2015 Barcelona MotoGP Race Result: The Vanishing Point

Results Below:

Jorge Lorenzo took the holeshot and never looked back at the Catalunya circuit Sunday to take his fourth MotoGP win in a row. Yamaha teammate Valentino Rossi overcame a third-row start to grab second and Dani Pedrosa managed his first podium of the year in a crash-filled race that saw eight riders fail to finish and every remaining rider but one taking championship points.

Lorenzo's win closed the gap in the championship to a single point behind his teammate Rossi with the Assen race coming in 11 days. Rossi, a seven-time MotoGP champion, has been the picture of consistenecy in 2015 with a podium finish in all seven races (including two wins).

Andrea Iannone compensated for a weak start and a mid-race battle with Bradley Smith to take fourth. Smith took advantage of a late crash by Suzuki's Aleix Espargaro to finish in fifth. Maverick Vinales (6th) came home as the top factory Suzuki with Scott Redding (7th) another six seconds back. Stefan Bradl earned points for only the second time this year -- he managed a single point in Argentina -- for eighth, his best finish of 2015.  Danilo Petrucci held on for a lonely ninth, three seconds in front of Alvaro Bautista (10th) who gave Aprilia its best result of the year.

Very early on, the race looked to be a tight contest with Lorenzo seizing the lead on the first corner with 2014 champion Marc Marquez locked on his tail. At the end of the first lap, it was Lorenzo, Marquez, Dovizioso, Pol Espargaro, and Rossi as the top-five placed riders. But on the second lap, disaster struck again for Marquez. While closing on Lorenzo, he ran into turn 10 too hot and nearly clipped the rear wheel of Lorenzo's bike. Marquez stood his bike up and ran wide and off-track, crashing hard in the gravel trap.  His day was over before the second lap was completed. 

And he was hardly the last crasher. In fact, he wasn't even the first; Cal Crutchlow went down in the third corner of the first lap after an Aleix Espargaro bump. Yonny Hernandez too dropped out the contest. Then within five laps, three additional riders crashed on the hot, bumpy, slick surface including Pol Espargaro (22 laps remaining) Andrea Dovizioso (19 laps remaining) and Marco Melandri (19 laps remaining).  

At the front, Lorenzo began opening a gap with Rossi now in second but nearly two seconds back. Pedrosa charged through the field to grab third, another two seconds behind Rossi. The top-three positions remained unchanged for the duration of the race with Rossi mounting a late charge on his teammate to close the gap to a single second at the race's end.

It was the first time in Lorenzo's career he has won four races in a row. Marquez has crashed out of three races this year. 


Pos. No. Rider Bikend Time / Diff.
1 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha 42'53.208
2 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 0.885
3 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda 19.455
4 29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati 24.925
5 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha 27.782
6 25 Maverick VIÑALES Suzuki 29.559
7 45 Scott REDDING Honda 36.424
8 6 Stefan BRADL Yamaha Forward 42.103
9 9 Danilo PETRUCCI Ducati 49.35
10 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Aprilia 52.569
11 43 Jack MILLER Honda 53.666
12 50 Eugene LAVERTY Honda 55.765
13 76 Loris BAZ Yamaha Forward 55.832
14 63 Mike DI MEGLIO Ducati +1'09.037
15 15 Alex DE ANGELIS ART +1'25.263
16 8 Hector BARBERA Ducati 1 Lap
Not Classified
  41 Aleix ESPARGARO Suzuki 5 Laps
  69 Nicky HAYDEN Honda 12 Laps
  33 Marco MELANDRI Aprilia 19 Laps
  4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 19 Laps
  44 Pol ESPARGARO Yamaha 21 Laps
  93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda 22 Laps
  35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Honda 22 Laps
  68 Yonny HERNANDEZ Ducati 23 Laps
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I would say the exact opposite, he teaches us race after race to dislike hard working, metronomic effort as opposed to brilliant, impressive moves, scraps or riding styles... of course it's still brilliant and impressive, but well, on tv it's a bit boring... especially when you know he's got it under control.

I guess Rossi needed some help from Marquez, I was surprised how fast that mistake came. Had Marquez scrapped a bit with Lorenzo first, the one and a half second gap would have been filled...

Like Rossi said after the race: it will be interesting!

Is it Lorenzo's fault that Marquez falls down every other weekend, and Rossi struggles to qualify on the front row? Even Dovizioso is failing to score these days, though Mugello wasn't his fault.

