2015 Assen MotoGP Race Result: Assen Delivers

97,150 turned up to watch a 26 lap race on a dry day and they were not disappointed as Assen gave the fans the kind of race they've come to expect.

Jorge Lorenzo's eighth place start would ensure his unbroken run of laps led would end when Valentino Rossi led Aleix Espargaro, Marc Marquez and Pol Espargaro through turn one. Marquez, finally on a Honda he felt he could race, wasted no time despatching Aleix Espargaro and glued himself to the back of Rossi's Yamaha. Lorenzo passed both Espargaroes and finished the first lap right behind Rossi and Marquez. Andrea Iannone clawed his way to fifth and passed his second Espargaro to take fourth at the end of the third lap.

On lap four, Rossi set the lap record and one lap later, Marquez beat it to close whatever small gap there was and the front two started to gently eke a gap from Lorenzo in third while Lorenzo kept increasing his gap from Iannone to two and a half seconds.

As Rossi and Marquez broke away at the front, Lorenzo started getting lonely, with a large gap in front and behind, able to just lap comfortably at his pace. Iannone behind him took a while to clear the fifth place battle behind him. As Iannone's gap increased, Andrea Dovizioso and Cal Crutchlow continued their career long battle at the lead of the pack.

Rossi and Marquez at the halfway mark were over four seconds clear of Lorenzo and Lorenzo had over five seconds from Iannone. This stretched out over the next few laps but Rossi couldn't shake Marquez, even making a slight error with a tearoff that let Marquez close right up, but he couldn't close.

With seven laps to go, it was a bit different, Exiting the chicane, charging towards his pltboard that read "L7 BRK", Rossi hit a patch of grass, losing a slight amount of traction. It was all Marquez needed to have the drive to take the lead into turn one, and Marquez would finally have the opportunity to make a break at the front. Rossi, however, had other ideas and sat behind him, not letting him get away. The pair seemed to never be further apart than a few tenths for most of the race and the switch of the lead did nothing to change this. Four laps from the end, Rossi made a rehearsal of a pass at the chicane but passed much earlier on the subsequent lap. By the chicane just before the penultimate lap, Marquez was able to delete whatever advantage Rossi had made and the pair were once again in lockstep.

With two laps to go, Valentino Rossi increased the pace and made a run for it. Marc Marquez followed. The gap built to four tenths, five tenths, back to four tenths and the last lap started after Rossi set his personal best lap of the race trying to unsuccessfully break Marquez.

The race would, as they so often do at Assen, come down to the last chicane, in front of a baying crowd. On the right hand entrance, Rossi went wide and Marquez drove to the apex, touching Rossi's knee and elbow with his bike and Rossi took to the gravel. Marquez recovered and charged for the exit only to see Rossi looking back at him, having wound on the throttle in the gravel and taken a huge advantage from their contact. Valentino Rossi won his first race from pole position since 2009 and increased his title lead.

Thirteen seconds back, Jorge Lorenzo took third place, five seconds clear of Andrea Iannone while Pol Espagaro beat Cal Crutchlow, Bradley Smith and Dani Pedrosa in a very crowded race for fifth place.

Did Rossi play the youngster like a fiddle to guarantee the win? Only Valentino knows, but he did seem survive the impact a little cleanly. Let's call it racecraft and look forward to the next race.


Pos. Num. Rider Bike Gap
1 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 40'54.037
2 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda +1.242
3 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha +14.576
4 29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati +19.109
5 44 Pol ESPARGARO Yamaha +24.268
6 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Honda +24.373
7 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha +24.442
8 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda +24.656
9 41 Aleix ESPARGARO Suzuki +26.725
10 25 Maverick VIÑALES Suzuki +27.238
11 9 Danilo PETRUCCI Ducati +29.038
12 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati +29.418
13 45 Scott REDDING Honda +46.663
14 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ Ducati +49.305
15 76 Loris BAZ Yamaha Forward +52.396
16 69 Nicky HAYDEN Honda +56.005
17 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Aprilia +59.857
18 63 Mike DI MEGLIO Ducati +1'14.513
19 33 Marco MELANDRI Aprilia 1 Lap
    Not Classified    
  15 Alex DE ANGELIS ART 3 Laps
  50 Eugene LAVERTY Honda 11 Laps
  6 Stefan BRADL Yamaha Forward 21 Laps
    Not Finished 1st Lap    
  8 Hector BARBERA Ducati 0 Lap
  43 Jack MILLER Honda 0 Lap


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Yes, the horse was dead. Did you see all three riders faces when the journo after David sparked up the subject again?

You could tell they were sick of it.

