2013 Jerez MotoGP Race Result: Things That Go Bump In The Fight

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Dani Pedrosa won his first race of the year taking the lead at the Jerez circuit with 18 laps remaining and never coming under serious threat for the duration of the contest Sunday. But Dani's dominant victory wasn't the talk of the paddock; Marc Marquez's bump was. On the last lap of the race, Jorge Lorenzo appeared to have locked up a safe second -- and a slim lead in the championship -- as he approached the track's final corner, the one named after the rider himself just this weekend. As Lorenzo's Yamaha drifted wide in the slippery conditions, upstart Marc Marquez stuffed his Repsol Honda into the subsequent paltry gap, banging into Lorenzo's bike and forcing the World Champion wide. Marquez held his line and claimed second. A seething Lorenzo recovered for third. Valentino Rossi rode to an uneventful fourth and Cal Crutchlow won a battle for fifth.

The insult to Lorenzo didn't end with being used as a berm; The last-corner swap of positions with Marquez meant that the rookie now leads the championship with 61 points. Pedrosa is second with 58 points and Lorenzo drops from first to third with 57 points.


Pos. No. Rider Bike Time / Diff.
1 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda 45'17.632
2 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda 2.487
3 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha 5.089
4 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 8.914
5 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Yamaha 12.663
6 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Honda 15.094
7 69 Nicky HAYDEN Ducati 25.632
8 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 41.881
9 41 Aleix ESPARGARO ART 43.812
10 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha 44.461
11 51 Michele PIRRO Ducati 45.974
12 8 Hector BARBERA FTR 59.859
13 70 Michael LAVERTY PBM +1'09.743
14 9 Danilo PETRUCCI Ioda-Suter +1'17.813
15 5 Colin EDWARDS FTR Kawasaki +1'18.177
16 67 Bryan STARING FTR Honda +1'18.928
17 71 Claudio CORTI FTR Kawasaki +1'19.307
18 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA FTR +1'19.457
Not Classified
  6 Stefan BRADL Honda 24 Laps
  29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati 24 Laps
  52 Lukas PESEK Ioda-Suter 24 Laps
  14 Randy DE PUNIET ART 25 Laps
  68 Yonny HERNANDEZ ART 25 Laps


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Please, don't hallelujah Marquez move. It is exiting to watch for sure but surely not ok. He would not have held the line if Lorenzo hadn't been there. I know everyone is looking for a new crazy hero, but T-bone:ing was never ok...

That's not what i saw. I saw him take Lorenzo's line because Lorenzo left it there to take. Marquez has the line going into the corner, hot or not. It was his line. T-Bone is what Bautista did to Lorenzo last year. This is racing.

What an awesome headline for the article :)

So everyone was a little surprised at how polite and quiet MM93 has been so far, well he's here now - using the World Champ as a mid-corner brake.

I thought JLo was going to waggle his finger and head right off after the race.

The fires have started - and it's going to make me even keener to see their next battle.

Oh and kudos to Dani for the win - the forgotten man in this battle !

That was a pretty exciting race, Dani's move on Lorenzo was very tight. I and I think many others expected Lorenzo to clear off after the first lap, but Dani stayed with him and just went for it. Good stuff.

About the Marquez move, it was on the edge I think but fair in the end. By the time they hit each other, Marquez was already in front of Lorenzo and turning in to complete the corner. In my opinion, Lorenzo should have stayed a little more clear and have taken Marquez back on the inside after he ran wide. Just as he did in the Dry Sack corner on the same lap.

I think this championship is now definitely a three horse race!

Lorenzo misjudged. Should have let him gone wide and then take him from the inside. Also poor judgement in leaving the door open in the first place. Should have learned that lesson 3 years ago in Catalunya. Still, great race from him on a crappy front tyre that took the advantage away from the Yamahas in this race. On a different topic, Pedrosa silenced many critics today... again.

I called Pedrosa to win this one, and im glad he did. Too many people have wrote him off after the first two races. He proved today why he still have that factory ride.

