2014 Jerez MotoGP Race Results: A Triumph Of Mastery

Full Report and Results Below:

Riding in his 100th competitive race Marc Marquez has taken his fourth consecutive victory at the Spanish Grand Prix. The reigning World Champion treated the 117,000 strong local crowd to an absolute obliteration of his rivals on his way to his first ever win at the Jerez circuit. Under brilliant sunshine and in warm conditions with a pleasant cool breeze Marquez's lead at it's greatest read at over five seconds. Much like in the last round at Argentina; there was a frantic opening two laps where the lead swapped between the likes of Dovizioso, Rossi, Lorenzo and Marquez himself, however the Repsol Honda rider was eventually able to build a one second gap by lap six and never looked back.

As indicated in the days practice before and predicted by many, no other rider was able to match the sheer, relentless race pace possessed by Marquez, the Spanish sensation could even be afforded the luxury of backing off drastically in the closing laps to finish comfortably ahead of Valentino Rossi by one and a half seconds. The veteran Rossi made a canny strategic decision to run with the harder option Bridgestone front tire, this allowed him to hold off a stern challenge from Dani Pedrosa in the final phases. Pedrosa and Rossi managed to break away from Jorge Lorenzo just after the halfway stage of the race as Lorenzo had to settle for a bitterly disappointing fourth place on his birthday and his 200th Grand Prix start. 

The battle for fifth place, taking place some twenty seconds behind Lorenzo, provided the bulk of the entertainment as Andrea Dovizioso won out against a relieved Alvaro Bautista, who scored his first points of the season and Aleix Espargaro. Espargaro narrowly edged ahead of Bradley Smith by three hundredths of a second, Smith in turn beat out his team mate Pol in ninth. Stefan Bradl completed the top ten positions, the young German was left disappointed after starting from seventh on the grid. 

Ducati wild card rider Michele Pirro and Karel Abraham crashed in the early stages of the race as Andrea Iannone came to grief with five laps remaining. Mike DiMeglio, Colin Edwards and Cal Crutchlow all retired with mechanical issues. Crutchlow was left visibly frustrated, punching the tank of his Ducati as he entered the pit lane after suffering brake failure. 

Marquez's truly outstanding victory extends his Championship lead to an ominous 28 points over his team mate Pedrosa after just four races. He will surely be an unbackable favourite for the next race at Le Mans in France in two weeks time and one begins to wonder; could he feasibly go on to achieve a flawless season of victories? At this point, you couldn't discount it. 

Full Results:

Pos. Points Num. Rider Bike Time/Diff
1 25 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda 45'24.134
2 20 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 1.431
3 16 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda 1.529
4 13 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha 8.541
5 11 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 27.494
6 10 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Honda 27.606
7 9 41 Aleix ESPARGARO Forward Yamaha 27.917
8 8 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha 27.947
9 7 44 Pol ESPARGARO Yamaha 29.419
10 6 6 Stefan BRADL Honda 32.872
11 5 69 Nicky HAYDEN Honda 35.49
12 4 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA Honda 40.083
13 3 45 Scott REDDING Honda 43.83
14 2 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ Ducati 52.295
15 1 8 Hector BARBERA Avintia 54.873
16   70 Michael LAVERTY PBM +1'06.182
17   23 Broc PARKES PBM +1'23.420
Not Classfied          
    5 Colin EDWARDS Forward Yamaha 1 Lap
    29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati 5 Laps
    63 Mike DI MEGLIO Avintia 6 Laps
    17 Karel ABRAHAM Honda 17 Laps
    35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Ducati 23 Laps
    51 Michele PIRRO Ducati 25 Laps


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To be a champion you not only need to be the best rider but you also need the best bike, setup and tyres.
After these 4 races I wonder what would have happened if Marquez and Lorenzo had swapped bikes and Stoner thrown into the mix....

What a bizarre and pointless scenario to waste your time and energy speculating about.

we'd be hearing about how the honda has no edge grip from Lorenzo, Marc would have started dragging his shoulder/helmet on the ground and casey would have called in sick.

put marc on pretty much anything and he'll be fast - i don't think any of the current factory riders has what it takes to stop him.

his successor / competition is not on competitive motogp machinery yet, and i suspect not even in the GP class, probably still on his way up from Moto 3 or Moto 2. Marc, like Valentino before him, is a "reset the benchmark" rider. Or as Vale himself said "Valentino v2.0 - improved".

I can't stop wondering if MM has it in him to run the table, but I also fear the jinx knowing how hard these bikes can bite when they choose to. Also, it doesn't take a lot for a race to be torpedoed due to mechanical failure. The above all said, it is simply amazing stuff to watch and while it takes a little of race day drama away from me I do hope it continues. 21 years old and he is demoralizing what, a top 10 grid comprised of at least 20 to 25 combined world championships?

Doohan missed 4 races because of a horrible crash in Holland & botched medical care(?) yet still returned to come within 4 points of the championship.

One of the greatest displays of fortitude ever displayed in sports.

Lets not even entertain the possibility of a similar situation for the wonderkid. Better to just sit back & enjoy the show.

Desperately not wanting anything of the kind to happen to Marquez but I remember how done and dusted that season seemed to be and wasn't.