Lorenzo is riding perfectly, and his competition is faltering or falling.

No, you can't fault him. He's been absolutely perfect. So mind-numbingly perfect. ;)

Please speak for yourself. I quite enjoy watching domination like that. I enjoyed when Marquez won 10 races last year and I'm enjoying Lorenzo leading for 102 consecutive laps.

I wonder if you say mean that sarcastically.

I was rooting for Rossi all the way but I found myself (literally) shaking my head in disbelief/admiration as I watch Lorenzo apply the heat (and break Marquez).

Don't forget, like at the end of 2013 (fighting for the championship with Marquez), the JL dog fights with the best of them but when he does, have you noticed how clinical and in control he is (unlike Marquez or Simmoncelli (RIP))?

And then towards the end of the race, I found myself (again literally) shaking my head in sheer admiration at how Rossi refuses to be broken... he ran out of time but he stepped up to whatever JL dished out.

Processional race but we live in rich times....

We've seen the same things through the first 7 races enough to shape the season.

Fastest on Sunday: Rossi
Fastest All Weekend: Lorenzo
Over-Riding: Marquez
Most Interesting Bike: Ducati
Elephant in the Room: Bridgestone

Rossi will win if he can harry Lorenzo, because he's usually faster on the race (Jerez the exception). Jorge, though, seems to have something in qualifying. If it gets hotter, Lorenzo is in trouble. If it stays cooler, Rossi is in trouble (unless he can learn to ride the edge like Lorenzo, which is possible if unlikely).

Marquez needs to realize he's not on the fastest bike and calm down - the bike will stop when it wants to, and wishing will not make it so. A good portion of his big errors are not from the bike failing, but basically coming in massively hot and not being able to control himself. Last year, not necessary. This year, critical.

By what calculation is this based?

Who had the faster lap..JL
Who had the faster laps 1-16...JL
Who had a 2 second lead @ lap 16..JL

One could make an argument that from L17 - 25 JL was comfortable with his lead & since no one other than he knows otherwise, one must logically assume that if pressed he could have gone faster but didn't because...


To some (many? most?) here, that no matter what the race results...Rossi is always the best..right?

Said himself he was pushing as hard as he could and taking more risks than ever. If "we" can't say it, then please would you take Jorge's word on the matter?

Thanks buddy.

Taking everything uttered at a post race press conference at face value is as wise as believing that politicians are public servants....that's what they say isn't it?


If JL had said..I was comfortable, well within myself & had .2 in reserve. What would the Yellow Hord's response have been? Arrogant SOB..blah..blah. Jorge understands better than anyone his place in the media circus & says whats expected of him....& how to play the game.

There is only 1 undeniable fact that counts...in the last 4 races JL has beaten
Rossi by 11.5, 3.8, 6.6 & .8 seconds & gone from 29 points down to 1.

That comment was really about the season as a whole and wasn't intended to be a "Rossi is the best" comment; frankly I thought the provocative part was about Marquez...anyway if we look back, Jorge has put together an unbelievable streak recently, putting together the whole weekend flawlessly. He's qualified well all season, and for the past 4 race weekends he's ridden at the maximum.

With the current level of competition in MotoGP, you need to win the weekend, not just show up on Sunday. Lorenzo is clearly the best rider over the past four races and is riding at the highest level right now. He's qualified, started and raced altogether at a level above the others, including Rossi - the only "rider + bike" that can ride at his level - who has to ride significantly faster to get close due to an inability or unwillingness to participate on Saturday. It almost happened today, by Lorenzo's own admission, but not quite...and of course Lorenzo won.

I've watched all the races pretty carefully, and from where I've been sitting Rossi has been the fastest on Sunday for three races (Qatar, Argentina, Le Mans). Lorenzo has been inarguably the fastest on Sunday at two races, Jerez and Mugello. Jerez in particular was an unbelievable ride. Today they were close, but I give the very small edge to Rossi - it was razor-thin. Jorge himself admitted that he had nothing else to give, but it didn't matter because he qualified in a way that allowed an insurmountable lead to be constructed. At COTA, Marquez clearly dominated the weekend.

This is an AMAZING season so far, with the best riding we've seen in quite a while (2008 and 2012 come to mind as other recent seasons with something a little extra), for a lot of reasons, some of which I listed, and all of which I stand by.

At no point he substantially closed the gap on Lorenzo. By lap 13 Rossi finally overtook Dovi for the 2nd place, he was 1.8 second behind Lorenzo, the following laps:

It was close but Lorenzo was undoubtedly faster in France.

