2015 Mugello MotoGP QP Result: A New Kid On The Block

Results Below:

Andrea Iannone took his first-ever pole position Saturday at the Mugello circuit Saturday with blistering record lap in the second qualifying session. Jorge Lorenzo, consistently quick all weekend, took the second spot on the grid, closely followed by Iannone's Ducati teammate, Andrea Dovizioso.

And missing from the front row for the first time this season? And missing from Q2 for the first time this season? Marc Marquez. More on that later.

Cal Crutchlow also ran a fast late lap to lead the second row and qualify as the top Honda for Sunday's race.  Aleix Espargaro, who briefly held the second spot late in qualifying, put his factory Suzuki into fifth on the grid, just a hair faster than Michele Pirro (6th). Dani Pedrosa leads the third row, slightly more than three-tenths from the top position. Valentino Rossi continued his run of tepid qualifying with eighth. Maverick Vinales (9th) completed with the third row with Pol Espargaro rounding out the top 10. The field is fairly bunched with the top 10 riders within half a second of each other.

The first qualifying practice began with one major surprise attendee: Marc Marquez. The current world champion didn't set a fast-enough lap in FP3 to default into Q2. But the early indication in Q1 was that Marquez likely would be one of the two riders to advance into Q2. Indeed, this appeared to be Marquez's impression as well when he pulled into the pits with time remaining after setting the second-fastest Q1 time, just behind Aleix Espargaro. 

But as Marquez sat in the pits looking on, Yonny Hernandez took the top Q1 spot as time expired.  Aleix Espargaro was bumped to the second spot and Marquez, who has struggled all weekend on the Honda, was left stranded in 13th place on the grid with no chance to improve his position. It has been a weekend of unlucky numbers for Marquez.

Iannone's top time gave Ducati a pole position at its home track for the first time since Casey Stoner did it in 2007.


Pos. No. Rider Bike Time Diff. / Prev.
1 29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati 1'46.489  
2 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha 1'46.584 0.095 / 0.095
3 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 1'46.610 0.121 / 0.026
4 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Honda 1'46.657 0.168 / 0.047
5 41 Aleix ESPARGARO Suzuki 1'46.854 0.365 / 0.197
6 51 Michele PIRRO Ducati 1'46.870 0.381 / 0.016
7 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda 1'46.875 0.386 / 0.005
8 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 1'46.923 0.434 / 0.048
9 25 Maverick VIÑALES Suzuki 1'46.934 0.445 / 0.011
10 44 Pol ESPARGARO Yamaha 1'47.050 0.561 / 0.116
11 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha 1'47.090 0.601 / 0.040
12 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ Ducati 1'47.423 0.934 / 0.333
13 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda 1'47.240 0.123 / 0.018
14 9 Danilo PETRUCCI Ducati 1'47.497 0.380 / 0.257
15 8 Hector BARBERA Ducati 1'47.978 0.861 / 0.481
16 6 Stefan BRADL Yamaha Forward 1'48.047 0.930 / 0.069
17 45 Scott REDDING Honda 1'48.120 1.003 / 0.073
18 76 Loris BAZ Yamaha Forward 1'48.133 1.016 / 0.013
19 69 Nicky HAYDEN Honda 1'48.298 1.181 / 0.165
20 17 Karel ABRAHAM Honda 1'48.366 1.249 / 0.068
21 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Aprilia 1'48.477 1.360 / 0.111
22 63 Mike DI MEGLIO Ducati 1'48.503 1.386 / 0.026
23 43 Jack MILLER Honda 1'48.572 1.455 / 0.069
24 50 Eugene LAVERTY Honda 1'48.638 1.521 / 0.066
25 15 Alex DE ANGELIS ART 1'49.198 2.081 / 0.560
26 33 Marco MELANDRI Aprilia 1'51.391 4.274 / 2.193