"That was a pretty exciting race"... You're easily pleased then.
Al I saw was a few very overambitious breaking manoeuvres by 93 followed, later, by a blatant run up the inside with not a hope in hell of making it.
How long before he maims someone or indeed, himself. Needs to grow up.
Before you all jump on past moves between Rossi et. al., they were usually as part of a fairly prolonged tussle, not a shit-or-bust dive.

Totally agree.

This type of move happens in every race where the rider who's been overtaken is pushed wide and I have to pick up the bike to change the line. Lorenzo knew Marquez was there but refused to concede the position. He was pushed wide like many others in the past.
Once he looks at the replay he will realize he only has himself to blame for not blocking the inside line. Hopefully his ego will dictate the future of his relation with Marquez, and we can all enjoy a new rivalry; it's quite annoying to be shown up by a rookie.
Congrats to Pedrosa
I will give Rossi 2 more races before deciding if the train has left the station.

Lorenzo said it him self and so did Lin Jarvis "it was a Mistake" leave that door open a bit to much and someone is going to kick it down and walk in... Doesn't make what Marc did right, but its called racing! Be it known tho. WE SPARTANS, don't give up that easy well be back in the fight in 2 weeks

I don't mean to be rude, but what connection Lorenzo has to do with Sparta? If I'm not mistaken Sparta was a city-state in ancient Greece. Lorenzo is not Greek! He probably saw movie "300" and then he proclaim self a Spartan. Shame really, Spain has great history too.

I know! Imagine for example Dani Pedrosa with Zeus design on his helmet?!?! Dani was home and he was watching a "Clash of the Titans" movie and he decided that he's a Zeus of MotoGP. That's cool, right? I think so too :) But, WTF Zeus has to do with this guy? He is Spanish, and Zeus is supreme Greek god! This is totally unrelated and stupid. He should learn history in school, and from the books, not from the movies!

It's RACING! Many seem to have forgotten that a race is not supposed to be a parade. These great riders are "RACERS"...and racing by it's very nature requires the participants to ride (race) to the best possible finish. Had that same move been done by Pedrosa, on Lorenzo, everyone would be saying "Great Move" Dani has finally gotten some grande juevos. JL did leave the door open and therefore invited the move.

Moves like that are what should be expected at the top level of motorcycle racing. If Marco S (RIP) had been in the same spot, what do you think he would have done? If there was more racing like this you would never hear the word parade metioned in the same breath with MotoGP.

Marquez has put some new appeal into the program and moves like this should be applauded (not critcsized) by everyone.

Thank you MM, for injecting a breath of freshness into the program. And please continue to make the show exciting.

MM is a pure racer, much like Rossi was early in his career. People used to complain about his passes in much the same way. You just can never leave even the slightest door open or MM will pounce.
Pedrosa's best race for awhile. Still has all the goods.
Kudos again for Aleix Espargaro. 2 seconds behind a factory Duc and ahead of bradley smith. As a big AE fan, I hope someone gives him a top ride soon. Not much more he can do.

For the fighting Cal Crutchlow and Marc Marquez moves then the race was as exciting as most of last years races.........Shite & Boring and definitely a Parade.
Rossi was nowhere and Lorenzo didn't look like his heart was in it... No fighting spirit.
Slightly over ambitious move by MM and bordering dangerous but what the heck, he livened the procession up, just a shame it was so late in the race (if that is what it can be called) otherwise we may have seen some proper battling but as usual it was not to be.... Oh well British Superbikes tomorrow with some real racing

You do realize what a race is, right? While this one didn't have the excitement of the past two rounds, its still a race. I'm just a big a fan of close racing as anyone. But sometimes you have races like these and you have to appreciate them all the same.

motogp is back? A nibble doesn't satisfy hunger; WSBK is my snickers. moves like that should be expected? This is motorcycle racing not demolition derby. I love a hard pass just the same as everybody else but if you have to touch (push) to make it through, that is a bad pass. Casey stoner said best..."this is not a contact sport!"

I kind of agree... I do like MM and I don't think the problem is touching fairings. The problem for me was that MM was miles away form the apex and just about drove JL off the track. Looking back at other hard moves at that corner, specifically the Rossi on Sete pass, Rossi was making the apex and he forced it through, when he contacted Sete they were both turning in and close to the apex. MM just charged passed with no hope of making the corner untill he was several meters passed the apex at which point JL had no where to go, when they touched MM was still going straight on. Theres hard passes and then theres borderline out of control charges....

