2014 MotoGP Sepang 1 Day 1 Times, Final: Marquez Fastest, Rossi Improves, Open Yamaha Impresses

Times at the end of the first day of testing at Sepang:

Pos No   Rider Time Diff Diff previous
1 93 Marc Marquez Honda RC213V 2:00.286    
2 46 Valentino Rossi Yamaha M1 2:00.804 0.518 0.518
3 26 Dani Pedrosa Honda RC213V 2:00.906 0.620 0.102
4 99 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha M1 2:01.082 0.796 0.176
5 19 Alvaro Bautista Honda RC213V 2:01.240 0.954 0.158
6 6 Stefan Bradl Honda RC213V 2:01.320 1.034 0.080
7 41 Aleix Espargaro Yamaha FTR Open 2:01.419 1.133 0.099
8 29 Andrea Iannone Ducati GP14 2:01.538 1.252 0.119
9 41 Pol Espargaro Yamaha M1 2:01.634 1.348 0.096
10 38 Bradley Smith Yamaha M1 2:01.876 1.590 0.242
11 5 Colin Edwards Yamaha FTR Open 2:02.483 2.197 0.607
12 4 Andrea Dovizioso Ducati GP14 2:02.497 2.211 0.014
13 51 Michele Pirro Ducati GP14 Test 2:02.552 2.266 0.055
14 35 Cal Crutchlow Ducati GP14 2:02.860 2.574 0.308
15 68 Yonny Hernandez Ducati GP13 Open 2:02.891 2.605 0.031
16 89 Katsuyuki Nakasuga Yamaha M1 Test 2:03.126 2.840 0.235
17 69 Nicky Hayden Honda RCV1000R Open 2:03.319 3.033 0.193
18 7 Hiroshi Aoyama Honda RCV1000R Open 2:03.328 3.042 0.009
19 14 Randy De Puniet Suzuki Test 2:03.893 3.607 0.565
20 72 Kosuke Akiyoshi Honda RC213V Test 2:04.267 3.981 0.374
21 45 Scott Redding Honda RCV1000R Open 2:04.431 4.145 0.164
22 8 Hector Barbera Avintia Kawasaki 2:04.922 4.636 0.491
23 63 Mike Di Meglio Avintia Kawasaki 2:05.825 5.539 0.903
24 23 Broc Parkes PBM Aprilia 2:05.889 5.603 0.064
25 70 Michael Laverty PBM Aprilia 2:06.070 5.784 0.181
26 17 Karel Abraham Honda RCV1000R Open 2:06.755 6.469 0.685
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The RCV-R is embarrassing.
The funny thing is, Nakamoto running the bike on 23 litres..presumably, because he thought it's performance needed capping to fit into the pecking order.

If Casey was only 0.3sec slower, he couldn't have been going very fast on the full fat RCV.

I'd laugh if Yamaha & Ducati declared themselves 'Open' at the end of February.

Certainly. He topped the factory Ducati's and RCV1000RR, definitely looks as a serious contender if he keeps that pace.

You have to think that Crutchlow's season is looking very long indeed. I'm sure 14th in the first test after day 1 and only just pipping last year's Ducati by a fraction of a fraction of a second does not sit well.

Marquez by half a second is an ominous sign. Randy on the Suzuki Test machine beating Redding on the open Honda ? Ouch ! Does Nakamoto do refunds ?

Honda may not do refunds, but just might send a box of go-fast goodies to those unhappy customers. (I sure hope so!)

This atrocious rollout begs the question, "What was up with Stoner's laps?" Was he given the 'real' bike, which was then deemed 'too fast' and promptly neutered?

Krop, your mission is clear. Get to it! :)

It's just the first day of testing. Keep in mind many of these are all new bikes getting shaken down. I wouldn't put to much weight to anything until they get 5 days testing under the belt.

You're probably right, although they did do a shakedown at Valencia. And Sepang's a known 'entity' given the number of times they've been here during winter...

Marc Marquez' time was enough to earn him a pole in 2013. That is very fast, for any given day.

Nice to see Edwards ahead of the factory Ducatis. I wonder if the RCV-R ends up too much of an embarrassment, if will honda come up with some go fast parts for the poor shmucks that bought one...

Yeah, Colin is kind of the opposite of Stoner; he loves the MotoGP circus and the lifestyle. So it's nice to see him there and going fast.

Looks like Honda may have to throw pneumatic valves on that proddie bike. They may have been bitten again by that 'spirit of the rules' thing like they were in Moto3. The idea with the proddie racer was to sell new bikes at a reasonable price, not lease factory stuff and have to pay for a factory engine package, as NGR is doing. Not that I'm opposed to having private teams get their hands on last year's well-sorted goods!

What will be interesting to see is how the Open vs. Factory teams progress over next few days.

Factory teams can tweak their electrons to their heart's content. There is room for improvement there.

Ignoring Ducati for the moment (easy enough to do) the NGR is last year's fully-sorted Yamaha running with a simplified, less sophisticated electronics package (what sense would it make for Dorna to spend a pile of cash developing an electronics package that was identical to the factory stuff?) that they've been testing since at least August.

Open teams are dealing with sealed software so can't seek improvements there, or can have the improvements that Dorna allows them to have.

That last clause disturbs me to no end.

