Superprestigio Superfinal Result: Marc Marquez Wins Duel With Jared Mees

Marc Marquez has ended the year on a win, beating the reigning AMA Flat Track champion Jared Mees in a thrilling final. The two men got caught up in traffic when Thomas Chareyre, who got the jump at the start, forced them wide. That gave the lead to Kenny Noyes and Gerard Ribalta, but Marquez and Mees soon chased the two down, passing Bailo with ease, Noyes with difficulty. Marquez had gained enough of a cushion to keep Mees at bay, finally getting revenge for his loss to Brad Baker in January this year, at the inaugural event.

Noyes went on to score a respectable 3rd, ahead of Bailo and Ribalta. The 16-year-old British rider Oliver Brindley gave an outstanding account of himself, finishing in 6th, ahead of Bradley Smith, who got caught up in the first lap incident, and Chareyre, who caused it.


Pos No Rider
1 93 Marc Marquez
2 1 Jared Mees
3 9 Kenny Noyes
4 17 Gerard Bailo
5 15 Dani Ribalta
6 28 Oliver Brindley
7 38 Bradley Smith
8 4 Thomas Chareyre


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Thanks David for the link to the stream, this was an incredible race. I can elaborate a bit on our discussion earlier regarding flat track bikes.

I suspect the big reason Rossi's ranch bike needs the front brakes is that when turning right at high lean angles, It's difficult to access the rear brake with your right foot. Since flat trackers only turn left, this is not an issue for them. Also interesting in that Rossi's ranch uses dry dirt, whereas flat track uses slightly damp dirt.

In anycase, it's safe to say that we are back in the Kenny Roberts era, where intuition regarding how the bike slides is a huge advantage in MotoGP. I suspect this is because of the massive power of the 1000cc bikes once again overpowering the tires, allowing for a looser sliding riding style to be just as quick as a smoother high cornerspeed style. This should bode well for Jack Miller.

I'm very anxious for the 2015 season, and this event just made it worse. I love Christmas as much as the next guy, but let's get on with it and get back to racing!

Simply THE best bike rider in THE world. Passing Bradley Smith around the outside illustrated the gap between the skills of Marquez and the rest. When I say the rest, I would contend that the two Yamaha riders in motogp were actually on a superior bike this year, and all the rest of the Honda riders were placed where they should have been.

Could see the same skills at work today. Thx for posting the links for watching this. Was an absolute joy to watch.

Appreciate watching Marquez while we can. There is no one like him.

You know that while Yamaha made some gains in 2014 the Honda is still the better package. Specifically the Honda's transmission allows for clutch less downshifts. Yamaha still has not got that feature despite the requests of 99 & 46. You seem to want to deify Marquez by implying his bike wasn't the best. It's ok; he can still be the best I the world AND have the superior bike. Full disclosure : I'm not a Honda fan.

Indeed, I am ready to deify Marquez based on what I have seen the last four seasons and what I saw today. We all saw the last 4 seasons, but the way he rode the bike today, the entries, the front end feel, the corner exits, the wheel to wheel race craft, just to survive the first corner in the superfinal. Haven't had this feeling about an athlete since michael yes, I am guilty.

But enough of emotion, when I look at the collective performance of all the riders this year in motogp, much was made of the elements of the honda that you point out, but at the end of the day, the Yamaha riders outperformed the honda riders. I'm including the satellite bikes as well. Dani Pedrosa, on his day, is crazy fast when the bike is right...when the bike is right...

Rossi, Lorenzo, espargaro, smith, espargaro, all beating their competitor Hondas except for Marquez. My intuition tells me the Yamaha was much better than everyone gave it credit for this year....tell me why I'm wrong ;)

The Yamaha's had 12 second place finishes this year. With anyone but Marquez riding the other Honda, those 12 2nd's are almost assuredly Yamaha wins and Honda is embarrassed. The one thing you cant do as a competitor is admit that you have a rival you cant beat, so you hint its the bike and the media does the rest.

Marc is the best rider on the best bike. Dani was poor this year...