My Internet-fu is weak. Can anyone post a link to the press conference/interviews? (I'm a MotoGP subscriber, if that matters.)

Just one question - If MM had cut the corner and taken first place ????? I believe he would have been asked to give back the place.

Racecraft ? Maybe ........ or "I am not gonna risk a DNF"
At least MM is now back in the game and still smiling.

Do you mean if Marc just cut across the chicane and overtook Rossi? Of course he would have had to give the place back? That is a very different scenario isn't it?

Credit where it's due as Rossi rode like a champion throughout the race. It was great watching Marquez test Rossi's skills for the first half of the race, and then for the other, Rossi toying with Marquez's patience. Couldn't have asked for a better spectacle than that as a fan of the sport.

I am still confused about that last corner duel though. I believe Marquez made a fair move, he took the inside line, Rossi tried to snatch it back from him, made contact and then we all know what happened. To me it was a 'racing incident'. So, no penalties and nothing for either of the riders. Everything is right in the world, right?

However, here's a catch- as per the rules, if I am not mistaken, the rider who cuts a corner needs to give his position back if in case he 'gains' any by doing that. So, the question is, if the race direction takes this as a 'racing incident', Rossi should be asked to give his position back to Marquez. Or, if they think it was Marquez's fault that he ran 'too hot', he should be penalized as well. There shouldn't be any middle-way round here as that would put a huge question mark over Dorna/race direction's credibility. Isn't it?

MM came into the side of VR, but he was never even or ahead of VR. MM did bump into VR, and he was not on a path to make the corner. Rossi was on the path to make the corner until he was bumped, and then he had to stand the bike up or both bikes crash. VR had no choice, IMO. But the replays are pretty clear IMO that MM never gained the spot.

On the issue of ceding a position after cutting the corner: So far as I can tell, at no point through that curve was Marquez ahead of Rossi. Thus, no position to give back.

As to Marquez and his line....it appears to me that Rossi was the only one on a proper line coming into the corner. Take 46 out of the picture and look at 93's corner entry. He would have had to square the turn dramatically.

In any case, the onus is on the guy in back NOT to hit the guy in front.

...as any racing rules will tell.
Just like the rules will say that "the rider in front has the right to the line".

Your post/analysis is succint, to the point, and correct (IMHO), Chuck75.
There is nothing else to see or comment there, as far as I can understand from the TV/spectator and onboard cameras.

Rossi was ahead,and chose a good line.Marquez was too ambitious with his manoeuvre, forcing Rossi and himself off track in different directions. Rossi recovered to win,and Marquez didn't. David's interpretation is wrong,his love for Marquez is clouding his judgement.Even using Rossi as a berm,Marquez failed to control his entry. Again.Reckless behaviour that shouldn't be dismissed.

"David's interpretation"? You mean on the main article? It was written by Jared Earle, who's been a great addition to this website. I think the "Submitted by" under the tittle should be redesign to be more visible. That way the right person will get the applause or the slap.

My mistake,sorry David.The sentiment remains though.Marquez is an amazing talent at times,but that doesn't mean he is not also too dangerous too often.Bautista ,Pedrosa,Lorenzo,Rossi twice.All riders make mistakes,but he does it too often,and doesn't seem to realise or care.He was even cutting people up in the FP sessions.He is far too fond of placing others in danger and maybe penalties would force him(or Honda) to curb his recklessness.

I've watched that last corner incident a couple of times, but to me it's clear that MM front wheel never was in front of VR's wheel so VR had every right to keep his race line. Also MM would not have been able to hold his line, it was kind of an overshoot. I like racers like MM that don´t easily settle for second, but that also means that he is sometimes prepared to make such a desperate move that only can stick if the other rider backs off or worse, falls off.

It seems dubious to make any pronouncements regarding Marquez's line through the turn. His bike was obviously affected by the contact, and that makes it impossible to determine with any certainty whether or not he'd have made that curve without serious correction. (My comment isn't driven by Marquez or Rossi uber-fan status, FYI.)

I wish we had the aerial view, in order to see: (a) what MM93's predicted line might have been, based on entry line, speed and whatnot; and (b) how tight VR46's line through the turn was. Did Rossi bring his bike in toward the apex but leave a sliver of room for Marquez to safely coexist (although not so much that MM93 could hold the spot and make the pass), or did VR46 bring his tangent all the way to the kerbing and chop MM93's nose? Given that the onus is indeed on the passing rider to do so safely and also that Marquez never had his front wheel as much as even with Rossi's, it doesn't matter to the "racing incident" outcome. Just curious, as it would provide some insight into both racers' mentalities.

