2013 Phillip Island MotoGP Race Result: A Mystifying Series Of Events

Full report and results below:

Jorge Lorenzo has taken victory in the Australian Grand Prix at Phillip Island following one of the most bizarre and controversial races in recent memory. Unbelievably Lorenzo was able to cut Marc Marquez's championship lead to eighteen points after the rookie championship leader was black flagged for running eleven laps on his first set of tyres when competitors were under strict instruction to run no longer than ten on the fragile Bridgestone compound. Dani Pedrosa ended the race in second place and kept his slim championship hopes alive, he was dropped slightly in the early laps but managed to close the gap to Lorenzo and Marquez as they approached the middle stages and the bike-swap pit stops. 

Pedrosa was the first rider to enter the pits, he did so with a bit too much enthusiasm and was given an order to drop a position after missing the pit lane speed limit marker, with six laps to go he dropped back to let Marc Marquez past him and a lap later Marquez received his crucial and really unfortunate penalty. For the most part the mandatory bike swaps went ahead in an orderly fashion, the only real drama unsurprisingly involved Marquez as he exited the pits and Lorenzo and Pedrosa came barreling down the home straight into turn one at the same time, Lorenzo careered into the somewhat dawdling Marquez, broke a protector off his glove and unceremoniously shoved the young pretender out of the way.

Valentino Rossi managed to snare the final place on the podium after a fantastic and familiar battle with Cal Crutchlow and Alvaro Bautista who finished in fourth and fifth places respectively. Bradley Smith ended the race in sixth after an excellent start which saw him enter turn one in fourth place, hot on the tails of Lorenzo, Marquez and Pedrosa. The Ducati trio of Nicky Hayden, Andrea Iannone and Andrea Dovizioso followed behind the Brit while Randy DePuniet rounded out the top ten and finished as the top CRT rider.

Marc Marquez wasn't the only rider to get his number of laps mixed up as both Australian riders Bryan Staring and Damian Cudlin were black flagged for the same reason. As if there wasn't enough drama throughout the race, the odd drizzle of rain emerged in the closing laps just to cap off what really was a truly bewildering yet somehow captivating experience.


Pos. Num. Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha 29'07.155
2 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda 6.936
3 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 12.344
4 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Yamaha 12.460
5 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Honda 12.513
6 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha 28.263
7 69 Nicky HAYDEN Ducati 32.953
8 29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati 35.062
9 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 35.104
10 14 Randy DE PUNIET ART 37.426
11 41 Aleix ESPARGARO ART 46.099
12 5 Colin EDWARDS FTR Kawasaki 48.149
13 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ Ducati 49.911
14 8 Hector BARBERA FTR 49.998
15 9 Danilo PETRUCCI Ioda-Suter 58.718
16 23 Luca SCASSA ART 58.791
17 71 Claudio CORTI FTR Kawasaki +1'08.105
18 70 Michael LAVERTY ART +1'27.230
19 52 Lukas PESEK Ioda-Suter +1'31.093
20 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA FTR 1 Lap
21 50 Damian CUDLIN PBM 2 Laps
  67 Bryan STARING FTR Honda 0 Lap
  93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda 0 Lap


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Maybe Phillip Island has found the ultimate formula to make MotoGP exciting again?!

Dorna should introduce mandatory pit stops from next season. What a race

Did they know they'd be changing bikes within 10 laps - yup

Did they practice swapping bikes - yup.

Did Marc/Honda get it right??

Maybe this is why some people become racers or work for race teams and others become different things in life, such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, or something else with a higher intelligence level. I had just finished watching the MEC, and thought that the U.S. was not that bright, but it seems to be the racing fraternity in general. WTF? Prove me wrong?

Add in frightening, negligent and criminally dangerous, and you come close to describing how awful this whole thing was. We came this/close to ending the careers of two of the superstars of this sport in one entirely predictable triple-digit-speed collision.

Jesus. Just happy no one got hurt.

p.s. Where in the rulebook or in the revised race instructions does it say that violating the tire lap limit would result in a black flag, and not, say, a 10-second penalty (you know, like they gave to Rossi all those years ago) or a ride-thru? The whole thing stinks of being Mickey Mouse, rules made up on the fly, and you really suspect that Dorna simply took advantage of the chaos to make the championship chase more "entertaining."

when it comes to rider & crew safety. I've seen and worked corners for many races at every level. This was the most blatant disregard for safety I've ever seen. It's now quite clear that the *Show* will go on, no matter the risks for the riders & crews.

We have a narrow pit lane at PI so let's do a pit stop which involves 23 bikes requiring 46 crew members to do pit stops on 1 of 2 different laps. But that's not enough, let's slow the bikes re-entry onto the course so that we have them converging near the apex of Turn 1 with a disparity of somewhere close to 100mph (160km/h). The terms incompetent and irresponsible only begin to describe the idiocy of going with this format for the race. The simple fact that they didn't even bother to have a rider meeting about such a huge issue as this, speaks volumes. I've met and worked with a number of these folks, I'm simply amazed that it all went down as it did. Thank God nobody was injured or killed. I'd really like to hear why Loris Capirossi didn't demand that there be a rider meeting concerning this instead of a printed notice stating the "rules". I don't doubt that he might follow David so feel free to speak up, send David an email or whatever. I'm truly mystified by this.

As to the question of whether Marquez saw Jorge and Dani, this says Yes, indeed he did.

As for who is at fault for that incident, DORNA, without doubt.

Bizarre bullshit overall, simply freakin' bizzare.

p.s. morbidelli17, please ping me at MyUsernameonMatters at gmail. Thanks!

But after what was a hell of an exciting race to watch unfold, seeing Marc Marquez still smiling in his garage because he knows he could have won the race were it not for a pit board screw up and that he's still going to win the championship, was enough to bring you back to reality. Especially if you're wearing Yamaha blue.