The Yamaha was far from a poor bike, but Jorge and Vale simply rode better than Dani.

You state that as fact...Dani rode poorly? Vale and Jorge simply rode better? How do you know? How do you know the Honda wasn't more difficult to ride?

Look at the body of's not like Dani simply got slower...and Bradl....and Bautista. And look at all the yahamas and where they ended up at the end of the year.

Much respect to Bradley Smith, he is doing much better in MotoGP than I imagined he could, but for him to beat Bradl in 2014....that's just as good an indicator as Dani vs 99/46. At least Bradl can say he has beaten Marquez in races, albeit while 93 was learning in Moto2, but he beat him nonetheless. Smith will NEVER beat Marquez, unless there is some sort of problem (IMHO). Sorry to say it again, but Marquez' pass on him por fuera, nearly impossible to do in dirt, was a perfect demonstration of the talent gap between those two. But by your logic, Bradl just rode poorly this year and Smith better. :)

As an aside, I know Alex Marquez is a few years behind Marc, so he has growing to do and speed to gain, but seeing him battle handle bar to handle bar with his brother showed what I thought was a talent gap there as well, given that they train exactly the same. Will be interesting to see how he progresses the next couple years.

Smith is a highly experienced and talented mx rider. MM93 trains dirt track day in day out all year long at Rufea.

Not the same thing, it would be really surprising if Smith could beat MM at dirt track

...yes I think Bradl rode very poorly, hence why he lost his seat and has been shunted out to the Forward team.

You seem rather defensive despite me clearly saying Marc was the best rider this year. I think for anyone who has watched motorcycle racing for a number of years, you could see that the Honda had an advantage which Marc was fully able to exploit.

I don't think Dani rode anywhere near his best this year, this is in comparison to the many years he has ridden in MotoGP... would you disagree with that?

Bautista was a test mule, his results fluctuated as per usual, would it be expected for him to beat the Tech 3 bikes that are close to the factory machines? probably not.

I am a fan of Marc, I am a fan of Dani, but I have no problem in stating that I believe Marc was the best rider on the best bike.
Do I think the Yamaha was at a significant disadvantage? Nope, certainly not in the second half of the year, but I see no real evidence to say it was better than Marc's Honda throughout the year.

If you want to disregard my comment as an opinion, then you should be aware that the same could be said about your own. This is a place for discussion, it might be wise to read the comments here as just that.

Isn't that what we are doing? Sharing our opinions through discussion?

You agreed that Marc was the best rider, but nobody disagrees with that. I am contending that the Yamaha was actually easier to ride and be consistently fast and many times faster, hence the 'better' bike. I based that on the results of the season and the riders involved. I saw Pedrosa riding the way he always has done and Bradl struggled and Bautista struggled. While you say they rode poorly vs previous years (opinion), I say it's no coincidence and the bike played as big a role in their performance than their riding (opinion). Marquez' riding yesterday against the dirt champion strengthened my view that he did something special with the Honda that nobody else could manage.

I went down this path because I know many people disagree. That's the point of discussion, you stated your points well, and just because you disagree, I'm not going to call you defensive. Based on what we have each said, there is actually no way either one of us can 'win' a debate about which bike was better. But it's fun to debate in the offseason nevertheless!

"[...]a perfect demonstration of the talent gap between those two."

You're a bit quick to equate talent with experience. A lot of people do that, including loads of journalists, but that doesn't make it right. The two might go together, but they are not the same. It's very easy to ignore plain advantages in experience (especially in this particular event) and lump it all together in the hazy wording of "talent" as a form of thought-terminating cliché to defend/support your favourite rider and/or, as in your case, also downgrade another.

It's fine to be a fan of a particular rider, in your case it must be a constant source of joy, good for you. But writing "sorry to say it again" after downgrading another rider with non-existent facts, quickly defused with "IMHO", doesn't actually excuse your blatant confirmation bias.

Disclaimer: I am a fan of neither Marquez nor Smith.

