2015 Jerez MotoGP Test Times Final: Lorenzo Leads Rossi


Pos No Rider Bike Time Diff Prev
1 99 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha M1 1:38.508    
2 46 Valentino Rossi Yamaha M1 1:38.550 0.042 0.042
3 35 Cal Crutchlow Honda RC213V 1:38.814 0.306 0.264
4 41 Aleix Espargaro Suzuki GSX-RR 1:38.890 0.382 0.076
5 93 Marc Márquez Honda RC213V 1:38.968 0.460 0.078
6 38 Bradley Smith Yamaha M1 1:39.339 0.831 0.371
7 68 Yonny Hernandez Ducati GP14.2 1:39.357 0.849 0.018
8 45 Scott Redding Honda RC213V 1:39.370 0.862 0.013
9 25 Maverick Viñales Suzuki GSX-RR 1:39.475 0.967 0.105
10 44 Pol Espargaro Yamaha M1 1:39.654 1.146 0.179
11 19 Alvaro Bautista Aprilia 1:39.766 1.258 0.112
12 6 Stefan Bradl Forward Yamaha 1:39.887 1.379 0.121
13 9 Danilo Petrucci Ducati GP14 1:39.892 1.384 0.005
14 69 Nicky Hayden Honda RC213V-RS 1:39.909 1.401 0.017
15 50 Eugene Laverty Honda RC213V-RS 1:40.101 1.593 0.192
16 76 Loris Baz Forward Yamaha 1:40.186 1.678 0.085
17 43 Jack Miller Honda RC213V-RS 1:40.248 1.740 0.062
18 8 Hector Barbera Ducati GP14 Open 1:40.260 1.752 0.012
19 7 Hiroshi Aoyama Honda RC213V 1:40.342 1.834 0.082
20 17 Karel Abraham Honda RC213V-RS 1:40.654 2.146 0.312
21 63 Mike Di Meglio Ducati GP14 Open 1:41.085 2.577 0.431
22 33 Marco Melandri Aprilia 1:41.825 3.317 0.740
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There was much hype/hope for the Honda RC213V-RS in pre season. Do you have any indication of the current and general future development plan for this machine?
All I'm seeing so far are the teams who field these bikes chasing set up, rather then testing new components. I was hoping to see the bikes closer to the top ten.

Yours....a proud site supporter..

I think that the Open Hondas will not improve unless their riders improve.
Probably the difference is in the rider / team / track engineers package.
Just look at Aoyama. Which bike was he riding last year? And which bike is he rinding now?

As above, I think what we're seeing is that even a factory Honda is not an instant ticket to success.

Scott Redding is not a slow rider and he's still figuring out the RC213V factory spec bike. Hiro is on Dani's bike at the moment and assuming they aren't cutting power or slightly handicapping him with not-necessarily-ready parts to test, he's showing that the bike needs someone who can push it hard.

Marc can do it. Dani can do it. Cal looks like he's figuring it out.

I think the potential of the open bike is likely a lot closer than the results would suggest this year. But it really does need a rider capable of exploiting it.

... is a customer bike. That means no updates are planned, it is up to the teams to get the most out of it. Mostly, they are working on electronics. Which is helping, slowly.

As long as the RS is competitive with the Forward Yamaha (and it is), they'll see it as filling it's intended function.

Is it 100 laps of grinding with setup and tires followed by two or three fast laps on a soft tire just to look good in the press, or are these times actually indicative of the respective riders' true pace?

In other words, is Rossi really that close to Lorenzo here? Or was he half a second down all day until a last minute qualifying simulation?

Because after how Lorenzo looked yesterday, being down by less than a tenth would be insanely impressive. So how much stock can we put into these times?

Let's face it---last years Honda production racer was a total failure---millions spent---for what? This year more promises made---bike is still shit---I don't expect these bikes to beat the factory bikes or riders, but right now they are just grid fillers---racing for 15th back---very disappointing…
I feel sorry for Nicky---a former World Champion overlooked by Honda while they're test rider gets the works bike but can't do anything meaningful with it---a total waste of a front running bike. Honda is truly clueless---Stoner would have ridden that bike---wanted to ride the bike---Honda always said they wanted Stoner back---soooooooo they gave the bike to their test rider=zero results!
Meanwhile, Yamaha rolls on…!

Why dont they have Aoyama test the RS and let Nicky have the repsol bike ( but in Aspar colours) ?

I think Nicky should go to WSBK and show em whats what , then again I recall reading somewhere that a SBK riders full salary was the same as the BOOT contract for a GP rider ... Cant remember who said that in the past however

and super talented but its time to let go of the notion of Nicky being back on a Factory bike..... It's over.

The argument in favour of Ncky would hold more water if he wasn't behind a rookie on the same bike in the championship, I can genuinely see him losing his seat to Rins for 2016.

Its been great, but his time has past.

Scott did 105!!! laps , holy cow! at the very least he is willing to put in the work to make the bike better . Kind of a joke Compared to melandris 19 :)

someone please explain to me why hrc would prefer to put aoyama on the repsol instead of a rider capable of supporting their number one rider by taking points from marquez's rivals?

He is the only person in the world who is familiar with the bike and the team in their current iterations, and has no other commitments. All the other Honda riders have sponsor commitments to keep.

HRC are also in the unique position of being able to use Aoyama to test during races, rather than only at the official tests they are otherwise limited to... although they'll never publicly acknowledge that fact. You can bet that they'll see this opportunity as a lot more valuable than throwing a wingman at Marquez - who HRC believes is more than capable of taking a third title without anyone elses assistance.

Aoyama is the best choice in the circumstances that HRC had;-

Your the Senior Manager of HRC and one of your two very expensive pilots has an injury, you spend millions every year on these guys and their well being is therefore pretty important to you and the contract negotiations you have with these guys can be very lengthy, protracted and include a lot of negotiated clauses that protect both sides.

So the injury happens, the surgery takes place and the initial prognosis is the rider will miss two world championship rounds, what do you do?

The no-brainer answer is use one of your test riders as a stand in. Its in his contract to do so, he knows the bike and you know he is responsible enough not to crash several millions of dollars worth of investment into scrap every weekend. You also know the test rider will tow the company line at every point as you have a serious hold on him and the contracted regular rider wont have his nose out of joint when the test guy sits on he bike.

Ah but, Casey is a contracted test rider you say.

Well, yes, sort off. Two guest tests a year is of limited real value even though it makes great headlines in the specialist press.

Plus you have no real control of what he says to the media and what if he outperforms the contracted star? That could be very awkward at every media conference for the rest of the year, and conversely, what if he doesn't ride as fast as the way he used too? That too comes at a price in the media.

So, Casey, dammed if they did, dammed if they didn't.

If I was running HRC and Pedrosa was out for two GP's I would have went for Aoyama too. Pity they didn't really know how long the layoff would be....