You make a fair point. But this incident was in many ways identical to the Marquez pass in the corkscrew (Marquez was also wide today, on the astroturf, as Rossi was when passed by Marc in LS). But cutting the corner doesn't always mean you have to concede position. Especially when you never gained one anyway (Rossi was never behind Marquez), and/or when you are "forced" wide. And this, for me, is one of the finest points here. How much was Rossi "forced" wide? That, we can only speculate about and therefore this touch and the subsequent chaos goes naturally in the hugely popular bin of "Racing Incidents", a grey zone really. And for a good reason in my opinion, because otherwise you start making very speculative judgements about people's intentions and that can lead to a very slippery slope. By the way, for a reminder of what kind of crazy stuff can happen at the Assen chicane have a look again at the 2006 last lap incident there.

Amazingly, or perhaps not so much by now, Rossi seems to profit from these kind of situations much more often than not (the Laguna Seca vs. Marquez episode was one that he didn't, but he was much slower anyway). But did Rossi do anything different today than Gibernau at Jerez 2005 last corner? Tried to protect his position from the outside of the last corner / last lap "causing" contact. But of course Rossi did it on the first corner of a chicane which meant that running wide is obviously running in the right overall direction and so he gained around a second on Marc. That's probably an extra reason why Marc is naturally pissed off. But did Rossi gain on his laptime due to this? Actually not. His last lap was 1' 34.3, about seven tenths slower than his fastest, which was his previous. Marc lost a lot more time, despite his amazing last lap effort he ended up doing a 1' 35.1 due to the last chicane.

It sounds like you believe at least one of them should be penalised because something was not normal. But I feel that sometimes the best thing to do, as a governing body, is nothing. And this would certainly be one of those cases.

You sound like a veteran MotoGP follower. I think it should come as no surprise to you that the laptimes get worse when people are engaged in fights and messing up each others' lines. Same can be said for defensive riding (which Rossi was doing).

The commentators mention this frequently as well with phrases like, "and while these 2 are busy in a back-and-forth fight, it has allowed XYZ rider to catch up to them".

When you talk about gaining advantage by cutting corners, it's not purely about laptimes. It's also about relative advantage to the rider you're competing against (position and time).

Nice battle but Rossi cutting the chicane seemed totally premeditated. He knew that trying to defend the position would have Marquez mugging him the victory through the gravel. Assen needs to rethink that last corner.

Premeditated? Who knows. But the rope-a-dope strategy requires a "dope," and Marc was willing to play the role.

That said, I have trouble believing that Rossi really wanted to ride through that gravel trap. Or that he wanted to risk a two-bike crash to save five points, with the other rider seventy points down in the championship.

Pretty sure Rossi's cut WAS premeditated, but his 'evil plan' required Marc Mayhem to provide 'just cause' by making non-trivial contact. Fair play to 46, MM played his role exactly as anticipated.

(I only wish Sete had a similar option all those years ago at Jerez. He'd have taken a much deserved win.)

Agreed. It was pure racecraft by Rossi. There was no way Marquez was getting through there. He either conceded or touched/slammed Rossi.

I'm saying Rossi didn't want Marquez on the outside line. And that lame Assen chicane rewards failed kamikaze overtakes (which this one was not by either rider). Motocross training pays off at Assen.

MM was on a good overtaking block pass line and although a couple of feet short was fair for him to have a go. VR was on a good racing line and would have made the corner. VR would have had to stick to the side of MM to avoid the gravel but would still have been on turf. At what point does VR trust that MM will stop? VR took the best option for him and the advantage only looked so big due to MM struggling, and failing, to stay within limits. If MM was two feet further forward he may have an argument.

Leave things as they stand. A racing incident with no need for penalties.

Let's start with Marquez' move. No 2 ways about it, it was a super hard move. Just like it on Lorenzo on Jerez 2013. That's what an overly aggressive block-pass looks like. Rossi himself has pulled off a fair few of them himself. In my personal opinion, passes like these should not be allowed. MotoGP is not a contact sport. BUT going by the historical context, MotoGP officials allow these kind of moves in the name of great spectacle, which is fair enough as long as they are consistent (which they are). Based on that context, Marquez is in the clear as far as I'm concerned.

As far as I see it, Rossi gained an advantage, without a shadow of a doubt. They were next to each other at the last corner and Rossi was 1.2 second ahead at the line. Rossi went out of the bounds of the race track, Marquez didn't. Go figure!

And the race direction's verdict is really ridiculous : "He was first going into the corner and he was first coming out of it, so no advantage was gained". Does that mean that a rider with a comfortable lead up front can just start making his own route around the circuit because there's no change of positions?

But then again, you can't expect race direction to penalize Rossi in a debatable incident. Because it's Rossi.

