2014 Barcelona MotoGP Race Result: A Lucky Number Indeed

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Marc Marquez won his seventh consecutive race after a tight, race-long battle with Valentino Rossi (2nd) and Dani Pedrosa (3rd) at the Catalunya Circuit Sunday in Barcelona. Marquez, who didn't start from pole after his first crash of the season during qualifying, finished the contest a half second ahead of Rossi -- but that's hardly an indication of how close the contest was for 23 laps.

Jorge Lorenzo finished a distant fourth after leading and then challenging the leaders early in the race. Stefan Bradl claimed a steady fifth, matching the pace of the top-four riders for much of the contest but never mounting a serious threat. Aleix Espargaro finished sixth, the top open-class rider. His brother Pol took seventh after a battle with Andrea Dovizioso (8th).

Andrea Iannone took ninth followed by Bradley Smith who showed early speed in the free practices but finished two places lower than his qualifying result.

Lorenzo had a terrific start and grabbed the lead at the beginning of the race. Rossi quickly moved into second followed by Marquez, Pedrosa and Bradl by the end of lap one. The group of five opened a slight gap.

Rossi grabbed the lead with 22 laps to go. Soon after, Marquez took second from Lorenzo with Pedrosa closing in fourth. Two laps later, Lorenzo pushed inside Marquez but the current champion passed his countryman back two corners later. The fight allowed Pedrosa to close in.

With 17 laps to go, Pedrosa began turning the fastest laps of the lead group. He passed Marquez only to lose the position again in the same lap.  Still tightly bunched near the race's midpoint, the five top riders were separated by less than seven-tenths of a second.

With eight laps remaining, the small gap Rossi had established at the front -- four-tenths of a second after a Marquez mistake -- began to erode rapidly. With six laps to go, Marquez grabbed the lead from Rossi at turn one. Rossi wasn't done fighting, however, and swapped with lead with Marquez with five laps remaining. But Marquez held fast and reclaimed the lead. With four laps to go, and Pedrosa grabbed second from Rossi at turn one. At this point, Lorenzo began to fade from the front group, dropping nearly a second a lap for the remaining laps.

On the final lap, Pedrosa locked onto Marquez's tail and appeared to have a slightly better pace. He briefly passed Marquez at turn one but lost the lead a corner later.  But Pedrosa wasn't done and again snatched the lead at turn four. Marquez repassed. Then on the second-to-last corner, Pedrosa's front tire touched Marquez's wheel, forcing Pedrosa wide. Rossi shot through the gap to take second and Marquez slightly extended his lead at the finish.

Earlier in the day Marquez's brother Alex won the Moto3 race, making it the first time in the top-tier motorcycle racing series that two brothers won on the same day.


Pos. No. Rider Bike Time / Diff.
1 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda 42'56.914
2 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 0.512
3 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda 1.834
4 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha 4.54
5 6 Stefan BRADL Honda 11.148
6 41 Aleix ESPARGARO Forward Yamaha 14.213
7 44 Pol ESPARGARO Yamaha 16.127
8 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 16.175
9 29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati 18.04
10 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha 24.781
11 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ Ducati 37.153
12 45 Scott REDDING Honda 42.921
13 69 Nicky HAYDEN Honda 43.299
14 51 Michele PIRRO Ducati 55.157
15 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA Honda 59.191
16 23 Broc PARKES PBM +1'00.906
17 70 Michael LAVERTY PBM +1'01.284
18 5 Colin EDWARDS Forward Yamaha +1'06.121
19 8 Hector BARBERA Avintia +1'25.195
20 84 Michel FABRIZIO ART +1'40.665
Not Classified
  63 Mike DI MEGLIO Avintia 8 Laps
  35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Ducati 15 Laps
  19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Honda 22 Laps
  17 Karel ABRAHAM Honda 24 Laps


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Every race just keeps getting better! I was really cheering for Dani to get the win and he tried everything but it wasn't enough. Rossi was strong all race but in the end didn't have the ultimate pace to challenge, I also wonder what happened to Lorenzo? He was really close when they had that weird moment in T3 then suddenly dropped off massively.