Eight riders failed to finish, not seven.

Not all remaining riders scored points. Hector finished 16th.

Jorge showed the fans and motogp lovers some great riding. silk smooth and on the edge of what was possible. congrats for that. but i must admit i was hoping vr to arrive so we could see some fighting. but you cant blame jorge for that if it was vr i would be cheering also. as for mm..........he just cracked like a toothpick and that was allready vissible in the end of 2014 so when vr said keep the pressure on him i knew he was right and so it was. unable to think straight and unable to collect valuable points when he needed.

Its just that someone has to catch him first. Increasingly it's only Rossi that seems able to do that, but he needs to stop losing races on a Saturday. I don't know what can be done though about his inability to put in fast laps straight on the bike, starting third row on the grid leaves the 1st lap to chance.

If someone can stay with JL, be it MM or VR there will be great racing, because he's certainly capable of it (ref Rossi vs Lorenzo Motegi 2010, one of the best motorcycle scraps for a podium ever, two brilliant racers neither giving up).

I can understand prior to the race no news on the 69 machine but to omit any news on what happened during the race doesn't really make sense. You can find time to tell me about Marco and his day...

Don't really understand why we have to hear about number 69... He's not really doing much lately. In fact, he hasn't done much in a very long time. So please calm down if they don't talk about him on a race summary.

Im not a big fan of Jorge, but damn....he makes ridding FAST look sooooo easy! It looks like he's on a Sunday ride. IF......
1) Rossi can qualify better we might have a race.
2) Marquez is pushing so hard that.....have to admire his determination.
3) What happened to the Duc's?

Guys if someone says lorenzo's race wins are boring i have something that is more boring and annoying. Guess what ...?
Its every fan of #46 saying after each race valentino needs to improve his qualifying, if he can qualify better he can beat lorenzo, do better in practice.......i mean whoa its like ok all of us know this thing and rossi too, he said that himself today. hahahah.. Dont need to repeat the same thing again and again. Next is assen we'l see there. And if marquez doesn't stop over riding for wins, either he's gonna injure someone else or himself and maybe this time he might not be lucky and break some bones. I think someone needs to remind him he nearly lost an eye back in 2011, he has got a second chance, might not get third.

Imagine missing the first 3 laps because Polish TV thinks it doesn't matter...
I know, nobody cares, but I'm pissed off!

I really like Lorenzo's riding style (elegant, is how I would describe it) and I enjoy watching him ride but I do agree it makes for boring TV viewing for the majority of viewers.

I think whoever is directing the TV crews needs to change his/her thinking and instead of concentrating on following the lead rider in his procession around the track, they should focus on some of the scraps that are going on further down the rankings. There has been a bit of coverage of some good battles in the last few races, but there could be more.

The competition isn't huge this year. Marquez is struggling, Dani recovering, Vale not qualifying, Duc and Suz developing. With Jorge in hammer mode, do we start counting races?

So, please tell us, when exactly was the competition stiff last time?

Ducatis had been out of the running for 5 years, Suzuki only came back this year. Ducatis have been constantly running towards the pointy end and Suzukis have scored a pole in their 7th race back already. That's more competition, not less.

MM's misery is his personal struggle. Just like Lorenzo was struggling in 2014 and Rossi in 2013. Injuries also, are always around, MM last year, Pedrosa and Lorenzo in 2013.

The Suz is clearly at the level of the Yam, Dani is in full fitness and the Honda is perfect once more...
When i say "not to take anything away from Jorge" I mean it, he's amazing and I'm happy for him. Only saying he's faced tougher competition in his first 2 championships.

Rossi had 22 laps to make up one and half seconds. That says a lot imho. Lorenzo's number one on that team for good reason. Lorenzo played him for those 22 laps and I"m sure he enjoyed it.

Like they said prior to the race the last two days.............."it's a long run down to turn one". Right there you knew the Suzuki's would be eaten alive by turn one. A.Espargaro has talent out the gazoo but it won't make up for the lack of hp. I notice Bradl is on the bike A.Espargaro rode last year and is nowhere near A.Espargaro's performance of last year.

Ducati needs a top tier rider.

I thought the tv coverage showed a lot of back markers racing each other.

Marquez sure does fall down a lot.

Aleix the alien..