You miss the critical point: Rossi went off the track because Marquez collided with him during a turn at maximum (or close to maximum) lean. That's 100% on Marquez. Spare me the Rossi/Race Direction conspiracy theories...

I just now see this quote from Marquez on the MotoGP site: "In the end I feel we won the race." I'm sure that's mostly the sting of defeat talking, but my respect for Marc just dropped a couple of notches...

MM was never ahead, he slid both wheels into 46, punted him into the gravel.

I get that you have to try something to win, but there's no way 46 does that on purpose.

great race... setting your fastest lap when you pass with 2 to go is amazing.

Even after almost running into Rossi, Marquez still didn't made the corner cleanly and went off the track a little bit, that tells me he was on the wrong line, trying to straighten up the curve too much (pretty much like Simoncceli and Pedrosa at Le Mans) while Rossi was doing the wide arc that would have given him the good line for the second part of the chicane, he was bumped tough, Marquez may have tought about Jerez 2013 Lorenzo incident, where in the last corner he pushed JLo wide but this wasn't any Jlo, Rossi fared a lot better though the contact. He gained no advantage because he was at the front.

Pffft. Rossi is no more heroic than Jorge...or Sete. Jerez's hairpin simply doesn't offer the option of going straight after being hit by a runaway torpedo.

For me it looks dead similar to what Marquez did to Lorenzo in 2013, or maybe Rossi did to Gibernau in the old days. It's natural that if you bump a rider from the inside, they go wide. Rossi was just lucky the gravel put him straight to finish line.

As Luiggi noted, Marquez also cut the corner.

I find it difficult to believe any racer in the top class would intentionally try to force a dangerous move like this. Did you see how high Rossi's bike jumped the kerb? Would anyone intentionally want to try riding a MotoGP racer through the gravel?

Marc rides hard, sometimes too hard. I appreciate his desire to win at all costs, but after his last few offs and this recent whinging about thinking he won, he dropped a bit in my humble estimation, too. Shame about that.

I sure hope the kid drops down the 'cocky' volume a bit on himself once the adrenaline of the race wears out in the next days, and rethink that strategy/thought. He's better than that (I think), just as I believe people close to him will probably tell him.

The last two guys I saw reacting the same way ended placing themselves in a strange spotlight from that point (Biaggi and Gibernau). Granted that Rossi is a lot older and mellow than the one we saw during those days but... well, it seems he's still the same guy.

I woke up the whole house like a maniac.
And while the wife is at a party with the kids today i am sneaking away to get a 46 tattoo surrounded by 9 stars with space for the 10th. I owe it to him after all the inspiration, joy and frustration through the years.
True sportsman.

Im a big MM fan, and quite frankly, Im surprised he's bitching about this result. He forced the issue, a hard racing move, but fair, and the contact pushed Rossi off the track. MM was never in front of Rossi, so......what's the issue? Hell'eva race, but.....I was surprised that 46/93 left everyone behind.

I feel we are now starting to see the real Marc Marquez. This year he has not only had to deal with an uncooperative RCV, but he has also had to deal with being badly beat up on track by people he easily left behind in the last couple of years. Marc is all smiles and lightness when he wins. But when he gets beaten up badly, as Rossi did to him at Argentina, and again here at Assen, the toys go out the cot pretty quickly.

Marquez saying he feels he won the race is ludicrous. It shows a level of unreality; of immaturity in his thinking. Not winning is driving him crazy. Honda is stoking the fires via Suppo "They touch each other, but sure Valentino took advantage and cut the corner." Oh Livio.... Yeah sure, Valentino cut across the corner, after Marquez did a patented MM93 'bin it or win it' move up the inside, the same kind of all-or-nothing block pass he is notorious for, the kind of move that gives opponents no alternative but to try to recover the best kind of option they can. Here at Assen, with probably the most sublime final corner on the racing calendar - Rossi took his best and only option - and the right man won.

A fantastic duel, and an incredible, shout-at-the-tv ending. Brilliant stuff. Thank you Assen, and thank you Valentino.

The obviously factually incorrect statements (imo) from Marquez and his team do seem to indicate that the old bloke has delivered a rude awakening. Somewhat understandable really as Marquez's results over the last two years have been exceptional. Despite his statements of respect for Rossi the fact is he beat Rossi (and everyone else) convincingly in his first two motogp seasons. It must be a shock to have yesterday's man getting the better of you when you have been so dominant from the outset.