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The "Greatest of All Time" is looking more like an ordinary goat every week. Doubts here that it is entirely the fault of the bike as Crutchlow and Pedrosa, desperate surgery and all, aren't as troubled. The real problem may be in MM93's head and not the one with the camshafts in it. Up until this year he's had a cakewalk in GP. But Stoner was gone, there were no Suzukis, Ducatis couldn't even threaten and the Yamahas raced on tires that didn't work. Even with little competition, MM showed flaws. A poor decision at Philip Island cost a possible race win when when he "forgot" about the mandatory pit stop. At Mugello last year, he blew through a yellow flag flat out running off the track and nearly running full-tilt into Crutchlow's crashed bike, corner workers and Crutchlow himself.

Now there are other bikes that can win and MM isn't the only rider with tires that work. Perhaps the pressure from some real competition caused the poor start and finish at Qatar. Later, an ill-considered pass cost him a finish and 20 points. Today another bad decision cast him a decent qualifying spot. Time will tell, but the guy who was once thought to be in the running for best of all time got booted out of QP2 by a second-rate rider on leftover bike.

Since when has Marquez been referred to as the "Greatest of All Time"?

Didnt you watch 2014? if you did you would have known. Alot was said when he won against a inferieur M1 the first 10 races. the best! the Amazing! the greatest! and so on.....

but it seems on equal terms thinks change in a blink of an eye

also in 2014 who laughed with mm? VR
Who was harsh on JL in 2014?

who doesnt laugh in 2015 when he lose.....MM
who stays nice to mm in 2015.....JL

thats what i dont like about him. when it was all MM other still could laugh with him but when its not mm he crawls and doest even congrats the winners.

Last year it was comparisons with Spencer, Doohan, VR, Ago... on and on it went. Record youngest win, record youngest champion, record win streak.... Now that there are tires that work for the rest of the bikes...

If I remember correctly, several people on this site have claimed the Book of Revelations prophesied MM93 as the GOAT.

I suspect that if you look at the evidence you will find that no other rider has made fewer mistakes (in races and qualifying, when the pressure is on) in his first 40 odd races than Marques.

And I am not even counting the successes.

But don't let facts stand in the way of a good rant...

Why do MotoGP fans seem to have such short memories?

I reckon it's time we let go of the old 'you're only as good as your last race' nonsense.

Agreed. I haven't had time to police this as fiercely as perhaps I should. Please keep the tone respectful, or I shall have to start deleting comments again.

He probably won't hold up over race distance due to injury, but that was fantastic.
Well earned Maniac! The bloke worked his butt off to get that factory Ducati seat and he has earned it by the truck load. Another one to watch is Yonny Hernandez and oh well there are so many knocking on the door.
Is Marquez' management talking to Gigi yet. Silly season and all. I guess right now some HRC riders would like to buy their way out of their contracts.
I have no love for Suzuki, but they sure have a planted bike and two planted riders. Pirro in 6th, that is going to throw a spanner in the works at the start.
George will want to disappear like a scalded cat on lap one.
I can just picture him listening to King Kenny tonight visualizing the start.
On the other hand we have seen Marquez and Rossi turn nothing into a big something during a race from behind. I just hope all the combatants are upright entering lap#2, because sure as hell in every riders' mind this start is going to be more critical than most given the championship standings.

More like he won't hold up race distance because they won't have the soft tire... this Ducati fervor is way out of hand. What Dorna wants for sure, and good for the fans, but don't think for a second that they can compete with Yamaha and Honda or their riders on a level field when they lose those tires (that put them toward on the front of the grid) and the extra fuel (which lets them catch up on the straights). It will be back to business as usual, and we will be talking about how terrible the Ducati has become. Don't forget how last year everyone here was talking about the RC213v like it was god's gift to mankind.