Shout out to Bradl for a solid fifth.

Uhm, I forgot the obvious one. It's telling how great a race it was that I forgot to mention Marquez, but really. What a rider. I've never seen anyone make that many mistakes and run offs and still win a race. It's unbelievable and we're witnessing it.

How long before Crutchlow is shown the door... remember the first year with Tech 3.

Boot him out because the bike keeps breaking down... Jeez.

I can't see any reason they'd be wanting to show him the door. In fact, I'm guessing they are quite keen to keep him.

CC is taking a bit of time to adjust to the duc, just like his first year at Tech3. It takes time and those in the know realize that

I have a couple of these things (Ducatis)…I'm pleased to see that Ducati can't do any better with the electrics on their GP bike than they manage on their production bikes…Don't blame Cal. The only thing that he did wrong was decide to cast his lot with the Italians.

Have to hand it to Dani, some of the passes from Marquez on him were, shall we say "less than polite" but in the post race race interview there wasn't the slightest trace of bitterness or acrimony, he just enjoyed the battle. Great attitude. Crikey at this rate I might just start liking the lil' bugger!

He also seemed to have the most outright pace of everyone at the end. If he'd just managed to make a pass stick then with clear track he would have just snuck away. But that's by the by, if my uncle had boobs he'd be my auntie.....

Shame about the tyre touch at the last corner but it was one of those "even his mistakes work out for the best" moments as Marquez momentarily lost the front and the slight hesitation was enough to balk Pedrosa's better run.

But all those who cried at the demise of 250gp racing and claimed it was the best preparation for the "Big Show" have surely been proven wrong. Watching Marquez defend the line at corner entry, chucking it in to the braking area sideways was pure Moto2 style at it's best and the only area that Rossi/Pedrosa/Lorenzo struggled to match today

Rossi? It's fairy tale stuff isn't it? The aging champ, battered and bloodied (last year) lifts himself off the canvas and comes back swingin'. He's not winning but he's making one helluva good fight of it.

If it is true, as rumored, that Yamaha has been balking at a new 2-year contract with Valentino, and would really prefer a single year deal, well I think VR46 stated his case eloquently yet forcefully today. I'd say Lin Jarvis lost all his leverage this weekend.

Hats of to MM93 he certainly was the fastest and the craziest out there, but it was not a show of total domination, he didn't slaughtered the field, indeed he looked a bit in a hurry after his mistake behind Rossi and Pedrosa was also in the mix the whole time, to me , but today, Rossi extracted every single drop of juice of that M1 , there wasn't any stone left unturned, he fought as best as he could those Honda's that looked clearly superior, he made them sweat their salary today.

But Marc is crazy, those T1 braking moves are the trademark of the new era, there's no one close to him in crazy late braking, he gains .1's in every braking.

What happened to bautista?

did he crash again? or technical?

Id let redding have a test on that bike if I was gresini

...and Mike De Meglio crashed as did Karel Abraham. Cal Crutchlow had another mechanical issue and retired. DeMeglio's crash led to a brief confusion among Marquez, Rossi and Pedrosa when they slowed because they didn't know if the yellow flag was for rain or a crash. But it didn't effect the outcome  -- except for De Meglio ;).

"After only 3 laps, the bike stopped when I was on the straight and I couldn't continue the race. We analyzed the data and looks like an electric problem, but we will investigate it in order to understand better what happened. It's disappointing because after yesterday's crash I tried my maximum to take part to the race and in the beginning I had a good feeling; it would be possible to fight for a good results, but this kind of things can happen, so now we have to look forward to tomorrow's test and the next race".

I think Redding's current deal has him use the proddy bike this year then have first refusal on the satellite bike next year.

Bautista broke down this time but he still seems to produce no more than the odd result in a sea of crashes. Can't see his prototype ride leading much longer, especially with Redding on the verge of taking it.

