2013 Aragon MotoGP Race Result: Decisive Result In Title Race

Full report and results below:

Marc Marquez has taken the sixth victory of his rookie MotoGP season at the Spanish grand prix in Aragon. The imperious performance saw the home-town hero chase down, stalk and eventually pass Jorge Lorenzo over the course of the second half of the race. He then lead the reigning champion home to take the checkered flag with a comfortable one and a half second margin.

Marquez's early progress was halted when he made a mistake under braking and almost careened into the back of his teammate Dani Pedrosa. It looked like there was very light contact which saw him run wide and off the track. It would prove not to be a happy birthday for Pedrosa as he unbelievably high-sided moments later, crashing out of the race, damaging his knee and surely destroying any 2013 world championship aspirations. He was taken to the medical centre for observations. 

The battle for the final podium place provided the bulk of the excitement in the final laps as Valentino Rossi fought off a rowdy challenge from Alvaro Bautista, Stefan Bradl and Cal Crutchlow in sixth. His teammate Bradley Smith finished in a promising seventh place, albeit some distance behind his countryman. The Ducatis of Andrea Dovizioso, Nicky Hayden and Andrea Iannone rounded out the top ten.

Marquez now takes a very strong 39 point championship lead into the three flyaway rounds, as it looks more and more likely that the MotoGP paddock will see a rookie champion crowned at the conclusion of the 2013 season.


Pos. Num. Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda 42'03.459
2 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha 1.356
3 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 12.927
4 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Honda 13.787
5 6 Stefan BRADL Honda 13.973
6 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Yamaha 14.662
7 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha 31.220
8 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 40.671
9 69 Nicky HAYDEN Ducati 53.413
10 29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati 55.067
11 41 Aleix ESPARGARO ART 58.001
12 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ Ducati +1'05.513
13 14 Randy DE PUNIET ART +1'06.589
14 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA FTR +1'08.674
15 71 Claudio CORTI FTR Kawasaki +1'09.130
16 5 Colin EDWARDS FTR Kawasaki +1'12.041
17 23 Luca SCASSA ART +1'45.152
18 67 Bryan STARING FTR Honda +1'45.228
19 52 Lukas PESEK Ioda-Suter +1'45.583


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Nicky must be thinking deju vu in 06.

poor dani always a bridesmaid.

MM the un-stopable.......hat's off to the rookie, he never gives up!

Did Marquez brushing Pedrosa's wheel cause Dani to crash I wonder. On the face of it the contact doesn't look hard enough, but on the other hand if he's dislodged a sensor on Dani's wheel he could have caused Dani's TC to not kick in when it usually would.. In which case this would be contact caused by Marc that has resulted in another rider crashing. Which could be just severe enough to get Marquez another couple of penalty points, which would have him starting at the back of the grid at Sepang..

... for this appears to be nothing more than wishful thinking Deshy boy. But to be honest, Marc would probably finish 4th at worst if he started at the back of the grid.

Marquez knocked off pedrosas rear wheel speed sensor, this caused the crash as the traction control shut off on Dani's bike causing the exit highside. from livio suppo himself.

I wonder if the jolt perhaps added a little bit of momentum to Dani's bike, or even it it made his throttle hand twitch a little, and he carried more speed than usual through the corner. Dani looked really cranked over when the slide occurred and it appears to me that at that point he should have been picking it up already.

Of course if his TC was broken then it would have meant at least a retirement or dropping down the order, so it matters little in the end. But, I wonder if it's a cover....

I can't gauge from all of the replays I've seen so far who was responsible for the slight contact (which in my mind could have, but may not have necessarily, been at least partially responsible for the high side moments later) between Pedrosa and MM. Did Marc cut the corner a bit too tight and run into Dani's line, or did Dani start to run a little wide and not quite hold his line? Any thoughts?

... obviously marc was "at fault", however I'd certainly deem that a racing incident - he most certainly didn't intend to punt dani off, and the fact that he broke that sensor was extremely unlucky.

You can't start penalizing stuff like that or no one will take any risks what so ever and we may as well watch robots simulate racing on computer.

I'm wondering if HRC will maybe move the sensor to the front sprocket or something to prevent a repeat occurrence? The real wheel won't turn without the front sprocket also turning unless you've lost a chain, and if you've lost a chain then there are bigger problems. But maybe the slack in the chain would make it too inaccurate?

Either way, extremely unlucky.

