2013 Qatar MotoGP QP2 Result: New Qualifying System Throws Up Surprises

Results and summary of the QP2 session for the MotoGP class:

Jorge Lorenzo has secured the first pole of the 2013 season, putting in a couple of punishing fast laps to first take and then consolidate his position at the front of the grid. Lorenzo knocked Monster Tech 3 Yamaha rider Cal Crutchlow into 2nd spot, after the Englishman had been fastest out of the gate. Dani Pedrosa found a burst of speed to secure 3rd, and the final spot on the front row, though only after a near-collision with his teammate Marc Marquez.

Andrea Dovizioso pulled a fast lap out of the bag to secure 4th, improving even on his qualifying time from last year, when he was on the Yamaha. Stefan Bradl will start from 5th, ahead of Marc Marquez, who got the worst of the near-collision with Pedrosa.

Results and final complete grid:

Pos No Rider Bike Time Diff Prev.
1 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha 1'54.714    
2 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Yamaha 1'54.916 0.202 0.202
3 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda 1'55.151 0.437 0.235
4 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 1'55.160 0.446 0.009
5 6 Stefan BRADL Honda 1'55.477 0.763 0.317
6 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda 1'55.645 0.931 0.168
7 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 1'55.711 0.997 0.066
8 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Honda 1'55.870 1.156 0.159
9 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha 1'56.315 1.601 0.445
10 29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati 1'56.523 1.809 0.208
11 69 Nicky HAYDEN Ducati 1'56.667 1.953 0.144
12 41 Aleix ESPARGARO ART 1'57.064 2.350 0.397
Times set in QP1  
13 11 Ben SPIES Ducati 1'57.440 0.289 0.237
14 14 Randy DE PUNIET ART 1'57.551 0.400 0.111
15 52 Lukas PESEK Ioda-Suter 1'57.926 0.775 0.375
16 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ ART 1'58.058 0.907 0.132
17 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA FTR 1'58.263 1.112 0.205
18 17 Karel ABRAHAM ART 1'58.271 1.120 0.008
19 5 Colin EDWARDS FTR Kawasaki 1'58.361 1.210 0.090
20 9 Danilo PETRUCCI Ioda-Suter 1'58.486 1.335 0.125
21 71 Claudio CORTI FTR Kawasaki 1'58.755 1.604 0.269
22 8 Hector BARBERA FTR 1'58.806 1.655 0.051
23 67 Bryan STARING FTR Honda 1'58.912 1.761 0.106
24 70 Michael LAVERTY PBM 1'59.572 2.421 0.660


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By this time tomorrow, no one will remember (or care) who qualified where and what position.

It's qualifying....just qualifying.

If it went according to your logic, there would be no need to race on Sunday.

However, it was exciting and def. different (and better) in this format. No slower bikes (Barbera) messing up the show waiting for tows.

Crutchlow too qualified great and I sure hope he finishes great tomorrow, otherwise his qualifying performance will be for nothing like Dovi's, if they don't step up when it counts (tomorrow).

Tomorrow is gonna be good!

My guess is Lorenzo has got this one in the bag. Pedrosa might get him at the start but will have to settle for second. The fight for third is gonna be interesting, I reckon Crutchlow has a real chance.

Of course I may be totally wrong and Pedrosa finds something in the warmup.

Dovi has done extremely well, and I hope he continues to do well - with the other Ducs. It maybe a bit of a false dawn, we'll know after 10-11 laps when the tires go off, if he's till there after that number of laps then we are in for a treat, if not ..... SOS. Forza Vale!

I don't care if he's starting 7th or 1st, I've still got my money on a Rossi podium. He shines brightest in the race and has more experience than the 6 in front of him.

Gotta say, I was a bit doubtful of the new Q format when it was first announced, but I thought it was a big improvement with much less traffic drama (MM and DP's moment not withstanding) and a lot more concentrated do-or-die style tension.

Dovi was a big surprise to me -- I hope this pace translates well for his season as I've been worried that the move to Ducati was going to Melandri-ize his remaining time in MotoGP, which would suck... I bet he starts well and then fades in the last 1/2 of the race as the Duc chews up that rear.

Looks like the podium battle has the potential to be a good one, although my money is on JL riding off into the distance with some fierce contention over the remaining top spots.

Track looks wicked dirty off-line, which might make the first few laps interesting with lots of guys trying to keep JL in sight. Deep down inside, I'm hoping for a miracle start from Rossi to keep him in play for the 2nd part of the race.

All things said -- hoping for some good battles near the front.

Maybe they're all just going for a fast lap, but the results are still really interesting. Look at the steps from front to back. Biggest time difference between successive riders is the 0.445 from Bautista to Smith.

Basically a bit under one hundredth of a second between Pedrosa and Dovi, the latter a bit over half a second ahead of the guy he replaced--who'd gone "back home," so to speak.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, twenty straight laps is something else entirely. Still, I'm more intrigued by qualifying than I've been for a while. Why? New riders? New format? Combo platter? Something completely different, like months of race deprivation?

Just look at the top 12 times in FP4--correctly identified by DE earlier as the only truly free practice session--exactly splitting the prototypes from the CRTs. Fascinating.