Dani almost had Marquez today. Almost...Good to see him on Marquez's rear wheel for most of the race until finally getting clipped on there! :p

One thing that I have noticed over the years is how clean Pedrosa rides that MotoGP bike; he hardly makes a mistake (don't bring up Hayden/2006, PLEASE!) and never misses the racing line, let alone riding off wide. His concentration is super. Barring the incident that involved Marquez today, I think Pedrosa is the only rider out of the top 4 who rides on the fine line between getting dirty and riding clinically. His passes came smooth and clean. Very matured have to say!

I know, I will disappoint a few of the daredevil fans of motorcycle racing here by my following statement as I thought some of the passes Marquez made on Dani, and even on Rossi, were forceful. Guess, he has a notion of 'no one can beat me now' in his head. Which is alright. The guy is pure class, no denying the fact. 7 in a row. Premier WC in his rookie year, and with second one almost in his kitty it's a fair thought. However, he kind of looses his mind whenever someone passes him, it was evident today all throughout the race. It must be very unpredictable for other riders what he does next. Quite Senna-esque this chap, but on a motorcycle, and after watching the Simoncelli crash live (sorry to bring that up!)- No thank you, sir! You've got the speed, you on a bike are a beauty to behold beyond words, you know eventually you will be leading the race so what's the harm in waiting for a corner or two?

And, yes it's been an aeon since I watched 4 factory bikes so closely knitted throughout the race. Thank you for that. Expecting a lot more like it in near future, minus Dani clipping the rear wheel of Marquez obviously! ;-)

Brings to mind a quote I read years ago - "Troy Bayliss taught Valentino Rossi that if someone passes you, you pass them straight back". It's how MM operates, and it really works. Rather than have MM drop this part of his armoury, it would be better for his opponents to work out a strategy to negate this.

MM is aggressive when it comes to passing. There's nothing much wrong with that. He's learned that he needs to be clean with his passes, and he is that; he just leaves less of a margin for error than his opponents. Not great for them. Great for us at home :)

Everyone must have noticed that Dani Pedrosa has been smiling more and gradually showing more of his personality since Alberto Puig left. Good to see his aggression today.

What a race! Gotta give credit to 46, he rode very strongly and took the fight to the Repsol Hondas. Jorge Lorenzo fought hard, but a podium wasn't in the cards. I think he still doesn't like the tires.

And of course kudos to MM93. That kid has bike control in spades. His moves were indeed forceful, but clean. In a way it seems like the other riders have adapted to riding with Marquez, and are no longer surprised by the lunge up the inside.

Meh. If some great renaissance was going to occur, it would have happened by now. I too thought that ditching Puig would give Pedrosa a big boost in attitude and confidence; I even picked him to win it all this year! Instead, Dani's been a huge disappointment, trundling around in his usual 3rd~4th place, never making any real effort to compete. Keep in mind that, even under Darth Puig's tender tutelage, DP would put in several strong showings each year. IMO, one good race doesn't mean much. Until a trend develops (I'm afraid to say it won't), I'll put today's relatively perky showing down to simple random variance.

I'm glad Dani's recovery from arm surgery is complete, too ;)

With you there....some tough armchair crtitics out there in couch-land.

Most Dani haters are either American that can't let go of 2006. Or they have very short memories. Dani has been fighting through injuries most of his GP career and yet, he still wins and gets poles. I think he's finally fit. He showed such joy for someone who finished in 3rd. It seems he's ready to fight tough again. Bring in Assen and no more injuries, for anyone.

The chart above lists Redding P12 over Hayden P13, but the results at MotoGP.com do show Hayden P12 over Redding P13.

At MotoGP.com the time for Hayden is the same +43.299 sec, with Redding at +43.407 sec.

But I could swear that coming into a number of corners both Rossi and Pedrosa had their bikes sliding sideways. Certainly not to the extent MM does and also not in every corner but it seems to me that they are both trying to modify their braking style.

Other than that I thought all passes were fair, some a little harder than others but if you wait for a gap then you might wait forever. Really good to see Pedrosa go for it and Rossi have the confidence in his bike and himself to play with the youngsters.

... from beginning to end, there was even a moment of strangeness when it nearly rained and the pace slowed for about 3 corners! While Marc is beyond reproach at this stage, I've got to hand it to Rossi for thoroughly shutting down any and all naysayers. If you don't like him, fine, but he's all but cemented himself as the GOAT and has been locking down podiums in Grand Prix racing for well over 20 years now. Wow.

