2015 Qatar Moto3 Race Result: Victory Decided At The Line In Typical Moto3 Thriller

Results and summary of the Moto3 race:

Alexis Masbou has converted his pole position into victory at the first race of the year. The season opener turned into a typical Moto3 slugfest, with a group of 18 riders battling for the lead for most of the race, from which the Frenchman snatched victory in the final meters of the race.

The combination of a closely matched field and Qatar's long straight meant that the field stuck together, the slipstreaming down the straight allowing groups to catch the front runners whenever they formed. At the front of the leading group, the same names kept cropping up: Danny Kent and Efren Vazquez from the Leopard Racing team, Alexis Masbou from Saxoprint RTG, the two Italian riders, Enea Bastianini and Pecco Bagnaia, while the two Estrella Galicia youngsters, Fabio Quartararo and Jorge Navarro were in the mix as well.

Kent tried to break the group a number of times, by taking the lead and pushing into the 2'06s, but each time he would be caught along the straight. Whenever Bagnaia or Bastianini took over, they would get involved in individual dogfights, holding up the group and allowing its numbers to swell again.

On the penultimate lap, Quartararo took over at the front, the French rookie showing astonishing speed on his debut, but he was caught and passed by Efren Vazquez over the line. Vazquez collected a small group behind him, consisting of Kent, Masbou, Bastianini, Bagnaia, Quartararo and Navarro, but a mistake by Quartararo took him and Bagnaia out of the equation.

Bastianini took over the lead, and looked like holding on to it to the line, but Masbou got the run out of the final corner and used the Italian's draft to just slip past him at the line. Bastianini had to settle for second, while Danny Kent ended the race in third.


Pos. Num. Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 10 Alexis MASBOU Honda 38'25.424
2 33 Enea BASTIANINI Honda 0.027
3 52 Danny KENT Honda 0.142
4 7 Efren VAZQUEZ Honda 0.288
5 17 John MCPHEE Honda 0.693
6 32 Isaac VIÑALES Husqvarna 0.765
7 20 Fabio QUARTARARO Honda 0.772
8 23 Niccolò ANTONELLI Honda 0.773
9 21 Francesco BAGNAIA Mahindra 0.909
10 41 Brad BINDER KTM 1.317
11 55 Andrea LOCATELLI Honda 1.546
12 9 Jorge NAVARRO Honda 1.608
13 98 Karel HANIKA KTM 1.869
14 65 Philipp OETTL KTM 2.504
15 88 Jorge MARTIN Mahindra 5.119
16 44 Miguel OLIVEIRA KTM 6.814
17 84 Jakub KORNFEIL KTM 8.760
18 58 Juanfran GUEVARA Mahindra 9.259
19 40 Darryn BINDER Mahindra 11.385
20 95 Jules DANILO Honda 27.616
21 12 Matteo FERRARI Mahindra 29.071
22 6 Maria HERRERA Husqvarna 29.266
23 24 Tatsuki SUZUKI Mahindra 29.436
24 16 Andrea MIGNO KTM 29.485
25 19 Alessandro TONUCCI Mahindra 29.770
26 53 Marco BEZZECCHI Mahindra 46.295
27 91 Gabriel RODRIGO KTM 46.406
28 63 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN KTM +1'04.409
29 61 Loris CRESSON KTM +1'40.606
Not Classified  
  5 Romano FENATI KTM 1 Lap
  11 Livio LOI Honda 8 Laps
  76 Hiroki ONO Honda 10 Laps
  2 Remy GARDNER Mahindra 10 Laps
  31 Niklas AJO KTM 17 Laps
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First three deserved it, kept their calm through those tough last few laps. Really impressed by the speed and ballsy riding of Quartararo and Bagnaia, though. Bodes for another great year. Shame for Oliveira, but he should be able to catch up hopefully.

would be Bagnaia. An entire race running into other riders and getting of the track. And they said Vazquez was a troublemaker

Great last lap by McPhee going from 11th to 5th, despite seemingly lacking power to slipstream people down the straight.

I think it's too early to confirm any sort of status on young Fabio though, he could turn out to be another Fenati at this level.