** edit: "extremely unlucky" seems to sum up Dani's MotoGP career actually. Last year it was the brake thing at Misano...

It was bad luck that Marc damaged Dani's sensor, but the net result is that Dani gets no points from a race he looked like could have won and his title is effectively over. Thankfully this time it looks like Dani escaped Injury. Marc wins the race and gets rid of a potential challenger in the process. Now of course that wasn't his intent, but that's not the point. The question is did Marc take enough care NOT to make contact with another rider. Put yourself in Dani's shoes. People criticise Dani for being timid, but you could not argue that he doesn't take due care not to hit other riders, since the infamous incident with Nicky Hayden Dani passes clean or not at all. Now Marc makes contact with him after not leaving enough room and takes him out of the title and it's Just 'bad luck'. I admit I feel sorry for Dani this time, and I would love to see Marc charge through the field from the back of the grid!

... feel sorry for Dani, but it was a freakish accident which wouldn't happen another 99/100 times. Clearly it was not intentional, we see people get ALOT closer and bump much harder without punishment.

But before this year there was no penalty points system in place. You could argue this is precisely the reason penalty points were brought in, so that even if an incident is not worthy of a grid penalty in isolation as this one isn't, if it is part of a trend of undue care then eventually the rider will receive a penalty. Also, sometimes the outcome of the incident is taken into account when determining the penalty in cases of negligence. On a football field if a player accidentally raises his elbow in a tackle he probably escapes punishment, where if he smashes a players nose he gets a slap on the wrist of some sort.

... but he's hardly one to talk when it comes to racing for position with a championship leader.

Let me direct you to 2006...

Its a bad situation for all involved, but if you were to start penalizing people for things like that it will make people not go for a gap. And going for a gap is what racing is all about.

I think perhaps HRC should maybe put a backup sensor on the front sprocket so that even though it is less accurate, loss of the primary TC sensor in the axle will not result in the engine going from say 100HP on corner exit to 260+ in an instant when the TC suddenly fails.

Had the system been in place. But he hasn't initiated contact with another rider that I can remember for nearly 7 years. He is actually a model of contentiousness. You could almost say he was courteous or polite on the racetrack. Had the positions been reversed between he and Marc, there is just no way he'd have made contact with MM, light or otherwise. Where Marc has made contact with other riders consistently for a few seasons, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

I think you need to let the Dani/Nicky thing go. 7 years man, 7 years :)

Interesting that you brought it up though, since today has many similarities to that incident.
Dani & Nicky were both Repsol teammates (Like Marc & Dani)
Nicky was 1st, Dani 3rd in the title fight at that stage (Marc is 1st, Dani is 3rd)
There was a mistake from the rider following, contact made, & the rider in front suffered.
Nicky still went onto win that year, Marc looks likely to do the same this year.

Still dont think Marc should get penalty points though. It was a racing incident. Like Danis move in Estoril all those years ago (the only rash move of his career?).

Clean passes or not at all? You forget his imprudence that triggered the infamous collision with Marco Simoncelli in LeMans. Its more accurate to say DP does not do aggressive well, whilst MM has a touch of Troy Bayliss about him. None the less this incident was lighter contact than Redding & Pol in the Moto2 race, just unlucky outcome thats all.

Marco attempted to pass Dani around the outside without having a clear advantage going into the corner.. There's a reason you don't see that move tried very often! ALL Dani was 'guilty' of was running slightly wide in the turn after shitting himself when Simoncelli turned in across his bow, another move Dani wouldn't contemplate. Simoncelli was a brave, free spirit but he was the very soul of imprudentness.

I don't think MM caused Dani's crash, but he did force it. I think Marquez has a similar game plan to the early Rossi. Glue yourself to the rear of your championship rival and try and force an error. If one occurs, you've just added to your points lead. If after a reasonable amount of time one doesn't, pass. Ask Sete or Max about this. But don't expect a smile along with their answer.

MM *did* cause Dani to crash, by initiating contact which resulted in damage to a critical sensor on Dani's bike. But it's also wrong to paint this as being some sort of tactic by Marc. It was merely an error, but maybe an error that seems to be a recurring theme in Marc's career.

Is that Paul Butler (race director) has said that racing is a contact sport. The force needed to break that wire is very minor compared to many moves that have not garnered penalties. The connector was not even dislodged from the plastic retaining clip and the second brownish sensor was not knocked off its velcro patch. If HRC put a wire in a vulnerable place that is a design problem that needs to be corrected. One of those rare occurrences that points out the obvious.