What does this new qualifying procedure portend for us fans with respect to the rest of the MotoGP experience? Have we negotiated a half-decade nadir? Did the myopic squirrel known as Dorna find a nut, or did it finally get Lasik surgery?

Keeps all the people desperate for a tow separated. Really impressed by Espargaro. If he was on a prototype, he would be doing quite well.

Crutchlow seems like he has gotten ahold of how to get the most out of that Yamaha. Pedrosa found something, (had a feeling he would, too much on the line).

Lorenzo.... is Lorenzo. The man is like the Terminator. He just keeps going no matter what. Rossi I thought would place higher. But he has not ever been the greatest at qualifying. Quite the opposite. That crash with Ben Spies made me scream out as if it was going to hurt me. He hit his bad shoulder at that.

Cannot wait for the races tomorrow. I cannot predict who is coming out on top.

Seems a bit early to try and draw any conclusions about Ducati yet, a single good qualifying session does not actually mean much.

Based on FP4 (which almost everyone seems to be ignoring), the race is looking like it should deliver, at least on paper.

A single good qualifying session actually means a great deal, considering that:

1. Over the last two years the Duc was rarely, if ever, that far up the grid in QP, and

2. The rider on it is still new to the bike.

I would say that Dovi's QP performance is pretty much the biggest deal of the weekend so far. Yes, clearly the race is a totally different ballgame, but this is brilliant for Ducati/Audi, and by extension, for MotoGP.

Dovi is proving to be quite the adaptable racer; even if he doesn't finish on the podium at all this year, his long-term future in MotoGP is looking pretty solid from where I sit. And if Ducati can get that bike happening for 2014, Dovi may well be in the picture as a serious title contender.

Duc riders have been on the second row before, here are the top Ducati qualifiers for the last two years:

Qatar 11/12: 5th (1:55.2) & 6th (1:55.6)
Jerez 2012: 3rd
Silverstone 11/12: 6th
Mugello 2012: 3rd
Brno 11/12: 6th
Misano 2012: 6th
PI 2011: 6th
Sepang 2011: 6th
Valencia 2011: 4th

Dovi putting in a single 1:55.1 qualifying lap well means nothing. The marker for progress by Ducati is good results over several dry races by multiple riders.

If he didn't want to gve MM a tow, then he shouldv'e gotten off of the racing line when he slowed down. Pedrosa looked behind twice. MM almost went into the back of him....shame on Pedrosa. Dangerous move.

To me it looked like inexperience on Marquez's part. He was behind, and Dani appeared to offer him the opportunity to lead, but he declined. He should have then dropped back to give himself space, but decided to chase & pass Dani.

I think the new qualifying procedure has made FP3 much more interesting.
QP1 and QP2 are short and intense. That's nice, too. But I think I had the
most fun watching FP3.

I must say I'm a bit troubled by all of the sand on the track. Based on the
practice times, it looks like it could be a fabulous race. Crutchlow figures
that seven people have a shot at winning. But deviating even slightly from
the established line means a rider will wind up on his head. Look at how
hard and how suddenly Spies fell in QP1.

So if there is only one clean line, and if everyone must stay on it.
Are we in for yet another *&#%! parade?

Totally agree....but it's more dust than sand. Dust from the huge construction site next door.

Given the obscene amount of money available in this place, and it being homologated for both MotoGP and Formula1, you'd think they could afford to build some specialized machines that suck the sand up at the end of each day, before the night sessions start.

Lets not try to downplay the significance of Dovi's achievement. As has been noted "his fastest time is significantly quicker than the best Ducati managed a year ago, while Rossi's 2012 Desmosedici qualifying of 1m 56.813s was over one-and-a-half seconds slower."
One and a half seconds quicker is massive. Well done Dovi!
Minimal development since the end of last year, very little time to get used to the bike, and here he is in fourth place, significantly closer to Honda and Yamaha than Ducati have been for two years. I dont care where he finishes in the race, I can finally apply a word to the Ducati camp I havent been able to use for years: potential. They are unlocking the potential hidden in the bike and I sincerely hope they continue to find improvement.

No point on commenting on Rossi, while ignoring Hayden, who qualified much further up the field. 1'55.637 versus Rossi on a 1'56.813

Nicky gets caught in traffic and pulls a 1'56.667 this year. Does that mean he forgot how to ride?

Great to see the look on Herve's face when Cal posted his quick time, the man is on fire.
Fantastic to see Dovi up there and I hope the momentum continues.

I noticed a flashing LED bundle on the left forearm of JLs leathers during the qualifying. Can someone explain what it is for?

I noticed a flashing LED bundle on the left forearm of JLs leathers during the qualifying. Can someone explain what it is for?

Something to do with the airbag I beleive

Didn't really get the new format though the lack of time made it exciting. However, there was still an awful lot of traffic on track and most riders didn't seem to have time to find any space there also seemed to be quite a bit of time when riders were just circulating.. Is this down to tyre allocation.?? Great lap by Dovi but his race pace is miles off so to early to draw conclusions but over a flying lap very impressive.. Great work by the top 6 espesh Cal. Rossi has work to do but like a few others was stuck in a train of around 6 ridders for his last couple of laps.. Can;t see much difference between a crt looking for a tow and a ducati, it's still in the way.. Way too clustered for me and that's supposed to be the reason they changed it.. Well done Bradders as well..