You're right in the sense that it seems Honda brought a knife in a gunfight, as the Yamaha Open is essentially the motogp bike of last year. However, the proddie Honda is plain simply not better than the CRTs, which was a huge part of the point in both Honda and Yamaha coming up with "cheap" solutions. But after spending a million, the teams that bought a proddie Honda are now 3-4 seconds off, surely not better that what good ol' CRTs managed.

Being the first day of testing, we shouldn't jump to conclusions so fast, but if Yamaha keeps on dominating the Open class it will hopefully not go down easily at HRC headquarters. The good thing about Honda is that they always catch up, they will improve the package mid-season if needed, or even in the following couple months if the first couple tests are as catastrophic as today.

Regarding software flexibility in the Open class, if my understanding is right, the teams are able to dial in their preferred values for many parameters. It's just that they don't get to choose which parameters are customizable, those are set in stone by Magneti Marelli. In other words there's lots of tweaking flexibility, which is why I do expect them to find tenths there, but no evolution potential (at least not for individual teams) that will make the electronics package better as the year goes by.

to say the RCV1000 is worse off than the CRTs. I mean come on, the proddy is gonna turn circles around the PBM and Ioda bikes (and probably the Aprilias). That doesn't say much, but I'd be willing to bet the RCV1000 is twice the bike any of the old CRTs were. Don't forget, the CRT are in, what, their 3rd year of development? They'll get these bikes sorted, still, I will concede that the Prod Yamaha appears to be the Non Factory bike of choice

But don't forget, this shouldn't be shakedown for the Honda. The bike was being tested last year several times in the hands of one of the best riders out there and was presented at the VAL test where it was ridden by both Nicky and Hiroshi (Scott was injured but still rode a bit I think).

Lets agree that CRTs were regularly 2.5-4 seconds off. Espargaro and occasionally others were actually closer to the front runners in many cases. Proddies were supposed to fill the gap between last factory bikes + Espargaro and the CRTs. Instead Open Yamaha has left quite a few Factory bikes behind and the Honda has done the exact opposite.

So in theory I would expect you to be right. In practice the Honda hasn't delivered yet. And what was the difference in lap times according to Nakamoto? Yeah right... Take the worst Factory Honda today vs the best Open Honda: 2 seconds. I really do hope the gap will diminish for competition's sake cause right now it feels like we got more prototypes than last year, and a couple more CRTs, but nothing in between.

I think PBM is running a standard Aprilia engine and their own chassis etc not the factory supported bikes that Aspar were running last year. Their bike is always gonna be slow. As well as the Blusens bike.

I don't think that the RCV1000R would come close to a pneumatic valve ART

So far it seems like Honda tamed down that production bike so much, that its too expensive for more than 1 mil. Eur. What a shame that Nicky Hayden didnt get some better bike.

It's the opening day of testing... i wouldn't read too much on lap times just yet. Only the teams know what's being tested/adjusted/tried for each bike! The pecking-order will change a lot in the next few weeks, I am sure! Rossi and crew had better nail their strategy/set-up before Qatar! This is a make-it or go home season for VR46.

Do we know what software Suzuki is running at this test? Are they still flogging around with the Mitsubishi or have they started to use the spec stuff yet?

Either way it seems rather off the pace judged purely on this. I hope they weren't pushing for lap times.

Are Avintia using the pneumatic valve Kawasaki? I would hope they too will improve, against the Honda production racer especially.

According to their videos of the making of the 2015 contender, they're already running Magneti Marelli, that will be spec for the coming years...

Call me crazy, but Iannone will finish as the best Ducati rider this season. I think he's the only one thats even remotely happy to be there.

Iannone pipping more than one second off of every other Duc? I mean Crutchlow would probably still have to sort out the bike, but that doesn't explain the difference in lap times to Dovi.

But yeah. First day of testing.
Either, the other guys haven't actually gone out for a fast lap but were testing stuff instead. Or we have one more Italian to watch closely. Next few days will put everything a bit more in order, I guess.

Can't put too much into today's times but a couple things stand out....
The Forward bike is competitive....and it'll be really interesting to see how the fuel advantage plays out over race distance
The Honda production bike is a dog! But what do you expect? Honda's only concern is the factory team wins above all else.

Just asking. IF, the customer Hondas don't match the performance teams were promised can HRC loan or lease them factory engines throughout the year? I know its just the first day.

Whatever was promised to the teams, one thing they won't be getting are factory engines. I do hope they get some go fast parts though.

one time doesnt mean much to me, I wish someone would put together a chart with 10 best times per rider and a combined time with those times, that might tell a better story, the line up would probably not change.

Dovi and carl spend a 1/2 day on the 2013 bike and the rest of the day on the 2014 duc playing the electronics, don't forget this bike is never tested ! Most from the bikes had the first shakedown in jerez last year. Tomorrow we know more .

I know it's just the first day, but hey it's 1st day for everyone! And boy, look at Aleix... and colin, and where are the open hondas? I can see the open duc, O well, must be somewhere under my screen. Too much gas slows them down! lol :P

Most riders laps over a second off from their quickest, so difficult o say who's where really.

More impressive is pace will pick up a second and a half as track rubbers in, and we are likely to see top three or four dip in the 1:59's.

Who said spec ECUs would be performance limiting. : )