I've been a frequent Marquez critic in his Moto2 days but he has really cleaned up his act this season.


Consequences get taken into account when these sorts of incidents occur though. Heavy contact without drastic consequences often goes without sanction, whrere it would be looked at if it caused another rider to crash. That's why race direction could decide to look at this incident more closely. No rider ever intends for another rider to crash when they accidentally hit an opponent, but it's the outcome that matters not the intent. In some instances balance is hard to apportion for contact too, like in the Bautista - Rossi crash earlier this year where no blame for the contact could really be made.

... i don't think Marc is patient like that at all. Unless he is racing with a strategy, if he's actually trying to make forward progress he will take the first sniff of a gap he sees.

You only need to look at the footage from him fighting his way through the pack from the back of the grid in moto2 to see this.

he's a shark. the second he smells blood, he's going to strike.

continues to dazzle as well as avoid the tribulations of mere mortals .....blasting way too hot into a corner with nowhere to go but up a teammates ass(reminiscent of his early season blast to offtrack oblivion being halted by JL and his bike) and running off course,only to have the on track continuation of said teammate result in a brutal highside into title oblivion.....whilst MM continues on his merry way to yet another victory....better to be lucky than good,better to be good than lucky.. etc. etc........but MM being great and lucky is so far an unbeatable and remarkable combination....but the Championship is still only one (earthling) fall away from JL(who has had two) drawing tight on him....

David, where you've said "his team-mate", it suggests that Bradley Smith is Rossi's team-mate...

that's not how English works. The preceding subject was Rossi.

Puigs reaction said it all. I was absolutely gutted for dani today, it seems to me that he just doesn't quite have that special something, be it luck or durability to win a championship in the premier class.

Nevertheless, there is little shame in joining the list of 'greatest sportsmen' never to win a world title, even if just for his likeable, understated personality and efforts there are, in my opinion at least, few more deserving than dani pedrosa to win one.

...because Honda mounted a sensor in a vulnerable position, and because the bike is unrideable without it? Yeah, that makes sense.

Stoner was right, bag the electronics and let twisting the grip mean something. And the 750cc 2 strokes sound like great fun too.

But on the other hand, having Marc start from the back would be a thing worth seeing again. Or hows about make them all run a race without TC, and we'll see if there are any real aliens, or if they're all mere humans piloting alien craft?

So it's Hondas fault. Not the pilot that ran into another one. I'm a big Marquez fan but that was just plain stupid. Dani had more pace and Lorenzo was only .6 ahead. Why take such a stupid risk that early in the race. It was clear that both HRC bikes had more pace that JL.

Yes, Marq should receive a penalty. He caused another rider to crash. There's no other way to look at it.

Sorry, my (stupid) remark was for Alberto himself ! My post is at the wrong place... I can't believe people are blaming Marquez for what happened.

When a wheel speed sensor goes (or when any other vital sensor goes) your race is over.

Still, it does seem amazing, in view of the kind of the kind of fairing bashing we've seen, that such a vital sensor could be placed in such a vulnerable location that it would be dislodged by the sort of contact we saw today. If that's really what happened I can guarantee you that all the Hondas will have that sensor mounted differently by the time of the next race!

Has a wheel speed sensor actually been an issue though. First time I can recall..

Simply a racing incident as far as I'm concerned. You have two riders, on identical bikes riding at the limit. Mistakes happen and to make a pass either rider has to exploit the smallest weakness. Sucks for Dani this time, but it'd be a bigger injustice to see Marquez penalized.

I thought I heard that an announcement about Hayden's future may be made on the American station broadcasting the race today. Does anyone know if anything official was finally announced?

Dani's luck has been miserable. The dislodged sensor perhaps is the pinnacle of that bad luck. But he is still only 27 years old and in my opinion he was in a position to win that race. If he is a true champion inside then he will bounce back from this and come back stronger. I believe he can do it. I think he can win the championship. Not this year, but next year, which will probably be his last shot. MM is unlikely to get faster than he has been this year because he has no pressure and that youthful carelessness. The battles between MM and Dani have been very tense. With JLo and MM, it just seems to be open season, but between the Repsol boys it is cagey and nervous.