The podium should have been
1) Lorenzo
2) Rossi
3) Pedrosa
When he was original told to let a rider go by, the ride behind him was Rossi, then Marquez blew it and ended up behind Dani, so Dani (let) him pass. Total BS
He either loses his spot to Rossi right away or loses a finishing spot to him after the race

When Pedrosa was given this drop-a-place penalty, it meant he had to drop a place within the next 3 laps. As there were no radio signals, and thankfully so, Pedrosa couldn't get the message until he was flying on the home straight back again. Also, a more reasonable and strategic thinking would be to get in front of the faster rider (in this case, Marquez perhaps) before he exits from the pits and then drop a place. No point waiting for a slower rider (Rossi, definitively!) and then again making those un-tested tires work hard again. I think Pedrosa's strategy today was a classic example of using opposition's (Race Direction/Dorna) force in his favor. It worked.

However, Marquez during the pit exit sort of ruined Pedrosa's line. Before which he was closing in on Lorenzo pretty neatly. Whether Dani had the pace to win or defeat Lorenzo is something still arguable though...

...and again, what if Dani hadn't crashed out in Aragon. Things would have been interesting and more fierce today, and from now on. Heck, the guy's championship hopes always end up on the borderline!

A total and complete farce. I just hope Dorna don't somehow think that compulsory pitstops are a good idea.

Pitstops robbed us of a great (or at least good) race, Marquez disqualification or not.

EDIT: I also agree with duffy in regards to Pedrosa going back a spot. Not sure if it seems fair that riders are allowed to pick and choose who to go behind with the penalty. The problem here lies in the vagueness of the rule though, and not with Pedrosa. Not the first time we've had problems with this rule either, if I recall (Iannone in the Moto2 race at Barcelona 2010).

Dani dropped his place to Marc. Marc was still an eligible rider when he did. He hadn't been black flagged yet. So the drop to Marc was fine.

Pedrosa dropped a position during the race, just as he had to. Marc was disqualified after that. Pedrosa was punished. He cannot be punished twice.

but chronologically speaking, when they gave him the penalty the rider behind him was Valentino. No need to debate further though I get your point, loud and clear.

suppose Pedrosa needs to let the guy who was right behind him go pass. Suppose Rossi at that point misses a turn, has to go through the grass and returns on track in 15th position ? Should Pedrosa still drop behing Rossi ?

To me, there's a difference between being overtaken and dropping a place through a penalty. Looking back at the TV coverage it doesn't look much like Pedrosa let Marquez through, but they didn't show much leading up to the pass.

Marquez was posting very quick times and catching Pedrosa very quickly. My reading is it was a racing pass, not a penalty place drop, so Pedrosa should be awarded 3rd place. I guess Yamaha will protest on that basis and people with access to more TV angles will decide.

Did the team even tell Pedrosa he had to drop a place?

Pedrosa said in the pre-race conference that he saw P3 on his pit board and dropped behind Marquez as instructed.

For me, the biggest injustice would have been if Pedrosa had to drop all the way back to a languishing Rossi and let him by, that would have made absolutely no sense whatsoever. 

That's that then. He deliberately dropped a place, penalty applied, job done, Dani gets 2nd.

Assuming he's not telling porkies...

Not because everybody's bickering over who he should've let passed, but because he should've been given a ride-through which would've allowed Rossi through!

Dorna and their crew are a joke and display time and time again how consistent they are with their rules!!! *puke*

Oh sure it was confusing for you. Try watching it in German when you don't speak it yet.

wait... what... what... why WTF.

I was watching in Japanese.. So confusing as they speak so quickly when they're excited!

for his complete idiocy,and will be starting from the back next race. Pulling into the racing line on pit exit is generally a common sense issue,but it appears that despite an abundance of racing talent,there is little between the ears of the youngster.

of his indisputable talent. I am not a fan of his immaturity and lack of common sense.Nor am I a fan of the constant confusion of the two...and the sycophantic mewling over those who have the audacity to mention the obvious.

it was from Race Direction. MM is an easy target as he's got lots of prior history, but not this time.

* Extending to speed limit almost onto the track was dangerous.

* When MM looked over his shoulder 99 & 26 were not visible from where he was (watch the replay in slo-mo)

* He went on track as fast as the speed limit would allow with a massive disparity in speed to the two guys hurtling into the corner.

* Poor on-the-hoof rule making nearly got all three of them killed. This needs investigation and a subsequent sacking of whoever sanctioned having bikes running into a corner with a 100mph speed difference in entry speed.

"Lorenzo careered into the somewhat dawdling Marquez, broke a protector off his glove and unceremoniously shoved the young pretender out of the way."

Really? MM was coming in from the pit lane, are others on race laps supposed to make way for him?

I call it as I see it, I admit Marquez was in the wrong for riding slowly (that's what dawdling means) on the racing line after exiting the pit lane, but Lorenzo did career into him, he did break a piece from his protective equipment and he did fairly shove him out the way, did he not?

Maybe I was watching another race, if you can call it that.

"career" into someone. Marquez was maybe 80mph slower than Jorge there, Jorge made a riding mistake and Marc was way too close to the racing line with such a speed difference. Using logic there was absolutely no reason for Lorenzo to miss the apex, he was going to take back the lead, with Pedrosa just behind him moreover.

You're 100% wrong. Lorenzo held his line...the racing line just as he had ran that corner every lap until that point. MM is the one who pulled in front of both Lorenzo and Pedrosa while going much slower. Its all fair play right and its MM wwo likes the contact sport aspect of MotoGP. Lorenzo is just trying to appease him.

Well I'll have to make it more explicit. In no way I'm trying to blame Lorenzo there. But he has been pretty clear about the incident, Lorenzo's just calling a spade a spade. He missed the perfect line by a little margin, which quite obvious on the video but it's also flagrant that MM had nothing to do there. That was a reckless move by Marquez. By the way, I disagree with Lorenzo when he says that's a 50/50 mistake. That's where he's trying to appease him. The responsibility was 100% on Marc.

I was called a Lorenzo fan(boy) just a few days back here, can't be a Marquez apologist at the same time.

