2013 Valencia MotoGP Race Result: Advanced Spanish Clashes

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Honda’s Marc Marquez became the youngest MotoGP champion in history with a third-place finish in the final round of 2013 season at the Valencia Circuit in Spain. Jorge Lorenzo won the race with Dani Pedrosa in second. But the 20-year-old's podium finish meant that he secured the championship over Lorenzo by a mere four points.

Marquez’s season was nothing short of historic. Among his many accomplishments this year: He is the second rookie to win the championship — after Kenny Roberts in 1978 —  and the fourth rider ever to take a title in all of the top three classes. (Fourth-place finisher, Valentino Rossi, is the only other current rider to have done so.) Alvaro Bautista rode to an uneventful fifth with Stefan Bradl in sixth and Bradley Smith in seventh. Smith’s teammate, Cal Crutchlow, crashed out of his final race with the Tech 3 team with 21 laps to go in the contest. Crutchlow will ride for the factory Ducati team next year.

The man Crutchlow will replace on the Italian manufacturer’s team, Nicky Hayden, finished eighth with the Ducatis of Andrea Dovizioso and Michele Pirro rounding out the top 10.

The race was combative in the early going with Lorenzo trying both to stay out front and to keep the pace slow enough to give Marquez competition from other riders. But the decision proved problematic as it forced Lorenzo into a fight with Pedrosa. The pair bumped several times in the early laps as Pedrosa tried to push past his Yamaha rival. 

With 20 laps to go, Lorenzo dove inside and pushed Pedrosa wide (and nearly off the track) to grab the lead for good. Seemingly aware that his slower pace could put his own win at risk, Lorenzo began to forge ahead at the front and hope for the best. Marquez appeared content to settle in behind Lorenzo, confident that if he stayed planted close to the 2012 champion, he would take the crown.

In the end, that is just what happened. Pedrosa climbed back from sixth and eventually took second from a steady Marquez in the closing laps.  Lorenzo won with nearly a four-second margin. And Marquez crossed the line in third as the new world champion.


Pos. No. Rider Bike Time / Diff.
1 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha 46'10.302
2 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda 3.934
3 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda 7.357
4 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 10.579
5 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Honda 14.965
6 6 Stefan BRADL Honda 24.399
7 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha 29.043
8 69 Nicky HAYDEN Ducati 39.893
9 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 53.196
10 51 Michele PIRRO Ducati +1'02.983
11 41 Aleix ESPARGARO ART +1'04.197
12 8 Hector BARBERA FTR +1'06.826
13 71 Claudio CORTI FTR Kawasaki +1'11.481
14 9 Danilo PETRUCCI Ioda-Suter +1'13.643
15 5 Colin EDWARDS FTR Kawasaki +1'24.249
16 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA FTR +1'33.010
17 70 Michael LAVERTY ART 1 Lap
18 23 Luca SCASSA ART 1 Lap
19 67 Bryan STARING FTR Honda 1 Lap
20 45 Martin BAUER S&B Suter 1 Lap


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A worthy end to the season I'd say. Lorenzo did everything he could, backing up didn't work and neither did running away, but at least he tried. It's now made even more clear how much the top three are above the rest. Even riding puposely slower couldn't get either Rossi or Bautista close enough to Marquez.

And Marquez just kept going, never losing his head and even letting Pedrosa past. Great champion.

Let's hope next year will be even better!

Marquez may have won the title but still Lorenzo didn't just stood there and got the bullet calmly, he put out the best tactical race in a long time, but the fate was decided as Marquez didn't bite the dangling carrot. Rossi was no help for sure, Bautista was shielding Marquez for a long time, he could have tried to make a "Bautista" yet he didn't.... but Pedrosa's fight with the Mattador was worth waking up early, BRAVO for the two!

Lorenzo was taking no prisoners he would win or bin!

Cool as you like from Marquez, what an incredibly mature ride, and showed just how much in control he really was. Lorenzo never had a chance. Thanks for a great season guys. Monday should be interesting and believe it is live if you have bt broadband..
ps please, enough of 'no one could do what Lorenzo has,', while he's done a decent job, he's been a dollar short and a day late of what Yamaha's last Number 1 rider achieved since he got the job..fact.

