does anyone know whathis problem was?

It would be hard to conclude that he made himself look anything other than a complete ass.

Cortese was pissed because after all the time, effort and money he and his team had invested in chasing a World Championship, his own teammate started the chain of events that snatched it away three corners from the checkered flag.

Any rider who is aware of the fact that they are part of a team, and recognizes how much other people have invested in that team, wouldn't need to be told team orders. And anyone who knows how incredibly hard it is to win a title (I was at the BSB finale yesterday, watch the final Supersport race) knows that if you have a chance to seal a title, you take it, and if you can help to do it, you do.

The second rider through wouldn't have been anywhere near Cortese if Kent hadn't made such a stunningly selfish decision.

If it were my team, I would have fired Kent in parc ferme.

Complete nonsense. Last I checked a race bike fits only one rider. There is no team on the track. Why don't you check in with Rossi and Lorenzo next year to see how your theory stands. The most one could expect is the sharing of data. A true champion should want to win on his own merit anyway and not hope to rely on help from another. Kent passed him straight clean and was well clear. Cortese was the one running it up the inside way over his head and slamming into Tonucci. Then his behavior to follow was even more boneheaded than the crash. After watching his act all year, i get the feeling he just expects guys to move right off the line when he is coming through, and when they don't we see the tantrums. Too bad Salom punted Folger, was kinda hoping he was saving that for Cortese.

Morbidelli must be a big fan of Cortese to try to justify his childish actions. Potential sponsors must have been impressed. Not.

This is Moto 3 racing and with no team orders Kent was entirely justified in going for the win.

I suggest the officials would also have been justified in penalising Cortese for causing an avoidable accident and given him a race time penalty.

Maybe Danny should just ride around giving his all and just let Cortese through? Perhaps Cortese should hand round notes to his fellow competitors before the race asking them to keep out of his way and not spoil his pretty riding !

You cannot bring an an entire seasons racing down to one incident. If Cortese was so good, why was he not 10 seconds down the road? No, this was just a racing incident and congratulations to Danny for getting his first win.

Absolutely, when he did not let go of the bike and shot back across the track I suspect many watching held their breath as I did when the two came together again. Fortunately they were very close together already and much of the speed was scrubbed off before the second contact. Just goes to show how desperate all of these guys are to win, and in the moment there is very little, if any conscious regard to their own safety. But yes, the similarities I don't think could be ignored. Fortunately, everybody walks away.

I could not possibly disagree with you any more.
Whats happened to Cortese was all Corteses own fault.
There are 3 rounds left and he has a massive lead, why should Kent lay down and die when his team mate is going to claim the championship with at least 1 round to go anyway, unless something awful happens.

Speaking of which, did anyone else have an awful sense of deja vu when Cortese went down? The nature of his crash and the way Antonelli hit him when he was down reminded me alot of Simoncellis accident. That could have been alot worse.

Its always said that Cortese is the mature, sensible rider on the Moto3 grid. I think that honour is now called into question, that was a hissy fit worthy of ANY spanish teenager.

Cortese has some neck gesticulating at kent like that. After that incident, and what happened at Assen, I hope that Cortese doesnt require help from Kent later in the year, as I suspect he will be rightly told to go and jump for it.

You can't blame Kent at all for trying to win his first race. And I guess you haven't been watching prior races in which Cortese barged his way through his own teamate on more then one occasion.
"If it were my team, I would have fired Kent in parc ferme." Really now....
Right after the guy gets his first win for your team you would fire him?

Absolutely. And I would have fired him only after someone pried my fingers from around his skinny little neck.

Couldn't give a damn about Cortese. I was thinking of every member of that team who spent the last several laps realizing that if Cortese won, they were all world champions. The crash didn't mean a thing; when Kent passed Cortese, there was no way to wrap up the title. Imagine the disappointment of every member of that crew. And from what I saw in parc ferme, the crew did not seem particularly pleased with Kent. Muted praise would be a generous description.

If I'm the team owner, Kent works for me. Kent didn't buy the bike, didn't hire the mechanics, didn't pay for his flights or shipping the equipment halfway around the world. Like it or not, motor racing is a team sport, and sometimes you have to think about the team that put you on the grid. I liked it when Lewis Hamilton said that every time he got in the car, he was aware that he was driving on behalf of more than 700 people at McLaren.

And, frankly, the only reason Kent even had a gap to go for was because he was Cortese's teammate - and Cortese didn't expect his own teammate to do something that brain-dead.

It's a good thing Kent already has a signed contract for next season - with another team.

Just my .02 cents, of course.

You know this was not the last race of the season. Cortese has 3 more chances to wrap up the title. Most likely he will do it in Maylasia.

You've heard the saying, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. All it takes is a simple lowside in practice and a broken scaphoid or collarbone and the title is gone.

You might think I'm nuts, or whatever. But one of the things I teach in interpersonal communications is that truth is expressed in spontaneous, non-verbal communication. Go back and look at the broadcast of parc ferme and tell me if that's the scene you'd expect to see when a team's rider wins his first-ever Grand Prix. I think the team's reaction says it all.

Its worth noting that Cortese did take to twitter yesterday afternoon to apologise and explain himself a bit

Sandro Cortese ‏@Sandrissimo11
Im really sorry abouty my behavour today,i just overreact i saw i could win the title already and was just disapointed about what happend!
Hope some people little bit understand how i felt,you work your whole life for that moment and in the other second you lose it.
Im really happy that i could finish the race and increase the championship lead!!
And of course congratulations to @DannyKent52 for his first victory!!

I can understand the boy's dissappointment, but crikey, he spat the dummy out and it went straight through the nearest wall!

Hopefully once he sees what an arse he looked on the TV, he'll learn from it and there will be no repeat, he's only a youngster so best to cut some slack I reckon.

Try counting to ten Sandro!

@Liamo Yeah I saw that Twitter apology too, of course after seeing what an infant he looked like on TV, he would have been even stupider not to say sorry. But an apology to Danny, and not Sandros fans, would have been a better thing to do.

As for 'Team Orders' this is not F1 nor will it ever be, thank god, the fact Cortese thinks his team mate should hand him the win shows his unfortunate attitude, any racer worth his salt should be doing the racing *himself* if you want to see how a really good team operates, watch Dovi and Cal going at each other hammer and tongs in MotoGP, they show the true meaning of team !

By far the best race of the day, Congrats to Danny Kent. It was good to see that Cortese says sorry to Kent for his childish actions.

Totally agree pooch....if Dani was to win the Championship with Caseys help then he might be Champion on paper but not in peoples minds. I had my concerns after Assen regarding Cortese and he's vindicated them....judging from the team reaction I suspect Dannys bike might be a bit down on power for the next races....