Lorenzo does not agree with you. At the BBC mike he said that time he went a bit wider because of a little mistake in that lap.

Never the less it's true that holding the limit for so long out of the pitlane was not a smart decision from Race Direction (among all the others mistakes).

MM was riding for the lead of the race, accelerating as fast as he could. Should he have used his mirrors? No... they don't have them... Should he have stayed in the pit lane acceleration lane? No... there wasn't one marked... MM did nothing wrong... it was a racing incident brought about by the incompetence of race direction who had rushed through new rules because of the poor performance of Bridgestone who should both be penalised for what happened today.

As a rider overtaking the race leader it was JL's responsibility to pass MM safely... the fact that he couldn't is the responsibility of race direction for putting them in that situation.

A rider rejoining the track is responsible for doing so safely, and that means checking to see if there are riders approaching at speed and giving the right-of way to those on track. MM saw JL coming (on his second shoulder check while on the exit lane) then cut over to the racing line with ~80MPH speed deficit. And by the way, its CAREENED not CAREERED, unless he's making an occupation of it.

Hey....you guys cannot even spell ALUMINIUM correctly.
Always did and always will have 2 x I's in the word.

(career: past tense: careered; past participle: careered

1. Move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way.)

Marc was still "in" the race after his late pit stop. He was not a lap down. If Marc did that when he's effectively a lapped rider, yes, he is stupid & at fault but not this time. He re-joined in the top 3 positions.

We have to also take note going into T1 is down hill and Marc would not have seen Jorge and Dani flying down the home straights merging into the track. Marc did look over his shoulders when the elevation was still flat. It is easy to get a bird's eye view on TV but it's not how it is on the track with an actual motorcycle. Kind of like how T1 at Laguna Seca scares riders when you're actually on the track itself.

This whole thing was pretty confusing because pit stops in MotoGP are usually due to conditions change and racers staying on the track are not usually that fast (example: slick tyres when it starts raining, wet tyres on a drying track). This was the first ever dry race pit stop, and F1 had shown us pit exit incidents with on track traffic had always been one too common.

They could had considered Race 1 & 2 format like SBK since Moto2 had 1/2 the race taken away.

to have a championship decided under those circumstances!! Wh@t a joke. Surely I'm not alone here... "we know you normally just go hell for leather when we drop the flag, but this time we have dodgy tires, and therefore you must do 12 laps, drop to 60 km's jump off your bike do a raindance and spin around 3 times anticlockwise, face the west for exactly 1.85 seconds get back on your bike and slowly exit pit lane, and then go hell for leather again whilst carefully not smashing into anyone that's already going hell for leather!!!! And if you get any one of those instructions wrong! YOU'RE OUT!! I've just explained what happened to my sister in law that knows nothing about bike racing and her comment was "that's b*llsh*t, that's absolute b*llsh*t"!!!!
And that's my point!!. !!!!!!!!!!!!

did I miss where the championship has been decided?

no, it was not an ideal situation, but the tyres were not up to the full race distance, so what would you have done? Run a 9 lap race? Run 2 9 lap races? Run flag-to-flag? call the whole thing off and go to the pub?

The rules were clear, no more than 10 laps on one rear tyre (for safety reasons), all riders had the same rules, all 3 riders who broke the pit window rule were black flagged. There's nothing unfair about it and really, it's not that hard.

They already have to change bikes during wet/dry races, so they ought to know how to get off one bike and onto another quickly - plus they all practiced the changeover this weekend. Everyone knew when they had to come in, so hopefully the reasons why 3 riders didn't manage that will become clear over the next couple of days.

and I for one couldn't take my eyes off it.

you can bet this race will go down in history as being very controversial given all that happend..

on another note its quite a shame for the seagull though....poor bird.

On the lap when Marquez pitted as a result of his black flag Lorenzo raised his hand in what was to me an indication that he thought the race should be stopped due to rain. My son thought he was giving Marquez "the bird" or waving him goodbye which is an intriguing possibility. Did anyone see a replay of that?

I'm pretty sure it was a weather notice to officials off the track, as we've seen Jorge do many times before, and nothing more interesting.

I'm less disappointed in MM93's inability to count than I am in the ridiculous tyre problems, and the farcical workarounds by Dorna/Race Direction/whomever. Wow.

Not worth watching really. I should have turned off after Moto3.

Why was the pitlane EXIT extended for this race??
Why did Pedrosa not end up being penalised for pitlane error??
Why was MM deemed to have gone too far when in fact he did NOT fully complete 11 laps before pitting??
Why was MM black flagged and NOT given one of many penalties at Race Directions disposal??

This whole race is BULLSH*T caused by Bridgestone not testing when they KNEW things had changed massively at the newly resurfaced PI track (2013 WBK)......and Dorna covering this disgraceful situation up by making excuses about weather and new suface.

I won't be watching MotoGP here in the UK next year due to TV rights changing and watching this makes me feel I won't be missing much at all.....totally totally totally disillusioned with Dorna and it's convoluted soap opera.

10.000000000000000000000000000000000001 is still more than 10 and it was against the rules.
But I guess if you're a MM fan, rules don't really apply to him.

The way I see it, is that it was an unfair advantage allowing him an extra lap over everybody else (almost, except the Aussies), so a penalty was just.
Whether this had to be a black flag, I'm not sure... a ride-through would've been more appropriate but hey, that's the MotoGP politics, as inconsistent as they can be!

The other thing though, is that incident between MM and Lorenzo. Again, it doesn't make sense that they extended the 60km/h limit so far (which is outright dangerous and somebody should be sacked for that!), but that was the case for every single rider. When you come out of the pit and enter the track at a lower speed, you can't just jump on the ideal line risking people's lives. Maybe MM didn't see 99 and 26 coming at the time he looked but he knows they're coming in at over more than 250km/h faster than Mr Rookie and they're there in the blink of an eye! For that, he should get AT LEAST 1 more point on his license, forcing him to start from pit in Motegi.

