2013 Silverstone MotoGP FP2 Result: Lorenzo Lays Down The Law

Jorge Lorenzo has seized control of the MotoGP class at Silverstone by setting a ferocious pace, under the race lap record. Lorenzo set a blistering lap early on in the session, and his time would not be matched. Fastest man in the morning Marc Marquez ended the day in second, nearly a quarter of a second behind the factory Yamaha man, and the same ahead of his Repsol Honda teammate Dani Pedrosa. Alvaro Bautista, having an excellent weekend at Silverstone, grabbed 4th spot, nearly seven tenths behind Lorenzo, and making it three Hondas in the top four.

Valentino Rossi made a big step forward after struggling in the morning, taking 5th behind Bautista and missing out on 4th by just under two hundredths of a second. Cal Crutchlow ended the day in 6th, fractionally behind the Italian, and tightly bunched with Bautista and Rossi. Andrea Dovizioso also made a big leap forward, taking 1.6 seconds off his time, and grabbing 7th spot. Dovizoso also led another tightly bunched group, with Bradley Smith and Stefan Brald within a few hundredths of the Italian. Nicky Hayden rounded out the top 10.


Pos No. Rider Bike Time Diff Diff Previous
1 99 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 2'02.734    
2 93 Marc Marquez Honda 2'02.958 0.224 0.224
3 26 Dani Pedrosa Honda 2'03.192 0.458 0.234
4 19 Alvaro Bautista Honda 2'03.463 0.729 0.271
5 46 Valentino Rossi Yamaha 2'03.480 0.746 0.017
6 35 Cal Crutchlow Yamaha 2'03.505 0.771 0.025
7 4 Andrea Dovizioso Ducati 2'03.658 0.924 0.153
8 38 Bradley Smith Yamaha 2'03.750 1.016 0.092
9 6 Stefan Bradl Honda 2'03.784 1.050 0.034
10 69 Nicky Hayden Ducati 2'04.089 1.355 0.305
11 41 Aleix Espargaro Aprilia ART 2'04.145 1.411 0.056
12 68 Yonny Hernandez Aprilia ART 2'04.476 1.742 0.331
13 29 Andrea Iannone Ducati 2'05.052 2.318 0.576
14 14 Randy de Puniet Aprilia ART 2'05.069 2.335 0.017
15 8 Hector Barbera FTR Kawasaki 2'05.266 2.532 0.197
16 51 Michele Pirro Ducati 2'05.438 2.704 0.172
17 5 Colin Edwards FTR Kawasaki 2'05.484 2.750 0.046
18 71 Claudio Corti FTR Kawasaki 2'05.506 2.772 0.022
19 9 Danilo Petrucci Suter BMW 2'05.657 2.923 0.151
20 70 Michael Laverty PBM 2'05.977 3.243 0.320
21 7 Hiroshi Aoyama FTR Kawasaki 2'06.038 3.304 0.061
22 67 Bryan Staring FTR Honda 2'07.854 5.120 1.816
23 52 Lukas Pesek Suter BMW 2'09.209 6.475 1.355


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Good joob from JL, i am glad he is feeling better and i hope he will keep this pace in the race.

I bealive MM93 will knock his time tommorow :).

I've become a bigger fan of Lorenzo with each passing year, and I don't think there's any doubt left as to his impact as a rider. More and more, it's Jorge alone that's keeping the M-1 competitive with Honda. No knock on Rossi and Crutchlow, but Yamaha would be nowhere without Jorge.

When a bike's development has you as a rider at the center of it... you better show what you can do on it and with it! And that's what JL99 keeps doing! But it's only practice... when the Hondas get dialed in a bit more then the natural order will resume just like Crutchlow always says. I hope to see Cal as the top Yamaha tho behind MM93 and DP26.

That seems to have been the pattern lately. Seems like the Honda's take longer to set up or something but by QP time they've eaten up most of any gap there may have been in practice. Probably why Pedrosa never seems to fazed by not being at the top of the timesheets on Fri/Sat morning.

... braking performance really needs to be sorted out, hopefully before the season ends. I don't recall the M1 being poor on corner entry like has become painfully apparent this year. As the Hondas have improved in this regard, it has really shown the Jorge-developed M1 lacking since it's known that Lornzo's entry style is to let off the brakes early and carry lots of speed on the way in. Good on his own, not so good in traffic.

The saddest part is this NOT how Rossi and Cal like to ride a MotoGP bike, or at least they don't like being stuck with this method as their only option. Rossi in particular has always been a ridiculously good late-braker, it's a bummer to see the M1 is so throughly opposed to this style of riding.

Last weekend, watching Marc and Dani make a mockery of the M1 on corner entry so consistently was surprising to say the least.

