2013 Misano MotoGP Race Result: Different Boat; Same Armada

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Jorge Lorenzo for the second race in a row reminded the paddock that there are other Spaniards capable of race wins in MotoGP with an emphatic wire-to-wire victory at Italy's Misano circuit. Marc Marquez, after a mid race battle with teammate Dani Pedrosa, took the number two slot nearly four seconds back with Pedrosa in third.

Valentino Rossi, who was third for much of the early part of the race, came home in another lonely fourth -- his fourth fourth-place finish in a row. Stefan Bradl passed Cal Crutchlow on the final lap to take fifth after a race-long skirmish with the Tech Three rider. After Alvaro Bautista's seventh, it was the Ducati subclass taking the final three, top-ten slots: Andrea Dovisioso (eighth), Nicky Hayden (ninth) and substitute rider Michele Pirro (tenth).

Colin Edwards finished as the top CRT after Aleix Espargaro was assesed a 20-second ride-through penalty for jumping the start.

The race could not have played out any better for Lorenzo. The current world champion bolted out to the front almost immediately after a bad start by current points leader and pole-sitter Marquez. Pedrosa slotted in second with Rossi in third and Marquez in fourth. Lorenzo began increasing the pace in the toward the middle of the race and started to to open a gap to Pedrosa.

With 15 laps to go, Marquez began turning some of the fastest laps of the race and slipped by Rossi. With 10 laps to go, he put a block pass on Pedrosa only to lose the position again a lap later. The second time Marquez passed his Repsol teammate -- a lap later -- he made it stick. But the battle with Pedrosa came at a cost; It allowed Lorenzo to open a considerable gap which he held until the race's end.

The finish moved Lorenzo into a tie with Pedrosa for second in the championship as it chipped away at Marquez's points lead. Both Lorenzo and Marquez have five wins each with Pedrosa at two wins and Rossi one. The gap now stands at 34 points between Marquez and second place with five races remaining.


Pos. No. Rider Bike Time / Diff. 
1 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha 44'05.522
2 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda 3.379
3 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda 7.368
4 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 15.062
5 6 Stefan BRADL Honda 22.355
6 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Yamaha 22.599
7 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Honda 31.059
8 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 42.702
9 69 Nicky HAYDEN Ducati 44.858
10 51 Michele PIRRO Ducati 47.818
11 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha 48.011
12 5 Colin EDWARDS FTR Kawasaki +1'03.154
13 41 Aleix ESPARGARO ART +1'07.600
14 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA FTR +1'15.528
15 9 Danilo PETRUCCI Ioda-Suter +1'17.907
16 71 Claudio CORTI FTR Kawasaki +1'29.655
17 14 Randy DE PUNIET ART +1'33.990
18 70 Michael LAVERTY PBM +1'36.860
Not Classified
  67 Bryan STARING FTR Honda 4 Laps
  8 Hector BARBERA FTR 7 Laps
  68 Yonny HERNANDEZ ART 19 Laps
  17 Karel ABRAHAM ART 21 Laps
  29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati 25 Laps
  52 Lukas PESEK Ioda-Suter 25 Laps


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JL did what he had to, broke them at the start.

MM is a cool headed young man reeled in 2nd, and did'nt drop the bike!

Dani is now a broken man now, and time is on MM's side.

Val is in between the 2nd group and the Aliens, riding solo.

it's MM's to loose now. impressive young rider for sure. I expect 2 more wins from him this year if he does'nt run out of luck on crashes.

I really don't get how people keep harping on that Dani is a "broken" man. He's still joint second in the championship with Jorge. If MM has a nasty spill and is out for a race or two, like what happened to both Dani and Jorge, then suddenly the "broken" man is right back in the championship.

It's also easy to dismiss his performances as "giving up", when the truth is nobody here knows how much pain and lack of strength they have to ride through to get to the end, let alone try and match a fully fit and very quick team-mate.

Do we apply this same logic to Vale as well? He looks far from a broken man to me.

... Jorge requires some credit, that wouldn't hurt you too much would it?

... no evidence to suggest that the Yamaha is the best package out there. Jorge is the difference, his ability can take it to the Honda's, just like 2012.

But far too much is made of whatever difference there really is. As far as Jorge goes, he's obviously one of the best riders out there. But the idea that he's managing to beat Marquez on a factory Honda just through willpower and talent is wrong. Though I would say Jorge and Marquez are a step above Pedrosa. Dani finally mustered up the minerals to challenge Marquez, but then Marc just rode away from him.

It's funny how Honda has already one revenge this year at the corkscrew and it could have another one since MM can win the title by racing for second as per last year.
Of course it's just for the fun of it, Marquez is not that kind of guy at all, but it's amusing how story and nemesis can play out.

Pedrosa is one of the winningest riders in Motogp, but yes, he is a broken man. He's been broken since Stoner got on the same bike as he and won the title. Pedrosa is a nice guy and a great rider, but after all these years in Motogp (2006 and on)........it ain't a gonna happen for him.