All these rule changes this year with penalties for gross mistakes was just a big joke. People just do whatever they please and always get away with it... same old same old.

Maybe race direction had MM's history in mind when they gave him the black flag and I can't really blame them. At first when I saw he got the black flag, I actually thought it was for this incident and I think that would've been a lot more appropriate. MM (and his team) made 2 crucial errors in this race and they only got penalized for one. No wonder he had a smile on his face after the race!

The thing I really don't understand about this whole race is that riders do get punished (from time to time) and heck, even teams do (93-26 incident Aragon), but what about Bridgestone? What about Dunlop?
They're robbing the whole world and they always get away with it! Dunlop actually did test but still couldn't work out their problems and Bridgestone? Well... single supplier... what would they have to worry about? However it goes, money in the pocket and the(ir) show goes on.
Both of them has a HUGE responsibility as the sole supplier and they're playing the role of a settled politician. Once they secured the spot, the can do whatever they want, they can screw everybody over, again and again. I think it's about time to let teams decide for themselves again which tire supplier they trust, let there be competition!
The race was supposed to be 27 laps and they couldn't guarantee the life for over 1/3 of the race distance! That is just beyond ridiculous. And again, we should all point our fingers at Dorna again for the lack of allowance for testing. If teams could test a bit more, these problems would surface much earlier and it wouldn't damage the sport so much.

david bayliss ‏@davidbayliss
"@texastornado5 surely you ALL were told the exact rules by race direction before the race. @marcmarquez93 just fucked up. Great race though"
Colin Edwards ‏@texastornado
"@davidbayliss10 @marcmarquez93 Nope, race direction never put us all in a room :) A piece of paper was passed around with race rules."

Do I need to go into why Dornas piece of paper method is so ridiculously dangerous and stupid ???

Lap number is natural number (9,10,11, etc.) so first number above 10 is 11! There is no 10.8 laps or so.

As far as I know, before Marc changed the bikes he crossed start-finish line exactly 10 times, not 11. Remember - "no rider is permitted to do more than 10 laps (which means 11, 12 or more laps) on any one slick or wet rear tyre".

Dem_last-minute-made-up rules...

1.probably for safety reasons.
2.he already did. He dropped back behind MM. Before you're saying not fair, IIRC, the rules only said to drop back a place within 3 laps.
3. They all agree that you can only use it for 10 laps. He use it for 11 laps. Again, before you're stubbornly saying that he only do 10 laps, he was basically doing the 11th lap with those tyres, although he didn't cross the finishing line with it. I was confused when MM doesn't came at the 10th lap, the commentators also confused. Basically he broke the rules that was applied to all the riders.
4. The black flag probably already being agreed on before the race. If that penalty was made at race time on a whim, then you've got a point. But again, if everyone agrees beforehand on the penalty, then you should argue to why everyone (or the majority?) is okay with that.

The answer to the 1st and 4th question I'm not so sure, but for the 1st it's probably correct. The 4th one is based on my rationale that something like this should already been discussed beforehand.

No.1......why slow riders down when rejoining the race ????
Like filtering onto motorway....get up to speed quickly before joining.
Meanwhile I'm busy watching SBK now...

Pedrosa did not suffer anything at all for failing to follow pitlane safety procedures....PERIOD.
(now I'm watching BSB, 3 + 4 to follow)

Comment from MM on another website;

"When I saw the black flag it was difficult to understand why;

We made a big mistake in the plan with the team. It was a big confusion because we thought that we could [stop before the end of the eleventh lap] and I followed what the team said with the pitboard and when they said 'box' I went in, but it was too late. We thought it was possible to go in on that lap but we'll learn from that and go on to Japan.
It was the whole team so you can't blame one person. We made the plan together with three or four guys. The biggest problem was that we thought that it was possible to pit on that lap. The positive thing is that we were there and fighting for the victory. When I saw the black flag and 93 it was difficult to understand why. I thought that maybe I was too fast on pit entry or maybe I crossed the white line on the pit exit.
The penalty, maybe it was very tough but in the end it was the decision. I think that it was possible to give other penalties, maybe some seconds or a ride-through penalty"

There you go.....clear enough ?

And to add a 'tweet' from the ever eloquent Colin Edwards;
"Not happy with the [Marc Marquez black flag] decision. First time running this scenario & disqualified. We r not mathematicians... let us race & F off."

IF and only IF it had been decided that a black flag would be used for this situation, it should have been emphasized to the riders and teams AND at the same time, emphasized EXACTLY when the riders had to pit.......and I mean EXACTLY so no misunderstandings were possible at all.

This whole PI meeting, that everyone was so rightly looking forwards to, so much, has been turned into a disgraceful farce.

This years championship now has no meaning.
Shame on Dorna....

Made things a damn site more dangerous.

Forcing all the bikes into and out of the pits was obviously stupid and dangerous as was pointed out before the race - then incidents happened during the race to back this up.

Frankly the MotoGP organisation just showed up as being a gang of incompetent, officious fools - yet again.

he got away with that and was black flagged for something that he should've probably gotten a ride-through for.
For this move, he should simply get another (couple of) points on his license.
I'm not saying this as an anti-MM slogan, this applies to everybody in the field. It's an outright life-threatening move and should be punished in a way that riders will think twice about making a move like that in the future.

If Dorna hadn't made the ridiculous and dangerous decision to extend the restricted pitlane speed area after the pits ( EXIT ) then MM would have been up to a safe speed to merge by the time he joined other riders on the track...

Dorna created this event with their blatent stupidity.

It's STILL the rider's responsibility to rejoin the race in a safe, sane manner. If Marquez didn't see them during his second glance, he looked too early and should have looked a third time. The near disaster was entirely on him, and is 100% worthy of a significant penalty.

Have you ever even sat on a motorcycle? Do you have any idea what you are asking of the rider, to be looking over his shoulder at the front of a hill while trying to gain 100 kmh and riding through the dirty outside of that high speed turn, on cold tires. This was probably the most egregious mistake Dorna made throughout this race weekend, as the spec tires and other problems with the series are structural and not limited to this particular race.