I was interested to see Marquez looking much more controlled behind Rossi for 99.9% of the race. That seems generally to be attributed to finding a satisfactory setup for the Honda again. I wonder though if Honda has perhaps read Marquez the riot act re win or bin. I don't know what Honda's motogp budget is but they certainly don't spend millions to see their star put their bike and the championship in the bin due to ego. I'd like to hear what the garage gossip is.

Being a fan of Lorenzo's I wanted to see Marquez win and takes points from Rossi. As it turned out however I'm very ok, because Marquez (of whom I am no fan) has finally emerged as a petulant child. He was never in front, and he also ran off the track (onto the grass). He caused the incident. What exactly is he whining about? More schadenfreude.

But his whining today was really a poor show and I frankly lost a bit of awe for him.
He's 22 not 5 .... "I think we won" is a pathetic as it sounds.

The whole thing overshadowed Iannone brilliant performance!

Again the best overtake was overshadowed.

Rossi diving back to the lead a couple of laps from the end "He always goes wide on the first try holy crap he's going round the outside!

That MM is saying he won the race... the line was clearly Rossi's and that should be that.

I have mad respect for MM's ability.... I *HAD* mad respect for him as a person--- until this.

Classless comments MM...

you Lost fair and square, further it's a motorcycle not a battle ram.

I'm not really sure what Marc was thinking the outcome would be with that move. In all the old incidents being mentioned (Rossi/Gibernau and Jorge/Marc ) the final corner is just a normal "corner" not a super tight chicane. If this had happened somewhere els Marc may have gotten his wish by bumping Rossi out wide and taking the victory. But, not this time. When Marc put his bike in that space I only saw two real outcomes.

1) Exactly what happened. Rossi gets bumped and sits up to avoid an accident and is forced to cut the corner as a result of the incident.

2) Rossi gets bumped and looses it on the gravel.

I can respect a rider (especially at this level wanting to win at nearly any cost) but in my humble opinion Marc totally did this to him self. Just like Argentina he got hot headed and tried to make a move in that (make it or crash) kind of way with a rider that has no history or intention of letting him get away with it.

I think we are seeing the happy mask slip off Marc a little. Marc is used to crushing his competition and this season hasn't gone right from the start. I can't imagine it's something he's used to and i sincerely hope that other more level heads in the Honda garage can push him in the right direction.

Marc would surely say if he was on the top step "this is racing". Marc this is racing but, no you can't always get what you want, no you can't put your bike anywhere (every time) and expect everyone to just jump out of the way and "I think we won" Is not the kind of statement I want to hear from a rider who shot him self in the foot in front of the whole world.

I think a look at the data would quickly show that MM had no chance of braking for the chicane without hitting Rossi and then running across the gravel instead of Rossi, he was sliding sideways as he hit him. It was pretty similar to when he nearly hit AE in QP. The pic on Motogp FB page has been changed clearly showing MM's front wheel running into Rossi's knee. Anyway, what a race! Forza Vale!
And by the way, if JL cannot get a way and get a 2 second gap on VR in the first lap, then he isn't going to win many more races this season.

But let me tell you lorenzo's performance are dependent heavily on tyres, here bridgestone brought 2014 spec tyres and not the better edge grip 2015 ones so ultimately rossi had the upper hand. And if you look that it took him only a lap to get to third you will know that if he had a competitive race pace he would have overtaken rossi also. When rossi qualifies bad he takes 3 or 4 laps to get behind lorenzo but today when in rossi's situation he showed he can overtake everyone faster than rossi but the truth is that he didn't had the race pace and that i agree.

The main point that lorenzo cannot win from behind has been proved half wrong here. And we all know that lorenzo will not start eighth always.

... his lesson from the professor/doctor. He had fantastic two seasons in MotoGP but while watching todays race it seams to me like he jumped some of the basic classes at school. I mean sure he will learn from this and come back next time even stronger and that is what we need. A great races from great riders. And Lorenzo will be back. After all he did won 4 in a row so dominant and he is in a title chase. What ever happens next Marc and Rossi won't be that great friend's any more. You can't mess with title. Last corner was a fantastic try by the youngster but it didn't end in his way this time. It was a great thing that he even managed to get close to Rossi in that last corner. Great race and a fantastic season.

This was the 3rd time this year he's hit Rossi while following (twice in Argentina), he took out Bautista at Qatar and came within a foot of taking out Lorenzo a couple of races back. There's hard racing and then there's demolition derby and frankly you could re-rubber a tire with the scrapings on fairings and leathers he's left behind this year.

He's run into the interesting fact that he's no faster than Roasi or Lorenzo in the race, for the most part, and doesn't seem able to process the fact.

And at the press conference it seemed to me that he was threatening Rossi which is both a bad idea and potentially a very dangerous one for both riders.