No one can say MM tried to sabotage Dani's race, but he does charge too hard on the brakes sometimes. I guess that is just racing unless the rules say otherwise. Either way, he has profited from it every time. Whatever that says. In my opinion he's made this season spectacular, but this new dynamic among the top three is not nearly as clean as it was with the old top three during the last two seasons.

All I can say is unlucky! So very unlucky! I mean, a TC sensor has never come off in MotoGP as far as I can remember. And no, this is not a reason to not have TC. Dani didn't crash because he can't handle a non-TC bike. He crashed because he was expecting the TC to control his corner exit, not knowing that it had been disconnected. Anyone who says the bikes are the aliens in the equation is insane.

Motogp has been boring processional racing the last few years. This year we have guys actually fighting each other for position....and IMO the reason for more incidents like this.

It is amazing that MM's elbow dragger was just the right size and shape to get caught on that small wire loop enough to rip it off the connector. I mean, put the bike on a stand and have Marquez try to get his elbow pad caught again in less than 100 attempts and I bet he would fail.

Jacob Leech wrote the article, not David Emmett (this in ref to a post above).

That being said, Rossi does ride like he's a team mate of Smith instead of Lorenzo. How many seconds back from the front??? Way too many for a non Ducati factory rider. Replace Lorenzo's teammate with someone else, please.

....today's result would not have altered the outcome of the World Championship whether Danny crashed or not. The title was effectively won/lost in Germany - today's result meant nothing in the context of the season. Ok, so Danny might have finished second with good results in the last four races, but I don't think he'd have taken that with a smile on his face.

HRC have given him 8 seasons to demonstrate his full potential. That's long enough by any stretch of the imagination. Where will Dani be post-2014? Retired is my guess. A great rider, but evidently not WC material.

Marc Marquez is amazing!!! After the racing incident with Dani Pedrosa, he was down more than two seconds behind Jorge Lorenzo. Right? What did he do? He get it together and chased him down. When he got to him, he passed him and never look back like that was the easiest thing in the world! Amazing kid!!!

After reading most comments here and in other sites, one thing is clear, there no clear rules about what actions can be sanctioned. Just opinions to fill comments. There are some points that nobody knows in what circunstances they are used. Either punish everyone, or no one. Just because you caused another ride to crash (as MM on DP) is no reason to punish them. As someone else mentioned, in Moto2, today, there was a similar touch (Redding on Espargaro). Or it may be, but I would like to know what the rule is.

I've followed Marc since he first burst onto the world scene. From the very early days it was clear that he was one of the special ones, and was always going to be a MotoGP contender for the future. At this time I became a fan.

Unfortunately, in recent years, he has also courted controversy, for which sometimes he has been truly guilty, and other times he has been unfairly treated (in my eyes).

The problem is, whilst today was an unfortunate incident, and in no way intentional, I fear that Marc's personal safety and that of those around him could be on borrowed time. This may be a freak accident, but people are hurt in freak accidents, and he has a knack of getting involved in them when they really are not necessary. Today, he could have followed Dani past Jorge, and fought him cleanly for the win.

So far, in his rookie year Marc has:
-Punted Jorge in the last corner
-Torpedoed Cal and a group of marshalls under waved yellows
-Binned his bike at 175mph on the Mugello straight
-Gone off the inside of the corkscrew at Laguna passing Rossi
-Nearly collected the back wheel of the rider in front a number of times by out-braking himself
-Collided with his team mate today, inadvertently causing a dismount

I don't want to see Marc stop racing, but what I would like to see is him chill the **** out a little bit. Make the hard moves, but make them when it matters.

It's not like he's riding hard but "getting away with it". He is crashing, he is leaving the racetrack, and he has caused other people unnecessary danger. He is getting away with it only in as much as it has not effected his points scoring significantly. Statistics say if he continues, it will go badly for somebody.

The racing of Pol and Scott today was exceptional; clean, fast, hard and fair. An example Marc would do well to learn from. Would you rather see one hard move in a MotoGP race, followed by a rider leaving the track? Or a duel of corner to corner action?

I think Marc is talented, fast, well-supported and driven. I think he needs to find a bit more maturity - and I suspect at this moment Nakamoto and Suppo are probably telling him the same.

...even if some will downvote you (being fans, it's expected).

I share the same opinion.
It was clear, ever since the 125cc days of M.Marquez, that he was very special, but it was also evident that he frequently makes bonehead maneuvers.
The kid may be "once in a decade" material but, let's face it, it hasn't been all positives.
We all expect maturity will improve/correct that side of Marquez, but now it's the time to grow up and show a little more control and "plan ahead" work.