Yea, as a matter of fact I do.
And I am hear to tell you that a 1 second turn of the head is all it would have taken for MM to see Lorenzo and Pedro barreling down the track in his direction. Tell me, (assuming you actually ride), do you blithely merge onto the freeway without looking, presumably because it's somehow too dangerous to do so while accelerating? Yea....

Watch the video again. From the time Marc crosses the 60MPH release line to the time he hits J-Lo, he doesn't as much glance over to his right. He had a perfect opportunity to check the track as the exit lane started to curve into T1, but MM once again entered his special little space, where only the slender strip of pavement ahead exists. Lorenzo was a balls-out full lean and could not have tightened his line to save his life. It's only blind luck that MM wasn't another 6 inches lower in the corner, at which point both riders would have become roadkill.

As for those who argue that "He had no way of knowing they would be there!" Don't be dense. Anyone who has watched any form of motorsport that features pit stops would realize that a single lap offset almost invariably has the second racer re-joining the track in nearly the same position he was in before the pit sequence. On lap 9, when JL pitted, MM was <1/2 second behind him. It's only common sense to assume that MM would rejoin in very close proximity to the two other riders.

Lorenzo said it was also his fault (brake too late, miss the apex, too wide)
Marquez said "it's ok"
So ...

You can't compare the exit of pit DURING a race or during a normal practice ... look Formula 1.

The real problem in this race was the amateurism of Dorna ... why a black flag ? Why no meeting before ?

Ok suspense goes on, but after that, for me, if Marquez is not crowned, unfair it is...

For a start any form of motorsport that uses pit stops is not MotoGP.

It's a World Championship race and MM is racing to win the championship, his own line comes first. Always. Thats what racers do.

You only look once then worry about the fact you've just whacked the throttle wide open and the apex is coming up fast, look through the corner and go go go.

The issue here is Race Direction. e.g. If they made the same choices on pit exit at Catalunya for example the effects and risk would have been totally different- the pit exit is still a long way from the corner at Barcelona.

There was a complete lack of risk analysis on releasing bikes slowly in to a corner where the pit exit is blind to bikes coming over the crest of the hill.

FWIW in 10 years of racing I never once looked around me the way you suggest in your post; if its behind you, it doesn't matter. Period.

MM has been very lucky this year an he is over due a sore one and karma dictates it will come. This time however neither he or JL were in the wrong.

Actually, I'll expand on that a bit; racing physiology dictates that any decision or impact that is marginal is always blamed on the other rider. ALWAYS!!!! Any time you ever say it was a 50/50 means you think it was your fault. Or your team thinks it was your fault........ The fact that JL says it was a 50/50 speaks volumes (to me).

Nobody ever takes the blame, these guys all believe they are the best, admitting you are wrong is stating you were not the best. That does not happen unless your surname is Bautista!

Anyway, onto a more interesting matter. CS 27 was in the Honda garage all weekend, everyone knows a big part of his choice to retire was down to his lack of faith in the management style and decisions made by Dorna.

So some enterprising journo should try to get an interview with him to see how far todays proceedings went towards changing his mind about making a comeback.

Well done on the spectacular own goal Dorna........

Extending the pit lane speed limit is a real head-scratcher. If Marquez had been able to go a bit faster, that incident probably doesn't happen. Jorge admitted some responsibility. One could argue that Jorge had a clearer view of Marc than Marc had of him. Good on both of them. Glad no one got hurt. No harm, no foul. Case closed.

Dorna and race direction do deserve to take the bullet for the problems. The bike swap was actually pretty exciting and went off, thankfully, without a hitch. The rest was a bit of a mess. No rider meeting to clarify the rules? Inexcusable. Although one has to wonder how Marquez's crew screwed this up. Considering the championship is in the balance, how did they not ask for clarity if there was any uncertainty about the rules at all? Very strange.

Yes, I do, have clocked over 50,000 miles in about the last 8 years on a motorcycle and I can tell you that the situations you have posed are so dissimilar that I don't believe you ride. There is nothing more dangerous than not looking AHEAD of you. To top things off, taller intellects than mine have pointed out that MM was in the race lead and it was up to George to pass him safely. So there's that.

this race was very good. mm/honda made an ubsolute dumb fault. the rules were very very clear! when mm wanted to join again he was looking were jorge/dani was and could see them very clear and still trying to close the racingline was very very dangerous and for the 2nd time a dumb fault from him. MM knew what he was doing because he said after the penalty points he was not going to change his riding style and he didn't changed it still trying to do stupid stuff. but 1 rider did change hi's ridingstyle and took some angre from mm and not backing off now for safety and thats jorge. like jorge said maybe i must go back to 250cc hard riding style and he aint taking bullshit. go jorge go for the title. and mm please keep riding the way you do...brainless

That's right - he enterd the pits before he finished his 9th lap. So, Pedrosa did:

- 8 laps with first bike/rear tyre
- 11 laps with second bike/rear tyre

When Race Direction guys realize what they have done... lmao.

He came at the end of lap 9. He do the last 10 laps on the spare bike. If he do 11, then he must be overlapping the entire field unknowingly to make it look like he do 19laps but in fact he do 20! Real alien!

Are you only watch bike race and never a car race with pit stops? Basically when people say going to the pit at the end of this lap (which Pedrosa was completing his lap 9) then he immediately goes to the pit instead of crossing the finish line. Pedrosa was doing 9 laps with the 1st bike (8 full laps + 1 laps without crossing the finish line) and doing 10 full laps after that. If some people are counting it as 11 laps with the 2nd bike because he ended lap 9 with the 2nd bike (which only ran a few meters in lap 9 and in the pit lane), then I have nothing more to say.

You can't count laps as you wish.

I am not saying that Pedrosa deserves to be disqualified, but according to poorly written rule changes which Race Direction announced for this race it was his crew who got it all wrong, not Marc's.
It is all Race Direction fault, but they made those rules and they are obligated to obey them as everyone else, even if those rules are bullshit...