What casey said and did rarely the twix did meet, or something like that.. did the same thing to Bautista at Mugello and it wasn't even last gasp for the podium..

Hugelean your ongoing fetish with making Stoner out to be something he wasn't is so boring. Stoner was an extremely clean racer, he pulled off amazing passes and participated in fantastic battles with rarely a single touch. The only pass you can put up is his slightly hard pass on Bautista that resulted in a bump (not using AB as a berm to make the corner). AB did not even run off track after the bump. As always you grasp at straws when it comes to CS. When it comes to bumps, berms and being taken out he received ten times what he gave. If Stoner had have been more of a giver like Rossi and MM would you have liked him more?

I think I was Lorenzo who said that, and he said it in response to a comment by Dennis Noyes stating the opposite. And when it comes to the understanding of racing I take the wise reporter's opinion any day.

Javi- It was stoner. watch movie fastest minute 42.
Dj-diff- you remember what almost happened before that famous straight jab? Also it had nothing to do with the race.

I remember what happened before that jab. Nothing that warrant a jab happened.
No, it wasn't during the race. Neither was it during qualifying.

As brilliant as Stoner was (and probably still is) at racing, he had just as bad temper on the track.

Would him wrecking Kallio's and Barbera's last chances of fast laps at Indy 2010 by slowing down on the racing line (and immediately after cut in front of Kallio to lash out on him for "following") warrant a punch each from Kallio and Barbera? Strange how some people think that rules apply differently from person to person.

The difference between DePuniet's and Stoner's actions is that DePuniet made a mistake when trying to get out of the way, while Stoner intentionally slowed down and cut across Kallio's front.

Great race and beautiful move by Marc Marquez. He's a such a exciting rider to watch!

3 BIG surprises in this race:
1) Jorge lost
2) Jorge left the door WIDE opoen at the last turn!
3) Dani won!

MM tried earlier, on the last lap, went wide and Jorge dove back inside, maintaining 2nd. He must have known that MM was gonna try another 'move'. I think that Jorge was as PO'ed at himself as the kid! Dani? Didnt think you had it in you. Yeah, it's Jerez....we'll see how he goes at the rest of the tracks. If anyone thought MM was content to just podium and learn.....

This must be your first year watching MotoGP. Either that or you missed the entire last half of last season.

That exact same thing has happened before, in the exact same corner and Lorenzo knows this. Anyone that actually watched the race saw Lorenzo enter the corner poorly, and saw Marquez take advantage. If Lorenzo had just let Marquez run wide he would have had second. Instead, he tried to slam shut an open door and lost. Marquez showed everyone he's here to race, which is something we need more of in this series.

was Dani for getting past J Lo when we were all thinking - JL99 is gonna run away and manage the gap... snore!

So well done Dani for a great pass and brilliant ride. As for JL and MM, although I think MM showed himself to be super fast, a fighter and a competitor, but also reckless and a bit of an idiot because he basically rammed JLo, and it was only because JLo saw him at the last minute that he swerved and saved them both. But I can't complain, as a viewer I loved it! But I do feel Lorenzo should be angry at that move, although it was obviously not illegal. Just reckless.

And there's no way Lorenzo should have given MM the inside and then taken the wide line to take the inside on the exit, because he had no way of knowing MM was going to overshoot the braking zone, and if he had not, then Lorenzo would have looked like an idiot for handing MM the race on his own corner. He knew that only a very reckless/brilliant move by MM would beat him, and I guess he has to accept the result.

The part that worried me was that Lorenzo was very negative about the performance of the Yamaha after the race. He doesn't usually get down on his package, and I hope this is not a sign that he feels he is at the wrong team.

Rossi's race was disappointing in terms of viewing pleasure, but actually he ended up not too for behind Lorenzo, and J Lo had every reason to push on every lap.