Looks like Rossi got on the Ducati instead of the Yamahammer ........again. What? Fifteen seconds or more back from his team mate? Says volumes. Yamaha, give the bike to someone who can ride it to victory, not fourth place again and again.

When the english commentary team made their usual reality-challenged prediction at around half race distance; 'Rossi will just get stronger from here'. Even though it hasn't happened in the majority of races this year - it's simply a myth being perpetuated much like the idea he does well in the wet.
He's on the equal best bike out there and is making the Yamaha look worse on average, can anyone legitimately see him having a better year in 2014?

Dani can still win the championship, but it is now out of his hands. If the race were purely between himself and Jorge, no one would be writing off Dani's chances. However, Dani cannot seem to pass (and stay past) MM, so he is really struggling to take the fight to JLo whenever MM is between himself and Jorge.

We saw in the races prior to Silverstone that Dani can beat JLo. So, my point is: Dani is still in the running just as much as J Lo is. He just needs JLo to get stuck behind himself and in front of MM. If he can sort out his qualifying, and beat JLo to the second lap, then he has a chance of winning the race. But MM is just too fast in qualifying at the moment, and deep down Dani is perhaps afraid of pushing too hard, crashing and hurting himself.

We have seen in the past two races that JLo is so fast and consistent in the first five laps, that if MM gets stuck behind Dani, or Dani gets stuck behind MM during that time, JLo effectively wins the race in that period, or at least puts the odds very much in his favor. JLo has actually greatly benefitted from having uncompetitive teammates over the past two years. Although, they have been uncompetitive in part because he is so damn fast.

However, I wonder how Dani would feel if he won the world championship this year with far fewer victories than his teammate and his arch-rival.
We saw a glimpse of the talent and speed Dani can produce if he reaches deep down into his competitive spirit. However, it isn't enough. We need that every lap.

One of the BBC commentators made an interesting comparison. He said Dani rides the Honda like Rossi rode the Ducati. That is fine as long as you are not up against someone like MM or CS, who thrash the thing like a beast, and MAKE it the best bike on the grid.

He might still win the title with a bit of luck, but the writing is on the wall. He is just not as fast as MM, and he wasn't as fast as CS. He probably would be competitive with just about any other rider in history. What bad luck.

His most impressive and remarkable ability is to learn and improve after every new challenge. He is now, again, riding better than ever after taking lessons from the first half of the season and the consequences of his injury.

It will be a riveting fight against Marquez until the end of the year.

Sadly, IMO, Pedrosa is really out of it now, except for MM or JLo meating disaster.

Lorenzo is a great rider but he only won when Rossi and stoner were injured. I wanna see Marquez and Lorenzo on the same bike. Today he rode a fantastic race for the win.

Oh you meant his ego perhaps...

Come on now with the lame excuses. Sm99thie broke his collarbone twice this season and I didn't see anyone saying Marquez wouldn't make a great World Champion yet.

.....this would be a short thread!
If he didn't fall, if the hadn't done this, blah blah blah. Can't change what's happened, unless one of you can get the DeLorean up to 88mph.... :-)

What I can say with absolute certainty is that watching Dani and MM riding close together yesterday, whomever was leading their dice, it was MM who looked more prepared to ride the bike looser and closer to the edge than Dani. That's the bravery and fearlessness of youth. We've seen this many times in many sports, the young upstart without the same weight of expectations as the established stars who goes out and brains 'em all. But then comes the next season and the expectations change, especially if he is defending the #1 plate.

MM is a superlative talent whose career arc is on the rise, Jorge is on the plateau, defending. Dani and Vali are on the other side, trying to arrest the slide. If I was a betting man, I know which two I would be putting my money on, and that's taking all emotion out and looking at the form guide.

In my recollection, Marquez was 3rd at the first corner, with Espargaro 4th and Rossi 5th....
Nice to see Dani finding the guts to make that move on MM. The racecraft and sheer pace of MM however is really extraordinary. JLo's strategy was excellent and he rode like the champion he is.

I think both the RCV and M1 have been developed along different lines. Last year CS liked the Honda to be loose, just like MM now. JLo has always wanted to to make a break from the start and needed the M1 to be capable of running consistent fast lap times.
With the Honda's now taking the fight to him, he probably wants Yamah to improve on overtaking capabilities, the area they haven't been developing over the past years or so. I don't think one is better than the other, they just have been developed in different directions. Look at how VR is sometimes struggling to overtaken, one area he has been very good ar in his prime years.

This year is already great and I expect more to come....and then think of next year with Aprilia and a bunch of Moto2 guys joining the mix, should be excellent!

Jorge won the title because vale got injured? Thats the most dumb thing to say. If jorge dont win the title this year its because of 2 injury in 2 weeks and 2 operations??? Or maybe it was because of michelin rossi could win titles because the special tyres specific made for vale??? Classy race by jorge and good yamaha brought the seamless gearbox.