As Superdunc said - this race and everything about it is a farce.

No, I don't interpret the rule as my wish. I just interpret it correctly. I already replayed the race and at the end of lap 9 going into lap 10, Pedrosa was going into the pit. If the rule was the tyre can be used for no more than 10 laps, then either entering at the end of lap 9 or 10 is the correct one. Marquez side got it wrong, most of the people knows that Marquez side got it wrong, and you stubbornly said that you're right. Marquez basically starts with the 2nd bike for lap 12 onwards so 11 laps with the 1st bike and potentially only 8 laps with the 2nd bike.

he came in after lap 9. so he did lap's 10-19 on his new tires. my mathematics says that's 10 laps. your's says that's 11 ?

Say whatever you will about who made mistakes regarding when to pit and whether that was exciting to watch. None of it would be needed if Bridgestone had heeded the warnings given about the new surface and spent some time and money testing. Asbk knew about it and so did wsbk. Absolutely NO excuse for not getting it sorted. The most shocking fact to emerge from the weekend is that in the premier motorcycle racing class on the planet, the monopoly tyre supplier could only make a tyre that would do just over 1/3 race distance!!!!!! Appalling!!!!!

Agreed. A sole tire supplier in the premier class of motorcycle racing is a short-sighted joke. The race today was an inevitable result of that decision from a few years ago. You want on track drama? Imagine if, say, Ducati, or a CRT team, was on a different tire than Dunlop today...

Agreed. The controversy over the disqualification has put up a large smoke screen that hides the fact that the root cause of this problem is fairly and squarely at Bridgestones feet (and Dunlops). If they had done their homework like they are getting paid to there would have been no need to make up rules on the fly, no need to shorten races for fear of not being able to guarantee "riders safety". A young guys championship hopes are now under threat as a result. Pedrosa got penalised a place on the run for it. Two Aussies were disqualified for it. Rider safety ...... This issue created the potential for the clash at the pit exit (and where was a Marshall at the pit exit with a blue flag to let Marquez know a faster rider was coming .... Ps no slur intended for the Marshall's. They do great work.)

Dear Dorna you took what was potentially a great race and turned it into a great farce!!! Thank goodness the riders could put some excitement into it.

Why oh why couldn't the riders decide when it was time to change bikes. They have the best feel for when it is going off. If the manufacturer has concerns about durability then definitely introduce the change of bikes as a compulsory stop but leave it to the riders and teams to make that tactical choice rather than an arbitrary, arse covering decision made by someone who fears damage to their reputation or litigation.

What a shambles.
1. Tyre companies should have known after the World Supers there would be issues. Dorna should have organised tests straight after that meeting.
2. Why extend the 60kph zone. It only made it more dangerous as the speed coming back onto the track was too slow. Marc made no mistake. He did not pull onto the normal line and did not cross the white lines. Jorge admitted to running wide and it is up to the passing rider to miss the rider they are passing. Neither rider should have been put in that position.
3. The penalty for speeding in pit lane should be a fixed 10 second penalty. Was Pedrosa supposed to try and slot in between Cal, Rossi, Bautista? In another race he might lose 1 second or it could be 10+ seconds just depends on your luck.
4. The penalty for not following the vague 10 lap rule should have been decided before the race. A black flag was over the top. A ride through would have been more realistic. It was not for safety reasons as he was on the new tyre that was going to do less laps.
5. Using the teams to inform riders when to come in is stupid. At Phillip Island they are close to the corner and on the wrong side. Rossi missed seeing his the first time. Surely a big sign on the start line saying P1 then next lap P2 indicating 1st chance to come in and then last chance. It would make it fair for all riders and remove any misunderstanding.

I thoroughly enjoyed the race, but then again I enjoy the aspect of having to hit the pits in races for more variables. Some of you guys just need to chill out and get over it, the race is over. Race direction made their choices and it was more entertaining then watching JL/MM/DP battle for 3 laps then have a snooze fest afterwards. I would like to see one race a year where they double the length and add pitstops. But then again, I like the Daytona 200 too, except for the fact that that track sucks.

The rights or wrongs of it I won't comment on as there's plenty of that going on but, I seriously can't remember the last time I watched a GP and hadn't a clue who was going to win at the half way point. That alone was a fairly good experience. . . .

One overlooked event, and rightly so because it really has no effect on the outcome of the season, but how the hell did Hayden manage to pick up three positions on the bike swap? He came in in 11th and had dropped behind DePuniet the lap before. Being that his engines are on their last legs, I'm assuming they put him out on the dog for the first stint and saved the stronger bike for the last.

I still don't know how they managed it, though. It might be the first clever thing that Ducati has done all year. Or at least, credit Hayden's crew.

IMHO, giving Marc a penalty point for Aragon is just as much bullshit as not giving him a point for his line leaving the pit lane at Philip Island. If we're going to have this system and penalise people for dangerous riding, can it please be for genuinely dangerous riding.

Everybody knew of the dangers about the pit lane exit. Marc is clearly shown looking back twice as he leaves pit lane so he knew he was going to be joining the track at exactly the same time as Lorenzo and Pedrosa came round the corner. So it looks like he pulled as far across the track as he dared. Now maybe Lorenzo missed his braking marker a fraction and was a fraction further across the track but Marc's line was right on the edge of acceptable. And that's exactly what people were worried about. It's that cynicism and Senna-like belief in infallibility that needs the penalty points, not racing incidents like Aragon. MotoGP was so lucky to get away with that.

It's easy to think that Dorna will manipulate the processes to make Valencia more entertaining, but they're damned if they do and damned if they don't. The decision on penalties should be about safety and nothing else.

As for Pedrosa, dropping back one place just about works when it's about shortcuts. It really shouldn't be used for safety penalties. If Pedrosa broke the safety rules it should have been 10s, a ride through, a black flag or a penalty point(s). And actually it's the ride through or black flag that should be used because breaking safety rules is never acceptable and should be immediately penalised and hard. So is speeding in pit lane or crossing pit lane white lines less important than deliberately or accidentally pulling into another rider's path?