Rossi's move on Gibernau was a borderline racing incident. Even back then, it was a controversial move. MM's move was not comparable and definitely over the line. MM was way too deep and hit Jorge even when Jorge was already wide in his turn. I have no idea what Race Direction will do, but I don't think any racer should be rewarded for a move like that. That's a dirty move in my book. Just lost a good deal of respect for MM today.

This is racing. Those who don't like it should maybe jump over to ping pong or checkers.

Contact has always happened. This is on old sport, over 60 years old, and perhaps some don't its history because they've only watched in recent years. Some of us have been watching long enough that incidents like today were regular instead of the once in a while item they are today. This move wasn't at a buck twenty, it was a slow corner and a corner known throughout the paddock for this type of pass. This sport will always be a contact sport on occasion. It's not going to always be cupcakes and hand holding. Baffled at some of the ladies moaning when two riders touch. You would have despised the 500's and the racing that went on back then.

Good on Marquez. Let them all know you are not afraid.

People generally don't like to speak ill of the dead, but Simoncelli was the same way. The only difference was that a tragedy stopped his path of destruction short. It was at LeMans when Sic put Pedrosa in the gravel. I predict Marquez will have a similar run-in at the next race. Passing at the Chemin aux Boeufs begs for disregard of others safety. MM will find it hard to resist.

The Honda's TC killed Marco. Go look at the video. The TC kicks in after the slide and tries to regrip the Tarmac turning Marco into a human bowling ball. Had TC not been there doing that it would have been a normal slide and he would have lived. So much for TC saving anything. It's for lap times, nothing more.

You are speaking ill of the dead and its not welcomed or even accurate.

I said nothing of his tragic accident being related to his recklessness other than it's no longer an ongoing risk.

But feel free to make up things to create opportunities for sharing your speculation.

I don't see any difference between Marquez and Rossi move. Pretty much the same thing. Lorenzo should know that Marquez is going to come. So, he should know better.

I was enjoying when I watched their battle. Jorge was on the edge the whole time. I was wondering will he's going to crash because of Marc's pace. Hopefully, that didn't happen! His lines was very unprecise and wide when Marc was on his tail.

This year is diferent than last, in all aspects. Last year, from the second half of the season, when Dani finished first, Jorge only neaded to finished second to clinch the title and that's that. This year is a little diferent. He can't win on damage limitation situations and points like last year. I don't like champions like that. Now, there are other riders who can get between him and Dani and that's great for the show.

Oh, does anybody remeber when he won great duel. No, anybody? You can't because he didn't! He lost and he has been humiliated in all epic duels; Rossi, Stoner, Pedrosa...and now Marquez.

Keep up the good work Marc!

If Lorenzo had covered his line going in, like he was doing through the whole race, Marc wouldnt have had an opportunity. JL gave Marc the opportunity to make that pass. And like any racer, he took it. Lorenzo said it, Lin Jarvis said it, Wilco said it. It was a mistake by Lorenzo, not Marc.

I was wondering how long it would take for MM to make a move with complete disregard. Turns out only three races. I know opinions are mixed here, but that move by Marquez was ridiculous. He almost took out Lorenzo EVERY time they went through dry sac, then he pretty much did take him out on the last corner. Sure Lorenzo took a wider line, but my guess is it was in anticipation of MM making a dangerous move (and he was right) but Marquez was so hot in that even Lorenzo didnt expect it. Lorenzo did everything he could knowing that Marquez would make a dive and still couldn't avoid him! Bottom line, if Lorenzo didn't hold his line Marquez probably would've gone wide or exited so wide Lorenzo would've had him. You can say "thats racing" and I agree to an extent, but how many races until Marquez REALLY takes someone out?

As have Pedrosa, Rossi, Simoncelli, Hayden, Bautista, who not?
True racers have to take a gamble once in a while, and sometimes, unfortunately, it doesn't pay off.
Regardless, today's move was not a gamble in my opinion. And if we really think of this pass being illegal and to be penalized, we have a lot of recalculating to do on past races. We've seen dozens of passes in the past where one rider was the victim of a bold move but kept it rubber side down. It's just part of the game.