It was also thrilling to watch how badly Dani wanted the win today, so badly he lost a bit of self control and tried riding over Marc to get to the checkered flag! Incredible effort, but riding into your rivals back tire is no way to win.

Marquez slid the front briefly, losing a bit of drive, causing Pedrosa to touch MM's rear tire with his front. (And I'm not necessarily a Pedrosa fan)

I suspect that the same thing happened to Rossi earlier in the race, when MM had to stand his bike up and run out onto the run-off area. Either that, or Rossi had a Laguna Seca flash-back and brake-checked MM ;)

(I'm kidding I'm kidding)

Best of the season. Great to see all the action at the front for a change. Fantastic fight for first. I have to say it though... the Hondas are just immensely fast. This was by far the craziest and sloppiest race for the Hondas, and yet the passing power over the Yamahas is incredible. Rossi has been showing his back tire to Pedrosa for a long time, and usually comes out ahead in 1v1 scenarios. Pedrosa's pass towards the end made the Yam look like it was standing still. I don't think the M1 could have been ridden faster, I just really don't.

Yamaha have got to find something. Their reluctance to sign Rossi for a two year deal looks really foolish after this race, because watching this and Mugello, it really looks like the effort should be focused on getting more out of the M1. There are not better pilots for it than Rossi and Lorenzo - Rossi's ride here and Lorenzo's in Mugello were master classes in how that bike is designed to be ridden, and it just doesn't have the juice to hang. That's my two cents anyways. I don't know if it's tire wear issues, electronics, fuel, or what, but they don't have the top speed and they don't have the drive out of corners.

even though they would have won both of the most recent races except for the smiling assassin. Anyone not named Marc Marquez is 'in trouble' including his teammate on the same bike!

Rossi probably wouldn't have won the race yesterday even if MM93 didn't exist as long as Dani still had the same fire to be in the front. Dani has had his issues this season but when the setup suits his style, and he is mentally focused, he beats on the Yamahas pretty bad. He torched Jorge yesterday and passed Rossi like he was standing still in the late stages of the race. If Dani continues to race this way he is going to beat Marc at least some of the time. The only things preventing that right now are his setup issues which and mental struggles which he seems to have overcome. The Honda is brutal and Dani showed that. He got himself together and - suprise! - he dispatched both Yamahas with extreme prejudice. Is DP26 all of a sudden wildly better than Rossi and Lorenzo? He hasn't been for 8 years so I don't see why he should start all of a sudden now.

All this points to the fact, and I'm not the only one who thinks this, that the Honda is a ridiculously good package that is measurably better than the Yam. That's fine, that's racing, riders do their best with what they have, and it doesn't make Marc UNamazing somehow, but Yamaha have got to step it up on their bike or we're going to watch MM93 slay it for at least another few seasons, no matter who is riding the M1. Which would be a shame, since I think we can all agree that putting MM93 under pressure makes for amazing racing.

Fun race!

Pedrosa was hungry and fast, good ride. He also however had a wee wobbly front a few times that was close to washing out on him, and could well have taken both he and Marquez out when he made contact w Marquez's rear wheel. Marquez's passes were aggressive but always clean. Dani flinched when others were in close quarters. He is good at getting in on openings that arise but not the scrapping fighter that the other three are in my opinion.

Marquez looked human at Catalunya. Rossi sure looks fast again. I agree w the writer above that no one is backing it in and scrubbing at turn-in in the manner that Marquez is. Amazing to behold. There was one corner in which the fast folks were keeping the front light at lean to carry it up and across the curbing time and time again...also amazing.

Wee note, enjoying Aleix Esp's livery...nice to see some yellow back out there again, and he had a good race. Hoped for more from Pol Esp, but I am patient. I think he will surpass Smith in gains in the 2nd half of the season.

The way Cal opened up a can of disgruntle re his bike after the last round I think he is about done w that bike. I will be surprised if he isn't on something different for 2015.