It always used to be that the penalty for pit lane speeding was a ride through. With the new penalty point system maybe that's changed. Is it really now to lose a place or was that just for this race?

So a genuine error that caused no safety issues is a black flag, but speeding in pitlane is ok if the rider behind you makes a racing pass.. Dani in reality has got away scott free.. Pretty horrific from Dorna, and proof that without competition, and this goes for BS as well, you become fat, lazy and stupid.
If Marquez doesn't get a penalty point for pulling out in front of Jorge and Dani, despite the fact Jorge ran a lot wider!!!(Lorenzo probably deserves one too) then what is going on. As dangerous as move as I've ever seen in motogp at that speed by both riders, they were very very lucky.

Well the world did not end from running a motogp race with effectively no fuel limits...
BBC commentators made mention of Jorge being more sideways than usual, may be due to being able to run full fuel mapping.
Dorna take note.

...of the qualifying seagull. He probably didn't suffer nearly as much as I just did.

Not much I can do about it. Other than stop by the Bridgestone trailer to explain why I'm hauling my wheels to the Dunlop trailer next race.

That should teach them a lesson that they won't soon forget.

Didn't they shorten the Moto2 race as well? They came testing to see if the tires lasted but whatever rubber they had, still couldn't make it work?
I'd think again about that switch, although agreed, they lasted longer than a meager 1/3 of normal race distance xD

MotoGP showing exactly how 'professional' an organisation they are in my opinion.

Ad hoc rules purely out of expedience made by people who've shown they can't do that with years to prepare them. The race results should be set aside as should the Moto2 ones - you don't award full points for a half a race.

The idea that this was driven by safety - and then they made decisions that were patently more dangerous highlights exactly how incompetent this bunch of idiots are.

This was a huge display of the Dunning-Kruger effect in management. So very par for the course.

Judging by the commentary levels on the boards, PI is now considered Dorna's finest hour.

All of this situation comes to roost on their doorstep.

For 93: Black lag for the too many laps is done. Now, do they ding him for his pit out maneuver? Starts from pit lane in Motegi?

Ahhh... the possibilities...

Allegedly, Pedrosa didn't speed but he did cross a white line on the exit of pit lane. So that's a shortcut which is usually punished by giving up any advantage gained. Maybe.

According to Colin Edwards' tweet, "Nope, race direction never put us all in a room, A piece of paper was passed around with race rules". So no rider's briefing. Was there a team briefing? Just struggling to understand how the team could get it wrong. If that is really what happened.

...was holding Marc's pit board when it said '...93:Just keep going for a bit, we'll let you know...'.

When did 'The Three Stooges' take over the running of MGP? David, you've never said anything about that take over! There was SO MUCH WRONG with this weekend I cant cover it all, but:
1) a tire SAFETY issue is handled by a piece of paper handed out to the teams & not a rider meeting? Joke #1
2) going over the # of laps is a DQ, but going over pit lane speed is 'drop 1 place'. Joke #2
3) race direction is SO concerned with the tire issue, but has NO issue w bikes pulling on track from pit lane. Joke #3
4) possible WC decided by a bunch of monkeys (stooges).....

My track days are run better then this farce of a race! I want the WC decided ON THE TRACK & not by incompetent tire companys & race 'indirection'. A total embarrassment!!

I must have been distracted when the jerks who run NASCAR (or was it the AMA?) took over the running of this series. The fellow who called it a FUSTERCLUCK said it best.

David, you've never said anything about that take over!

David didn't write this article. Wake up. I'm sure we'll see his typically excellent analysis in the next few days.

Pretty interesting race huh..

I think the most bollocks is Bridgestone/Dunlop premier failure.. This is closely followed by Dorna extending the 60click zone out of pit lane..

Everything else was fine IMO. Great race and stop ya whining.

What a clusterf*ck this comments section is. Worse than bloody Dorna.

but it's Dorna's job to manage that contract and make sure they do their safety checks and due diligence.

Dorna run the series - the screw up is entirely theirs.

Carmello should have gone years ago, Dorna is as trustworthy and fair as FIFA.

please jorge touch mm next race and say it was minimal, or i didnt notice or couldnt brake, i like mm fans go mad when some happens to him hahahahah. short memory mm fans. they forgot almost whole 2013. seems to me mm can hit its ok and stop whinning but if jorge does the same and rides like mm its all wrong!! funny fans. some say yellow fans a wrong but the people who like mm phew!! they just mad. hahaha

... that passed without incident..."

Shinji Aoki - Manager, Bridgestone Motorsport Tyre Development Department

He must have the same speech writer that did Jorge's 'you all want blood' and 'light touching' masterpieces.

Those of you that have posted that some us are whinning/complaining to much, let me explain my PO'ness. We expect the pinnacle of m/c racing to be run professionally, by professionals. Nothing, repeat, nothing about this GP was run in that manner. How these two tire suppliers could make such a massive mistake is mind boggling! Then to have race direction screw things up further is stunning! The tire safety issue is so dangerous that they not only shorten the race, but require everyone to stop after 10 laps for 'new' tires.... AND they do this by a 'memo' to the teams! Safety issues at my track days are held during riders meetings, not 'memos'! A debacle from A to Z!!!

Im not rooting against anyone. I just want to see a hell'eva race and MM was catching JLo and it was looking like we'd have a barn burner until....

After reading all 90 odd comments I can only conclude that:
a) a lot of people hate Dorna
b) a lot of people wanted MM to win the championship today
c) a lot of people preferr the peripheral drama to the actual racing

If you watched all 3 classes you would have seen an absolutely incredible Moto3 race and perhaps commentary would also be on the huge championship upset in Moto2 because of Reddings injury.

