2014 Phillip Island Tire Test, Day 3: Lorenzo Fastest As Riders Test Race Endurance

The five factory MotoGP riders and four Moto2 men have wrapped up the test at Phillip Island. The nine riders worked their way through the Sisyphean task of testing the vast mound of tires Bridgestone and Dunlop brought to the test, to assess compounds to be used in the race in October. The weather was very mixed on the final day, making for a more accurate reflection of the conditions likely to prevail during the race, after two days of hot, Australian summer on Monday and Tuesday.

Jorge Lorenzo was fastest man on the day, as he has been throughout the test, though the focus on the final day was on race simulations. Lorenzo did almost complete race distance at a very constant pace, though his teammate Valentino Rossi was faster over a shorter, half race distance run. Dani Pedrosa was forced to cut his race simulation run short with neck pain, brought on by having spent six of the past eight days testing a MotoGP bike. Cal Crutchlow also had to call an early halt to his race simulation, as his front tire suffered problems at the end of 17 laps. The front tires were not an issue at the race last year, this tire test having been called because of issues with the rear tire.

In Moto2, Tito Rabat was once again fastest, despite suffering a massive highside in the patchy conditions early in the day. Rabat was lucky to walk away with just a bruised and grazed back, but continued testing despite the bruises. The Moto2 men also did race simulations, pronouncing themselves only partially pleased with the results. The tires Dunlop brought to Phillip Island were clearly significantly better in terms of endurance, but they were much harder than the other tires, taking longer to get fully up to temperature, Mika Kallio told Speedweek.com. Dunlop pronounced itself pleased with the data, which will be used to build the tires for the race in October, and will also be used for the Sachsenring race, which places similar stresses on the tires.

Times at the end of day 3:

Pos No Rider Bike Time Diff Diff prev.
1 99 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 1:29.068    
2 26 Dani Pedrosa Honda 1:29.458 0.390 0.390
3 46 Valentino Rossi Yamaha 1:29.554 0.486 0.096
4 35 Cal Crutchlow Ducati 1:29.606 0.538 0.052
5 4 Andrea Dovizioso Ducati 1:30.101 1.033 0.495
6 53 Tito Rabat Kalex 1:32.194 3.126 2.093
7 81 Jordi Torres Suter 1:32.998 3.930 0.804
8 36 Mika Kallio Kalex 1:33.149 4.081 0.151
9 18 Nico Terol Suter 1:34.443 5.375 1.294


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It's interesting that none of the MotoGP factory riders completed a race distance (27 laps at this circuit, I believe). Bridgestone must be a bit disappointed to have spent the time & money for this test and not get one of the factory bikes to go the distance. A bit worrying that Cal shredded his front. Back to the drawing board after this "successful" test.
Dunlop at least got their riders to do race distances. Kind of amazing that the Moto2 riders should complain about the performance of the harder tires. Of course they aren't going to have the same traction and heat up abilities of softer tires. The trade-off is that they will finish the race and not contribute to crashes which is more than fine I'd think!

I wonder about your Moto2 comment. A harder tire that can last the distance but requires longer warm up time could result in more early lap falls by racers who are pushing to make up for a poor starting position. Of course Moto2 has come a long way from the inaugural year which was a war of attrition.

Valentino Rossi Yamaha 1m 30.019s (13 successive fast laps) 8*

Dani Pedrosa Honda 1m 30.161s (12 laps) 3*

Cal Crutchlow Ducati 1m 30.340s (17 laps) 1*

Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 1m 30.505s (24 laps) 0*

* Number of sub-1min 30s laps during the run.

Might this be more indicative than the "fastest times"?

Yeah, I was looking at those successive lap times too. It looks like it may be a competitive year. Too bad Dovi was reported to be under the weather. Rossi seems stronger this year. Ducati seems to be ok with the new Open software setup. I am impressed so far.

I figured you may have mentioned him Vlad. No clue as to what is actually going on there I guess. Anyway, the base driver for this test was for Bridgestone to come up with a tyre combination that will survive PI 2014. Lets hope they get it right.
Ideally we want to see 2015 kick off all OPEN and Ducati on Dunlops.How difficult can it be really,to bring back the tyre war. I guess Dorna have to manage that angle of lean little by little. The MM ECU standard is okay, but judging by this test, not even HRC'S and Yamaha's, nor Ducati's Dorna spec ECU can manage tyre algorithymics over a 27 lap race as of now at this venue. Yes,they will crunch the numbers etc and come up with a solution that will see the show last a straight 27 laps, but they will certainly be unable to preconceive a carcass compound that can be manipulated to favour HRC/Yamaha or OPEN.

Make's sense.

And I too would love to see the tire ignite again!

Different tires for different styles, set-ups and bike? Seems like a good recipe for good racing!