Lorenzo's lines were all over the place and he brake checked Marquez several times. Did you see Marquez almost completely run into the back of Lorenzo several times? I did. Marquez had the better pace but Lorenzo was riding all over the corners to prevent a pass. When he brake checked Marquez a couple of times, well Marquez got tired of it and went for the pass. Brake checking is racing and so was this touch. What Marquez did wasn't anymore dirty than George nailing his brakes into the turn trying to get Marquez to make a mistake or crash.

Lor vs MM, Jerez 2013: at the point Lorenzo turned in, Marquez was ahead- Lorenzo chose to turn in.

Sic vs Ped, Le Mans 2011: at the moment Marco turned in, Dani was upright- DP chose to run on (rather than brake or lean).

Unconnected? In each instance the party whom believed they have been wronged would rather exascerbate matters (to be proved 'right') than use the move to react to their advantage- something both could've done in their respective incidents.Each complain then each refuse a respectful handshake from the opponent like petulant children rather than professional racers. Spain maybe reaping wonderful benefits from investing in riders for 15years but perhaps they should be teaching them more than just the moves.

Who's good or bad, who's right or wrong doesn't matter.

What does matter is karma, MM is not for respecting reputations or the perceived natural order of aliens coming first. The marker is now set. Regardless of the new 'yellow' and 'red' card points system the top riders will give MM as good as he gets for the rest of the season.

Today the hard move worked for him, next time the hard move will probably be worked on him - thats the beauty of racing. The yings and yangs will balance out.

Game on!

Lorenzo, is that you?

I didn't see Lorenzo's move on Rossi or Stoner or...I'm not talking about dirty move, I'm talking about "the move". Rossi has humiliated him, Stoner too, Pedrosa, and now Marquez. Tell me, when was Jorge beat Valentino in duel for example? He cried after Motegi 2010! I would like to see him winning a great duel. You can't only win with 'runaway wins' and when all is going well.

where do you draw the line....you seem to be able to justify almost any move with 'he left a small gap so I went for it'. It's what Simoncelli was accused of doing only he managed to do it around the outside. Still, if it's accepted it's a contact sport no-one can complain when someone gets hurt....

Comments by Marquez quite clearly indicate he clearly remembers the move Rossi put on Gibernau in the same corner. And as Rossi was a God, and above reproach, then naturally the youngster figured it was ok to do that. If Rossi had been sanctioned at the time, perhaps Marquez would have taken that on board as well.

been watching professional motorcycle roadracing since 1981.
seen 'em come and go.
what marc was doing on his honda today truly reminded me of the heady days of schwantz vs rainey so many years ago.
bounding over the curbs in search of some kind of different angle of attack.
crazy stoppies while trying to overtake a rider of significant skill who is clearly riding a bike that has an under-performing front end.
last corner attack was almost preordained.
enjoy what you are seeing.
this is the kind of racing i've been longing for.

He showed a lot of control and conviction to manage that all the way through. Well done.
Well done to JL also for a very diplomatic interview after the race despite the petulance in the pen and on the podium. I genuinely like how he is now showing the same sort of control off the track in public as he does on the track. Behind closed doors .... well, that's his business :-)

Sorry, but had he made any complaint about MMs move I would have been ridiculing him right now. He has done the same before (and as MM pointed out .... its on video). Maybe it was my imagination but JL appeared to be fairly aggressive too and chose to clash by coming across hard just as MM was sneaking through the door left WIDE open. Kudos to MM. I love that he is denting egos as well as fairings ..... thats why the fingers will keep wagging for some time yet.

Is he dangerous? He did nothing yesterday that other very high profile riders have done in the past on a number of occasions ...its happened 26, no make that 46, nope make that possibly 99 times before if we were to go looking. It was a racing incident and a very entertaining one on a whole lot of levels. Game on!

Has Jorge learn't anything from Catalunya 2010?
Fortunately, it wasn't a Rossi/Gibernau incident, that was clearly an example of little/no gap being made available!
From what I've seen of Marc this season, he's not the reckless individual of past seasons, but if you leave a barn door open for him, he'll have a go :-)
Good rides also by Dani & Aleix.