We obviously wirnesses a huge tyre fiasco from Bridhestone and Dunlop which is totally unacceptable. The rule mistakes that followed had to do with having to legislate basically overnight to address the tyre fiasco. I peronally think the pit- stop race was a better solution than a single 10 lap race. Two 10 lap heats each awarding half of the race points would have been cool, but clearñy too complicated to implement on such short notice.

The extended distance with a pit lane speed limit was aimed at avoiding riders barreling down that narrow strip. This wasnt a bad call in my mind but obviouly had the downside of the speed differential when joining the track. Anyway, I guess every contributor on this site could have done better had they been asked for a better solution yesterday...

On another note, on Spanish TV they mentioned that 7 million euros was the sum that Dorna had contributed over the years to subsidize Casey Stoners carreer. It seems most of it went to LCR getting him from 250 to Motogp. This is something interesting for David to investigate and confirm. I dont know if it is true, but if it is then again we can say that thise Dorna guys really make a pigs ear of everything and are ruining our sport...

Everyone has an opinion on the matter and most of the opinions seem to be black or white. (red or blue?)

There were lots of sophomoric decisions by RD, but that doesn't let Repsol Honda off the hook for not making sure they knew exactly what the arbitrary rules were. Egg on the face of both parties.

Marquez didn't leave the pits in the absolute safest way possible. Still, he was off the racing line. Unfortunately, so was Lorenzo, and the contact happened. If Lorenzo, who is Marquez's harshest critic is assuming some of the fault, then a 50/50 racing incident seems about right to me.

It is what it is, on to Motegi.

Someone above posted Marc's comments after the race. Technically he didn't do 11 laps. Either way, and whatever you believe the point could be argued either way. There is definitely some confusion there reading MM's post race comments. And a black flag is severe. A ride through penalty or a time penalty of 5 or 10 seconds is more appropriate. The penalty doesn't fit the crime.

Very disappointed in Bridgestone, Honda, and Yamaha. All three are Japanese companies and all three home locations aren't far from PI. It's actually in their corner of the world and they have no reason not to test. Their reason is most certainly money. I guarantee nobody wanted to shell out the money for a proper test of the new Tarmac. Bridgestone certainly didn't but the MSMA didn't either so that means money is more important than these riders lives.

The shame is on all of them. Dorna, Bridgestone, Honda, Yamaha, everybody. Maybe if the mfr's weren't spending 8 figures per year on traction control and electronic wizardry they could foot the expense bill to test at tracks with new surfacesfor the sake of everyone.

The fans got jipped on this one. This whole weekend was a complete clusterf*ck.
I knew flag to flag was a joke the second it was introduced. Damn the tv schedule. I watch the races via GP.com so I really don't care what time F1 starts or whatever football match. The old way, the race is stopped, the teams have time for a good long think, and the race is restarted. Motorcycles aren't cars and Grand Prix isn't endurance racing.

I agree with Edwards, Marquez got jipped. This was an embarassing weekend for the sport, and a shameful one. Shame on race direction and Bridgestone. A curse on both your houses.

Why use the rulebook when they can make it up on the fly?

The penalty for Pedrosa breaking the pit lane speed limit is clearly spelled out in 1.21.14 in the rulebook: a ride through penalty. Why decrease it to giving up one position? And the penalty for staying out longer than 10 laps was not spelled out in the memo although staying out for fewer than 9 was, so why give Marquez the harshest possible penalty? And awarding a 1/2 length Moto2 race full points even though the rule book states that anything less than 2/3 distance rounded down 1 lap is only half points?

And how come still at this level of racing and especially for a race with no procedural precedent (required pit window with black flagging repercussions) there was not a rider's meeting? Is it too much to ask for all the riders to spend 1/2 hr in a meeting dedicated to making sure everyone understands the newly-made-up and twice revised rules? It should be part of a normal weekend schedule more for rider safety than anything else but especially on a weekend with equipment issues that can cause catastrophic failure.


"And the penalty for staying out longer than 10 laps was not spelled out in the memo although staying out for fewer than 9 was, so why give Marquez the harshest possible penalty?"

I have to be fair and say I didn't see the memo. However, when I watched the replay on Eurosport, both commentators were amazed that MM didn't come in after lap 10 because the penalty would be a black flag.

To me that says that someone must have seen it in a memo. I can only imagine that the teams know all the rules before any of the journalists / commentators. Again, I could be wrong there but it just makes sense.

Not being a particular fan of any of the riders out there, this situation doesn't bother me all that much. It is what it is. Sounds like the rider briefing part could have been done better but at the end of the day Bridgestone were bang on the money about how long the tyres would last and there was a race held despite the tyre dramas. To me they made the best of the situation as far as I can tell.

As far as the penalty handed down to Marc, it's harsh but the team has to bear responsibility for it. Bridgestone made it very clear that it was unsafe to ride for longer than 10 laps on the tyres available, and the team stuffed up badly. Say Marc stayed out and then had a catastrophic tyre failure that caused injuries.

That's one of the biggest points listed in the above comments....
There wasn't a riders briefing on this. Just a paper memo....!!!!!
Dorna was found to be pathetically inadequate and inconsistent this weekend.

Nakamoto to Marquez: "Look, please do us a favor and don't come into the pits in time. You are champion anyway, and we really would like the championship decided in Motegi. Furthermore, Dorna promised us we could decide the fuel and engine limits the next 5 years if we keep the championship open a little longer. They even said they would make sure that Dani stays in the hunt if he makes a mistake. Do this for us, we won't forget it!"

Well it was a race.....no one died. Did Marq know running more than 10 laps would result in a black flag? I doubt it. You ever had a bike close on you at 250MPH while you're going 80? Yeah.......No one here I'm sure. I doubt lorenzo saw him either until they collided. I thought speeding on pit lane resulted in a ride through? Guess not. There has been obvious aggression against Marq the last two races and a blind eye has been turned on it. If I was the young man I put one of them in the grass next chance I got. We will be lucky if we don't see one of these young men seriously injured or worse before this is over. It was ugly, start to finish.

Opinion expressed here are mine and if'n you don't agree with it sorry