First, that isn't a fact. Second, how about those 2 championships? I don't think he was late or short on either of those. I know you're still clinging to Rossi (I am too!) but it's true, there isn't a person alive (maybe Casey Stoner lol) who could take that Yamaha and beat the Hondas CONSISTANTLY even on tracks where mathematically the Hondas should've been turning circles around em. He won 8 races on a bike that no one else won on all season (I know, Assen, but I think even Rossi would say that one doesn't count).
Sorry, I just don't get where all the Lorenzo hate is coming from these days, the guy is a machine! No one races like Lorenzo.

...in that Dani could be such an awesome teammate for Marc, given what's happened, that Valentino could be such a dissappointing teammate for Jorge (and Jeremy), and that between the seasoned veteran and the brash reckless rookie, the rookie would end the season looking like the mature and responsible one who deserved to be champion.

I now find myself impressed all to hell with Marc, respecting Dani, wondering why I ever liked Jorge, and thinking that maybe Jeremy should have fired Valentino.

I thought there was a curious point in the post race interviews when Jorge basically said that he had no support when he was slowing everything down, maybe not a barbed inference but a good point nonetheless, soon realising that and then he just buggered off into the distance.

Dani I thought was a great addition, some pushing and shoving and actually overtaking, but he was also great last year in the final half when Jorge was focusing on finishing on the podium, so to a degree Jorge was well ahead of all of this today, but slowing it down & FML he crashed earlier this year and broke a collarbone. A mature race from Jorge.

2014 will be interesting to see if there is a change in dynamic from Marc with a new crew. Personally if it ain't broke don't fix it.............. Marc sideways is a great to behold.

Wait, so why don't you like Lorenzo anymore?

...it's because slowing the pace to cause something unfortunate to happen behind you is a Christopher Cruz kind of move, and it seems quite unprofessional, undignified, and disrespectful to the sport and the spectators.

I get ya, I think he raced a strategic race under the circumstances but I see what ur saying

By the way, love the screen names, I learned to ride on my dads '72 honda 750!

is a worthy ex (and future) Champion. He rode a masterful tactical race and took the win. He did what he had to do.

Kudos to Marc Marquez for taking the 2013 Championship and the cool, mature race he rode. He clearly had the speed to mix it up with JLo when Lorenzo was trying to slow the early laps, but left that fight to Pedrosa. And what a battle it was!

46? Done and dusted. Couldn't do his job, which was to put Pedrosa and especially Marquez, behind him. Considering his reputation as a scrapper and what was on the line, I was expecting him to at least try something...

A great race and well deserved win for Lorenzo, a fantastic scrap from Dani and a well deserved championship for Marquez. For those slagging Rossi - this race has proven yet again just how difficult it is to win back to back world championships. Neither Stoner or Lorenzo could manage it yet Rossi managed it numerous times.
Not sure if Dani was really trying to support his teammate or just going all out for the win but great to see him scrapping so hard. I would have liked to see Dani get the win but an excellent race with none of the leaders falling or suffering bike problems which might have marred the results.

Not since 2006 and 1992 have we seen the guy who won the most races(8 for JLO, 6 for MM), and led the most laps (237 for JLO, 82 for MM) not win the Championship. In 1992 Waine Rainey beat Mick Doohan for the title by 4 points. WR won 3 races, MD won 5. In 2006, Hayden beat Rossi to the title by 5 points. Nicky winning 2 races to Rossi's 5.
Both Rainey and Nicky are deserving champions, but that's different than being the best rider. Doohan and Rossi were the best riders those years, and circumstances and bad luck kept them from the championship. No different today with JLO. As JLO is locked down with Yamaha, Dorna should be throwing money at HRC to get Stoner in MotoGP as he is the only available rider that could challenge Marquez in equal machinery. Pedrosa's shows occasional greatness, but over a season nearly every teammate has beat him. Stoner vs Marquez on the same bike would sell a lot of tickets.

I haven't been a fan of MM's behaviour in the smaller class, but I have come to admire his sublime skills.
In recent times I have thought up until now that Stoner was the fastest rider I had seen, and Rossi the best racer. Now Marquez has combined both attributes to put in a sensational season. If he continues in this vein, with his sublime talent for sliding that Honda beastie, along with his appetite for a bit of fairing banging, I can't see anyone better than him coming along for a while. Jorge now has seen the gauntlet thrown down in no uncertain fashion, and he and Yamaha have to find improvements in their bike, and find a better team strategy that sees someone else from Yamaha joining Jorge and trying to prise valuable points away from the Honda riders.