No, next year we won't "be talking about how terrible the Ducati has become," next year the guy who beat MM out of QP2 on a leftover bike today will be riding a Ducati GP15 or maybe even a GP16. Won't that be fun. ;)

HRC is not interested to find out how much money Volkswagen Group has in their war chest. Needless to say, it's more than Honda and exponentially more than Yamaha. The MSMA handed competitiveness to Ducati out of respect, not because they thought charity was good for television. Guess who still owns 20% of Suzuki.

Now the MV is owned by Daimler AG, it will be interesting to see how MV Agusta's ambitions evolve. Surprised to see BMW giving up.

The man is starting from 8th place. You know what it means...

The Ducatis and Hondas are much faster than Yamaha in the final sector with that huge straight - I think the advantage is more than 1/10th; and because of that I'm not sure that Lorenzo can get away cleanly. Dovi is fast here, and in that final section if he's close, he'll be able to pass on the power. If Lorenzo gets away clean (that is, has at least a 2/10ths lead going into sector 4 on the 1st lap), then he can ride away. Pedrosa has quietly had a good weekend also, and he is good at Mugello.

However, I don't think it's possible for Lorenzo to hammer-time this one, especially with everyone on medium rear - the Ducs just have too much power (and possibly Pedrosa). THAT means that Rossi may be able to catch up, and I'm not deceived by practice. I believe that when the lights go out, Rossi already has Lorenzo's pace and might have a little more tomorrow. So if he can get through the field cleanly, we should see a 4-way (or 5-way!) battle for first.

The one weakness to Lorenzo's style is that if it is contested, he loses the big advantage because his lines are perfect, and therefore not subject to any creative interpretation in a battle. In the races he won this year, Lorenzo had a full 1/2 second on Rossi through FP4 - right now it's closer to 0.1 - 0.2.

The big wildcard question is Marquez. Will he crash? Will he take someone out? He's already hit multiple riders this year, and ended at least two riders' races (once his own, when he rammed Rossi at Argentina and then in Qatar). He doesn't seem to have the pace this weekend, and that bodes ill for anyone around him, especially at a high-speed circuit like this one. We can only hope someone in his garage tells him to keep his cool...

One of these days Rossi's crew is not going to find a magic setup on Sunday morning and it could very well be today.

As to your point about Lorenzo, I refer you to last year's race.

All this means I actually think it will be between Lorenzo and Dovi.

Ducsidehighside, lest ye forget. Yamaha and HRC could have opted for OPEN regs some time back. Mr Jimmy tells me they can also enter 1200cc twins in SBK.
Enjoy your brekkie run on your pneumatic valve Yam or whatever tomorrow.
Ooops, the Japs don't do that valve train for you and me do they for the street.
Meantime, I will fire up my slowpoke 748R and have some fun prior to Mugello M3
After the racing I will walk my dog. Cheers!

Given the stellar results by Petrucci and Hernandez even while riding leftover bikes, Ducati's plan is to put them on newer bikes this season. Look for Ducati to line up five GP15's AT MOTEGI.

Somebody ask for a weather forecast. I give one and somone votes 1 star.......

I really appreciate these type of comments. I like to think we are all here to help each other understand racing better, and weather is a big factor. So five stars from me.

.. is the weakest spot for Honda riders. I know that Rossi got off track there as well but Honda riders were terrible there. Aggressive engine and bike that doesn't want to turn? Where did we heard about that story...

I think you're right, the tyres are more general now. But I think the Honda factory have several problems. I won't go through all of them, because my fingers wouldn't take it. Honda like to cycle Bright Young Men / Engineers through the race shop. That has pros & cons. So the bright young engineer asks the rider "What are the biggest problems holding you back from going faster?" and the rider will always say "When it comes off corners, it wheel-stands, and when I get on the brakes, the back moves around, even lifts off the ground." So the engineers go away and make the bike longer and lower. Then it doesn't turn. So then they try and fix it with electronics... Good luck with that... Yamaha have old riders and old designers and old engineers, and all of them have been down this path before. The first thing Gerry Burges did when he and Rossi arrived at Yamaha, was lift the whole thing by about 6 inches. That meant it would lift the back wheel under brakes and the front under power, but it won it's first race, and has won a few since. There are a number of problems at Honda. Tyres are one.