Both riders were riding at 100(+) percent on the last two laps. When you do that, hairy stuff happens. Running wide is not good but drifting wide while trying to cut under is not good either but that is what can happen when you give it your all to win. Good for them for the desire to win and risking it all to do so.

Pedrosa was THE MAN today. Great race bro! And great race to all top 5 finishers. Looking forward to this year much more after these first few races. :-)).

Some of the comments on here about MM93's move in the final corner today really surprise me.

Look at the replay. And look at it until you understand what happened.

MM did NOT run into or hit Jlo. Jlo ran into and bumped MM.

Jlo went into that corner very wide, "leaving the door open," as many have said. He was doing that to one degree or another on a lot of the corners all day, probably due to the weak front tire grip and feel.

At any rate, when MM came up the inside, he took the position he was entitle to take given his line into the corner. Jlo took a wider line, and then, because it was the final corner and he probably panicked a little, tried to close that line and block MM. But, MM was already wheel to wheel aside Jlo in the line into the corner he had taken. Jlo ran into MM, bumped MM. But, MM was coming into that line hot, and his momentum pushed Jlo back out onto his wider line. Had Jlo allowed MM to come through, as he had at Dry Sack, he may have been able to retake second before the finish line. As it was, and because Jlo tried to choke off MM's inside line, he gave second place to MM. And, Jlo could have caused a wreck. If a crash had happend, or one or both riders had gone down, I would be much more inclined to blame Jlo than MM.

I love the aggressive riding by the rookie. It was not "out of line." It was racing, as many have said.

Yea! sombody seen it like I did. Looked to me like Jorge bumped Marc because he was mad that Marc passed him and then kinda parked himself right in the line.

Lorenzo did adjust his line. All the top racers are good enough to instinctively make the small adjustment needed to make space when they see someone on the inside line. The problem was Marquez wasn't on the inside line, he was on the inside sure, but going into the corner way too hot and running straight on. There is no way Lorenzo or anyone can react to that which is why it's dangerous. Not that anyone, least of all race direction, seem to be bothered by that. After all, it's the entertainment business.

It was Jorge Lorenzo that made the comment that motorcycle racing is not a contact sport (after Jorge hit Sic at end on 2010 wearing that stupid gold helmet- an incident Jorge brought up 6 months later at Jerez 2011!- he fired in to Sic and complained then too) NOT Casey Stoner. In fact he said that if people were going to be allowed to touch each other he would have to consider retiring.

My concern with Jorge is he doesn't seem to like actually racing 'battles' in recent years.

1) This may have been on US coverage only, but in the opening seconds, they showed MM tipping into a corner, already at a lean angle well beyond my meager skill, with his back wheel 6 inches off the ground. HOLY SMOKES!

2) What was 'wrong' with JL? He was supposed to run away but come race day, he is obviously fighting a major issue, perhaps a bad front tire? Or a marginal one. He was not able to be his normal inch-perfect self. He was all over the place, which is not the way he rides. MM kept nearly ramming him in the Dry Sack, because JL had to tiptoe to keep the bike rubber side up (one man's opinion here, nothing more).

I bet JL is kicking himself. He could have gotten 2nd, had he planned better for MM basically being MM. Run wide, then cut under, as he'd done the lap before in Dry Sack. Or simply hold tight line through HIS OWN corner. What irony, to be punted in your own corner, I am a JL fan but find the irony delicious!

1) This may have been on US coverage only, but in the opening seconds, they showed MM tipping into a corner, already at a lean angle well beyond my meager skill, with his back wheel 6 inches off the ground. HOLY SMOKES!

2) What was 'wrong' with JL? He was supposed to run away but come race day, he is obviously fighting a major issue, perhaps a bad front tire? Or a marginal one. He was not able to be his normal inch-perfect self. He was all over the place, which is not the way he rides. MM kept nearly ramming him in the Dry Sack, because JL had to tiptoe to keep the bike rubber side up (one man's opinion here, nothing more).

I bet JL is kicking himself. He could have gotten 2nd, had he planned better for MM basically being MM. Run wide, then cut under, as he'd done the lap before in Dry Sack. Or simply hold tight line through HIS OWN corner. What irony, to be punted in your own corner, I am a JL fan but find the irony delicious!