I have to say Vinales looks sensational for a rookie.. Definitely going to be a star of the future

Not sure how 2 podiums in 165 plus GP's gains you Alien status. Have to agree about Vinales, he is way more likely to be an Alien of the future than Aleix.

Can't wait for Assen. Going over to see it in person this year.

Yes, when lap times are separated by hundredths of a second, it takes a while. Rossi and Lorenzo were riding as close to perfect as you can, so it would have taken a mistake by Lorenzo to make it happen quicker. You saw that w/ a few laps to go and VR took almost half a second. This is just what happens when you are at the very pointy end of racing talent.

Of the riders on track have had a year or two of learning the limits.
JL had some very close crashes on his way to this dominant style.
CS to needed a couple of years to turn his GP riding style into wins.
Rossi is loved because he was a very quick learn with few crashes.
We all thought MM would be another, he has been so dominate in his
first two years. So now is the wake up, each bike has it own limits.
And while people and the media have told him for years that
he is very special, the rules of Physics do apply....
He will now learn more about his fans and the media.....
I hope he now shows all the character, we though he had before....

If only we could have ten or more aliens who all peak together.
Everyone from the racers, Dorna and the fans would then get our
over expectant desires forefilled.....

Last year you was saying it was boring because Marquez won ten in a row, now because Lorenzo has won four in a row you say it's boring. Don't you think it is exiting to see him and Rossie at their limits, with the gap slowly closing as the laps count down, wondering if that gap can be closed? If Lorezos speed can hold up? Don't you think it was exiting to see the Ducatis and Suzukis doing well? The battles after third place all looked pretty good to me. Didn't you get exited to see Bautista in 10th on the graphics? And Miller in 11th? Wasn't you hoping that Smith could hold that 5th position to shut up all those who have bad mouthed him since he came into motoGP, saying he would never amount to anything? Didn't you think it was brilliant to see rookie Vinales on the new Suzuki get 6th? Didn't you think it was exiting to see Pedrosa making his way through the field, after such radical surgery?
If you think that lot was boring, then please tell me what an exiting sport looks like, because I don't know..
And all that was after a brilliant moto1 and moto2 race.
My only criticism is that I wish there wasn't that silly soft tyre option which skews qualifying and hence the start of the race, with mobile chicanes. Without that rule Rossie would qualify better and we would get the race we want, with all the fast men at the front.
Marquez rode like an idiot last week, and today. Plenty of riders save it in the gravel by going straight ahead to firm ground, but he looked like he was trying to turn it in the gravel, which is why he dropped it.
All the great long lasting champions knows that when you can't win it you ride for points.

No I don't, and neither do you. One day you'll understand. Perhaps you'll understand as well that you don't help the sport by defending races like this one, you hurt it.

Last year was quite a bit more exciting.

Let's compare the same races Lorenzo has led every single lap unchallenged to last year:

Jerez 2014:Amazing first few laps until Marquez got away (overall pretty boring but way better than this year)

Lemans 2014: Watched Marquez come back from 10th or so

Mugello 2014: Epic battle with Lorenzo that came down to the last lap

Catalunya 2014: Amazing battle with Dani that came down to the last lap

It was a lot more exciting than waiting to see if something, anything, happens. Look, I'm in awe of what Lorenzo is doing just as much as anyone. Lets hope somebody else can raise their game because I'm starting to feel foolish for ponying up for the Videopass this year. Qualifying shouldn't be the most exciting part of the whole weekend. Even FP2 has been better than the races.

But maybe I'm just a fan of RACING, not RACERS.

i have to say i disagree with your opinion.
Yes, it might be interesting for people who know motogp inside out, people in this site for example. But for general viewers it looks boring, and when the general viewers losing their interest in motogp, tv coverage and sponsors start saying goodbye to the sport.

Ah and about the tyre, without those concessions, we won't see Ducati back to front and Suzuki and Aprilia won't back to this sport, which could make things even worse i guess. Anyway, the concession will gone next year.


Marquez is a win it or bin it rider. If he is near the front, he will crash trying to win. Pedrosa can bring the bike home in 3rd because he won't try to make a 3rd place bike a 1st place bike by over riding it. Last year Marquez could over ride the bike and the bike could still be saved. This year over riding results in a crash. The bike just doesn't seem as forgiving. I expect more crashes from Marquez this year.
Everyone talks about "if only Rossi can qualify better" but Rossi simply can't qualify consistently next to JLO. This isn't news and has been going on for several years.
At this point it is JLOs championship to lose.