One thing is being courageous and practical, another thing is being short-sighted and reckless.

Somebody here mention "rider X" has too much bad luck, and that "rider Y" has too much good luck (etc)... well, then in that perspective, M.Marquez has had the (unfortunate) good luck to not face Marco Simoncelli (R.I.P.) - IMHO, the only rider other than Rossi that would put his knickers in a knot everytime he goes beyond the line of what is "professional racing", which did happen this season, as did happen before in his recent years.

I love "dogfights" as anyone else, and to me "agressive" belongs to "racing", but so does "intelligence and etiquette". Call it gentleman racing syndrome if you will, but some of the MotoGP races this year have sometimes reminiscence of club-racing behaviour, rather than worldwide top-professional champs, IMHO.

Those of us that have seen the greatests (they call them "aliens" now) in the 80's and 90's (to some extent in the 00's too) can remember the savage machines of the time, but that was not the whole story. The trust between the top riders, for their own skills and etiquette, was visible and certain, it provided some insane wheel-to-wheel fights, close and fierce competicion (sometimes bitterly) even in absurd situations (Lawson/Rainey/Schwantz/Gardner/Doohan in GP 500cc, or Bayliss/Edwards/Haga/Corser/Foggy in WSBK springs to my mind). I honestly fail to see that sort of thing prevail in this current gen of MotoGP riders.

I'm a massive Marc fan but didn't down vote. The comments are fair.

The thing we need to remember though is the kid is 20 years old, and racing for the big prize. I think sometimes people seem to forget that.

You simply CAN NOT TEACH maturity.

No it's not exactly an excuse, and I think part of his advantage is that he is willing to GO for the gap that he sees without hesitating and losing the opportunity.

This is both an advantage and a liability.

There's a lot of truth in what you say.

Maturity comes with experience, and a lot of that time that experience tends to be the more negative type of experience.

The problem is that the negative experience that tends to bring the paradigm shift in a young rider can be something simple like a race ban (such as Jorge), or it can be a lot worse - we can all think of examples.

I actually think that despite his years, this only came to Vale after he threw his leg over that Ducati. With it came humility and maturity, and I have consequently gone from relative indifference towards him, to being a bit of a supporter of his.

The problem is, the kids come through the system, and until they get beat (like Vale) they think they are unbeatable. It is both their blessing and their curse - it drives their achievements as riders, but I believe it also stunts their growth as individuals.

Perhaps we shouldn't be letting them hit the race track before we deem them mature enough to vote, drink or drive in the real world?

First, thanks for the compliment! I like to think I can see both sides of the coin........

Your comment about club-racing actually got me thinking - why is it that "you see that in club races all over the country" is often reeled out as evidence to support a rider's actions?

Fristly, you can't compare the situation - a club race has a huge spread in talent, experience and machinery. Added to that a potential lack of track knowledge. Finally, a big chunk of desperation driven by the typical 15 minute race lengths.

All of these add up to a recipe for red flags.

Club racing is the heart and soul of motorcycle racing, and I spend a lot of time in the paddocks, although I've yet to get my ACU, despite a lot of peer pressure......

However, to use it as justification is, in my opinion, not right: I can go club racing next week based upon my existing (lack of) experience and make exactly the mistakes we are discussing here. I expect more of the best motorcycle racers in the world.

comments. The denial of reality induced by the glow of his brilliance is rather startling...while he has spent the year doing the seemingly un-doable,there is little doubt that he has been very fortunate not to have hurt himself and others with his unabashed disdain for the limits of physics and circumstance....

I really don't like Marquez (not that I hate him or want him to crash) I just see him as the young upstart and I root for the vets to beat him! That being said, his talent is undeniable and if he wins the championship it is 100% deserved!
But he drives me crazy! With all that talent and machinery and support THERE IS NO REASON FOR HIM TO MAKE THE MOVES THAT HE DOES! If the roles were reversed Pedrosa or Lorenzo would not do the same! They understand the... i don't know... respect(?) of the race. Why the hell would Marquez hound Pedrosa like that?! Why not follow him all the way back to Lorenzo!? Pedrosa clearly had the pace to do that! Even when Pedrosa first passed him Marquez didn't yield a cm and they touched tires when Dani went through!
Even a guy like me who doesn't like Marquez still realizes he is so talented that he could've won that race any time he wanted! There was no reason to put that much pressure on Pedrosa that early in the race. They touched and it was Marquez's fault and Pedrosa had to pay for it. Marquez is sooooo lucky he didn't take them both out.
I think Lorenzo looked over his shoulder to say "Ohhhhh no, you ain't gonna do that to me, go ahead, lets see if you can handle it" unfortunately he could! :)

was that Valentino Rossi finally bettered the 2010 race record - by 0.144 of a second. Not too shabby for the old fella...

