Jerez WSBK Test Day 2 Times: Sykes Still Leads But Guintoli Closes

Tom Sykes was once again fastest man of the day at Jerez, despite a small crash in the middle of the day. Sylvain Guintoli is quickly up to speed on the factory Aprilia, ending day 2 in 2nd, and just over quarter of a second behind the Kawasaki man, and half a second ahead of his new teammate Eugene Laverty. Loris Baz is 4th fastest, a second behind his teammate, though the times for the Kawasaki men are both unofficial, and given by the teams, Kawasaki not having fitted a transponder.

Among the WSS riders at Jerez, Michael van der Mark continues to impress, the Ten Kate Honda man once again topping the timesheet, nearly half a second quicker than the reigning champion Kenan Sofuoglu on the Kawasaki. Fabien Foret is third fastest, but he is over a second slower than Sofuoglu, and over 1.5 seconds behind Van der Mark. The young Dutchman has proven himself a fast learner aboard the Honda Supersport bike.

Testing continues tomorrow, when Ducati's MotoGP and WSBK teams will join the riders, as well as the BMW WSBK Team. Honda, meanwhile, will be calling it a day.

Times courtesy of the Circuito de Jerez and

World Superbike times:

Pos No Rider Bike Time Diff Previous
1 66 Tom Sykes Kawasaki 1:41.000    
2 50 Sylvain Guintoli Aprilia 1:41.283 0.283 0.283
3 58 Eugene Laverty Aprilia 1:41.762 0.762 0.479
4 76 Loris Baz Kawasaki 1:42.000 1.000 0.238
5 91 Leon Haslam Honda 1:42.039 1.039 0.039
6 65 Jonathan Rea Honda 1:42.108 1.108 0.069
7 84 Michele Fabrizio Aprilia 1:42.114 1.114 0.006
8 66 Alex Hofmann Aprilia 1:43.028 2.028 0.914

World Supersport times:

Pos No Rider Bike Time Diff Previous
1 60 Michael van der Mark Honda 1:44.343    
2 1 Kenan Sofuoglu Kawasaki 1:44.832 0.489 0.489
3 99 Fabien Foret Kawasaki 1:45.881 1.538 1.049
4 87 Lorenzo Zanetti Honda 1:45.994 1.651 0.113
5 14 Jack Kennedy Honda 1:46.710 2.367 0.716
6 23 Christophe Ponsson Kawasaki 1:47.774 3.431 1.064
7 24 Eduard Blokhin Yamaha 1:50.623 6.280 2.849


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I am very pleased with Van der Mark's progress. It's about time we had a Dutchman in Supersport who can challenge for podiums. Ten Kate have groomed him well, his championship in the STK 600 this year was pretty damn amazing.

Fascinating. Two things immediately come to mind:

- This was not the start to testing that Laverty needed. He needed to step in and fill the void of team leader left behind with Biaggi's retirement. Having the new guy faster than you right off the bat is not good. Especially when the new guy won three races last season on satellite bikes that were saddled with extra poundage and were bog-slow down the straights, and you only won one on a bike you describe as "the best in the paddock."

- I'm still not convinced that the Kawasaki is the bike to beat on a dry racetrack. Every one of Sykes' wins to date in World Superbike has been in a race that was wet or wet-but-drying (check the stats on the WSBK site). Matter of fact, so was Baz' win. Last year had awful weather that made the racing excellent, but might have masked the performance of some bikes at the absolute limit over race distance.

Can't wait for tomorrow's test!

The kawasaki definitely had the pace last year, look at all the poles Sykes had, and usually ran at the front - at first at least. The big issue was getting the tyres to last the race - thats the reason all his wins were in wet/damp races, where the ultimate tyre life wasnt as much of an issue.

If they cant sort the tyre endurance issues its a match for the others. If.

Concur. And Sykes is a monster in iffy conditions, don't forget.

But I sometimes wonder if it's really just about tire wear - or if it's something else that's manifesting as tire wear. At first, the thing ate the rear tires. At Miller, Sykes complained about the front going off. I have no answer to this, but it's interesting to look at what Sykes has said about the bike in the past.

are excellent. gintoli am pleasantly surprised, this is a man from another plan for next season...

@morbidelli17 Who can say what Laverty may or may not have used this test to achieve? He very well could have evaluated new bits for 2013 and therefore focused on providing clear feedback rather than chart-topping times.

Guinters was almost certainly using the test to get comfortable on the bike and lap as quickly as possible so as to impress the brass and score a ride, a ride I believe he deserves after the results you mentioned.

Getting shown up by the new guy doesn't look good but, then again, you can't win testing.

Yep, you never know what's going on in a test. Maybe Laverty was doing something else. But man, between now and the next test, the team is not going to settle on a No. 1 rider - and every team does that, publicly or privately.

No transponders, again? Lap times for Tom and Loris that are so `round' - 1.41 dead and 1.42 dead - as to have been recorded with a wrist watch? Have Kawasaki always kept their cards close to their chest? If they are hiding something, does anyone have any thoughts about what that might be? And, welcome back to the timing sheets, Alex Hofman. No surprise that Guintoli is going quickly after what happened between him and Alex at Laguna Seca 2007.

Michael van der Mark, Marc Marquez... seems like the M is in the air in pre season testing.