Assen ALWAYS deliver.

Marquez tried to bully his way into the corner as he often does but it backfired. Any other rider on the grid would have gotten out of the way but not THAT one. He should've learned that the first time it happened.

The sad thing is, that incident is going to be the last and probably only thing people remember from an otherwise fan-tas-tic race!!!! battles everywhere on the track with the most exciting happening at the front? Yes please.

May Rossi stay fit for a long time, this sport needs him.

Any fool and his dog knew Rossi would win this one if he got a half decent start. Credit to Marquez though, as ever, the bloke threw the kitchen sink at it on the last lap.
Ducati? Funny old bone that. They work better on foreign soil than they do in Europe.
My take on George is that he has Assen from a few seasons back in his head and is thankfull its all over, I don't think he likes the place. 3rd was great for him.

Nice to have some action at the front this time around! Rossi was brilliant! And certainly deserved that win. Marc is DANGEROUS, he has been involved in so many incidents this season already including Qatar, Argentina, Le Mans, Catalunya and now here at Assen. Again its time somebody of serious influence had a very good talk to him. Whilst Rossi has in the past been guilty of some 'hard' moves, they were years apart, not in successive rounds!

What disturbs me is mentally Marc thinks he should have won the race??!!! clearly he was not making that pass-EVER-he was not making the corner on that trajectory and Rossi actually prevented him from hitting the gravel trap!

Marc is clearly not the rider we all thought he was during the last two rosey seasons when he was winning. Now the pressure has been seriously applied he is showing his true colours. It appears Rossi has rattled him here.

Jorge's utter disappointment with 3rd is telling, on the flip side Rossi's reactions this seasons to good point scoring rounds whilst not winning couldn't be more opposed-this could be the 'Laguna' moment of 2015. As discussed many times, the Hard tyres coming back into play have put Jorge right back where he was at the start of the season-way off the pace. Only now the positioned has been highlighted more due to his dominant wins of late with the softer option.

He is the rider we thought he was in the last four years. He isn't yet the racer some thought and while I'm a Marquez flag waver, overshadowed by being a career long Rossi fan, I don't think he ever will be.

It's his third year, I expect him to present different degrees of what he is now for the rest of his career. Much the way Lorenzo has since his incredible 2010. Marquez just did it straight away for two years.

was an awesome race, and agree lets call it a racecraft. The best moment I saw, if it was not a hilarious one, don't get me wrong, I love MM, was seeing Marc gesturing "what the..." from quite far back, by raising his left hand seeing Vale reaching the checkered flag. I thought N Ajo was stealing the show with his bended knees finish, Vale was even better with the unwanted your fault my gain shortcut :D otherwise he would still win anyway LOL, I'd watch this race again, over and over.

Thou shalt not say anything if Rossi wins the race by cutting a corner.
To me Marc had enough of the real estate on the inside to claim the line, but on the last corner it's also fair enough for Rossi to not cede the position like he might have if it was the first lap rather than the last.

Except Rossi didn't cut the corner, he was bumped.

Marquez was never even, never in front. Rossi maintained the lead throughout the corner. Marquez's move was a desperate one and it didn't work. Act like an adult and don't be a child. Your comment is as childish as his. You got beat fair and square so don't cry about it. Don't say you really won. Just say you had to try to win and it didn't work out.

I posted a comment which said that Marquez took a risk which was not
appropriate to the situation and I indicated that as long as Honda employs
Marquez when Marquez rides like he rode today, I won't spend my money on Honda products.

And you don't allow my post to appear ?

So much for the credibility of this site.

I've seen your other comment and good you got deleted. Rude and offensive comments should be deleted, this site should be for adults and you don't have to visit it if you don't like it.

It wasn't the comment on your purchasing intentions which got it removed.

The other comments you posted have got you banned.

It is a very small group of people who I have had to ban. I am proud of the people who comment on this site, that I need to censor so few posts.

shows mm couldnt really controle the bike as he was sliding into VR and after the bounce his bike was moving in ways ive never seen a bike move, also it was so hard that even when he touched (RAM) vr he couldnt make the corner and mm ended on the otherside of the corner wich for me means he was never ever gonna make it and like he has done to other riders he uses them to make the corner and bully his way through.
Also i ask why does mm want to deliberately hurt or bring others in danger?! if you deliberately hurt people that sound (almost) sociopathic behavour.
I like hard racing as in close racing but this has absolutely nothing to do with racing anymore.

Classic Rossi. I love it, I'd forgotten what it was like to watch a race on the edge of my seat flag to flag.

Grazie Rossi, y muchisimas gracias Marquez.