I do wonder if the Ducati just might do it here. However, I think the rider that comes out on top between Jlo and VR will go to be the champion.

For Ducati, winning tomorrow is the brass ring. From Domenicali down to the guy that mows the lawn at the headquarters, EVERYONE at Ducati now smells a win tomorrow.

Most of the crowd wants an Italian to win, they didn't pay to see Lorenzo take the top step. It's win it or bin it time for Dovi and Crazy Joe, there's no way either one will settle for watching Lorenzo motor into the sunset.

I sincerely hope MM keeps his agression in check heading into T1 and then through the first few laps. His starting position could lead to trouble for the others ahead of him and ruin our race too.

As much as i would relish a VR come-from-behind win, i would love Crazy Joe to get on the top step too. I think i haven't forgotten/forgiven MM for how he punted the Maniac off track in moto2 a few years back.

I would not want to be one of the guys in front of MM on the grid tomorrow... I'd feel like a bowling pin feels. Here's hoping he doesn't set out to win the race on the first lap.

If they all make it through the first lap then it will be interesting to see how VR and MM get on. Looks like being a good race.

A bit of banter is great right now. Especially it being Mugello. Here is another bit of trivia that may ignite this thread into the stratosphere.
Casey is HRC's test rider, the only test rider that can bend it to its limits.
Clearly Marc and Dani cannot ride it like Casey can. Sounds familiar circa Rossi Ducati.

Just for fun that one. I'm looking forward to Motegi and especially Suzuka 8 hour.

I do believe some of you nasty people are guilty of disrespect, and in some cases perhaps humour. Be reminded, the beatings will continue until morale improves. The prophets (profits?) of the Great Spaghetti Monster have ... typed a little...

It reads like a promo for the next Days of our Lives.

Joe on pole, on a Ducati, at Imola, with a fractured humerus, which we think is humorous but he probably doesn't. Jorge second, with some very fast long runs in practice. Dovi in 3rd, Pedders on the 2nd row, also with a recently serviced humerus, Satellite Hondas up there, the returned Suzuki, the Doctor in 8th(?), which has not stopped him winning in the past, and M&M in (lucky for some) 13th.

The day M&M and team get a crew chief / strategist as good as M&M is, the rest of the circus is in real trouble. Fortunately, that hasn't happened yet. M&M is quite a gifted rider, but he does make mistakes of various kinds. So do his team. This mess is only the most recent. It certainly isn't the first.

I saw a joke clip on Ewe-chube a few days ago, of somebody using a new R1 with a Akropovic muffler, as a pop-corn maker. Now I want one. I could use the R1 and I definitely need the pop-corn.

Mugello is one of my favorite rounds, alongside Jerez and Sachsenring. This year Mugello has already created some great story lines. Marquez misses Q2 unexpectedly, and Iannone takes his first pole, though he's dealing with injury. Lorenzo looks strong, but everyone knows that Mugello is Rossiland.

Can't wait for tomorrow. 76-degrees and bright sunshine. Tuscany at its best.

I think I'll invest a few hours watching the Mugello GPs from prior years, especially 2006.

Observations, firstly Marc Marquez seems to really not be gelling with the Medium Bridgestone this year. Unfortunately for him it's been the only real option for the past three rounds. I would hazard a guess that it's not as stable under brakes, and Marc and Rossi seem to be suffering the most

Softer option clouding the grid quite a lot here, particularly with the Suzis. And Ducati have a lot of advantages here with extra fuel/engines and a recent test, they will factor in the race, the yamahas are very impressive, Rossi is doing his usual build, which is looking very ominous for race day however I think Jorge will struggle with the ducatis and possibly pedrosa, leaving him unable to walk away again. Looking far more interesting after fp4.