Okay, you got me. Smith is immensely talented and I would kill for his job. And maybe Marquez is just a slightly more talented rider based on my personal view of what I have observed. Is that a nicer way to say it? ;)

It wasn't to put Smith down, or Mees or Alex Marquez (I said the same thing about him). When I see something extraordinary, forgive me for getting excited. When the other guys do something I find amazing, I will gush about them too, especially if it is someone sticking an aggressive (but clean) move on Marquez! I'm actually not a fan (in that I would not support/defend anything he does irrationally). All I want is to see more brilliant riding and closer competition, and a 46 championship would be added bonus! :)

Okay, I'm done stirring things up this week.

Actuall 46 does admit Marquez is too strong to beat. He has gone on record saying to beat him he must be ready when 93 is having an off day. As to which bike is better , virtually every magazine's technical editors have stated as much; the Honda is better. That doesn't take anything away from Marquez's accomplishment. He can get more out of it than the other Honda riders...

When Rossi does make statements about Marquez's dominance, there is always the qualifier "Marc and Honda" are too strong. Rossi admires Marquez, and wants to say what's really on his mind, but like i said, you cant admit that you cant beat your main competitor. When a guy is winning 10 races in a row, it easy to assume he is on the best bike. What the teammate and satellite bikes do on the season is a very reasonable barometer of how good a bike is, and everyone but Marquez struggled on the Honda this year. The mags said for years how bad the Honda was during the 800 era, until Casey Stoner threw a leg over it and dominated. These bikes are so evenly matched it is down to rider or injury as to who wins the title.

I don't think the Superprestigio and/or its results can in any way even remotely be applied to any particular rider's MotoGP results and performance this season as it seems to be done in the discussion thread here for some reason.

I was at the event and from the outset it was clear that there were only a handful of riders with a realistic chance of winning, bar any incidents and entanglements of which we've seen plenty, and I think it suprised exactly zero people that Marquez took the flag in the end. Compared to pretty much every other rider on that grid, with the exception of the actual flat trackers, he likely has the most experience by far and he trains on the exact same setup as in the Palau Sant Jordi every week. In general the difference in experience on these bikes and in these conditions was quite massive between the riders and this has nothing to do with MotoGP performance. Even after such short race distances as six laps on such a short track there were already reasonably large gaps visible and the longer finals exaggerated those speed gaps, with Mees and Marquez even having the chance to catch up again. It is no surprise to see Marquez, Mees and Noyes on the podium, those are exactly the guys one would have expected to stand there in absence of Baker. I personally was quite surprised by how well Smith did, I don't believe he has that much flat track experience, so his Superprestigio podium is pretty impressive. Overall though, this was a Marquez invitation event, plain and simple. This was not a "regular" race situation with most everyone roughly at the same level. It was exciting to watch, for sure, but aside from Baker and Mees I did not expect for a second that anyone would challenge Marquez for the win and this is what pretty much everyone came there to see. It was more like a fanclub event with special guests.

Anyway. It was a fun little event which successfully minimized the dread of another long winter before the new season and gave the punters a bit more to chew on. No more, no less.

Very good explanation that makes perfect sense to me. Given the fact that all the riders (and teams) seem to be slowly taking this event a bit more seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if more GP riders begin to add flat track training to their repertoire, especially given the success that MM93 has had with controlling the bike after the tires have gone off while still being aggressive. you're a lucky dog to have been there to see it all live!

Interesting how oval tracks are anathema to European car racing fans, yet the bare-bones version--flat track--is becoming such a hit with European motorcycle racing fans. From what I've read about their interest in motorcycle flat track racing, it's like southern California in the late 1940s and the 1950s, when you could go to a dirt-track race pretty much any night between Tuesday and Sunday. Well, maybe not quite like that....

Wonder if midget dirt-track cars are next? And/or if, twenty years from now, NASCAR-like car racing on asphalt ovals will have taken over from F1 in popularity with European car race fans?

Enjoyed watching the racing, but to be honest it's a novelty charity event. 200 meters is an 1/8 mile and doesn't really lend itself to any high speed draft passes or bar banging racing. Let's see Marquez vs Mees and Baker on the mile and see how that turns out. Now THAT would be fun to see !