From Motogp home page photo, you can see the fact

Rossi - Upper body leaning forward hanging out of the bike, right hand on the gas not the brake, obviously making a turn.

Marc - Upper body straight up keep on the centre of the bike with both arms "L" shape for buffering, right hand still on the brake, obviously ready for IMPACT!!

Great three races, and a great day at the ol' Cathedral. Fantastic battle between Rossi and Marquez, both men at a knife's edge. Too bad the Dutch circuit announcer sounded - as usual - as if he is also the Dutch VR45 Fanclub chairman. When Marquez was behind Rossi, he had to 'put everything on the table'. When Rossi was behind Marquez, he was 'pushing Marquez and looking for a place to pass'. Rossi a faster lap? He is the fastest man on earth. Marquez a faster lap? Must be his tire choice. Pretty tiresome really (no pun intended). A little less bias on commenting would be more than welcome.
Well deserved win by Rossi, but both riders deserve a lot of credit.

As David said last race (I paraphrase), It ain't easy being a commentator. These guys are human, and when human beings have to pour thousands of words out of their mouths unrehearsed, live, there's not a lot of time for careful editing.

I do think Nick Harris probably leans a bit pro-Rossi. But in this case I think you also have to consider the #93 Honda's performance in the past few races. Given all the crashes and control issues, is it really so "biased" to imply that it might be tougher for MM to match VR's pace than vice-versa?

I have pointed out numerous times to numerous people, that Marquez came straight into MotoGP inheriting the best bike, on the best team, arguably the best crew (certainly one of the best) from the fastest rider in recent years (Stoner). Without the best bike and that crew, MM would not have won 2 championships in a row. I'm not discounting his talent, he is a mighty fast rider. But it seems to me he's never had to do it tough in any way, and now that Honda's arrogance have taken away the "best bike" factor, he's struggling to come to grips with the fact that there are still some riders in the championship who will bitch slap him given the right bike, setup and opportunity. He deserved to be bitch slapped too. Though I find nothing wrong with his attempt to pass Rossi in that chicane. NOT attempting to pass Rossi in that situation is why riders like Pedrosa have never won a MotoGP championship, and never will.

It was a racing incident, everyone should just get over it

MM should have points taken off his license
Not for the one incident but because there is a pattern of last ditch effort, chuck your bike into another rider, starting to form
The only reason he said he thought he won was because his team told him to say it, which is a better tactic than admitting you screwed up yet again

I think Mike Webb and the race direction got it right when they decided that it was a racing incident. I do not believe that Rossi's move was premeditated (it still beats me as to how he could have lured Marc Marquez into ramming him of the line and on to the gravel trap, and I hope you will agree with me that as a strategy that would be lousy if Marc Marquez had hit him harder and Rossi went down in the gravel trap). I somehow cannot fathom how a strategy involving two people could have been premeditated by one person. Anyway, to be honest when I saw what had happened I too thought that was Rossi gaining an unfair advantage. But if you see how much Marc Marquez was out of shape after contact it does point to the fact that Rossi has been incredibly lucky that his being punted expedited his crossing the line faster than he would otherwise have. It was a racing incident with no premeditated moves and I think those who say Marquez is whining are being a bit unfair to him since he would complain mainly due to the disappointment of not winning the race. Marquez is having to learn a lot of things anew since his invincibility of the first two years does seem to have deserted him this year. But he is still a great rider, no doubt about that and I see him making a great comeback this season itself.

Seriously, what was Marqez thinking? Forgive me for my lousy maths but going into this round Marquez was 5th in the standings with exactly half Rossi's total points, no way in hell is he going to win the championship. But one bonehead move and he could very well wipe out the championship leader, gifting Lorenzo a 19 point lead instead of trailing by 10. Just dumb......egotistical and dumb. I have no problem with hard racing but Rule 101 of Racing is that the onus s is on the passer to pass safely, not for the guy in front to let you through. Fair enough if you see an opporttunity but to have such a crude lunge when you have so little to gain and others so much to lose shows no respect to the overall situation. (I would say the same if Lorenzo had been leading) I was in awe of Marquez to claw back that gap on the last lap, but I'm aghast at his complete lack of respect for the championship.

What was he thinking? Me first, I imagine - but apparently Rossi wasn't following Marquez' script.
You raise a point about the championship which has been forgotten in the Gunfight at the Last Chicane controversy. It's one thing to make hard pass - it's another to cause the leader to crash when you're out of contention in the standings. This could easily have resulted Rossi taking a big tumble in the gravel, turning the championship upside down.
Many admire MM's 'win it or bin it' philosophy, but Assen looked more like petulance and red mist to me. Maybe he calculated Rossi's need for points would make him back down, but Saturday's fracas demonstrated Rossi is still the toughest, smartest, coolest old goat in MotoGP.