it was after all an 800 Ducati. Ok so it was giving away nearly 20ks down the straight and Casey backed off 2 seconds on the last lap being 5+ seconds in front.

Great race with a lot of action al along. MM does seem to brake too late pretty often, but I'd say this whole event was just sheer bad luck for Dani. Feel really sorry for him though. Good ride by Lorenzo and Valentino rode a signature last couple of laps.
Charlie Cox' Rossi adoration is bordering on the rediculous though. I have a MotoGP vid pass but watched the race on the BBC for a change. That has surely been the last time. Cox was raving about Rossi like he had won the race. Come on.

that happened, unfortunately for Dani, in a bad location. Had it been on a straight maybe he would have had time to react. MM seemed to do all he could to avoid contact by going wide. I am sure that huge run off area gave him the courage to try the pass. Had their been gravel or some barrier near, MM wouldn't have tried.

Dorna want entertainment, put Marquez at the back of the grid every race!!

but yeah, how man races have gone by where post race, the riders are laughing and showing tyre marks on their leathers from close calls ? Same here, anyone else notice the huge black streak on MM93's forearm of his leathers ? so many times this is all it would have come to. Just plain unlucky but also HRC have to shoulder some blame for making it vulnerable. It also demonstrates what racing is in the electronic era - crack the throttle mid corner and rely on the electronic brain to control your speed and feel for you...

... and those calling for penalty points, etc - do you want every light contact to be penalized? because the only reason this one is any more serious than regular every-race contact that we see between riders battling hard is that it happened to dislodge a sensor.

that, i'm afraid, is bad luck. yes, the outcome sucks, but that's simply bad luck.

I know from the pic the sensor cable broke but isn't it possible it was from the bike going down the road etc..... Has it been stated somewhere that the break happened with the touch and not the slide? Accepting also that the footage looks pretty evident of a touch. High sides do happen......(JL DP etc) without other interference so isn't it possible here. I'm not a huge fan of JL but I admire his ability to rise up and improve, a worthy winner of the WC if that happens. I'd like to see MM win also but with incidents like this, not that he was wrong, but that DP could have won, perhaps JL 2nd the point difference would have been 25 to DP and 30 to JL (I think), 4 races to go.......

This year has had race after race after race that has had me on my edge of my seat until the very last lap. Say what you will about Marc Marquez but he has given a tension back to the racing that has not existed in several years. Given Lorenzo a target to reach for. At the beginning of this year everyone had Lorenzo pretty much written in as being champion. Marquez has come through and made the veterans look like they are the rookies. Crashes, injuries, that was what I and many others predicted for Marquez. Not Lorenzo or Pedrosa. Yet look how it has turned out. This rookie is the baby faced assassin. He has a mentality that is ice cold.

MM is not perfect, yes he could have avoided touching Pedrosa, but he was just going for a position, it was not the worst move he could have made. He has made FAR worse moves in Moto2. He has calmed down quite a bit this year. In truth, I think he his surprised at how he has been able to come in and run as good as he has.

Pedrosa...He, like Haga, may always be remembered as one of the great champions not to be champion. I feel for him, but, and I will add the quote later, a boss at Honda has said if Pedrosa does not win it this year, he never will. He just does not have it. Yes Marquez hit him, but it is not Marquez fault he already was so many points ahead. Pedrosa messed that up. The dude is one of the best riders ever, and has the talent + speed to win a title. But something on the mental side is not deep enough to get it.

Even the Rossi, Bautista, Bradl battle was interesting. Normally I only care for the front three, but that was a good battle on the last two laps. Phenomenal. Great race. Hope Dani can take some rage from this last race and start winning. It would be good to see someone beat JL or MM just to keep options open to other people to watch for.

I don't think he was too hot in that corner at all, looked to me like he was taking the outside line so he would have the inside line for the next corner where he was intending to overtake. Either he made a mistake and got a little too close, or Pedrosa went a little wider than he anticipated.