At the end of the day, Jorge's got his bike to the detriment of other riders, he's riding the best he ever has(his words) and he's getting royally beaten by a rookie.. That's a difficult situation to put a positive spin. Meanwhile they have another factory rider who should be riding a frame more suited to his style in parallel and they are not doing it.. ?? Come on Yamaha..

First of all, everyone is being beaten by the rookie. MM on the Honda has turned out to be a remarkable combination. If anyone needs some spin, it's Pedrosa. How many years on the Honda...soon to have made 3 other champions? Pedrosa is still an alien but how do you explain Hayden/Stoner/(soon)Marquez all having won on the Honda while sitting across the garage?

yes, Hayden has a WC , but he has how many victories ? Putting Hayden on par with Stoner and Marquez is probably THE most stupid thing I've ever read on motomatters.com ...

Hayden will never touch the heels of Dani as a rider. just because you have a WC doesn't mean you automaticaly promote yourself to the "superhuman-riders". Mamola never won a 500-WC, but he still was a much much better/greater rider than Nicky wil ever be.

I have no problem with fanboy-ism, just keep it realistic !

Gardner 1

Schwantz 1

Criville 1

Kenny Jr. 1

Hayden 1

Debate all the other crap you want but these guys are champs. Bet ya $100 that Dani or Max or Randy would rather have put one season together and have a WC next to their name than to have a bunch of single wins.

As far as Nicky touching Dani's heels....nevermind..

Nevermind is right Texasroast !!!!

I don't know what's funnier - Hayden still not getting respect as a top tier GP rider (he did ride equal to or better than the G.O.A.T in his 2 yrs on the Ducati) or the fact that a world championship doesn't equate to being the best in a given year and the respect that comes with beating the dominate rider (Rossi) and Team (Yamaha) ...... If I remember right, it was a bonehead move that DP26 touched Hayden's heels and almost cost him the championship that year whiiiiiiich .....

Begs the question - what does winning races but never winning a championship put DP26 in the same company with ??? Gibernau, Capirossi or Biaggi perhaps ???

What marks out Hayden's WC as special is not the sheer number of wins he made on the way but the extraordinary pressure he overcame to succeed. Not only did he finally seal the deal by pressuring Rossi into meltdown at the final round he had to deal with some extraordinary white-anting all season by Alberto Puig & HRC. I cannot think of any other championship won in the modern era against the desires of the riders own team. Hayden's championship is a classic heroes journey all the way.

In GP history there are a number of talented riders that never won a world title despite being real contenders a number of times, like Mamola, Biaggi, and so far Pedrosa. Very rarely there is a rider who wins a title despite not normally being a contender, like Hayden. I struggle to think of another rider who has spent as much time on factory bikes getting mediocre results, but in the one opportunity he had Hayden did the job.

I never said the only way to be a superhuman-class rider was to win a WC but IMO that is the best way to do it. As someone said before I'm sure all the non-WC riders you listed would gladly have given up a bunch of wins in exchange for a title.

What makes his title more impressive, not less, is that he won it as the B rider, unfortunately where he always ends up in a team. Even when he delivered the WC back to Honda. Give Nicky the full backing of a manufacturer instead of the backhand support he usually receives and he'd be doing a hell of a lot better. You can't give Pedrosa any better support than he's been getting yet he still can't close the deal.


... are the same, you just can not have a sensible discussion with/about them, so I'm gonna leave it there. just 1 thought :

how come Nicky is always treated as the nr2 rider ? Is it because the entire GP-world is plain stupid and blind ?

Guilty. I was feeling the same as I was typing it. Oh well.

Although it would not be the first instance of a rider being given secondary treatment because of his nationality or lack of GP pedigree.


I am not putting Hayden on par with Stoner and Marquez. The only point of saying "...Hayden/Stoner/(soon)Marquez all having won on the Honda..." is to stress the bike was good enough to win the championship in those relevant years. There's no real dispute about that is there?

No offense intended, but your reactionary comments reveal a bit of "fanboy-ism" on your part.

Everyone talks about how crap the Yamaha is. Lol. Jorge's season has been ruined by one thing only, his twice broken collarbone. It meant he mised or was uncompetitive at some tracks which favoured Yamaha, and returned to fitnes just in time for two tracks which favour Honda. It's therefore hardly surprising he has a points defecit to the only top rider to have remained basically fully fit the whole time.

Silverstone IS a Yamaha track though, and Jorge's pace all through the session was more impressive than both the Hondas so far.

Am I missing something re the Yamaha? I am hearing it has a shortcoming on braking that needs improvement. I understand it to be that the primary issue now is that relative to the Honda it has trouble AFTER that when it has been forced to decrease speed in braking rather than carry it through the apex, then can't get power down into the exit. Anyone have info to enlighten? Thanks. :)