Absent injury the fat lady is ready. Winning Jerez, where he had previously been winless, proves the MM/combination is without peer. Perhaps he'll be beaten on rare occasions..but this is most definately 1992.1.

With JL/DP/VR taking points away from each other what other circumstance could produce any other result than another championship?

Yep, but only two of them are on the right bike... Give MM the Yam and an extra 25 kilos weight against Rossi and Jorge on the Honda. It'd be a brave man who put his house on the results not changing a little..

very good race from the youngster who cleared it from lap 4...

rossi did the smart thing and used the stiffer frame which combined with the hard front, gave him the needed stability under braking to get second and defend it at the end...

lorenzo is in big trouble...the stiffer standard tyre frame for 2014 has ruined his ability to keep corner speed which is his main advantage...yamaha has to do something drastic to the frame to give him back the lost edge grip and feeling or we'll be watching a lorenzo psychological disaster until the end of the year...

i see that many suggest that he would be better on a honda...i disagree...his riding style doesn't suit honda's stop and go set up...that's the reason he didn't use the stiffer frame like rossi with a little adoptation in his style to match it...imagine what would happen on a honda...

i personally don't feel sorry for him or yamaha since the exact same problem had ruined the hondas in 2012,with the softer tyre frame...as many say,that's racing...honda built the bike to the new tyre,so yamaha should do the same instead of moaning...

also many believe that rossi is faster and has matched lorenzo's performance this year...wrong...lorenzo is just slower...

pedrosa takes no risk at his last(?) year on a factory honda and just keep pondium finishes hoping for a miracle...can't blame him at this stage...

Lorenzo slower rather than Rossi being faster? Wrong.

Going by the 2013 vs 2014 Jerez timesheets Marquez, Pedrosa and Lorenzo all went slower this year than last, while Rossi was the only guy in the top four who actually went faster than he did last year.

Anohter way to look at it: Lorenzo was 3rd last year some 5 sec back from the winning Pedrosa (Rossi in 4th). This year Rossi was second, just 1.4 sec back from the winer. Even allowing for Marquez buttoning off Rossi and the new M1 are definitely making up ground, it's more than Lorenzo just dragging the chain.

One weird thing with the time sheets: every rider except Aoyama set their fastest lap within the first 6 laps of a 27 lap race. Amongst the Factory bikes it was actually within 5 laps....damn those Bridgestones go off quick!

you're looking at it the wrong way...rossi runs up to his potencial while lorenzo doesn't...apart from that rossi took a gamble with the hard front and with the help of the stiffer frame managed to be slighty faster than last year...pedrosa chasing him helped also...

lorenzo on the other hand was ages slower...

everybody was slower than last year,meaning that they raced well below their true potencial...

it's something like a wet race if you catch my drift...

If Jorge & MM changed bikes, nothing would change! MM is similar to #19 (from the '80's) and Casey....he can ride ANYTHING fast. Boring? No! We're watching history and the emergence of someone really special. David, I would like to hear what the whispers in the garages are saying about the aliens Alien!

Does the M1 let MM slide it's rear tyre? Nope.

Did anyone happen to catch Crutchlow's post-race interview on MGP? 4 races in and he has the gloves off - holy smokes... While the sparks are seeming to fly and in public no less, how is it possible that Cal can say these things with a straight face? Admitedly borderline unprofessional.
Did he not know what he was walking into? Yes, it is good to see that results are improving for AD4 and Gigi, but still a road to hoe.

Cal's quotes are on Crash and Dal'Igna's point of view is on GPone. It seems Cal overheated the brake fluid but Gigi admits it happened way to early so the issue is under scrutiny with Brembo.
What was really unprofessional in Cal's statement was the attempt to belittle Dovi's result ...

And how he scorched all the other factory riders in top 10 was out of bounds too. Not a good day for him.

I did not expect Marquez to win that so easily. Rossi made a good tire choice and rode a good race, but you have to wonder what is up with Lorenzo. If Rossi can be that close, surely Lorenzo can be as well.

If Lorenzo's team can't find anything to fix their problems, the season is already pretty much over. Pedrosa's decent but he's got nothing for Marquez on the same bike.

Perhaps it's time to force Stoner out of retirement to see once and for all if he has something to offer Marquez. Nobody else has.

Aww, come on.
The poor bugger is painfully introverted and has achieved all his goals despite the anguish it caused him and the contempt which (too) many held him in.
By now he would definitely lack race fitness - both in mental focus and physical conditioning and certainly his will to win will be gone.
He has doting parents, an extremely hot wife, a beautiful child, swaggering bank account and a shiny fishing boat. Life is good to him.
I would only like to see him happy and relaxed.

I reckon Mighty Mick's ten victories in a row might be under pressure this year. Was that 1992?? 12 or so victories punctuated by a couple of second places to Criville. Marquez has been simply awesome.

This kid is Godzilla.....appropriate that he should be riding for a Japanese manufacturer.

by how comfortable Rossi looked in 2nd. He really does look to be regaining some of his old form. Pedrosa, shame you waited so long to have a go. Lorenzo, sorry but it looks like you will have to adapt to the bike and tyres this year and not the other way round. Marquez, making it look too easy, and I am left wondering what it will take to catch him? Lorenzo on a Honda? Nah, I'm thinking it will take more than that. More likely it will be the same thing that caught Rossi and Doohan, age and injuries.