2015 Aragon Moto3 Race Results: All About That Straight Straight

Any track with a long straight and a sweeping corner to the line is going to make for close Moto3 racing.

A front group of eight riders formed with Miguel Oliveira, Enea Bastianini and Jorge Martin at the front and Danny Kent taking his customary tactical position at the back. Within a few laps, they were joined by Romano Fenati who carved through the pack taking a brief lead by lap seven.

Nine laps in, Danny Kent eked his way to the front, but Miguel Oliveira just kept regaining the front place. Phillip Oettl joined the front group, making it ten riders in the group and, with two laps to go, Brad Binder took the lead ahead of Bastianini and Oliveira and charged into turn sixteen, the first half of the last corner, by taking the left hand side on his own, trying to avoid getting towed, but it nearly caused a clash of teammates as he swept back to the right side to enter the corner, Oliveira narrowly avoiding getting side swiped.

And so the last lap began, with the KTMs at the front, chased by the title fight of Bastianini and Kent, but on a tight right hander, Oliveira at the front rode a defensive line and Binder in second slowed slightly while Bastianini just kept his pace right into the rear tyre of Binder. Bastianini pushed Binder off the track and both riders raced to get back on their bikes but they were out. Danny Kent saw his rival go out and as he entered turn sixteen in third place, he looked around to check his position and shifted the weight of the bike enough to lose rear grip and throw him off in a high side atypical of a Moto3 bike. He struggled to get his bike running as he saw everyone streaming past until there were no points left to struggle for.

Miguel Oliveira avoided the drama behind him and won after a weekend of solid consistency with Jorge Navarro in second, in spite of hurting his shoulder in this morning's warm-up, holding off Romano Fenati.

Danny Kent leaves with the same fifty-five point lead he came with, in a weekend that could have been both much better and much worse.


Pos. Num. Rider Bike Gap
1 44 Miguel OLIVEIRA KTM 39'54.343
2 9 Jorge NAVARRO Honda +0.193
3 5 Romano FENATI KTM +1.505
4 7 Efren VAZQUEZ Honda +1.792
5 65 Philipp OETTL KTM +2.466
6 23 Niccolò ANTONELLI Honda +4.903
7 88 Jorge MARTIN Mahindra +6.512
8 10 Alexis MASBOU Honda +15.746
9 76 Hiroki ONO Honda +15.775
10 16 Andrea MIGNO KTM +15.884
11 21 Francesco BAGNAIA Mahindra +16.260
12 29 Stefano MANZI Mahindra +16.354
13 84 Jakub KORNFEIL KTM +16.849
14 6 Maria HERRERA Husqvarna +16.899
15 11 Livio LOI Honda +17.125
16 24 Tatsuki SUZUKI Mahindra +17.560
17 17 John MCPHEE Honda +17.690
18 81 Sena YAMADA Honda +31.050
19 2 Remy GARDNER Mahindra +31.159
20 91 Gabriel RODRIGO KTM +31.180
21 58 Juanfran GUEVARA Mahindra +31.349
22 95 Jules DANILO Honda +31.383
23 19 Alessandro TONUCCI Mahindra +31.759
24 48 Lorenzo DALLA PORTA Husqvarna +43.715
25 89 Khairul Idham PAWI Honda +47.945
26 37 Davide PIZZOLI Husqvarna +48.082
27 22 Ana CARRASCO KTM +48.165
    Not Classified    
  41 Brad BINDER KTM 1 Lap
  52 Danny KENT Honda 1 Lap
  33 Enea BASTIANINI Honda 1 Lap
  98 Karel HANIKA KTM 7 Laps
  96 Manuel PAGLIANI Mahindra 7 Laps
  63 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN KTM 7 Laps
  32 Isaac VIÑALES KTM 8 Laps
  40 Darryn BINDER Mahindra 8 Laps


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