2014 Imola World Superbike Race One Result

Nineteen laps in the morning's race at 22ºC.

Jonathan Rea got so perfect a start that it looked like a jump-start, but it was confirmed that it was clean, and very quick. Rea was followed into turn one by Marco Melandri and Sylvain Guintoli. Guintoli tried a tricky pass on Melandri, making an early challenge as is his style, but it didn't work and he dropped behind Chaz Davies and Tom Sykes after an off-track excursion. Davies did what Guintoli couldn't and passed Melandri for second place.

Marco Melandri, on the second lap, made a mistake, letting Tom Sykes and Sylvain Guintoli pass him, while Loris Baz forced his way through on Davide Giugliano to complete the pack that would be the seven riders that were in with a chance.

Jonathan Rea and Chaz Davies ticked off a few laps cleanly at the front, with Rea setting the pace and Davies trying to match it. Sykes in third place set the fastest lap on lap five, closing in on the leading two. Rea set the fastest lap on the following lap, but it didn't stop Sykes catching Davies.

On the eighth lap, Melandri and Giugliano traded places back and forth at the back of the pack as Sykes took second from Davies but couldn't hold it and was then passed back and Sylvain Guintoli followed Davies through, pushing Sykes to 4th. Guintoli then used the Aprilia's strengths on the straight to take second place.

Jonathan Rea, at the halfway mark, had almost a four second lead, and the pack scrapping behind him would give him the room to count the laps down with a comfortable gap.

The six men chasing Rea would drop to five men as Davide Giugliano lost the front trying to catch Loris Baz on a hard left-hander, With five laps to go, Davies passed Guintoli as his bike came back to him and he left the pack behind.

On lap sixteen of nineteen, the fight started. Rea and Davies were settling into the top two places, but the last step was hard fought. Guintoli led Sykes and Baz while Melandri looked for scraps falling from the table in sixth. Sykes showed Guintoli a wheel, passed him and messed up the corner, letting Melandri take the place behind Guintoli, but the formation flying duo of Sykes and Baz both squeezed past Melandri in a chicane and set upon Guintoli. Sykes past Guintoli and threw him to his teammate to keep him occupied.

Jonathan Rea won the race, having had an empty track in front of him the entire race, and getting the gentleman's set with the pole position, the fastest lap and the win. Chaz Davies got his first podium on the Ducati with Sykes extending his title lead in third.

Leon Camier took the Evo win, with Niccolò Canepa crashing out.


Pos No. Rider Bike Gap Best Lap Speed
1 65 J. REA Honda CBR1000RR   1'47.532 278,5
2 7 C. DAVIES Ducati 1199 Panigale R 4.511 1'47.595 280,7
3 1 T. SYKES Kawasaki ZX-10R 6.492 1'47.570 287,6
4 76 L. BAZ Kawasaki ZX-10R 8.434 1'47.601 286,8
5 50 S. GUINTOLI Aprilia RSV4 Factory 9.134 1'47.602 283,7
6 33 M. MELANDRI Aprilia RSV4 Factory 14.925 1'47.782 285,3
7 58 E. LAVERTY Suzuki GSX-R1000 19.973 1'48.726 278,5
8 22 A. LOWES Suzuki GSX-R1000 21.582 1'48.495 276,3
9 24 T. ELIAS Aprilia RSV4 Factory 28.781 1'48.471 282,2
10 91 L. HASLAM Honda CBR1000RR 31.245 1'48.845 282,2
11 19 L. CAMIER BMW S1000 RR EVO 40.996 1'49.417 265,9
12 44 D. SALOM Kawasaki ZX-10R EVO 55.372 1'50.341 268,6
13 23 L. SCASSA Kawasaki ZX-10R EVO 55.899 1'50.520 266,5
14 11 J. GUARNONI Kawasaki ZX-10R EVO 1'04.402 1'50.735 261,3
15 21 A. ANDREOZZI Kawasaki ZX-10R EVO 1'23.074 1'51.351 264,5
16 9 F. FORET Kawasaki ZX-10R EVO 1'23.324 1'50.804 263,2
17 32 S. MORAIS Kawasaki ZX-10R EVO 1'36.763 1'50.483 268,6
18 71 C. CORTI MV Agusta F4 RR 1'36.942 1'50.407 266,5
19 56 P. SEBESTYEN BMW S1000 RR EVO 1'43.545 1'52.676 263,9
20 10 I. TOTH BMW S1000 RR 1'43.819 1'52.072 273,5
RET 34 D. GIUGLIANO Ducati 1199 Panigale R 8 Laps 1'47.823 278,5
RET 84 M. FABRIZIO Kawasaki ZX-10R EVO 11 Laps 1'51.000 264,5
RET 20 A. YATES EBR 1190 RX 12 Laps 1'52.954 253,7
RET 59 N. CANEPA Ducati 1199 Panigale R EVO 14 Laps 1'49.647 272,0
STH 2 C. IDDON Bimota BB3 EVO 55.174 1'50.453 267,2
STH 86 A. BADOVINI Bimota BB3 EVO 12 Laps 1'49.999 267,2


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Impressive performance from Rea! Ten Kate have clearly found something, what news have I missed there?

On the beIN sport broadcast Steve Martin and Jonathan Green were saying that the Ducati team was using current Ducati MotoGP GPS/electronics technology. Maybe Honda is throwing Ten Kate a bone?

Does this have anything to do with chassis - Rea seems to have found something - is it from the SP?
Sykes seems to have lost something - is it to do with his frame? (being more 'standard' than before?).
The Suzukis were struggling with engine braking, which Ten Kate said they had been working on for some time...was Haslam's disappointing day due to him being beaten-up from his highside? He's usually fairly close to Rea.
Questions, questions!

Almost every rider has, at some point this year, commented on engine braking. Is it the new sticking-your-foot-out?

The benefits of engine braking - there's a good question for David to pose to the MotoGP guys sometime. If it's such a big deal then surely it's being addressed over on the other front too...

Interesting that they all run slipper clutches, yet engine braking is still a factor in laptimes? Who said it's all about the electronics.

Perhaps even more effective!
I can see that it might get quite complex with the various options for air-bleed to 'soften' the effect. The MGP bikes, I assume, don't use fuel for this any more, which is why its now engine braking rather then 'throttle control' or 'throttle mapping'.
An article on what gets used to get a bike around a fast lap would be a good read....

At least two years ago, one of the electronics techs who works at the BSB and WSBK level told me that engine braking settings are the first thing a team works on when it comes to electronics now. TC is so well-sorted that it doesn't take long to get that set properly, as that technology is rapidly maturing.

We'll see how the Ducs and Hondas go at faster tracks. The top speed here is 23 miles an hour slower that it is at Aragon. Different world. It seemed clear that this track played to the CBR1000RR's strengths and minimized its shortcomings. Smooth power and excellent handling made for much better tire life. Guintoli's tire was visibly damaged halfway through Race Two.

Both Aprilia riders arestruggling with tyres. I suspect it's because the first session is earlier and colder.

The Kawasakis struggled, too, in both races, and it looked like drive grip. It may be that on a track that rewards handling rather than horsepower, the two most powerful bikes on the grid - the ZX-10R and the RSV4 - were forced to try to use the wrong weapon in the arsenal, and tore up their rear tires in the process. It was interesting to hear - on the broadcast that I watched - someone in the Ten Kate garage talking about how good Rea's tire wear was.