..disappointed but sadly unsurprised at the much of the knee-jerk reaction. A symptom of the fluffy, cotton-wool lined world we like to wrap ourselves in.

Racing motorcycles is dangerous kiddies..Crikey, who would have thought?

Ironic then, that failure of a system many of us would like to see banned - just one of which are rammed down our throats in the name of safety - is responsible for another crash.

Pedrosa's blind faith and reliance on his TC was clearly evident..hardly flattering his skill-set and certainly nothing to do with Marquez.
Feathering a throttle anyone?..No, I didn't think so.

On both channels I watched the race, there was hot dispute as to whether any contact occurred at all?

Perhaps the fact that Marc locked his front wheel just before brushing a vulnerably sited sensor wire, will give Honda the impetus to push with renewed vigour their desire to introduce ABS into world championship racing?

Marvellous..can you picture the potential first corner carnage resulting in failure here?

You could not expect any rider not to have crashed in that circumstance. They have to have blind faith in the system else they could not do the times they are doing. It would be "I have to be careful not to pour on too much throttle as if there is no TC".... who would ride like that? Same as Jorge throwing it down the road a few years back after a practice start. Spies thinking TC worked in 1st gear on the Ducati. etc.

I would like to see them race without all the gizmo's but that is not going to happen. People blame the electronics for making the racing boring but if the electronics are so good then anyone could ride them and that is not the case.

... it's like cutting his brake lines and saying he still should have stopped in time for a corner.

All of them ride to the electronics, they exist in the machine, there would not have been a single one who wouldn't have crashed then because none of them could have known it would have been switched off.

I don't for a second think Dani just whacked the thing full open expecting electroncs to fix it all... surely it's easy to see that you can't do that otherwise nobody would ever crash.

Got to say I disagree with a few things here.

1. To say "racing motorcycles is dangerous" is entirely a subjective statement. It depends what you compare it to. It's more dangerous than making a cup of tea, and less dangerous than Russian roulette. The skill of a great racer is risk management - the ability to maximise achievements for the minimum outlay of risk. In this respect, Marc is gambling a lot today. It's paying off for him today, but the house always wins.

2. Little being discussed here is knee-jerk. This discussion has been taking place about Marc for a few years now. If it was his first incident, there would be little or no comment as it was one mistake. But, it is one of many, and that is the point of discussion. It's a valid discussion, whatever your conclusion - to state it is knee jerk is as much an irrational "Daily Mail"esque statement as any poorly thought-out criticism of Marc.

3. Pedrosa's "blind faith" in his traction control, was blind faith, only in as much as he expected it to be present when he opened the throttle. Take it away, *and tell him it's taken away*, and he could still ride his bike, albeit at a slower lap time - just like everybody else. Your statement is akin to him getting a puncture and putting "blind faith" that his tyre is at the correct pressure before opening the throttle. If you don't trust your bike, you've lost before you even start. Confidence is everything.

4. The "vulnerably sited sensor wire", looked pretty robust to me in the pics. It must have taken a heck of a force to break it - and I see it as no more poorly placed than the front brake hoses of every bike on the grid. Not every eventuality can be engineered for. Shit happens. (by the way, I'm a chartered engineer and can confirm first hand, that shit does actually happen on a frequent basis).

I actually believe it was the force of the cable on Marc's handlebars that causes a countersteer input and his direction change.

My guess it was the ball on the end of the clutch lever that did the damage. Note the black mark on the swing arm. The marks on his arm are from the tyre.

The odds that it was his elbow scrapper are slim as it is titanium and his arm would have had to slide along the tyre then half the diameter of the wheel and the length of his forearm before clipping it...

Whilst watching the race last night, it looked like Pedrosa had felt the contact and opened the throttle a little harder and earlier to get himself out of harms way, but into a highside unfortunately. Imagine Dani's surprise as his RC213V unleashed full power unexpectedly!

As gbyrnes95 says, the clutch lever is the most likely to have snagged that wire, and may have engaged Marquez's clutch slightly contributing to him leaving the circuit.

It has to be said tho, how often have we seen Marquez braking behind someone almost to the point of collision?

Hopefully he will soon realize that he is too close. Once he felt the front tuck he should have stood the bike up and gone straight, brake again to wash off speed and possibly not run off the track instead of trying to ride around the outside like he did.