"It's one thing to make hard pass - it's another to cause the leader to crash when you're out of contention in the standings."

Context is important, though. There's a huge difference, depending on whether that out-of-championship-contention rider is a backmarker or a World Champion. Or whether the package is vying for victory all race v. a lapped rider goofing off.

I'd expect a rider who's *intensely* competitive (and I mean that in a good way, Marquez!), on competitive machinery, and battling for the WIN to want to beat the rider directly in front of him, regardless of points totals. That doesn't grant a license to pull ridiculously stupid moves, for sure, but neither it does it mean he should just parade around behind a title challenger and "know his place".

MM had already said "I've got nothing to lose" last time when he nearly took out Lorenzo.

I cannot imagine a 2 times WC says something like that. It just shows he has his ego problem.

MM thinks: "I am now so far behind the championship leaders, has no chance winning the championship, thus I will just take whatever dangerous move to win this race."

Oh yeah... Next time another MM, Marco Melandri thinks something similar:

"I am now almost get lapped by the race leaders, has no chance winning the race, thus I will just take whatever dangerous move to win this corner."

How do you like it?

Two things he did;
* Knew his history
* Knew his opponent

The bike on the outside fairs best at Assen when riders come togather in the final chicane which explained his line, he also knew MM93 would attack so give him room on the inside. MM took the bait Rossi one the race.


Honda's protestation made me laugh though, by their argument yesterday NH69 should not have won the race in 2006. Goes round come round, they need to suck this one up the race was lost by Honda to a master tactician.

Crashed in the WUP and caused damage to his thumb and middle finger.

but I was looking for his press release or something like that, I read somewhere his setup was messed-up after the WUP

More on that tomorrow, and I will post the press release later on. Basically, the morning crash caused several bike problems, not least a problem with the brakes. There appears to have been air in them, making braking unpredictable. A scary thought indeed on a MotoGP bike.

I think it was an amazing race and a fitting final corner clash. Obviously it was very aggressive riding by both of them, thank goodness, Rossi dint crash.
Few points that I observed over the weekend.

1. Rossi was very competetive but JLo wasnt! Possible reasons
a. Bridgestone brought the last year tires, with less edge grip compared to this year tires.
b. The new chassis giving better advantage to VR than JLo due to different riding styles?

2. Honda very competitive. Possible reasons
a. the 2014 Bridgestone tyres.
b. Old chassis for Marquez.

3. The legality of cutting the chicane.
a.This was not the first time such incident happened, its almost exactly the same like 2006. Hayden was given despite cutting corner and no apparent touch from Edwards.
b. In 2002, Checa beat Harada for third place. similar incident and no action taken by the racing direction.
I see that it would be harsh to take action against either of the riders. However, they could have issued a warning to MM to be more cautious for the safety of other riders if not for himself. I dont like to quote the example for MS58 (RIP) but we would not want such a thing to happen again, do we? I think it is high time someone put some sense (humility) into MM. The phrase 'live to fight another day' would be apt for him for the time being.

Speaking about VR, I fall short of words to describe what a great racer and master tactician he is. He might have guessed MM would try to make the move, and he chose the outside line to be safe, Its always the rider inside who crashed in the both the previous occasions I mentioned above. I dont mean that he planned the move or anything. He had the perfect line to make corner, in fact he was, IMO, slower at that point than in previous lap, he would have made it perfectly. (the time he lost was only in the final sector all the remaining sectors were almost as good as the previous lap).

Now moving forward, Germany appears to be a perfect Honda track. But with the new Bridgestone tires and new chassis for Yamaha, I think its going to be a competitive weekend. The regular tires will bring JLo back and hope VR remains at the same competitive level he is now. I wish its Yamaha 1-2 again with VR winning :)

the race this year was brilliant,VR46 leading,very fast and stable,MM93 looking
steady following,much steadier than for most of this year,
as the finish drew closer,a slight error from VR46 and MM93 was through,but NOT
able to run away!!,as he went faster the Honda became unstable,these two riders
were at lap record pace,well ahead of equally good "aliens",VR46 passed again and
started to pull away,on the final lap MM93 managed to close the gap,leaving only
the final chicane as the only place to try an overtake!!

we know the result,both stayed on,good to see VR46 win,and MM93 get his bike
to the end ,and on the podium,

do we need a clash of handbags?
who remember the WSBK race between Foggy and Chilli??

but WOW,what a race !!!

The difference with Fogarty/Chili was that there was no contact at the time of the crash. Plus, I don't think Marquez would turn up in a dressing gown.