2015 Assen Moto3 Race Result: Holding Off The Rain

A dry start and no flag-to-flag racing in Moto3 means the race would be stopped to let the riders change to wet tyres for safety reasons if it starts to rain. Would the weather hold off?

Miguel Oliveira led into the first turn and held that for three laps as a group of six riders, Oliveira, Enea Bastianini, Jorge Navarro, Danny Kent, Fabio Quartararo and Efren Vazquez, started to clump together, Vazquez crashed out on the third lap and was replaced by a hard charging Romano Fenati and joined by Brad Binder.

Quartararo took the lead briefly, but Oliviera took it back and held on until Fenati made it through the leading crowd to the front to lead over the line as lap seven started. The front seven were over three seconds clear of eighth place and the gap kept increasing.

Danny Kent took his turn at the front but couldn't hold Enea Bastianini off for long. Then, four riders abreast, Miguel Oliveira took the lead back.

On lap 12, Francesco Bagnaia lots the front a little into turn one and forced his teammate Juanfran Guevara into Maria Herrara, causing the pair to crash out as Bagnaia escaped unscathed.

Bastianini led for a lap before Fenati took it back as the front seven swapped places, Brad Binder being the only constant at the back. After a few more lead changes, Jorge Navarro finally took his turn at the lead, the sixth rider to lead over the line, and he held it until the last lap.

Oliveira led at the beginning of the opening lap but it was all change as the top seven riders jostled for position, Quartararo leading before the last section with Kent up to second, but Oliveira knew his position, having taken second from Kent, was the best to go for the win and he passed Quartararo over the line with Kent in third.

Niklas Ajo entered the last chicane but lost control of his bike and was thrown out of the saddle. He held on to the handlebars and wrestled the bike across gravel and grass on his knees and somehow wrangled his KTM over the line with both knees grinding leather on tarmac and wearing a hole on the toe of his left boot.

Danny Kent increases his lead to fifty-seven points, but Oliveira closed up to within six points of second-placed Bastianini. 

Pos. Num. Rider Bike Gap
1 44 Miguel OLIVEIRA KTM 37'54.427
2 20 Fabio QUARTARARO Honda +0.066
3 52 Danny KENT Honda +0.117
4 9 Jorge NAVARRO Honda +0.179
5 5 Romano FENATI KTM +0.252
6 33 Enea BASTIANINI Honda +0.526
7 41 Brad BINDER KTM +0.540
8 98 Karel HANIKA KTM +21.406
9 23 Niccolò ANTONELLI Honda +21.472
10 17 John MCPHEE Honda +21.663
11 21 Francesco BAGNAIA Mahindra +21.693
12 16 Andrea MIGNO KTM +21.723
13 11 Livio LOI Honda +22.024
14 76 Hiroki ONO Honda +22.204
15 65 Philipp OETTL KTM +22.596
16 95 Jules DANILO Honda +22.666
17 31 Niklas AJO KTM +25.494
18 88 Jorge MARTIN Mahindra +27.271
19 40 Darryn BINDER Mahindra +27.386
20 84 Jakub KORNFEIL KTM +33.963
21 19 Alessandro TONUCCI Mahindra +34.768
22 29 Stefano MANZI Mahindra +38.741
23 22 Ana CARRASCO KTM +51.803
24 12 Matteo FERRARI Mahindra +52.214
25 91 Gabriel RODRIGO KTM +53.616
26 2 Remy GARDNER Mahindra +1'38.917
27 25 Jorel BOERBOOM Kalex KTM 1 Lap
28 86 Kevin HANUS Honda 1 Lap
    Not Classified    
  55 Andrea LOCATELLI Honda 1 Lap
  6 Maria HERRERA Husqvarna 10 Laps
  58 Juanfran GUEVARA Mahindra 10 Laps
  32 Isaac VIÑALES Husqvarna 11 Laps
  63 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN KTM 17 Laps
  10 Alexis MASBOU Honda 17 Laps
  7 Efren VAZQUEZ Honda 20 Laps
  24 Tatsuki SUZUKI Mahindra 0 Lap


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