Moto3 - I didn't think Vinales would be the one walking away with the championship before the race started, but it was a lot of fun to watch. I can only imagine how awful Salom felt after crashing out.

MotoGP - It was good to see some passing and hard running at the front, but I knew it would've taken a miracle for anyone other than 26, 99 and 93 to be involved in the fight for the front, even with Lorenzo trying to slow it down.

I look forward to testing and seeing how everyone switching around/moving up performs, but I can not wait for round one of 2014.

This winter I plan on watching some of the classic races MotoGP has online, and possibly watching a good season that happened prior to me following MotoGP.

As a fairly new fan myself (been watching since 05, and religiously since 08) I would check out the 2006, 2007, and 08. 08 isn't quite as exciting but 06 was a lot of fun to watch especially Elias' win!

I guess if you comment that Lorenzo would have cried foul had Dani pushed him off track, suggest that Pedrosa will never be champion and point out that Marquez got screwed at Phillip Island your post gets pulled. congratulations Marc !

If you make derogatory and insulting comments about any rider, whoever it might be, from Marc Marquez to Lukas Pesek, your comment will be deleted. There are good ways of making a point without stooping to insults. As you have just demonstrated.

All he did was point out that on several occasions Lorenzo behaved in a manner unbecoming a champion.

When Matt Oxley called Lorenzo a hypocrite, you featured that story on these pages. Now you're censoring a similar perspective? What gives?

I have no problem with the opinion, I have a problem with the way that opinion was stated. Any post using the phrase 'whiny' - whoever that post is about - is about 90% certain to get deleted. Any post using the word 'hypocrite' has about a 99% chance of staying. 

If I don't moderate the site this way, I get hundreds of pointless, whiny (!) posts arguing over nothing, with people hurling insults at each other. I moderate hard, to keep the level of the discussion up. It's worth the effort for me, and given the compliments I get in the paddock over the intelligence of the comments on the site, I think it works. And as I tell everyone, if they don't like it, there's a whole big internet out there in which to vent their opinions.

Title and race winners aside, it is amazing to see how Marquez has made Lorenzo an even better rider. Once a metronome alien, he is as fast, as clever and and as constant as he was, but now he also has the aggressiveness that neither Stoner or Pedrosa have shown. An aggressiveness that spectators have been missing since the Rossi years.

And at the age of 26, we have many years ahead of a bitter rivalry between Lorenzo and Marquez that might define the sport for the remaining of the decade.

4 points the difference in points between MM and JL at the end of the year. 4 points, the difference between 2nd and 3rd and the swing in points resulting from MM's pass of JL in the last turn at Jerez. If they had ended up tied on points, JL wins the title based on the number of wins. JL surely regrets underestimating MM's ability to recover from the earlier miscue during that last lap.

@ bultacofan - yeah noticed that removal. David tweeted a couple mentions of the race control warning to JL. I think that given the situation a warning was quite light. We could go on and on about how Jorge made more contact with Dani in the opening laps of today's race than perhaps anything MM has been penalized for as of recent, but it's pointless. I thought JL's strategy was brilliant, his execution of it was flawless and in the end this was IMHO his best race ever.

I'm not a Lorenzo fan but I think he is in the best form of any rider alive at the moment. Granted- Marc would certainly be at least as aggressive in Jorge's situation. He only had to race the mature, self-preserved race that he did and got the job done. A true champion's effort. Dani had the pace to hang with JL for sure. Jorge ran up the back of him and pushed him out. But that's racing for a championship. What I take away from this is the certainty of what will be one of the great rivalries of the time. I cannot wait to see what Jorge has for Marc next year. Hopefully he will get through the season healthy. And I also look forward to seeing what Marc has for everyone once he has data and experience at each track next season. The Honda vs. Yamaha debate seemed less applicable this year. Honda looked to have a slight edge, but then again Jorge won on tracks that Dani stomped him on last year. A weekend of set up and practice at Motegi I think would have yielded a different result but that wasn't the only track that Jorge managed to best the supposedly superior bike.

It's too bad Marc can't hit the champagne too hard tonight. We are all eager to see what tomorrow will bring. I love that the sessions will be broadcast live! Thank you David for continuing to bring solid, well-written commentary on our favorite racing series.